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Teresa Kok says “JPJ is not a mosque”


Countering Teresa Kok’s complaint that “JPJ is not a mosque”, a reader of this blog AE said @ 2015/06/11 at 8:47 am,

“Why non Muslim must drag Islam into this kind of issue. Not as though the JPJ dress code insist you all wear tudung?!”

Hannah tudung red
Hannah Yeoh

What AE says is true. If JPJ had wanted to impose a mosque dress code, the department would have mandated tudung.

Since the DAP evangelistas are ever so willing to wear tudung voluntarily, why are they now kicking up a fuss over the case of Suzanna Tan? – updated 9.30am

Hannah Yeoh
Hannah Yeoh

Original posting below

Teresa Kok & Hannah ‘Hypocrite’ Yeoh

Teresa Kok says that “JPJ is not mosque” and that it is “totally unacceptable” for the department to impose a dress code restricting short, tight skirts.

The J-Star front page yesterday echoed Teresa’s views.

J-Star front page June 10

MCA president Liow Tiong Lai who is also the Transport Minister revealed that he has instructed the Road Transport Department (JPJ) to apologize to the short-skirted woman Suzanna Tan, reported the J-Star.

“You can’t impose your values on other people,” said Liow to reporters outside the Parliament lobby.

Suzanna Tan had complained that wearing sarong made her look like a “bag”.

Simpang Renggam MP Liang Teck Meng said in Parliament on June 9 that the JPJ dress code is unreasonable and asked if Malaysia was going in the direction of Iran.

Responding to YB Liang, DAP’s Kulai evangelista MP Teo Nie Ching said,

“Akan tetapi isu sekarang adalah saya faham bahawa untuk budaya Islam perlulah tutup aurat tetapi ini bukan satu budaya untuk kesemua masyarakat Malaysia. Jadi untuk isu ini saya setuju dengan Yang Berhormat Simpang Renggam dan saya juga hendak minta penjelasan daripada Menteri Pengangkutan kita semasa jawapan beliau. Terima kasih.”

Malaysia is a Muslim country and the majority of its women are conservative dressers.

The DAP evangelistas and the EvangeliSTAR‘s Nest of Evangelistas object to this moral conservatism with regard to dressing.

Is the problem the JPJ’s modest dress code or is it the DAP evangelistas? It seems these pushy evangelical Christians are desiring Malaysia to adhere to their values which are contrary to that of the majority population concerning attire and other matters.



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64 thoughts on “Teresa Kok says “JPJ is not a mosque”

  1. Haiyaa.. JPJ is being polite ma!

    Some wearing sleeveless, shorts and mini skirts emit one strange ‘garlic’ smell (don’t believe next time get closer and smell them). Bau hamis!

    Now most offices got aircon, everybody can smell mayak busuk owh! How to bikin kerja one hand having to close their nose. Lambat kerja nanti DAP melalak susah le.

    Haiyaa Teresa. Masuk mosque normally we clean ourselves first or ambik wudhu ma. What has sarong got to do with mosques? Even Indians, Mynmars, Thais, Balinese also use sarong.

    1. Oh soli… Teresa, Liow, Suzanna, Liang ancestors not from South East Asia, no wonder do not not know much about salong!

    2. I’m sure you can find a better argument than having garlicky smell as an excuse to cover up.

      I felt the whold incident was blown out of proportion. I’m in the opinion that the guard was overzealous in doing what he did. At the same time, the reaction from all quarters was also over the top. And Teresa Kok certainly poured more fuel to the fire with her remarks which is uncalled for.

      1. ‘I’m sure you can find a better argument than having garlicky smell as an excuse to cover up.’

        Yea. That and many other things she care not to mention.

        ‘I felt the whold incident was blown out of proportion.’

        Agree. Thanks to the ahso herself, wouldn’t you say?

  2. MP Liow Tiong Lai, next time please encourage these type of people to wear short, very short hot pants that you can almost see the split in between their legs for all to see.

    Obviously you, too, are losing your marbles. True we cannot impose on others what to wear. But were you ever taught decency and modesty. I hate to generalize but you do give the impression that you support these people who want to flaunt their “ass ets”

    It is a public place, for God’s sake. It’s not a beach, a swimming pool, a massage parlour nor pub or disco.

    It is almost end of the world when people have no shame or dignity in whatever they do. And a public elected “leader” endorses them.

    You may be counting your last days as MP my dear….and most likely the MCA will be like the dodo bird… Good luck and please continue to make stupid, unthinking statements… Now go solve the 3 air disasters firmly in your hands

          1. Melayu Malaysia

            Sarcasm alone is not enough to redeem your foolish tirade.

            So, you’ve seen Suzanna’s pictures and yet still come up with this?

            Quote: It is almost end of the world when people have no shame or dignity in whatever they do. And a public elected “leader” endorses them.

            What did that woman do?

            I take pink is not your color.

            1. ‘I take pink is not your color.’

              Pink and those flabby, disgusting looking thigh! BTW, kain batik is not colourful enough for you, HH?

      1. HH, I agree that there’s nothing wrong or provocative about how she was dressed, but we are dealing with a bunch of hypocrites and fanatics here. They will happily support a corrupt and racist party as long as their own self interests are well looked after, but will make the loudest of noises over non issues such as this. Good on you Teresa, you are the voice of reason amongst a bunch of juveniles.

        1. Jeff

          I think it is only reasonable to look at this case by case. I’ve seen some Ah Peks in singlets getting away.

          Just don’t think it is fair the way some are generalizing on those who broke the rules with this Suzanna case.


            1. Gomen opis kut. Kalau nak pakai macam kat dapur ke atau kat kandang pun, agak2 la geng! Lu pikir lu punya rights to pakai saja ka? Orang lain punya rights tak mau tengok tak ada meh?

    1. The 1mdb scandal is threatening BN survival in next pru but MCA has been quiet like a mute piggy. But this sarong issue, liow is super quick pulak. Kata cina bijak pasal urus $ & risk.

  3. two twin-horned satans. syaitonn bertanduk dua.may Allah trow two of them to hell dah mmg pon tempatnya di neraka…

  4. Why non muslim must drag islam into these kind of issue. Not as though the jpj dress code insist u all wear tudung?!

    Proper dress code will show t9 the world that you are a proper person with proper business to do at a proper place. There is some proper high end restaurant refuse their services when the customer isn’t properly attired. Ever heard “no shoes no service”?

    Try getiing into a night club wearing a tudung. Won’t you think “now, that woman must be looking for her straying husband”. I don’t even think the bouncer will let her through.

    Try wearing a serban and everyone will running to the back door afraid of a raid. You wouldn’t go to a job interview wearing whore’s uniform would you? The key word is “proper attire”

    I feel that this is just a stupid issue brought up by stupid people trying to do stupid things just like those foreigners on Mt. Kinabalu.

    And liow trying to get chinese undi back. Lol. Do chinese school/college/university sturents have dress code to adhere to when they go to class? If yes, what is the problem? If no… NOW THAT IS THE PROBLEM.

    1. If there is to be such a rule then at least publish it and apply it consistently. But you have some good points about people barred from nightclubs if they look religious, which you seem to agree with. I guess that you also support those European governments that ban the veil in public places on the same basis? Or the dress code in Afghanistan under the Taliban? Is society to apply rules that are a minimum standard for all citizens or should its rules encourage higher/stricter standards? It depends on the country you wish to build.

      1. Whether europeans want to be naked in public or the taliban want to wear a tent in their climate isn’t the issue here. It is their country so it is their say. They won’t care one bit whether you, me or our govt support it or not. So why care?

        We should educate our young on being appropriately attired. I know for sure we malay are, kinda hard to find an impropriately attired indians, but the chinese students i see around setapak…man. Its like the norm is short t shirt with short pants made for twerking.

        My boxer could provide more modesty. Is these guys going to school or clubbing? Good manners is all about education and upbringing. Better teach them while they are young.

        People wearing police uniform will be treated like a policeman whether they are for real or not. People dressed like a whore will also treated like such whether they are selling or not.

        First impression is important whether we like it or not. Please stop fighting for the right to dress skimpily because it is simply not a moral code we want teach to our children.

        There is a reason for dress code. It is “Peace and harmony”. Let us imagine a scenario here. Maybe it is your right to dress like a prostitute and go renew your road tax and you do just that. It is also men right and NATURE to ogle and get a boner while renewing their roadtax. Well they also do just that.

        Now you feel uncomfortable, not peaceful at all and not in harmony with your surrounding. One of them try to exercise his right to have a social banter with you and you don’t like it. You complain to the officer in charge and they make every male waiting to renew their road tax to exit the premise.

        Guys get angry and since all their blood is not going to the brain they can’t think. There will be a small riot, FRU come and blast them with water cannons. Peace and harmony no more just because someone didn’t adhere to the DRESS CODE. Maybe it’s a bit extreme scenario, but shit happens.

        Btw the dress code is out there, posted at the front door at jpj wangsa maju, since i bought my first car in 1997. It is either you can’t read, don’t care or simply don’t want to follow. So which one are you?

        To Mr. Liow, please find other relevant issue to champion or fade away in to the irrelevance.

        1. ‘Proper dress code will show t9 the world that you are a proper person’

          MAYBE NOT!

          ‘It is either you can’t read, don’t care or simply don’t want to follow.’

          Cant read and tak bley faham either!

          ‘To Mr. Liow, please find other relevant issue to champion or fade away in to the irrelevance.’

          The Melayus undi you juga maa. Lupa ka??

  5. JPJ should have elected to deny the lady from entering the office or refuse giving services to the lady. This course of action will not attract criticism.

    Giving sarong to the lady and asking her to wear it has somehow absolved the lady and put the blame on JPJ. Moreover, who gives the authority to JPJ to implement ‘sarong policy’? There is a dress code policy, but not ‘sarong policy’.

    1. Well put, bnm.

      Where did the Pak Guard get the sarong from, I’m curious. It’s hard to believe that he acted on his own initiative without any complicity by the JPJ and he somehow had a sarong handy.

      1. My advice to JPJ and all other government offices. Enforce the dress code CONSISTENTLY. Simply bar entry to those not properly attired and refuse service.

        My advice to those who didn’t want to adhere to the dress code. Do your transaction online. You can be naked like on a nudist beach or wear a tent like a taliban. Nobody cares.

      2. Helen,

        The bigger question is consistency . For JPJ to enforce the ruling and then to apologize is another mistake that makes government department(associated with Malay, Islam, UMNo) looks bad.

        But I do not blame JPJ entirely JPJ is under the purview of Minister of transport. and the minister is from MCA. As such , it is natural for him not to agree wit the ruling.

        I had seen how indecently dressed vistors waiting to enter Seri Perdana on Hari raya. It happens because Seri Perdana does not bother to announce that proper attire is a must.

        Luckily Istana Negara is very strict on proper attire. For a Malay to attend the Garden Tea graced by the Yang DiPertuan Agung, he or she must wear Baju Melayu. no two way about it. I was forced to change cloth as i did not wear Baju Melayu then.

        1. ‘is another mistake that makes government department(associated with Malay, Islam, UMNo) looks bad.’

          And the literally poor Rela guy gonna kena? WTF? By extending service to the ahso? Wow. Just wow!

          1. Sblum extend service to this Ahso, get her to forward borang EA or whatnot first, is she a tax payer.. Satni melalak aje pandai, bayar income tax satu sen pun tidak!

            Business income tak kira ya. You nau bikin bisness kat China, US atau Timbaktu semua kena bayar cukai tau tak?

    2. I take it reading from Ms. Tan’s postings that she would rather wear the sarong than being refused service. (I like that RTD is more concerned in providing their service rather than not.)

      She was very moderate in her reaction to the whole episode. It is the reaction of mileage seeking evangelical politicians who are making this look like a big mess it is not.

      RTD has already apologized and now more are aware of the dress code.

      I believe the sarong was placed there for such an occasion. Just like immigration dept. that always have some black colored tudungs handy for those tudunged applicants who does not wear the required dark hue.

      1. re: “I believe the sarong was placed there for such an occasion.”

        Then the JPJ has to bear responsibility and not let the Pak Guard alone carry the can.

        In fact, if the sarung is indeed placed there for such an occasion, then the guard was only carrying out his enforcement duty and no blame should be attached to him. Now it’s being portrayed as if the guard did this on his own initiative.

    3. “JPJ should have elected to deny the lady from entering the office or refuse giving services to the lady.”

      But some lawyers said this can be challenged in court wor (for refusing service on the basis of not adhering to “dress code”); how ar? I still feel this is more of a “budi bicara” thing; just advice the people to wear appropriately next time and proceed with the job la, why the need to embarrass people like that (yes, I take that sarong episode as a way of “mengaibkan orang”).

      1. re: “yes, I take that sarong episode as a way of mengaibkan orang

        Since the niat dipersoalkan, might as well make life easier and just go by the book. Since ST did not abide by the dress code, bar her from entering. That’ll save us all from the ensuing fiasco.

        1. This sort of “fiasco” as you said, is already happening behind the scene all these years. People do grumble about it quietly before this. But with web 2.0, people are now venting their frustration in open via Facebook, Whatsapp and Lowyat forum while politicians are amplifying it further by linking this to religion.

        2. Haiyaaa.. Itu Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi pakai sarong comel aje rupanya. The Hindu Balinese pun cantik2 belaka.

          Malays aje rendah diri. Cakap dengan Mynmars or some other countries, silap2 kena penampaq.. Ni oghang panggil sombong bodoh!

          Mini skirt/short skirts tu hangpa kutip budaya mana? Mau pula sampai Ahso2 dah tua kaki penuh urat2 pun terhegeh2 pakai? No wonder dulu2 China balut kaki kecik2 tak bagi pompuan depa asyik duk pi merayap sana sini.

          Tak sedar diri punya olang!

        1. ‘might as well make life easier and just go by the book.’

          Ahh, the Malays Helen. The ‘tidak apa’ is killing us all, don’t you think?

      2. re: But some lawyers said this can be challenged in court wor

        Yes. Legally it may happen. But as a normal Malaysian going to JPJ office (or for that matter any government office), will you really sue the government for being denied entry or refused services? Most likely you will visit the office next time in a proper attire. Suing will cost you more money and time.

  6. Have you seen a chinese woman with T shirt and “seluar katok” or say “hot pans” with a pair of worn slippers at gomen counters ? And that apek wearing pagoda no sleeves singlet ?

    I did, I did !

    So Teresa kok and dapsters’ angelgilo – Have ye made a survey ? At least be honest and “bertata susila lah!”

    Rugi ke ? Wang banyak tapi pakai serabai ? Tidak malu ke ?

    1. I have also seen many Malay men in tee shirts, shorts and “slipper Jepun” patronising the counters of government departments. And a few Malay women in tight jeans and sleeveless tops. They were not turned away.

      1. Teresa Kok make it into a religious one. And you make it into a racial one. Way to go AC-DC. Apa lagi Cina mahu indeed?

  7. quoting, Liaw Tiong Lai , ‘You cant impose your values on other people’.

    No wounder MCA failed to imposed good thought to the Chinese ,that we had to respect others sensitivity , not demanding others to lessen theirs .

    I believe the photos by that Suzana Tan , are not the actual photo of the dress that was in question .

    1. Tebing Tinggi

      Quote: I believe the photos by that Suzana Tan , are not the actual photo of the dress that was in question .

      Any reason for you to doubt the lady not being honest about her attire?

      Feel free to share your hunch.

      Suzana Tan had alleged that the pictures posted are the actual outfit.

      1. HH

        If Suzana Tan photos in question ,are being advice , we are seeing worst than that, being worn by visitors to the government departments and agency ,some even looks like underpants .

        I believe , if we are aware of our surrounding ,such incident could be avoid , don’ts put the blame on others of not being tolerance .

        1. tebing tinggi

          Quote:I believe , if we are aware of our surrounding ,such incident could be avoid , don’ts put the blame on others of not being tolerance .

          Yes, I’ve seen many dressed worse with flip flops in tow getting away. I think the issue is consistency. If they are consistent across the board, then those people will start wearing right.

          In the case of Suzanna Tan, I do think they were over-reaching. Her attire was decent and modest…. heck, something my mother would wear.


          1. ‘In the case of Suzanna Tan, I do think they were over-reaching. Her attire was decent and modest….’

            Dress Code kata pakai skirt bawah lutut maa, HH.

            ‘heck, something my mother would wear.’

            I say no more.

  8. MCA president also wanted action to be taken on the guard. Very nice of the MCA president directly being concerned. You would never expect the UMNO president to give a damn about employers not allowing Muslim workers to cover up or do Friday prayers. Hell, not even PAS president did anything about those kind of things, and PAS supposed to be an Islamic party.

    Guard should have turned her away instead of offering something to cover up with. Or better yet, why bother enforcing such rules?
    By doing that he got painted as a zealot or little napoleon instead of a worker just enforcing the department’s dress code, that now suddenly people don’t like and the department not defending, seems like even the transport minister is just aware of it now. Well, that’s the elites for you, they don’t have to deal with the kind of things normal people have to deal with regularly.

    The guard also certainly didn’t get any sangka baik giving the woman something to wear so that she could still do her business without going back to change. Sarongs not good enough for them, so terrible, so scandalous, thus saronggate some people dub it.

    1. re: “The guard also certainly didn’t get any sangka baik giving the woman something to wear…”

      No point bersangka baik as this episode and the J-Star onslaught of a dozen negative news reports have shown.

      Like bnm said, better (less hassle) to just refuse her entry into the building and deny service.

      1. More like no point expecting The Star or DAP or MCA to sangka baik, right?
        The dress code is department’s policy but the sarong thing might have been the guard’s own initiative after turning away or seeing people turned away while doing their job, seems cruel to me to punish the guard for doing what he’s supposed to or what he thinks is right. It was something he didn’t have to do, he could have just turned her away, and now the transport minister himself ordered action on him.

        It’s a matter of perspective. Somehow the minister thinks it’s a matter of the guard imposing value when the thing that happened is just that the guard gave the woman something to wear just to get around the department imposed dress code. Afterwards the minister ordered action on the guard while the department, the source of the problem was instructed to give an apology. Excellent management and leadership. Make stupid policies and punish the lower workers who execute and enforce them instead when it turns out to be problematic.

        1. The crux of the issue is whether the Christians, e.g. the J-Star Nest of Evangelistas, are objecting to the “Skirt below knee” stipulation.

          Is the skirt LENGTH stipulated a reasonable guideline or not?

          1. At the very least, Islamic values doesn’t play into it as they like to portray it. Otherwise women would be required to wear something extending to the ankle, other than tudungs. Those people just love to drop words like mosques and Iran, them DAP totally love scaring and inciting non Malays against Malay Muslims. The MCA president also have to appease his millions of Chinese voters.

            So it would be a matter of common sense on what’s supposed to be decent and not obscene for this country. If you have to have a concrete rule for a dress code, below the knee seems a reasonable cut off point.

            Personally, I don’t care much about dress codes, they can dress like tramps or hookers if they want, but then I’m not a worker who handles people at some government agency.

              1. ‘but then I’m not a worker who handles people at some government agency.’

                Yup. Nobody seems to care about them facing those sight and smell.

          2. It’s pretty subjective I suppose. I work in an office where formal wear is mandatory 4 days a week. Some ladies would wear skirts that are above the knee but while some looks lovely & presentable, others may look questionable.

            The debate will go on & if strictly enforced we’d have guards with rulers measuring how many inches above the knee the skirt is.

            For the sake of clarity, perhaps it should have a fixed point of reference. Right on the knee or below. That way, there’s no ambiguity about the ruling.

              1. Then they are clear about the standards. As such, there shouldn’t be a debate in the first place. However, part of the blame has to go to JPJ for not enforcing it strictly nationwide. And it couldn’t just be a coincidence that the Rela guard had a sarong handy when Suzana walked in. Question is, who provided it?

                1. ‘Question is, who provided it?’

                  “Based on our investigations, the guard feared she would not be able to carry out official dealings at the JPJ (Malay acronym) counters, so he gave her the sarong,” he said when winding up debate on the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP) for his ministry in the Dewan Rakyat today. – See more at:

  9. JPJ & any government dept for that matter should enforce the dress code with consistency & firmness.

    I was at JPJ just last week dressed in a tee, shorts & sandals which was not a problem for the staff there.

    Ultimately, if the officers refused “indecently” or “improperly” dressed people service, it would send a message to the masses. And that would naturally ensure than most if not all will adhere to the dress code.

    Now, if only JPJ paid that much attention to enforcement on the road….

    1. I wonder if a dress code is even needed? The public is not visiting the JPJ as regular enrolled students, members of a private club, a job interviewee, or the congregation of a religion.

      “Now, if only JPJ paid that much attention to enforcement on the road….”

      It is easier to pay attention to lesser issues than the issues that really matter. Hence, universities enforcing uniforms while the quality of their programs decline.

      1. That’s why none berkemban dgn tuala or only use boxers to go to JPJ or even to pasar. All one need is to use common sense, guna otak untuk berfikir itu saja.

        Lawyer2 yang kata boleh SUE tu memang kemahiran mereka, periuk nasi depa. Lagi syiok dapat case, menang dapat duit. Wonder if these lawyers are allowed to freely berkemban dalam tuala when they attend court?

      2. AC-DC,
        Dress code yg ade pun depa tak faham atau tak guns otak. No dress code? Nanti depa telanjang gi JPJ macam mana?

        Lawyer2 kan ada yg dok nunggu aje kalo nak services tolong sue for their rights and freedom?

  10. where did this ahso come from? a malaysian should know, a long time ago about the dress code in a government office. this is just a non-issue. if only she is more aware and more sensitive of the culture here, there should not be any hassle. sometimes it amazes me how some people are so ignorant about such thing as ‘dress code’. it is not imposed without any reason.

    some people just refuse to obey rules. may be they are not trained or not thought to obey. there is no harm in adhering to the rules. it is the more reason a common school system should be implemented, to be aware of the culture of the common society.

    and the elected reps and minister, what is wrong in giving advice to wear decent and modest attire?

    this is a multi-cultural, multi-religous and multi-belief society. respect the masses, is that so difficult to do. it is not that every day you go to jpj? once in a while why not follow the rules or dress code. sometimes this kind of attitude is like testing the patience of those there..the staff and the public. I hv often seen this kind of people in public places and it irritates me to have to endure the indecency.

    we the silent is time we speak up. we are the victims of the eye-soreness. you can even ask the pas ostaz if they could endure this kind of antics of dressing miniscully.

    So, those who do not follow the dress code, we also have the right to live peacefully instead of being challenged to endure the rudeness of this blatant behaviour.

  11. DAP politicians everything pun mesti nak protest as unacceptable, ugh.
    Gotta give them props for somehow linking this bit of negativity to Islam though. They just know how to take advantage of any situation isn’t it??

    Also, to enter the casino in Genting you also can’t wear sandals, short, or non-collared t-shirts so…. ada kena-mengena dengan Islam ke?? =_=

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