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Well, better late than never

After leading her Goon Squad to lynch FMT and Malaysian Digest, Hannah Yeoh finally – see her Twitter timeline screenshot below – changed tack to wish the families of the earthquake victims, “May your hearts find rest & comfort in God’s love“.

Hannah’s Jekyll and Hyde transformation can happen at the snap of a finger. Tabik spring! Hannah earthquake

She also tweeted, “No words can explain your grief.”

Hannah & Her Fan Club however had plenty of vicious words earlier for both the news portals over their mis-attribution of Madame Speaker’s Sarawak-mountains-moved-by-prayer tweet in 2011. In a lengthy tirade yesterday evening and this morning, Hannah tweeted her lava hot outrage:

FMT shame on you”, “Shame on u @malaysiandigest for featuring false cooked up ‘news’. Slander”, (directed at FMT)- “selling lies”, “distort & sell lies. Unbelievable”, (directed at Malaysian Digest)- “What kind of website is this?”

Meanwhile Hannah’s groupies rabidly echoed her, “only selling lies .. lies”, “sue them broke”. The chorus of rants in the Hannah echo chamber went:

fmt is shit anyways”, “Really low class, Utusan style man”, “dumb ass”, “Someone in FMT should get fired. Tsk tsk”, “Idiots will always be idiots”, “idiots gonna be idiots! shame on them!”, “these people are making fool of themselves”

But suddenly comes the switcheroo.

From the torrent of viciousness above which spared no thought for the climbers who died on the Sabah sacred mountain, and the news portal gaffe that had been Hannah’s preoccupation, it becomes, “No words can explain your grief. May your hearts find rest & comfort in God’s love“.

Without missing a beat, without batting an eyelid, the holy hypocrite can UBAH … just like that. It’s akin to putting on a tudung to visit the surau, and at the end of the visit, whisking it off to proceed to Madame’s favourite Bak Kut Teh restaurant.

BELOW: Hannah’s tweet accusing FMT of “selling lies” has been retweeted 1,063 times.There sure is a lot of feral Hannah groupies out there

hannahyeoh selling lies now

The me-me-me narcissist

Notice which tweets Hannah Yeoh elected to enlarge, i.e. place emphasis on – see below.

Normal size small typeface: “Condolences to the families of earthquake victims in Sabah.”

Big letters (highlighted): “Shame on u @malaysiandigest …”, “FMT shame on u …”

Click to enlarge

Hannah timeline 7 June 1824hrs




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