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Is Najib going to be taken advantage of by the evangelistas?

Isma is not invited to the evangelista Peace & Harmony banquet tonight at the Majestic Hotel ballroom. And I know why.

Majestic KL_website8.7
Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lunpur

It’s simply because Isma is astute enough to see through the rank hypocrisy of the “Peace”-loving and “Harmony”-seeking (konon) evangelical reverends.

And Isma is well aware of how they (the evangelistas) play the game – see, ‘Musuh negara takut kebangkitan Isma beri gelaran ekstremis‘ (IsmaWeb, 23 May 2015).

These “enemies of the state” are scared stiff of Isma and rightly so. Hence all their efforts to sully Isma’s reputation and demonize the Muslim organization as “extremist”.

The evangelistas are, needless to say, full of love and they (like Hannah Yeoh) even love their enemies.

Isma: Are our many ustaz and ustazah religious “extremists”?

Isma information chief Mohd Hazizi Ab Rahman counters the “extremist ” tag levelled at them:

“Adakah seruan ke arah mempertahankan teras Perlembagaan Persekutuan iaitu Islam, Melayu dan institusi Raja dikira sebagai seruan ekstremis?

“Jelas sekali pihak musuh negara amat tidak senang dengan seruan Isma ini dan cuba untuk menipu khalayak mengenai perjuangan suci ini dengan label ekstremis.”

Hazizi says in a statement:

norsaleha isma“Pimpinan dan ahli Isma juga terdiri daripada mereka yang berkelulusan ijazah dalam bidang pengajian agama Islam yang biasa dipanggil ustaz dan ustazah, malah sesetengahnya memiliki ijazah kedoktoran dan PhD.

“Sebahagian mereka adalah anggota dalam institusi pentadbiran agama Islam dan fatwa, sama ada di peringkat negeri mahupun kebangsaan.

“Munasabahkah bilangan ustaz dan ustazah yang sebegitu ramai, serta tokoh-tokoh institusi agama ini digelar sebagai ekstremis?”

The label of “extremist” slapped on Isma is one of a piece with the rest of the name-calling by the evangelistas directed at non-Firsters, e.g. “racist”, “bigot”, “moron” and this mouthful – “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses” – by the J-Star editors.

Evangelistas see BN people as wicked and stupid 

They think the Malay-majority BN government is “wicked”. See Hannah Yeoh’s tweet two days ago – “No shame. Wicked Barisan Nasional government”.

Madame Speaker’s husband similarly sneered at the Pemuda Gerakan chief, tweeting to @tankengliang “if stupidity is a crime, u will be locked up for life”.

Meanwhile Hannah Yeoh also thinks that it is only her fellow evangelistas who are cerdik pandai. She tweeted two days ago – “Stupidity should be made a crime in Malaysia”.

Don’t Mr Hannah Yeoh and his wife sound so alike in their public utterances? Both are free and easy to call their fellow Malaysians (the 48 percent) “stupid”.

mr hannah tan keng liang

Stupidity should be made a crime hannahyeoh

Isma is smart and savvy

I’ve said several times already that Isma is smart and savvy as well as efficient and effective.

I’ve said too that Isma has got lots of initiative and strong commitment plus they’re dedicated to their cause. See my 30 Aug 2014 blog posting below.

At other times, I’ve also expressed how amazed I am at Isma’s depth and breadth of talent and how their corps of young activists are knowledgeable and on the ball.

Click to enlarge

I wrote on 7 Oct 2014 that Isma president Abdullah Zaik is a patriotic Malaysian who is willing to put God, King and Country above himself and make a great personal sacrifice for the sake of the ummah.

When Abdullah Zaik was charged for sedition, I wrote:

Here is how I see it

“This is a man who has been charged under the Sedition Act and yet for the greater good, he is willing to defend the very law that is being used against him.

“Abdullah Zaik is able to see the bigger picture that the absence of Sedition Act (in a situation where the ISA has been abolished) will enable the capitalists and the Christians to influence and determine the country’s policies to the detriment of Muslims and Malays.

“His organization maintains that the Sedition Act is needed despite that the Isma president could be jailed for up to three years if convicted under this piece of serkap jarang legislation.”



Christians for Peace and Harmony Malaysia new NGO

Najib Razak is launching the Christians for Peace and Harmony Malaysia (CPHM) tonight at Hotel Majestic – a five-star YTL establishment in the heart of KL.

(YTL is the tycoon Yeoh Tiong Lay. The Yeoh family are evangelical Christians. See, ‘Tan Sri Francis Yeoh, an evangelical Christian‘.)

Aside from Najib, all the Christian cabinet ministers have been invited to attend the event too.

CPHM chairman Rev. Wong Kim Kong is the executive advisor to the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF). He condescendingly said that “whatever attitude or behaviour a person has, it is still my responsibility to forgive and love”. Hence the CPHM invitation extended to Ibrahim Ali.

The Perkasa president has confirmed that half a dozen representatives from his organization will be present at the banquet tonight.

Isma is not invited even though CPHM has pledged that they “will work to bridge the religious divide in the country”. Among the welcomed Malays though are the G25 – a group promoting “moderation”.

Saifuddin Abdullah Wong Chun Wai

What a smarmy salesman this Rev. Wong is

Saifuddin Abdullah is the mascot for the Voices of Moderation. Perhaps this former Deputy Higher Education Minister doesn’t realise that he is being used by the EvangeliSTAR.

Through the tie-up between The J-Star and Saifuddin’s GMM (Global Movement of Moderates), the gang of Firsters have gained entry into the universities and colleges to spread their message of “moderation”.

In other words, thanks to the influence of this ex-Umno deputy minister, the campus doors are thrown open and the J-Star able to go in and conduct its Malaysian First campaign among impressionable youngsters.

Now there’s this Rev. Wong, who like his ‘Wong’ clansman Wong Chun Wai (the J-Star CEO), is styling himself the VOICE for Peace and Harmony.

Rev. Wong told the press that his intention in setting up CPHM is to “reach out to other groups that are suspicious of Christians, or not friendly to us”.

He views Najib, who is officiating the launch tonight, as “someone of influence to give [CPHM] the credibility to be able to talk to the other side [Muslims and Malays].

It looks like Wong Kim Kong is replicating the modus operandi of Wong Chun Wai. Where Saifuddin is the enabler for the “Voices of Moderation”, Najib is hoped to be the enabler for “Voices for Peace and Harmony”.

If Najib is as helpful as Saifuddin, then the PM too will be opening doors for the evangelistas to do their thing.


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28 thoughts on “Is Najib going to be taken advantage of by the evangelistas?

  1. Helen,

    As usual, Najib is still clueless. He is extending help to quite a number of organisations that want UMNO to be buried . when it comes to getting votes, Najib goes to Pekan, a Malay majority areas.

    Yet when it comes to decisions that affect the country, Najib prefers to listen to those who have no love for malays, islam.

    Why on earth he still gives a post to saifudin. THAT GUY is a reject item in UMNO circle.

  2. Is this the reason that Tun Mahathir called Najib as liberal? Or he just do thing without further consideration since he is being advice by his consultant. Just like answering parliamentary question on cash/paper/unit case.

    1. Allabih,

      Najib loves to get advices from people whom the Malays are not comfortable with. Names like Marina, Saifudin, Wardina, big boss in STAR are actuallly not trusted by malay community.

      As such, Najib is detached from reality. He won because he represents UMNO. Not because he is well liked. He does not read the malays accurately the way Tun Dr Mahathir has been doing.

      I may be uncomfortable with Tun’s criticism. But I must admit he represented in such a simple manner. It is hard not to agree with him.

      Najib behaves as if UMNO is a Sdn Bhd company. UMNO belongs to the Malays., at least to its members. as such when people criticize UMNO, Najib must take it seriously.

      Rosmah too at times said let people say what they want to say. WRONG. Becau e UMNO does not belong to Najib. If it is a slander,a ct on it. If there is some truth in what people say, then rectify it.

      WHETHER 1MDB is a totally a lost cause or still viable , Najib handles it very badly. No doubt, PR will pounce at every juncture, but now is the time to answer on the matter in simple language. ANSWER THE WAY TUN posed his question.

  3. re ; “Munasabahkah bilangan ustaz dan ustazah yang sebegitu ramai, serta tokoh-tokoh institusi agama ini digelar sebagai ekstremis?”

    Senejak kebelakangan ini isu-isu nasional spt !MDB dijawab dgn penuh tidak bertanggungjawab serta tidak masuk akal ( main pas-pas pulak) .
    Mungkinkah PM , menteri-mentri kabinet , pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO/BN serta pegawai-pegawai kerajaan tergolong sebagai (tahap pemikiran) ‘tukang kebun’ .
    Bukanlah niat saya nak menghina tukang kebun itu mereka-mereka yg bodoh tetapi golongan terpelajar sekalipun kalau tidak betul-betul mengunakan akal ketika bercakap layak digelar bahlul .

    Utk PM & co

    Maaf kalau terkeluar dari tajuk perbincangan .

    Ps ; ‘we always thinking of screwing other people but all the while we are the ones is being screwed by everybody else” .

  4. Is Najib going to be taken advantage of by the evangelistas?

    Najib has cast his lot with the christian neocons. He has delegated his moral judgement according to their strictures. How can he lead the country, if he cannot discipline his own intellect?

      1. Done some search on Google, not much information. But you could glean from his way of thinking that the man is a banana, an Anglophile. He knows nothing of the Chinese or Chinese culture. These are the people most receptive to Christian ways of persuasion even if they are not Christian.

        1. Wondering if the glitzy Christians for Peace and Harmony event is Lim Kok Wing’s handiwork?

          This will bleed more hardcore Malay voters away from Umno.

          1. Hardcore Malay voters abandoned the clueless PM and his party a long time ago. This latest misstep is no big deal for them. They know this clueless PM is a **** and they won’t be casting their votes for him and his party. In other words he’s history. Now he’s pandering to the Christian vote hoping they will save him and his party just like the misguided liberals in Pas are doing. They are both history.

            1. re: “Hardcore Malay voters”

              I meant traditional BN voters yang turun-temurun bagi sokongan kepada Umno.

              re: “Now he’s pandering to the Christian vote”

              This will backfire badly. What to do?

  5. Common ISMA was not invited to this banquet. Perkasa and ABIM were there too to grace the occasion with PM Najib. Invitation was out for 1200 invitees but more than 1500 people had turned up for the occasion to show their support and solidarity to PM Najib. Some guests were seen eating outside the banquet hall! Fantastic networking for PM. Thanks to CPHM especially to Rev. Wong Kim Hong and his team. Well done and may God bless us all now and forever!

    1. re: “1500 people had turned up for the occasion to show their support and solidarity to PM Najib.”

      Did the PM pay for that banquet at the 5-star hotel?

      1. Helen,

        “…to show their support….”

        I am not too sure about that. the last time I saw quite enthusiastic crowd mingling with Najib in so called “mega dinner”. They may come for the food i guess.

      2. CPHM is entirely funded by private individuals; nothing from politicians or PM or PMO.

        1. And who are these “private individuals” and what are their special interests?

          The five-star shindig would have cost a bomb. Nothing “humble Christian” or “Christian humility” about such a glitzy affair.

          And CPHM is not only itself well-endowed but has offered to fund other faith groups to “build bridges”. So the shadowy, private Mr Moneybags is not only throwing Cash-is-King at CPHM but also offering cash to others as a ploy to infiltrate the Malay, Muslim groups potential recipients.

          Like I said, Beware Strangers Bearing Gifts.

          It looks like the evangelistas are pulling all the stops. It smells to me like the same modus operandi employed by EvangeliSTAR to gain entry into the colleges to spread their Voices of Moderation through the good offices of Saifuddin Abdullah, former Higher Education Deputy Minister.

  6. Dah Desperate…Terpaksa bergantung pada orang Christian untuk tetap berkuasa….

  7. Sedih sedih sedih. I am just too sad these days to say anything.Hope Pas will give us some hope end of week.

  8. I hope you can cover this on your next posting, helen. The MAMPU-Net, government networking facility in Putrajaya has already deny access to isma website. so government servant cannot view it.

    funny is malaysiakini, malaysiainsider, freemalaysiatoday and other anti-government portals and websites are not being treated the same. we have a funny government who give way to people not supporting it even to the extent of it lying but at the same time crippling the people who support and defend the government.

    1. Is Putrajaya afraid of Isma?

      Like I said, Isma is smarter and savvier, more efficient and effective than Umno. It’s a direct competitor for the heart and mind of the educated and professional Malay.

      1. Tepat Helen,

        PM Najibs illusory superiority + hubris = is a cocktail for disaster

      1. they should be more afraid of the dapsters. at this juncture, umno should join forces with isma. but it goes the other way round it seems.

        pas is not the answer as they are stuck with umno bashing and it will take a whole lot justification to mend the bridge even in the name of melayu and islam. but isma is a third force to reckon that is fresh from feud with any malay-islam party.

        facebook access is not denied in Putrajaya including isma. but their facebook is more towards reporting event and news whereas the portal serves as a domain of the article from various isma personality.

    1. Counting the days till the expiry of Idris Jala’s senatorship. Then he can’t be a Minister anymore.

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