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Is Chun Wai being batu api over the Myanmar religious conflict?

Myanmar’s intolerant Buddhist monks are berated in Wong Chun Wai’s J-Star column today.

Against the backdrop of “ultra nationalist” and “religious extremist” groups that “always fight in the name of country, race and religion”, certain religious figures in conservative societies are able to “get away with the most demonic crimes”, writes the J-Star CEO.

Saying all religions “preach about peace and harmony”, Chun Wai at the same time adds that the world is shocked nonetheless by videos of indecent and irrational “Myanmar monks making hate speeches and, in some cases, actually taking part in racial and religious violence”.

In his article ‘Practise what you preach‘, Chun Wai wonders why “there is a deafening silence when it comes to speaking out against these extremist Myanmar Buddhist monks” in Malaysia.

Apparently targeting local Chinese Buddhists, he lectures, “It is always easier to point out the weakness and failure of another community and religion but when it involves our own kind, many prefer to look the other way, shamefully”.

(It ought to be noted that Buddhists are not Chun Wai’s “own kind” as he is an evangelical Christian. Also, it ought to be further noted that it’s the evangelistas who are quick to criticize another community and religion but when it involves their own, many prefer to look the other way.)

Continuing his lecture, Chun Wai chides, “These Myanmar extremist monks are giving Buddhism a bad name. Surely this is not what Buddhism is about.”

He wants “moderate Buddhists” to strongly condemn the acts of those whom he labels “extremist personalities and groups” in Myanmar.

We must hope that Chun Wai is not – inadvertently or otherwise – fanning sentiments against our own Buddhist community who may not have spoken out against the Myanmar monks as loudly as the Council of Churches have been preaching compassion for the Rohingya.

The conflict between Buddhists and Muslims is happening in Myanmar and we should strive to ensure that it is kept within the borders of that country instead of – inadvertently or otherwise – causing it to be imported here through slash-and-burn holier-than-thou homilies inveighing against “Buddhist extremists”.

Don’t drive a wedge between the Buddhists and Muslims who are living in peace here in Malaysia.

myanmars seek refuge temple


Rohingya suspected of bringing to M’sia their blood feud against Buddhists


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8 thoughts on “Is Chun Wai being batu api over the Myanmar religious conflict?

  1. I was surprised as well to read that editorial. Didnt think he would go this low.

    There are Christian terrorists and militias going around doing damage. Would we hear anything about them from this snake?

  2. Wong Chun Wai kalut dok intai hal oghang lain sendiri punya masalah tak nampak.

    Depa lagi dasyat. Ireland baru aje lulus kasi kawin sejenis, I have never seen my cats mating that way! Yang tau seahorses aje, their males deliver the babies. Tu pun fertilise teloq from the females.

    Kalau kerbau, kambing atau babi ikut teladan manusia macam tu, habis le. Suatu hari manusia nak makan steak pun payah.

    Star tolong beli cermin kasi kat WCW boleh tak?

  3. Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia

    Joint Statement: Humanity First, A Call For Action 

    May 2015

    We appreciate the Government’s efforts to undertake a search and rescue operation in the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal aimed at saving the lives of thousands of stranded Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants. It is essential that humanitarian action and the value of life come first.

    We acknowledge that the Malaysian government has taken in over a hundred thousand refugees from Myanmar. We share the concerns of many that the current situation, if unplanned, may not bring benefit to the Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants in the long term. We also urge the Malaysian government to ensure the well-being of the immigrants in our country.

    In a latest discovery, we are horrified by the discovery of mass graves “believed to contain nearly 100 Rohingya migrants”.

    We urge the Malaysian Government, as Chair of ASEAN to take a leadership role to address this particular issue at its source, especially in Myanmar. We hope that Malaysia would play a leadership role in the review of the ASEAN nonintervention policy in the context of human rights crisis that have implications on regional peace and stability. The current crisis of the Rohingyas and Bangladeshi stranded at sea is testimony that intervention is necessary.

    We look forward to more effective and proactive measures by the Governments of ASEAN countries to stop the inhumane human trafficking which greatly exacerbate the plight of the Rohingyas and Bangladeshis.

    We also call upon the Myanmar and Bangladesh governments to take measures to protect their citizens and ensure their well-being are taken care of and to participate in international efforts to resolve this crisis.

    We also call upon Malaysians to continue working together regardless of religious groups, to bring peace and harmony together in line with our principles of loving kindness, compassion, altruistic joy and peace from our hearts.

    May peace prevail in ASEAN and the rest of the world.

    Endorsement by:
    Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM) 
    Theravada Buddhist Council of Malaysia (TBCM) 
    Malaysia Christian Youth Association (MCYA) 
    Soul Works Foundation 
    Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM) 
    Malaysia Network Of Engaged Buddhists (MNEB)









    Soul WorksFoundation

    1. Bowing to pressure from The J-Star and Wong Chun Wai?

      “We also call upon Malaysians to continue working together regardless of religious groups, to bring peace and harmony together in line with our principles of loving kindness, compassion, altruistic joy and peace from our hearts.”

      Good. I hope the quasi democratic military junta in Myanwar pays heed to their Buddhist “brothers and sisters” in SE Asia.

      1. Lol He might think he had an influence on this but I doubt it is so .. anyway on the same edition as his editorial, there was also an article on the Rev Sumana calling on the Burma tradition monks here to make a stand .. so statements have been made and continue to be made. It’s only whether one is aware of them or not .. though it is very easy to accuse others of not caring, isn’t it? ;)

        1. re: “though it is very easy to accuse others of not caring, isn’t it? ;) ”

          The evangelistas love to accuse others of not caring so that by default they can project that they have the biggest, perpetually bleeding heart.

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