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Still no tweet of concern for earthquake victims from Hypocrite Hannah

Yesterday I blogged that me-me-me Hannah Yeoh did not yet tweet a single word of condolence or concern but was instead foaming at mouth – being absolutely livid with FMT and Malaysian Digest.

She vented an angry tirade at both portals for carrying a time-misplaced story on her prayer-movingSarawak-mountains tweet dating back to 2011 – the year of the Sarawak state elections.

Where is Hannah’s copious Christian “mercy” and her usual desire for “God’s comfort” for the families of the 19 dead and more injured from the earthquake? And not only the one in Ranau, Sabah but another smaller quake also hit Labuan this morning.

At a time of national tragedy like this, Hannah is so wrapped up in herself, fuming at FMT and Malaysian Digest over their time-and-event mistaken attribution of her “mountain” quote, and for which the former has published an open apology. (Her rabid fans had wanted the poor reporter hung and quartered and for “heads to roll”).

When our whole country is grieving, Hannah has forgetten to feign sympathy for the plight of the climbers who died and are still trapped on Mount Kinabalu. See her current Twitter timeline – screenshot below.

It is said that an individual exposes his true colours when he is under pressure, and thus Hannah Yeoh’s true nature is now being revealed to her J-Juice fan club – that is if they’re not too intoxicated with holy water to walk straight.

When Hannah is sufficiently detached from the catastrophe – as with the fate of Gaza’s children, MAS passengers in the plane crashes, and Rohingya boat people, she is able to posture her hypocritical care for humanity. But with regard to this Ranau earthquake in Sabah, she inadvertently found herself a small bit of the news due to misreporting.

And we can see the ape shit spewing forth from Hannah & Her Goon Squad in Madame’s Twitter timeline yesterday.

The Selangor Speaker has allowed her own self-centred pettiness to altogether permeate the @hannahyeoh platform of 109,000 twits following, and neglected to mouth any condolences or show of concern – however fake – because this grotesque navel-gazing creature is the real Hannah.


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Hannah timeline June 7


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2 thoughts on “Still no tweet of concern for earthquake victims from Hypocrite Hannah

  1. Some mountains are sacred to the locals for centuries, Mt Kinabalu for one. Apatah lagi Sarawak with all their mystifying caves. Infact when I first heard the news, Tembam’s prayers ‘to move mountains’ instantly flashed in my mind.

    Apa taknya. The recent Kelantan floods.. Logs washed right to locals’ doorsteps. And cruising along Latar highway one can see hills slowly going BOTAK alleidi.

    Even areas around Templars Park.. Such a pity, slowly turning into stone brick unoccupied dwellings?. They destroy thousands of years of nature to make themselves fast money.

    Puzzled as to why their obsessions with mountains?

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