83% of you think Malaysiakini reader ‘Azhar’ is NOT a Malay

The opinion survey below has run 24 hours and I’ve closed the poll.

A total of 278 readers took part in the perception quiz about a dodgy Malaysiakini commenter – see screenshot at the bottom of this page.

On the first question, “Do you think ‘Azhar’ is a Malay?”, 83.1 percent of answered ‘No’, i.e. we do not think that ‘Azhar’ is a Malay.

10.1 percent of you answered ‘Yes’, i.e. we believe that ‘Azhar’ is a Malay while 6.83 percent are unsure.

The second question attracted 255 participants.

On whether, “Do you suspect ‘Azhar’ to be a DAP operative?”, 85.5 percent of answered ‘Yes’, i.e. we harbour a suspicion that ‘Azhar’ is a DAP operative.

10.6 percent of you answered ‘No’, i.e. we don’t believe that ‘Azhar’ is a DAP operative while 3.92 percent are unsure.

Among the feedback, poll respondent ph “strongly believe(s) he’s not a Malay” while Roll says “the words and lingo did not show the person who commented was a Malay Muslim.

Meanwhile islam1st responded, “Helen telahan anda tepat, Azhar is a fake”, adding “Apasal selalu buat baling batu sembunyi tangan acts?”

sirimuda reckons that Azhar is a Red Bean Army trooper, while The Dictator says, “It is obvious that the guy is a paid trooper”.

GR Kumar commented:

“What the Azahar’s of this world cannot stand about PAS is the fact that PAS is not poodle on a Pakatan leash. So much then for the ideas of democratic rights the Pakatan seeks to protect and preserve for the ‘moderate Malaysians’.”

Nice try tapi cuba lagi lain kali ya

According to islam1st, the choice of words (“moderates”, “progressives”) is too obviously DAP.

“DAP ni bangang ke apa? Just because Azhar Idrus tu famous, does not mean that semua Melayu (or Melayu wannabe), must be named Azhar as well,” opined islam1st.

Furthermore, a sentence such as PAS ulama “isolated themselves from fair minded, moderates and thinking Malays” is just the kind of description that the Dapsters like to use to describe the kampung folks who make up the Umno fixed deposit, said islam1st.

For him, the dead giveaway is the “killer sentence” – ‘What we need is progress and development in all spheres so that we as a nation and people, can complete on a global stage’.

“Bingo!” Spoken like a typical Dapster pushing the meritocracy agenda.

A discerning reader can make an educated guess

An overwhelming majority of the poll respondents are able to figure out that ‘Azhar’ is not what the pseudonym seeks to portray him to be, that is, likely a Malay and equally probably a Muslim.

This choice of the Malay-sounding moniker, which carries the implicit connotation of Muslim, is meant to create a perception among Malaysiakini readers in order to facilitate the DAP political agenda. This is typical psywar and a black ops method which the DAP is master of.

Just as the majority of readers of my blog can smell the ‘Azhar’ suspected subterfuge, I too have a good nose when it comes to Christian writers.

Like I’ve said before, the evangelistas dominate the English-language media. Most of the provocative rhetoric and nauseating polemics are written by the Christians.

I’m as sure of this (that they’re Christian) as the poll respondents are certain that ‘Azhar’ is not a Malay. There are clues that you process to determine whether the speaker or writer is expressing himself through the Malay-Muslim lens.

Likewise, I can catch on when a writer is pontificating from his Christian high horse. For a practised reader, it’s not difficult to tell. They just ooze that sickening DAPSubangJaya scent.

DAPSubangJaya is Hannah Yeoh by the way. Read the series of tweets below and you will see what I mean.

Double click to enlarge

DAPsubangjaya let's believe


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5 thoughts on “83% of you think Malaysiakini reader ‘Azhar’ is NOT a Malay

  1. These ‘gangrene’ red beans are easier to spot. We often seen them off-course and the comments sometimes, very irritating, narrow minded.

    What do you expect from the chauvinists? Like Hannah Yeoh, she herself plays the same role. Undermining others, especially to the Umno Malays. Potraying herself as “jaguh” in the eyes of evangelitas and racist sentiment.

  2. Kalau Azhar Melayu dia dapat selami perjuangan PAS yg sebenarnya. Dalam keluarga atau komuniti Melayu kita tau cara2 dan pergaulan mereka macam mana.

    Masuk pakatan bukan kerana cinta, tapi nak cuba rasa kenikmatan hidup itu saja. Tapi kalau dah 15tahun kawin sekadar dapat pasangan asyik suka berkokok aje, mungkin tu pasai dah rasa elok bercerai saja.

  3. Actually I have heard quite a few Malays who sound like Azhar. Yes they parrot the same old DAP meritocratic buzzwords but they are Malay nonetheless. In my observation, they are different to average Malays in the following ways:

    1. Yellow fever, blatant or very poorly concealed. Has a thing for Chinese people, biologically.
    2. Tend to be upper middle class of ‘immigrant Melayu’ extraction. They are Arabs, peranakans – Chinese or Indian (think Mericans and the like), or pure-but-recent. Pure-but-recent are Javanese, Minang, Bugis (excluding the traditional elite/ gentry) etc.
    3. English speaking.
    4. No religious preference – they can be staunch salafists (PC term for wahabi), casually observant, or not religious at all.
    5. Because the Malay middle class is such a new thing (what more an upper middle class), they can well be children/grandchildren of people who benefitted from the NEP. Even if it wasn’t the NEP, it was some form of affirmative action lah Colombo or whatever.

    So yeah, some Malays do sound like Azhar. They are far from forming a majority though.

    1. (1) See Azhar’s comment history. His moniker in mKini has struck me before prior to the comment above. My earlier impression was that he is a DAP supporter. But then again, it’s not illegal for a Malay to be a DAP member ,)

      (2) And there are those among the Malaysiakini subscribers who claim to be Umno member but make the mistake of writing “Allah saw” (instead of Allah swt).


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