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Najib is mixing politics with /Christian/ religion

Why are there so many national Christian bodies? The new one is CPHM. The existing ones are CFM, CCM and NECF.

(Christians for Peace and Harmony Malaysia, Christian Federation of Malaysia, Council of Churches Malaysia and National Evangelical Christian Fellowship)

There are more Buddhists than there are Christians in our country, according to the decennial Malaysian population census in 2010. But can anyone name me four national Buddhist associations?

Okay, how about naming three Malaysian Buddhist organizations? Never mind, two names will be enough.

Oh alright. Just please name me ONE – only one – prominent Buddhist religious figure in Malaysia – can?

Malaysia pie chart religion 2010

@hannahyeoh: “Wicked Barisan Nasional government”

The Buddhists are supposedly 19.8 percent compared to Christians at “only” 9.2 percent. Furthermore, some Christians not merely claim that they’re meek and mild but a handful also allege that they’re being persecuted by the Malaysian authorities.

And needless to say (but Hannah Yeoh said it anyway), the BN gomen is “wicked” and shameless. Below is her tweet yesterday.


Hannah Yeoh also tweeted today that “Stupidity should be made a crime in Malaysia”.

So who is “stupid” in her books? And is it to be inferred that the DAP evangelistas are the intelligent ones?

Just like the J-Star grabbing the words “Moderate” and “Moderation” (meaning people not in favour with them are extreme and intolerant), now this new Christian body is tagging itself “Peace and Harmony”.

Chairman of Christians for Peace and Harmony Malaysia, the Rev. Wong Kim Kong (pix below) is an uber evangelista, by the way.


What happens when Chinese meet evangelical Christianity?

A born again Christian Dr Sun Yat Sen started a revolution in China (1911) that ousted the last Chinese emperor and ended centuries of monarchic rule by the dynasties.

The Taiping or ‘Big Peace’ rebellion (1850–64) was started in China by a born again Christian Hung Xiuquan who believed himself to be the younger brother of Jesus Christ.

The Boxer Rebellion (18991901) was an uprising by ordinary people in China freaked out by creepy Christian missionaries and Chinese Christian converts.

Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution (2014-2015) was led by young activist Joshua Wong who is a staunch Christian evangelist. (“Joshua” is a modern variant of the Jesus name, also spelled Yeshua.)

In the motherland this week, ‘China cracks down on more churches; Gov’t to remove crosses‘ (Christian Daily, 25 May 2015).

In Malaysia tomorrow, Najib Razak to launch Christians for Peace and Harmony Malaysia. Will the Church heed their own Bible’s advice and keep religion separate from politics, please?! evangelista meter

So aggressive and pushy

The Christians are very insistent that they’re really a very small number in Malaysia. You wouldn’t think it from the loudness of their voice in our public domain.

Tinjauan pendapat- Siapa politikus wanita yang paling menyerlah- - Helen Ang 2015-06-01 19-09-16

Penganut Buddha tak menyerlah langsung

My poll asking readers who they thought is the most outstanding woman politician has drawn 283 respondents so far. Leading in the top three spots are Nurul Izzah, Hannah Yeoh and Nancy Shukri.

The votes are widely dispersed because of the many names on the list but second-placed Hannah managed to score 16.6 percent.

Nurul in pole position got close to a quarter (24.4%) of the votes.

Right at the very bottom is Wanita MCA chief Heng Seai Kie who obtained less than one percent (0.7%) of the votes so far.

Heng is a Buddhist (pix below, in olive green beside Chua Soi Lek in white). Dr Chua bersembahyang memegang colok

Stop with the “only 9% bleating already

It is not for me to object to there being so many national Christian bodies. After all, establishing Christian organizations is not a crime.

Nonetheless, I wish to highlight that for “only 9 percent” of the population, they’ve got an overbearing presence in national affairs.

And some of the evangelistas are bullies.

You can still cast your vote


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6 thoughts on “Najib is mixing politics with /Christian/ religion

  1. The pole is shifting.
    The fastest growing religion in the west is Islam,(replacing christianity?).Is it not a wonder, the eastern are now embracing something which is being rejected by the wise west? I used to think, the easteners were doers, not so much of speakers or believers. Now, they are going the other way round.
    Whilst the wiser west have found their destiny, the easterners are still groping in the dark. seemed confused. It is my guess that, sooner or later, from the existing religion, they will move on to Islam…just like what had happened in the west. And this also has been predicted by some of the muslim scholars.

  2. They need many more;

    One section cannot divorce wan
    Another can
    One section can marry same sex
    Another group say why cannot?
    Some no need to marry also can
    Bible say cannot take pork
    Another say freedom of choice can wallop anything
    And sodomy, the Pope must be scratching his head.

    Anyway ikut suka hati lah itu kepercayaan masing2. Asalkan jangan poke your noses, show disrespect and belittle other religious practices.

    As for Hannah whatever she says reflects herself. No wonder she meets unfriendly people all the time. Pasai bila oghang tengok muka dia, mungkin menyampah nak senyum pun tak ada selera! She should learn how to smile more, ayaq muka kasi berseri dan bersih sikit.

  3. Nurul and Hannah both represent the feminist ideal which is gaining numbers day by day.

    one is so vocal and never tire of making controversial remarks regarding an issue. she’s one of the few MPs who is willing to go head to head with her male counterpart, something not common for a woman MP.

    plus, she’s not dependent on a man and this can be seen in her divorce claim.

    the other is one is the champion of a new religion and can dictate that her child is a Chinese even though her husband is an Indian.

    according to the eastern culture, a child will always follow their father’s ancestry. even in a western normal family a child will always follow their father’s family name.

    but madame speaker can trump over her husband anytime by using the bangsa Malaysia masquerade.

    the liberal feminist bangsa Malaysia has always promoted these 2 faces especially through the j-star as the next generation of women in Malaysia.

    the dapsters too has feminist liberal as their vote bank and the growth of this segment is always welcomed. our family institution will turn into a US style when they get into power.

  4. re: Why are there so many national Christian bodies? The new one is CPHM. The existing ones are CFM, CCM and NECF.

    Don’t say 4. If you want, you can have even 40 or 400 organisations. Freedom of association is a fundamental liberty under Fed Con.

    re: Nonetheless, I wish to highlight that for “only 9 percent” of the population, they’ve got an overbearing presence in national affairs.

    Overbearing presence in relation to what?

  5. Bila tgk rupa rev. WKK dlm gamba atas tak mencerminkan ‘humility’ atau ‘humble’ lansung.

    1. PM’s consultants deliberately give him bad advice to menangkan pembangkang?

      Humiliating Perkasa in front of the whole banquet hall will cost Umno its Malay votes.

      The Perkasa delegation should have staged a walkout rather than continue eating salt with the room of evangelistas and that less-than-humble WKK who led the National Evenglical Christian Fellwoship for a dozen years.

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