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How very sad

We had an earthquake in Sabah this morning. We have climbers stranded on Gunung Kinabalu, injured, unconscious and missing people as well as at least one death so far on the mountain.

In Wang Kelian, Perlis, 35 bodies had been recovered yesterday from the mass graves – victims of the human trafficking in refugees and economic migrants.

Hannah Permatang Pauh

The boat people may still be on the high seas, whom earlier @hannahyeoh had pleaded to @NajibRazak to “have mercy” for. So far, there has been no follow-up news on the Rohingya.


And neither has Hannah Yeoh tweeted anything else on them either since that day some weeks ago when Malaysia’s biggest poseur did her Christian charity playacting.

Are the Rohingya no longer on Hannah’s mind, just like how Anwar’s meals in prison no longer occupy her sad thoughts each time she eats?

hannahyeoh-fat-gemuk have mercy
Hannah does not seem to have lost her appetite despite tears welling up in her eyes each time she thinks about Anwar’s prison meals

Hannah, Malaysia’s most God-fearing politician

Malaysia has just experienced a small natural catastrophe and all Hannah Yeoh can think about is her own superior godliness and one upmanship.

Does this sound like a God-fearing man?“, Hannah tweeted about PAS’s Member of Parliament for Temerloh, Nasrudin Hassan.

Below are some of the responses in Twitterjaya to Hannah’s predictably ‘pious’ showboating.

Terence Kumar tweeted that “DAP behaves like a bully at times these days” – which actually is an understatement because DAP behaves like a bully a lot these days and it’s not for nothing that @hannahyeoh has been called a “DAP Super CyberBully”.

Ashraf Iqbal meanwhile feels that Hannah is “pouring fuel into the fire”.

I wouldn’t be all that surprised if Terence and Ashraf are soon blocked from Hannah’s Twitter timeline. See, ‘Dodgy Podgy, Porky and Pie‘.

3G politicians and their innate nature

Aren’t the DAP evangelista politicians perpetually wearing their heart on their sleeve, and risking it getting dented or broken?

Hannah Yeoh has 109,000 followers on Twitter who buy into her constant posturing of love and compassion.

HypocrisyYet today with what’s been happening in Sabah, it is still Hannah Holier-Than-Thou’s crusade against a Muslim fellow politician that takes precedence in her timeline over the cost and loss of human lives.

Hannah’s tweets today are on Najib’s no-show at PWTC, on Mujahid’s defeat in the PAS election, a sly dig at the PM for his security concerns excuse, and the snide quoted above at PAS’s turbaned ustaz.

Petty digs at her political rivals are all that this icon of the DAP’s politics of Love-Love-Love can tweet today. And no mention even for the Sabah earthquake victims of her usually copious public prayers.

At least the PM whom Hannah mocked at twice today showed some concern for Ranau, Sabah.

With Hannah, there not even her stale, standard line invoking God’s comfort and blessings for the affected. Nope, nary a thought for the Sabahans despite her vow to move mountains.

Oh, I forgot. The crucial state elections are to be held in Sarawak. So there’s no real need for Hannah to suck up to Sabah. It’s always Gold, Self-Glory and its enabling mechanism for these political opportunists, the Gospel.

Hannah pray for Sarawak


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15 thoughts on “How very sad

  1. Did you notice how our alternative media almost ignored the result of PAS Muktamar and the win of the ulamas? If you depend on the alternative media for news, you would not even realise the ulamas have won.

    I think this loss of so called “progressif” faction is a massive slap on the face of DAP and their evangelista leaders.

    1. Perhaps Hannah Yeoh took out her frustration on Najib as proxy. She jeered at him three times in her tweet and retweets yesterday, both directly and indirectly.

      She’s living up to her Mama Dapster billing by leading the jeers at PM.

    2. ‘I think this loss of so called “progressif” faction is a massive slap on the face of DAP and their evangelista leaders.’

      And the alternative media front-lining these moderates aka progressif aka what’s next on daily basis! Padan Muka!

    3. For the Islamist politics of religion, the “progressif faction” are just as integral to the organization as their “ulamak faction”. Each faction comes forward or retreats according to the demands of the seasons.

      In the meantime as they continue with their political intriques, thousands of hectares of Kelantan forest have been wiped off the face of the earth in the name of “fulus”(ringgit) and the Kelantan people were deluged by the most terrible flooding in 30 years.

  2. Sabahans were the first to attend rally with [the PM], all he fooking does is to ‘hope’ for their safety after the earthquake?

  3. Hannah Yeo is a politician first and by dragging Christianity into politics, it could spark a nasty backlash which would hurt all Christians.

    It’s high time Christians tell this politician to keep Christianity out of her politics.

  4. Caught the 1 pm news on RTM1. Confirmed 11 deaths so far from the quake and in the teens in the hospital for treatment. And the sopo blogs are still hyped on PM no show (for the proTDM) and TDM faction to blame (for the ProNajib side).

    Thank goodness we have Awani which is providing quite a good coverage from Sabah. I’m actually quite upset with the information/media ministry people. With so many deaths and quite a few still trapped up in Kinabalu, you would think the ministry can step up their coverage. This is the one occasion I’m going to quote HY – Idiots! TDM/Najib are not going to go anywhere for quite a while. Get your attention to Sabah and let us know if and how we can help.

  5. The earthquake that has so far claimed 11 lives here was caused by the sacrilegious act of a group of Europeans who stripped naked on the peak of Mount Kinabalu, according to Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan.

    The Huguon Siou (paramount leader of the Kadazandusun) condemned the “uncivilised” and disrespectful actions of the 10 Europeans, and called for the culprits to be brought to a native court and charged according to local customs.

    “Whether other people believe this or not, it’s what we Sabahans believe. When the earthquake happened, it’s like a confirmation of our beliefs.

    “It is a sacred mountain and you cannot take it lightly,” he said in a press conference to announce the latest death toll at the Sabah Parks headquarters here today.
    – See more at:

    Tak sabar nak tunggu geng-geng cerdik pandai DAP kata Pairin merepek. Wong Chin Huat tak nak komen ke? Penang Institute? Kenapa senyap, takut pengundi Kadazandusun Kristian marah ke?

    Kalau Pairin tu Hadi ke, Harunsani ke, kata Allah murka, sure dah lama kena buli dengan labels dan komen menghina. Siap tulis artikel lagi, kan Uthaya?

    1. It 13 already. So sad but there’s no news about this in alternative media. I’m monitoring them right now as a banch mark for my reference on Malaysia politics

      :( sarah

        1. baik. Sedang ambil short course programs. Busy study & uruskan family

          :) sarah

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