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  1. I did make an observation before these three pakatan parties are like a horse ;a donkey and a zebra being put in the same stable. without the circus master (anwar) they will be kicking each other silly.

    it is slowly happening now.

  2. The words and linggo did not show the person who commented was a malay muslim.

  3. I am a malay i do agree with azhar even though i strongly believe he’s not a malay

  4. This poll is not valid as the readers of this site are mainly DAP haters or more specifically Christian haters.

    1. You’re being “DIVISIVE”.

      So you label my readers “haters” and should I take it that you belong to the love-love-love brigade?

      As well you regard yourself as “moderate” and wanna label us “extremists”?

      1. Quote: you’re being divisive

        Partisanship is always divisive,

        A comment appearing in a partisan site and a poll conducted by a partisan blog.

        Nobody should make excuses to try insinuate otherwise.

        1. Ooooh, and who is the one who first started the insinuation that only haters will participate in this poll?

          The claim of “divisiveness” – paradoxically – is the trademark of the “brotherhood” camp.

          Their projected credo is “we’re all brothers and sisters” but we (the evangelistas) are full of love while you all are haters.

          They wear the “Voices for Peace & Harmony” mantle but they split Malaysia into two partisan camps – we (the evangelistas) are meek and mild. You all are extremists and bigots.

          They tout themselves as the Voices of Moderation but all the words that “spew” (using the evangelista vocabulary) from their mouth, calling the other side stupid, hate-filled, race-obsessed ignoramuses are anything but moderate.

          You wanna call my blog partisan – I have no issues with that. I’m clear enough that I do not care to see DAP occupying Putrajaya. It is known that I’ve chosen my side, and that’s partisanship. Fine.

          But to call my readership haters and to pretend that the evangelistas are non-partisan (“colour blind”) and the evangelical churches are non-political (“beyond creed and colour”) is rank hypocrisy.

          1. “But to call my readership haters and to pretend that the evangelistas are non-partisan (“colour blind”) and the evangelical churches are non-political (“beyond creed and colour”) is rank hypocrisy.”

            Cik Helen, “rank hypocrisy” telah sebati dengan ular-ular lidah bercabang seperti puak-puak DAP dan gereja-gereja evangelis.

            HH jer yang tak nak mengaku…mungkin spesi yang sama kot.

          2. Helen

            Quote: Ooooh, and who is the one who first started the insinuation that only haters will participate in this poll?

            Mazuki specifically said “DAP haters and Christian haters..”

            Which is not off the mark.

            Oh yes, greetings to Afendihamat.

  5. The same trick over and over again. They think people are that dumb ? It is obvious that the guy is a paid trooper.

    Remember this folks. When they label someone a progressive it means that the person is subservient to their interests.

  6. I have no issue with Azahar adopting whatever pen name or persona he / she wishes to adopt online in the media for whatever purpose. After all its not the name but the substance of what they publish that they will be judged by. A threat to “out” me was made by a well known journalist who even went to the extent of hacking my email accounts which he admitted to, in order to “out” me. After all many a writer goes by a different name e.g. Che Det to preserve their anonymity and that’s fine in my view.

    What I take exception to is the rabid anti democratic position adopted by the opposition without exception in Malaysia. Azahar included. In fact especially Azahar. Whilst mouthing off slogans of “free speech, freedom of other rights, free elections” and the rest of it they without exception censor anyone who dares to exercise their free democratic and constitutionally guaranteed rights to voting, their choice of candidates and political parties, whilst condemning any change of heart and attitude, vilifying those who are independent.

    The change in Pakatan and its fractured leadership is something anyone with half a sparrows brain would have expected once Anwar thrown into the fire.

    The Pakatan was never a group of democratic parties. It was and remains the personal fiefdom of a group of families. There was and is no semblance of democratic leadership or evidence of a leadership that is representative of their constituents.

    In fact the language and example of Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang their foreign funded and backed media and their insults and mistreatment of Indian voters and office bearers is legend and reflective of the mindset of the elite that rules the Pakatan and PKR.

    What the Azahar’s of this world cannot stand about PAS is the fact that PAS is not poodle on a Pakatan leash. So much then for the ideas of democratic rights the Pakatan seeks to protect and preserve for the “moderate Malaysians”. Except that their approach to the problems as they see it is far from moderate.

    As for UMNO if it indeed did infiltrate the Pakatan good for them I say. Nothing illegal or immoral about that. After all that’s what the DAP did at the last elections with the MCA and the Tsunami and Anwar tried to do in 2009 when he publicly declared he was about to form government with a group of defecting UMNO and Barisan members.

    The problems with the Pakatan stems from their belief that they are the only legitimate opposition in the country with a right to represent “all Malaysians”. When they are rejected decisively by the majority they attempt to divide the country into :”moderates” a term they appropriate to themselves and their followers and the term “extremists” to UMNO and the Barisan.

    If history is anything to go by, they may well be inviting another Mahathir situation in the Barisan with such language. For those of us old enough to remember, Dr. Mahathir and his supporters were referred to then when he was on the outer as “Ultras”.

    An Ultra ruled Malaysia by a popular vote for over 20 years.

    1. re: “When they are rejected decisively by the majority they attempt to divide the country into ‘moderates’ a term they appropriate to themselves and their followers and the term ‘extremists’ to UMNO and the Barisan.”

      Good point. The evangelistas are being DIVISIVE.

      1. Helen,

        The parties in PR have something in common: they want to to bring now BN or more specificaly UMNO.

        They all have reasons to topple UMNO. Anwar and its vehicle, PKR is still sore at his being thrown out of UMNO . With hm thrown out of UMNO, his ambition to be the PM is good as gone with the wind.

        PAS too wants to topple UMNO. Not because of Islam but because until today UMNO still manages to get the lion share of malay votes.

        DAP wants UMNO to be buries as it is the only party standing between Kit siang and achieving its Lim Dynasty . Kit siang wants to rewrite and repaint Malaysia into something new: WITHOUT its history, article 153 among others.

        Many of my Chinese friends are curious why Mohd Sabu, and those who favour DAP were all rejected by PAS Muktamar. I told them these are riders. Meaning they got all political positions due to being in PAS. But theit hearts are not with PAS.

        PAS actually is expected to leave PR. Malays cant accept PAS in PR when DAP totally rejects Hudud and anything islamic flavour.

        FOR UMNO, it must now wake up.Court jesters in PAS were already thrown out.

        1. re: “PAS actually is expected to leave PR.”

          Do you mean the members expect PAS to pull out or that the leadership will take the party out?

          So far, Hadi has been quite firm in saying that PAS will stay put in Pakatan.

          1. I also heard that the muktamar is a drama orchestrated to placate the followers in PAS who are dismayed by the cooperation with DAP.

            The leaders of PAS one and all intend to have power and win elections etc. PAS is a political party, not an organization where truth and decency is paramount. They still see being in bed with DAP as necessary to get Putrajaya.

            Tahaluf siyasi? I fail to see how saying things in Arabic suddenly makes you less of a political prostitute.

          2. Helen,

            If Hadi still insists on staying put with PR, then he is deemed not serious in defending PAS from non stop insult from DAP.

            Even PAS members are asking what is the rationale with severing ties with DAP if PAS still wants to be part of PR.

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  8. Helen telahan anda tepat, Azhar is a fake. Apa masalah puak2 ni, owned up la dengan your opinion. Apasal selalu buat baling batu sembunyi tangan acts? Be proud la skit!

    DAP ni bangang ke apa? Just because Azhar Idrus tu famous, does not mean that semua Melayu (or Melayu wannabe), must be named Azhar as well.

    Cuba lagi lain kali.

    Tapi kalau dah choice of perkataan dan ayat pun dah obvious sangat, apa boleh buat?

    ‘progressives’-digunakan setelah label ‘moderates’ sudah tidak boleh pakai sebab diragui kesederhanaan-nya? Bila dah banyak sangat blog2 dan pemimpin2 masyarakat menghentam golongan ‘moderates’, depa tukar plan dan mula guna term ‘progresif’. As if the rest of us, the non progressives ke depan, bermakna the country akan gagal untuk progress.

    ‘Isolated themselves from fair minded, moderates and thinking Malays’-
    Dulu ayat ni depa guna untuk described the kampung folks yang tetap undi UMNO-BN yang membuatkan impian Putrajaya mereka gagal sebagai isolating themselves to Ubah-Inikalilah with the rest of the fair minded, moderates and thinking Malaysians. Sekarang since semuanya Melayu dalam PAS depa tukar term Malaysians kepada Malays. RBA’s jangan malas boleh tak?

    Tapi yang paling jelas sekali bahawa ini olang bukan Melayu ialah bila dia guna ayat killer macam ni. Selalu juga kawan2 kita kat sini macam HH dan geng guna. Satu sekolah ke HH?

    ‘What we need is progress and development in all spheres so that we as a nation and people, can complete on a global stage’


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