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This is the kind of people they are

‘They’ have struck again, this time at Rocky’s.

A few days ago I had posted – “11 minutes was all it took for the evangelista stalking me 24/7 to leave his Wormtongue comment at Annie’s blog … . And his is the very first comment too.”

In the latest, the turnaround time was two hours (creepy comment logged in @ 11.06am) following Rocky’s Friday new article at 9.02am – which is still a pretty fast move by the evangelista stalker.

Below is his recent creepy comment at Rocky’s so that you know what kind of people they are.

Vile and vicious vendetta

Rocky’s post yesterday is titled ‘Dr M vs Najib: Just another notch lower’. As the established sopo bloggers would be aware, I’m sitting out this epic battle between the Tun and the PM in blogosphere.

Hence Rocky’s write-up has nothing to do with me, just like Annie’s earlier one had zilch to do with me,as well, c.f. Anon’s observation @ 27 May 2015 at 13:12.

Yet the stalkers can brazenly hijack the pro-establishment blogs to conduct their smear campaign against me.

Ultra kiasu

How these creepy Christians operate is revealing of the ugly nature of the evangelista.

Four consecutive first-comer comments at Annie’s above, beginning with someone calling himself the oxymoronic CaseyNice (NICE is the last thing he is but there’s the love-love-love Orwellian creepiness for you) shows how far kiasuness has steeped into their very bones.

And mind you, Annie’s blog posting was totally unrelated to me!

To let you know, this kind of cyber gang bullying that they’re conducting against me is not confined to Annie’s space alone that is was being inadvertently ‘captured’ as the evangelista bully pulpit.

They’ve done this before at another pseudonymous blog where its Dapster blog admin allows them a free rein.

Consider the comment at Rocky’s (screenshot above) – “If Tok Jib really wanted an old, incredibly ugly Chinese male to represent his interests, I believe Helen ‘AkuGreek’ Ang would have cost a fraction of LKW’s price”.

I’m highlighting Creepy’s insinuation to illustrate what kind of people they are, and with just this little bit of freedom presently cloaked in anonymity behind the keyboard. Now imagine should their sneaky sort attain real federal power in future.

penoreh getah

ABOVE: Making up story that it was a tradition for Chinese women to wear tudung too in the past, and thus there is nothing unusual about Hannah Yeoh’s habit today

Meek and mild and peace-loving konon

If they’re sitting pretty in Putrajaya, what do you think they’ll do to you?

As it is, already they snort at the Malay race, sneer at Islam and smear the good name of our country. Plus they mercilessly vilify the 10 percent pro-gomen Chinese and the poor Indians.

And their most favouritest target – the mamaks … which in turn makes me quite skeptical of their sudden, new-found compassion for the Rohingya. The hypocrisy of the evangelista can fill all of the South China Sea.


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9 thoughts on “This is the kind of people they are

  1. Those creepy evanglistas, anglophile bananas. They aren’t only preying on Muslims but also Chinese-Chinese as well. Thank for showing me their true nature.

    1. Very right. But I need a stronger show of support from you all.

      I’m speaking for the majority but the majority chooses to be silent.

      My ‘Rohingya’ poll reveals that 60 percent of the respondents don’t want the boat people to stay. But those who speak up are vilified and cast as potential “murderers” who have signed a death warrant.

      It goes to show that some of those – I’m referring to the DAP evangelista political operators – who are expediently hijacking the issue to further their narrative that Malays are racist and oppressive will easily resort to bullying and smearing as long as their ABU-UBAH ends can be met.

        1. Pls write on how dangerous it is for the evangelistas to be allowed access to Bangunan Perdana Putra (that famous green-domed building in Putrajaya).

          I’m talking about PM launching the Christians for Peace and Harmony group last night at a five-star hotel.

          Rev. Wong Kim Kong, the CPHM chairman, is a slimy evangelista who led the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship for a dozen years. Muslims must be made aware.

  2. Right. So we have a failed journalist turned blogger who constantly snipes against selected persons in the public domain, uses race and religion multiple times a day to further a political objective, constantly bitches…..and now is complaining when she gets a taste of her own medicine? What kind of person are you Helen?

    1. re: “Right. So we have a failed journalist turned blogger…”

      (1) You say I’m a “failed journo”. My Web traffic ranking says I’m an alpha blogger. So my ‘fail’ writing skills suddenly improved by leaps and bounds when the publishing format is swapped from newsprint to blogosphere.

      So if your girlfriend thinks you’re a jerk when you talk to her on the mobile, maybe you can transform yourself into Prince Charming by changing the communication medium to Skype.

      And by the way, what’s your criteria for “failed journo”? For the record, I’ve never been sued for any misreporting. Would I be a successful journo in your books if I had stuck to the job until I was 55 years old?

      re: “who constantly snipes against selected persons in the public domain”

      Below is German Chncellor Angela Merkel. Poor woman. She got photo-bombed into Hitler (signature moustache across her face).

      That selected person who features “constantly” in my blog is the face of DAP evangelism. If more writers had outed Hitler when he was rising in the 1930s, then the world would have been spared a lot of suffering.

      If DAP evangelism, like Nazism, had been stopped in its tracks earlier before being allowed to grow into a monster, then Malaysia would be spared a lot of agony to come.


      re: “uses race and religion multiple times a day to further a political objective”

      Then why did Guan Eng introduce Zairil to the press as his “Malay” political sec instead of introducing him as a DAP leader’s “Malaysian” pol-sec?

      Why was Dyana Sofea pitched to the media as DAP’s breakthrough “Malay” candidate in Teluk Intan rather than the party’s “Malaysian” talent?

      Why does Hannah Yeoh wear tudung to visit the mosque? Why do her fellow DAP evangelistas tumpang puasa during Ramadan?

      Why for DAP touting “Hudud for All” at one time and reassuring the Chinese that there is nothing to be afraid of if we did not intend to commit any crime?

      Why does DAP use Syerleena and Rara to comment on religion issues and not Ong Kian Ming who appears to be just as well-versed in Islam?

      re: “constantly bitches….”

      It looks like you people are the ones constantly stalking me – leaving slanderous comments about me in blog posts (Annie’s, Rocky’s, Syed Akbar’s and others blogs) on topics totally unrelated to me and in which my name is not even mentioned by the bloggers concerned.

      re: “and now is complaining when she gets a taste of her own medicine?”

      Just look at how you people operate. What kind of kiasu gangster bullies are you?

      re: “What kind of person are you Helen?”

      I’m a person who is brave enough to stand up to hypocritical bullies. If I ran a poll on my blog asking readers if the Malays and the Muslims are daily being bullied by your kind, what do you think the results will be?

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