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Rape and murder

Crankshaft blogged today about the ethnic Chinese former boat people – “I have personally met Vietnamese who have resettled in Western countries and most of them have no desire to return to their land of birth. In fact, most of them are very proud to have relocated …”

Side note: Sri Lankan boat people prefer to sail all the way to Australia rather than simply cross the narrow strait separating their island from Tamil Nadu in India (where the inhabitants speak the same language and share the same religion) in order to seek refuge. Economic migrants much?

Sri Lanka Tamil Nadu

Back to Crankshaft. Weighing in on the Rohingya issue, Crankshaft queried, “if they were merely escaping persecution, why do they not return to Bangladesh? There, they would not be stigmatised for their skin colour or religion”.

(Helen’s note: Cox’s Bazar in Chittagong is just a short boat ride away from Rakhine. No need to cross treacherous seas.)

“Seriously. I just wish that people would fix the country that they live in instead of trying to find themselves a new one,” wrote Crankshaft. See, ‘Know Your Numbers‘ blog post.

Internet image, drawing by  Anand Naorem
Image from the Net, drawing by Anand Naorem


Some passages from a Guardian article are cited by Crankshaft over the crisis of boats setting sail from the Bay of Bengal .

“Many of the women endure rape or other sexual violence on the boats or while waiting to travel, and many others are forced into marriage with men who pay for their journey.”

Crankshaft wrote, “what stopped me in my tracks is that the women endure rape on the boats. That very strongly implies that the other passengers on the boats, fellow refugees, are guilty of sexual violence and abuse.”

“If we give amnesty to everyone on that refugee boat, are we allowing rapists and sex predators into our country?”

crime rate

Don’t the bleeding hearts care about the average Malaysian citizen?

These very refugees who raped their fellow passengers on the boat sailing across the Andaman Sea may be living in a low-cost flat or house in your town given how the evangelistas are adamant that Malaysia is a multiracial “immigrant nation”.

“Are we going to be allowing just about anyone into our country?” asked Crankshaft, adding, “The processing of refugees worries me, because as much as I care for human life, I also care about the average Malaysian citizen”.

“The crime rate, as it is, is extremely high”.

Azrul Mohd Khalib with DAP evangelista MPs Teresa Kok and Lim Lip Eng

LGBT activists like Azrul Mohd Khalib (pix above with Teresa Kok and another DAP evangelista MP) who moan and groan about the cruel Malaysians turning away from Rohingyan and Bangladeshi pregnant women will sure fail a Statistics paper and Critical/Logical Thinking.

Anecdotal evidence shows that the number of pregnant woman in a boat is less than one percent. (Five pregnant passengers in one boat with 585 passengers is zero point eight five percent.)

Look at the bulk of the passengers. They’re working age men who look to be between 20 and 40. Some are younger and some are older.

Hundreds of boat people photos in various news reports from various sources show masses of faces of men.

Where is the sense of perspective in Azrul Mohd Khalib and his ilk?



Crankshaft wondered if we are “inviting further problems into our country”.

Responding to my stats on the murder victims in Penang (Myanmar nationals who were mostly Buddhist), Crankshaft conceded that “the murder rate amongst Myanmarese does seem inordinately high” when compared to all the other foreigners.

Myanmar guest workers in Penang were so spooked by the spate of grisly murder targeting their co-religionist Buddhist countrymen that they sought refuge in an old Buddhist temple in Georgetown.

The dead bodies were found with their head and limbs chopped off while other corpses had their throat slit. This is the handiwork of a violent culture.

Click to enlarge tweet, news story @

myanmars seek refuge temple

100 dead passengers from Rohingya-Bangladeshi violence

Don’t forget too the news report about how the Rohingya and Bangladeshis were fighting each other on board the boat. The fight with axes, knives and metal bars left between 100 and 200 passengers dead, survivors told AFP.

They even threw their fellow passengers overboard. See ‘Jump, kill or be killed on foundering migrant boat‘ (Bangkok Post, 19 May 2015).

The number of dead on that migrant vessel sailing to Malaysia is the same as the number of Palestinians killed in the infamous 1948 Deir Yassin massacre. I’m surprised that 100 dead at the hand of Rohingya and Bangladeshi refugees and migrants failed to register on Malaysians.

Or maybe noise from the loudly bleeding hearts, and all that tearing at the chest, distracted us from the brutality of Rohingya and Bangladeshi killing each other on a boat.

Oh I get it.

Malaysians, including the political leadership who are cautious about taking on a burden likely to stretch over the next quarter century and coping with an influx of tens (if not hundreds) of thousands are “cruel” and “inhumane” and have blood on our hands because we signed death warrants, konon.

Whereas the Rohingya and Bangladeshi who actually killed their fellow passengers on the boat are not cruel nor inhumane even though they took human lives with axes, knives and metal bars.


How long is the evangelista attention span?

Before they mouth off on the next big thing in the news cycle.

(Hannah Yeoh: “My heart is so troubled”, “Watching world news can be so depressing”, “The killing has to stop! Heartache …”, “Shay Shay dunno what to do. Heartbreaking …”, “Have mercy”)

Did the bleeding heart evangelistas care about the Rohingya six months ago? Were they even aware that prior to the recent boat arrivals, there are already 46,000 Rohingya refugees registered with the UN chapter in Malaysia?

Do you reckon that these posturing, showboating churchgoers will remember Rohing huh-who? six months down the road?

They sign online petitions demanding that our government (whom they did not likely elect or vote) must feed, clothe and provide medical care for the Rohingya refugees and Bangladeshi economic migrants.

Yet these are the same type of people who in May 2013 formed vigilante squads to beat up Bangladeshi-looking “phantom voters” on the streets and who say the nastiest things about mamaks and boycott nasi kandar shops.


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  1. re ,they are already 46,000 Rohingya refugees registered in Malaysia,

    Then they would say ,that 46,000 will vote for BN ,in the coming GE.
    That would be less trouble for BN ,bringing in Bangla’s to cast votes for them .
    Isn’t convenient .

  2. I love the placards like the one above. I love “Muslim”. Then why the F… do you not marry one or go out with one or convert to one? Another one recently said I love Hindus.

    Why does one have to have Muslim, Hindu, Indian, Chinese or Malay friends? why can’t they just be friends? why the qualification?

    it is so embarrassing when the latent prejudices of these Christians mainly that come out when they try to be nice and not know they are making utter morons out of themselves.

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