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Najib minta Perkasa cuba diam sikit

Kumpulan Christians for Peace and Harmony Malaysia (CPHM) dilancarkan perdana menteri semalam. Jamuan evangelista kebangsaan itu diadakan di sebuah hotel lima bintang di Kuala Lumpur.

PM Najib tells Perkasa to 'tone down' - Malaysiakini

Najib Wong Kim Kong

Acara bintang lima evangelista tersebut tidak menyerlahkan Perdana Menteri di centre stage (duduk tengah pentas). Sebaliknya yang menonjolkan diri mereka sendiri adalah puak evangelista dan pengerusi CPHM Rev. Wong Kim Kong.

Imbas kembali: Rev. Wong (duduk bersebelahan Guan Eng) bersama dengan geng Teresa Kok dan Hannah Yeoh pada suatu ketika dulu


Rev. Wong sedang menggambarkan dirinya sebagai Voice for Peace and Harmony, umpama Saifuddin Abdullah adalah Voice of Moderation.

Si Pudin turut menghadiri jamuan bintang lima evangelista semalam (gambar bawah). Saifuddin banquet

Acara juga diserikan oleh Uskup Ng Moon Hing (bawah) beserta rombongan Perkasa.

Uskup Ng seorang menyokong gerakan anti-kerajaan Bersih.

Ng Moon Hin banquet NgMoonHin Ibrahim Ali banquet

The J-Star melaporkan bahawa Perkasa ditempelek Najib yang menyuruh pertubuhan Melayu itu (yang dinaungi Tun Mahathir sebagai penasihat) agar diam sikit. Akhbar EvangeliSTAR itu berkata:

“The Prime Minister was speaking at a peace and harmony dinner with Christian groups when he called out to representatives from Malay rights group Perkasa.

‘I believe Perkasa is also here. Perkasa, where are you? I hope you can tone down a bit,’ he said.”



Perkasa digelek bas Pemandu konsultan

Presiden Perkasa Ibrahim Ali memberitahu The Malay Mail bahawa PM tidak seharusnya membayangkan pertubuhan tersebut sebagai pelampau bangsa dan agama.

Ibrahim Ali “felt the prime minister should not have thrown them under the bus,” kata suratkhabar itu dalam rencana bertajuk ‘Feeling slighted, Perkasa urges Najib to tell others to ‘tone down’.

Najib berkata perkataan “pendatang” tidak wajar ditujukan kepada sesiapa. “There’s no such thing as calling each other pendatang, for example,” kata Najib yang menyampaikan ucapannya dalam bahasa Inggeris.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

Putrajaya backing this evangelista NGO

The Malay Mail melaporkan lagi:

“Ibrahim Ali] added that Najib’s statement was also uncalled for as Perkasa does not receive any funding from the government, unlike many other NGOs.

“Not only he asked to tone down, we don’t even get money! Other NGOs all get funding… but that’s okay, we’re gentlemen,” he added.

Najib told Perkasa to ‘tone down’ their antics as he urged for better religious understanding among those of different faiths while speaking at the launch of Christians for Peace and Harmony in Malaysia (CPHM), a Putrajaya-backed Christian NGO.”

Itulah nasib.

Buat apa muka tebal nak hadir ke majlis evangelista?

Dah lah tak dapat duit, dimalukan pula di depan khalayak ramai. Padan muka Perkasa! Stupidity should be made a crime hannahyeoh

Hannah Yeoh is a happy woman today

She tweeted previously, “PM @NajibRazak your tolerance of Utusan and Perkasa speaks volume of your acceptance of their words and deeds.”

Last night Najib showed that he does not accept nor tolerate Perkasa’s words and deeds.

Twitter - hannahyeoh Utusan Perkasa


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52 thoughts on “Najib minta Perkasa cuba diam sikit

  1. The picture of the proud and ruthless Bugis bangsawan would forever be tainted by Najib. We have to add “clueless” and “lembik” to the list of traits of the Bugis bangsawan.

    Cik Helen, had Perkasa declined the invitation, do you think these “peace and harmony” snakes would turn it into an even bigger issue? I mean Perkasa is a convenient target, and Ibrahim Ali is easy to demonize.

    Note that these snakes dare not invite ISMA, I think they know ISMA is a much more capable organization.

    1. re: “these ‘peace and harmony’ snakes”

      Spesi berbisa. Lidah bercabang.

      1. Hi Helen, I think another commenter asked this question in one your previous posts – is this an evangelical thing or other Christian denominations like Protestants, First Unitarian, Adventist etc are infected by this “religious fervor?”

      2. Tolong diam sedikit lah Perkasa. Ini tokey cina YTL ada kontrak besar north south railway ma…

      3. Don’t be too quick to judge and condemn CPHM without finding out the true facts & why it was formed.

        1. You definitely got off on the wrong foot with your ‘Reconciliation’ and other purported lofty aspirations with the public slagging of Perkasa.

          The Perkasa guys were six guests in a banquet hall full of 1,500 evangelistas and Christian symphatizers. (I actually felt sorry looking at them. They appeared so kampung and fish out of water at the posh black-tie event.)

          Imagine the situation reversed and six high class evangelistas being guests at a 1,500-strong Melayu-Islam function and openly called out.

  2. Well, what do you know. I can imagine Ibrahim ali just like admiral ackbar in return of the jedi ‘its a trap!’. Hehe, but kak helen, yesterday i was a popular paradigm and i saw a book on hannah yeoh(some sort of biography, could check it since i was in a hurry,i’ll try and get some photos) glamer la siot,whats next,hosting her own show ala oprah, preaching love,love,love?

  3. You know how desperate this clueless PM is. And those so called progressive and liberal Malays, they are just as clueless as this **** PM.

    Their enemies are giving a rope strong and lengthy enough for him and his sycophants he and his yes men and women are only to happy to take it.

    1. I too disdain being labelled a “pendatang” but I see the radical problem as being one where the “pendatang” wilfully refuses to assimilate or “bertempatan” in Malaysian culture. Mr. Najib ought not to be heartily supporting the Dong Zong initiatives, for that matter.

      1. His pendatang speech last night won’t earn him any goodwill from the Christians nor get the Christian votes to return to BN.

        On the other hand, it will only alienate the Malay votes. His con-sultants are helping the opposition to win GE14.

        1. Yup. And don’t think UMNO will die off either. There will be new leaders, just like PAS – when they purge off PASMA. After 70 years of existence, these oppo guys think UMNO and PAS will just roll over and die.

        2. Again don’t be too quick to judge – read the TMI and Msiakini and see who and why CPHM is being attacked. Then u will understand.

          1. The commenters are all saying that Rev. Wong Kim Kong is slimy. This is one of the rare times I agree.

  4. Helen,

    “Christian for peace ” , what you make of it ? , seems other religion (especially Islam) is for war .

    What they trying to implicate that, Najib is with the religion ,that promoting war .

    1. They stick all the good labels – Moderate, Peace, Harmony, Meek & Mild, Neighbourliness Love-love-love – on themselves.

      On the Muslims, they stick the labels Racist, Extremist, Bigot, Hater, Divisive, Moron.

    2. The way they bring peace is through war. Just look at their history. Wars exterminating the Native Indian tribes in the Americas, the slave trade involving Black Africans and Chinese, colonization and so fort, not to mention the latest humanitarian intervention by the American warmonger Samantha Power.

      Their ‘peace’ is essentially war in disguise. Only donkeys believe these people are peaceful and looking at our country there are plenty of takers especially those in power namely our clueless and gutless PM. Is the PM promoting war ? Of course he is, a war on his people and those who support him.

      1. Why this time you’re so angry at PM? You’ve never sounded this berang before.

        1. Helen before this I gave him a chance but this last few weeks I was really fed up with his nonsense. No more chance for him in 2018. Come 2018 I m not coming out to vote.

          1. I thought he did well to give that ‘quit’ ultimatum to his cabinet. Like a War General.

            But the evangelista hobnobbing last night was a disappointment.

            1. The fact that he needed to issue that quit ultimatum to his cabinet reveals that he is not as strong as he is making himself to be. You know, he keeps telling people how he has the support of the people and his colleagues then he made this quit ultimatum. Come on now if he really has the support as he claims why issue that quit ultimatum ? He’s vulnerable.

              1. There’s nobody strong enough to remove him from office. Don’t figure TSMY to have enough support to pull it off.

                What direction is Najib heading after this?

                It’s just such a scary, scary thought that after opening Putrajaya doors to Wong Chun Wai’s moderates, now the doors are being thrown open to the evangelistas.

                1. Re What direction is Najib heading after this?

                  I m going to make this a quick one. His next direction, or rather destination, is into the sunset, into oblivion and he’s taking his party along with him.

                    1. Ah Jib Gor’s fake Tai Chi fools no one. The Tai Chi master is empty of his own ego, while Ah Jib Gor is full of himself.

                      It is said that the Tao that can be told and described is not the One Heavenly Tao. Powerful greedy lying thieves, on the other hand, must be compelled to reveal their acts of evil, before peace and harmony can reign again.

            2. Not every christian is to be lumped together with your definition of evangelista or those from Jerusubang. Chun Wai did not attend. Neither did any of those usual suspects.
              Before u condemn Lee Min Choon, read what he has written on his blog about the raid on Bible Society and his engagement with JAIS and the responses of the other christian leaders to his decision.

              1. re: “Chun Wai did not attend.”

                But he was invited, right? So he gave CPHM the snub lah, haha. He doesn’t want your Voices for Peace and Harmony to steal the thunder from his Voices of Moderation. Petty Christian rivalry, lah.

                re: “Neither did any of those usual suspects.”

                They all thumbed their noses at CPHM. That’s clear enough. Like you suggested, read the torrent of badmouthing directed at CPHM from readers of Malaysiakini, Malay Mail and gang. (But Bishop Ng Moon Hing was there though.)

                re: “Before u condemn Lee Min Choon, read what he has written on his blog about the raid on Bible Society and his engagement with JAIS and the responses of the other christian leaders to his decision.”

                I do not condemn Lee Min Choon. I’m only saying that Rev. Wong Kim Kong is slimy.

      2. ‘a war on his people and those who support him’.

        only one word fits this kind of character, i.e. pengecut (bukan penakut). pengecut ertinya takut kepada musuh tapi berani terhadap kawan. (quote from hassan ibni ali ibni abi tholib)

  5. najib patut ambik peluang untuk suruh evangelical supaya tone down. tapi sebaliknya perkasa pulak yang disuruh.

    Nampak sangat najib ni senang kena tipu dengan pihak yang letak moderate, peace, harmony dan love, love sebagai face value.

    mentang2 kristian ada keupayaan kewangan yang agak kuat berbanding orang melayu makanya orang melayu jelah yang disuruh beralah.
    rasanya betullah gelaran cash king yang diberikan pada najib baru2 ni.

    elok najib letak jawatan dan jadi business man sepenuh masa sajalah kalau dia betul2 prihatin dengan duit semata2. baru kita tau dia ni betul2 cash king ataupun peniaga tahap cikai je.

    1. re: “Najib patut ambik peluang untuk suruh evangelical supaya tone down. Tapi sebaliknya Perkasa pulak yang disuruh.”

      Nak tempias pada Tun, kot.

      re: “Nampak sangat Najib ni senang kena tipu dengan pihak yang letak moderate, peace, harmony dan love, love sebagai face value.”

      Juga 110,000 pengikut Twitter yang termakan dengan keprihatinan yang ditayang oleh ikon evangelista itu – “My heart is so troubled”, “heartache”, “heartbreaking”, “Each meal I have, I think of Anwar Ibrahim’s meals in prison and my eyes well up with tears” …

      re: “mentang2 kristian ada keupayaan kewangan yang agak kuat berbanding orang melayu makanya orang melayu jelah yang disuruh beralah.”

      Jamuan bintang lima evenagelista itu nampak mahal. Mesti kos tinggi. Ada kantung duit yang besar. Dan boleh pula diorang Peace & Harmony tu cadang nak taja kumpulan-kumpulan lain.

      re: “baru kita tau dia ni betul2 cash king”

      Nih evangelista dok ambik cash dia, pastu pangkah Roket.

      1. Re Nih evangelista dok ambik cash dia, pastu pangkah Roket.

        Dia tu ingat dia bijak tapi hakikatnya dia tu dungu.

    2. Jentayu,

      Itu sebab najib mesti letak jawatan. dia sudah tak dapat menilai antara intan dan kaca.

      Najib sudah lupakah yang ahli PERKASA sokong UMNO dlam pilihanraya lepas. PERKASA tidak perkauman. PERKASA ujud kerana orang Melayu sudah tak dapat harap pada UMNO.

      Soal pendatang ni mudah saja. najib tak akan sentuh perangai ahli politik DAP yg perangai sebiji macam pendataang haram. Semuanya sebab dia masih percaya yg orang cina akan lembut hati akhirnya.

      Apalah punya bodoh PM kita ni. Masih tak sedar ke yang apa pun UMNO beri atau apap pun PM cakap, mereka tak akan sokong BN kembali. masih tak faham lagi

      1. saya ingat pada saya ada post pada tajuk yang lepas bahawa najib kena pilih antara barbaric melayu atau love love kristian. rasanya saya dah dapat jawapannya lepas majlis cphm tu.

        cuma masalahnya najib ni perangai macam sifu anwarnye jugak. dia akan berkata apa yang crowd satu2 majlis suka dengar. tak mustahil lepas ni kalau perkasa buat majlis jemput dia, dia akan suruh kumpulan kristian pula untuk tone down.

        orang2 macam ni bahaya kalau kita lantik jadi orang nombor satu Negara. pemimpin buat apa yang perlu dibuat, bukan apa yang orang nak dia buat semata-mata.

        1. re: “tak mustahil lepas ni kalau Perkasa buat majlis jemput dia, dia akan suruh kumpulan Kristian pula untuk tone down”

          Don’t think so. He is genuinely moderate and liberal.

          Watch the clip – this man (our PM) is humble and he’s got true humility. I think the evangelistas are more arrogant. Can’t imagine their behaviour if ever they get Putrajaya – macam kadok naik junjung.

          The paradox is that Moderation and Liberalism is wasted on the Malaysians he’s trying to please.

          We’re actually telling our PM that his excellent personal qualities – sabar tahap malaikat, penuh berhemah (gracious/noblesse oblige), berfikiran terbuka, selalu bersangka baik are the very same qualities that will get his party Umno into trouble and cost BN the next election … because his political opponents are dajjal.

          1. Helen,

            I could not agree more. Humility, merciful and forgiving are good human traits. But they come along with firmness, decisiveness, no nonsense attitudes that Najib simply does not have them.

            Many times my chinese friends try to insult me by saying UMNO is racist and how cruel UMNO is. The way to handle these people is by being frank , honest. NOT APOLOGETIC.

            I told them off that if they cant stand UMNO. why not migrate to Canada or Australia . And I sweetly reminded them that in such countries, there are no such thing as vernacular schools. And Aussie down Under will simply not tolerate a political party with chinese controls everything.

            UMNO is in its defining moment now. One wrong turning, it will be gone Gone with the wind. A right move at this critical juncture will save U MNO and Malaysia too. despite whatever Rafizi, tian Chua said about UMNO, 1MDB, Cronism, they still unable to excite the Malays to the point of abandoning UMNO.

            FOR A REASON. Malays still not sure with other parties. Besides, there are quite a number of good politicians in UMNO. these are the people who save UMNO. Because of these people, UMNO is a force to reckon with.

            But it must not be nostalgic. Najib is in auto destructive mode. He insulted PERKASA before Christian groups. so do not be surprise if people say UMNO already lost PERKASA votes.

            Njib lives in make believe world. He creates the political scenario that he is comfortable with. reality is totally different. Malays are upset with him. Being president of UMNO, that feeling will likely be translated to UMNO being whacked by Malays in next election.

            And in the process, Malays will wittingly or unwittingly handing over the power to DAP.

            HABIS LA KITA SEMUA. termasuk Najib sekali.

            1. then so it seems that najib has already made up his mind on his ally. it seems malay is nothing but a stable vote bank to him. and this Bumiputera Vote Bank reserve is shrinking day by day because of lack of investment from the najib although observers says the prospect is high.

              at the same time the Christian Liberal Evangelista Bank is bloating with reserve without any significant return. but still najib keep investing in this bank.

              now I understand why 1MDB is such in deep shit. they possess a head who is unable to make the right investment. investment in vote fail, investment in business also fail.

              wonder what is najib going to do besides an ordinary MP should he fail to spearhead BN victory in the next election. head of opposition is surely for some other MP who is still fuming with the failure. how will he support kak ros extravagant expenditure in the future?


    1. re: “You makan babi sudahlah”

      Kat jamuan bintang lima tu semalam you dapat makan apa?

      1. Armansyah 3 line,

        Awak ni 3 line mane? Sarjen tandas gereja di Jerusubang ? Kimak kau.

        1. ni mungkin penjelma allah saw. permainan identity mereka ni sangat melucukan.

  6. Tempat Najib dan tegoran yang di buat nya layak as an official of a Registera of Societies yang berlagak hendak meluluskan pertubuhan baru tak punya nilai as a statesmanship langsung bukan setakat TDM hilang sokongan kepada nya kita yang menilai pun naik menyampah

  7. DS Najib mahu ”handle” CPHM macam beliau lakukan terhadap Hindraf ?

    Biasanya pisang takan berbuah dua kali .

    Yang malangnya Perkasa “dikorbankan” ( penilaian Helen tepat ) ,
    kenalah kita tunggu dan lihat siapa yg terkena .

    Orang kata ;
    “Revenge is a Dish Served Cold ” ,
    “Treachery is a Dish Served Sweet and Sour” ?

      1. Funny. I wanted to say the same too. Ada orang bisik suruh jemput Perkasa. Give them makan. Ask them to show that they are not extremists by coming. And then. Final Act. ahjibgor malukan Perkasa wholesale! Depan extremis evangelis Kristians yang guna topeng ‘peace and harmony’ yang Perlembagaan Persekutuan tekankan.

        Betul lah Helen, label yang kau letak kat dia orang ni, apa, Sneaky Bastards?

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