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Zam is on Twitter

I’m amazed. He’s after all 76 years old but certainly no Luddite, i.e. someone who’s afraid of new technology.

As for me, I’m NOT on Twitter. Have never been. (I read @hannahyeoh on the Internet.)

And on Oct 1 last year, I deleted my Facebook account. It was a conscious decision to distance myself from the social media and minimize potential distractions. I’m not alone in doing this.

Here’s a report from The Daily Mail (

  • One-third of Facebookers aged 16-34 delete their accounts because they no longer see site as ‘cool’
  • Parents and grandparents flocking to social media site
  • Almost 60% of Britons aged over 55 now have Facebook account

Among other trends – ‘10 Reasons You Should Delete Your Facebook Account‘ (, 23 July 2014) explains why some individuals have opted out.

Although my observation is only anecdotal, I feel that in Malaysia the parent-aged (40-55), middle-class, professional Chinese and most particularly the Christians are active on Facebook. One example is how Suzanna Tan viralled her complaint against the JPJ dress code into a national talking point.

Social media is the echo chamber – previously it used to be chain mail – that perpetuates the Christian’s anti-government, anti-Malay and anti-Muslim sentiments. It’s called confirmation bias.

But I’ve digressed.

Former Information Minister and ex-Utusan group editor Zam is on Twitter @zainudinmaidin (Note: Only one ‘d’ in zainudin).

He leaped into the arena last week. The catalyst … obviously he wanted to promote his new book. But regardless his reasons, I’m predicting he’s going to make the fur fly in Twitterjaya. Like a cat jumping in among the pigeons.

BELOW: Zam’s debut tweet on June 5


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Zam is on Twitter

  1. So based on The Daily Mail you are between 16 to 34 and definately below 55. I have checked your cv sometime back using your fb as advised by you.

    1. No lah. The DM profile refers to Brits.

      My reason for exiting FB is that I need space and a buffer. Like I said, the Chinese bias is already 90 percent. Imagine being in social media where everyone talks like Malaysiakini subscribers, no thanks.

      And in any case, I hardly ever used my FB. It’s very annoying when they hold you up at gunpoint to join. You’re not allowed access to read much of the stuff if you’re not a Facebooker yourself. Luckily the @hannahyeoh timeline is in the public domain.

      Perhaps the 10 percent Chinese are estranged from the 90 percent Chinese akin to the situation in Terengganu following Amanat Hadi Awang. You get sembahyang dua imam and kafir-mengkafir.

      I don’t hate anyone who votes DAP but some of the ABU-ers and UBAH-ers behave like they’re on the verge of murdering any Chinese who still cares/dares to support BN.

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