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Najib is mixing politics with /Christian/ religion

Why are there so many national Christian bodies? The new one is CPHM. The existing ones are CFM, CCM and NECF.

(Christians for Peace and Harmony Malaysia, Christian Federation of Malaysia, Council of Churches Malaysia and National Evangelical Christian Fellowship)

There are more Buddhists than there are Christians in our country, according to the decennial Malaysian population census in 2010. But can anyone name me four national Buddhist associations? Continue reading “Najib is mixing politics with /Christian/ religion”

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Rape and murder

Crankshaft blogged today about the ethnic Chinese former boat people – “I have personally met Vietnamese who have resettled in Western countries and most of them have no desire to return to their land of birth. In fact, most of them are very proud to have relocated …”

Side note: Sri Lankan boat people prefer to sail all the way to Australia rather than simply cross the narrow strait separating their island from Tamil Nadu in India (where the inhabitants speak the same language and share the same religion) in order to seek refuge. Economic migrants much? Continue reading “Rape and murder”