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19 dead from earthquake and Hypocrite Hannah is all me- me- me

Not a single tweet of condolence or concern from Hannah Yeoh despite a death toll of 19 so far from Friday’s earthquake in Ranau, Sabah.

At a time when 19 bodies have been recovered by the Search & Rescue teams at Mount Kinabalu, all that Hannah Yeoh can tweet about is me – me – me and rave and rant at FMT and Malaysian Digest.

This most God-fearing woman is beyond grotesque!

Below is Hannah Yeoh’s angry tirade recorded in her Twitter timeline.

(1) All about me Hannah

Three hours ago, @hannahyeoh retweeted: “FMT kata @hannahyeoh tak reti beza di antara Sabah dan Sarawak tapi sebenarnya mereka tak reti baca Timestamp dan BI”

(2) All about me Hannah

Three hours ago, @hannahyeoh retweeted: “This is my friend @hannahyeoh. Why would @fmtoday do something like this? Quite irresponsible, unethical & wrong.”

(3) All about me Hannah

Four hours ago, @hannahyeoh retweeted: “fmt may not be the flame starter, but they are indeed not right for not checking your tweet’s date.”

(4) All about me Hannah

Four hours ago, @hannahyeoh retweeted: “To Ms. @hannahyeoh  FMT is linking yr tweet in 2011 for Sarawak to the recent Sabah Quake. Idk whether to laugh/bang my head against a wall”

(5) All about me Hannah

Four hours ago, @hannahyeoh tweeted: “Free Malaysia Today pls employ someone who can understand English. In your quest to be different, no need to distort & sell lies. Unbelievable”

(6) All about me Hannah

Four hours ago, @hannahyeoh tweeted: “FMT shame on u to quote my tweet from 2011 & link it to earthquake in Sabah. Selling lies now.”


Hannah went ape shit at FMT

The above flurry of tweets numbering half a dozen were all related to the earthquake in Sabah. But Hannah is not the least bit concerned about the dead on Mount Kinabalu – despite that she had once perversely revealed, “Attending 3 funerals in a week did something good to my soul”.

Neither is Hannah the least bit concerned about the injured and the missing from the quake. As you can see for yourself, her series of tweets and retweets above are all about Hannah-Hannah-Hannah and all six meroyan melenting kat FMT.

Yup. In our time of national tragedy and grief, the Madame Speaker is solely preoccupied that the online portal had time-displaced her past tweet relating to Sarawak mountains moved by prayer in 2011 (the year the Sarawak state elections were held) with what happened recently at Mount Kinabalu.

Six consecutive tweets-retweets in Hannah’s Twitter timeline were going ballistic at FMT over Sarawak’s prayer-moved mountains while in a Freudian moment of expose, her perpetually “troubled” heart suddenly forgot to “ache” or be “breaking” over the earthquake victims.

When Madame Speaker’s innate narcissism – this is the real Hannah – comes to the fore, her usual posturing of compassion (for her rabid fan base to lap it all up) goes out the window.

In fact, Hannah’s entire Twitter timeline today and yesterday is a clear as daylight reflection of what kind of people she and her followers are.


Below are the reactions from the Hannah friends and fans

At a time when our country is grieving, the Hannah goon squads are spewing expletives and profanities at a news portal that Madame complained had slighted her.

fmt is shit anyways”, “Really low class, Utusan style man”, “dumb ass”, “Someone in FMT should get fired. Tsk tsk”, “sue them broke”, “Saman je la….”, “Idiots will always be idiots”, “idiots gonna be idiots! shame on them!”, “Oh,I thought they already selling lies since their first day of establishment”, “these people are making fool of themselves, unprofessional, only selling lies..lies.” – See screenshot below

Click to enlarge

hannah FMT is shit

One of them named Alan @ alan9188 vowed to block FMTMohd Hisham Saleh @wahazaextra accused FMT of using “click bait headlines”;  Ramon Suwanmethanon ‏@HeyRaymondRaman slagged FMT for being “such a disgrace to journalism field”;  k c lee @kclee898 is adamat that “heads must roll in @fmtoday for irresponsible spinning”;  rockstarpete ‏@peterkhoo complained that FMT is “too much of that mumbo jumbo”.

Nope, the Hannah sheeple don’t care about the score of dead Kinabalu mountain climbers neither. Birds of a feather flock together.

@hannahyeoh’s sneer and jeer timeline

See screenshot below – 9.56pm

Five hours ago, @hannahyeoh tweeted about DAP’s “kempen pendaftaran pengundi”, 10 hours ago, @hannahyeoh tweeted about “missing the voice of @anwaribrahim, Karpal Singh and Nik Aziz” while yesterday she tweeted a snide at PAS’s Ustaz Nasrudin Hassan asking, “Does this sound like a God-fearing man?”

The rest of her tweets yesterday were jeering at the prime minister – #Nothing2Hide “Najib hilang”, #Nothing2Hide “Tun M diberi arahan oleh polis utk berhenti berucap”, “This is what happens when a govt is only used to 1way propaganda -> national security is invoked the moment u open up for a 2way dialogue”.

Hannah’s true nature is showing alright – someone who loves to jeer and mock at others all the time, especially when they’re down. The tag “DAP Super CyberBully” is apt and sits well on her.

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Hannah Yeoh timeline 6 June


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