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Is Najib referring to the Muslims or the Christians?

Malays cannot reach any Chinese audience – Utusan only has one percent Chinese readers.

The Christians however are influencing and shaping the Malay mind a quarter (25 percent) of The J-Star readers are Malay – see pie charts below.

EvangeliSTAR Readership

Utusan Readership

It is difficult to get the Chinese and Christians to bersangka baik terhadap agama Islam.

On the other hand, the Umno president had himself personally launched the Christians for Peace and Harmony group headed by the executive advisor of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF), Rev. Wong Kim Kong.

Najib Razak is today wooing the Christians the same way that he had wooed the Chinese in the run-up to the last election.

Najib said (video 1:20),

“… there are also people who abuse religion, who use religion to achieve their narrow aims. They become bigots. They use religion to achieve some of their political goals and these are the people that we must confront – deal with them and totally reject them.”

Najib said the above when launching the Christians for Peace and Harmony where in the same breath he had asked Perkasa to tone down and reminded everybody not to call each other “pendatang”.

Keep in mind that when Najib said these things, he was addressing a banquet hall full of Christians at a five-star Bukit Bintang hotel in KL’s Golden Triangle.

  • Najib said there are people “who abuse religion”. Is he referring to the Muslims or the Christians?
  • Najib said there are peoplewho use religion to achieve their narrow aims”. Is he referring to the Muslims or the Christians?.
  • Najib said these people then “become bigots”. Is he referring to the Muslims or the Christians?
  • Najib said “they use religion to achieve some of their political goals”. Is he referring to the Muslims or the Christians?
  • Najib saidthese are the people that we must confront – deal with them and totally reject them”. Is he referring to the Muslims or the Christians?

We know from past experience that despite all the overtures made by Najib, he was – on the night of 5 May 2013 – caught unawares and taken aback by the Chinese tsunami.

History will repeat itself despite the overtures that are being made by Najib to the evangelistas.


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24 thoughts on “Is Najib referring to the Muslims or the Christians?

  1. Helen,

    It is a pity seeing Najib making overtures after overtures when everyone who can think knows that Chinese has abandoned BN for good.

    It is a tragedy too as Najib simply refuses to accept reality that he tries to please the very people who want UMNO to be buried. Malays including UMNO members during the very assembly of UMNO in PWTC has advised Najib that such exercise is futile. Yet, Najib still does not gives up.

    Why? maybe because he was sent to study abroad at tender age. maybe that makes him losing touch with reality.

    maybe because he has an easy way as he represents Pekan, a heavily Malay majority area. Try contesting in Puchong or Subang Jaya that are full with the people he wish to please. He definitely will lost and lose badly.

    And who advises him? He chided PERKASA before Christian groups. there goes PERKASA support to UMNO.

    He did not say anything when Alvin insulted Islam. He did not say a word on Hannah Yeoh non stop insult on UMNO, Islam, malay. He refused to take action when Guan Eng slanders UMNO day in day out.

    He is forever silent.

    May Allah SWT in HIs infinite mercy grant the wisdom and courage to Muhyiddin to start the process or taking over.

    Malays simply do not have alternatives. Not when PAS continues to kowtow to DAP

    1. Najib, son of 2nd PM of MAlaysia but sadly he is a tragedy to the nation.

      Totally clueless, spineless and helpless.

      Forgot who supported him and put him in Putrajaya. He still thinks its the fairy from the jungles….

      Sad, but he has to go….soonest possible

  2. “…They use religion to achieve some of their political goals and these are the people that we must confront – deal with them and totally reject them.”

    Najib tak gunakan agama, dia letak sebelah… (mungkin sejauh yang perlu dalam segala hal politik dan peribadinya kot) – itu yang selalu aku dengar dalam tazkirah maghrib.

    PAS akan naik selepas bercerai dengan DAP, dan UMNO akan tersungkur dari akibatnya?

  3. It’s double edge sword. For the christians, its Islam. For the Islamist …..err, blur sikit. Diaorang tak nampak!

  4. Najib must practice what he preaches: lying and cheating others while preaching peace and harmony is extremely hypocritical.

  5. Najib dah jadi macam Anwar cakap depan melayu lain, depan cina lain..

    Rosak dah pm malaysia ni

    Nantikan tsunami melayu pulak

  6. Najib was definitely referring to the Muslim on the whole ,be it in Malaysia or all over the worlds, but speaking to Malaysia Christian audience ,so the local Muslim must take note .

    It’s a Malay culture ( should I say Bugis) , you don’t offence your “tuan rumah” what more if you are honourable guest .

    Is it,been known that he was never friendly with ISMA or any other Malay NGO like Perkasa ,and most of the time he forget that he is UMNO president .

  7. The PM was telling everyone to take religion out of politics.

    Bear in mind Najib was adressing a predominantly Christian audience. He added the ‘tone down’ remark to Perkasa in jest to lessen the accusatory implication of his remark being directed explicitly at the Christians.

  8. JStar is really an interesting paper. Here is an article of that JStar says a sugar baby is not a prostitute.

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    My mother told my sister to find herself a man who can take care of her, is educated, successful and wealthy.

    What my mother was essentially telling my sister was for her to engage in sugar dating. Would you say my mother’s advice to my sister is for her to be a prostitute? Most certainly not.”

  9. Hahaha.
    So all this time you warn people about evangelists and who else but Najib himself no less is pandering to the National Evangelical Christian Foundation. You must be feeling like Cassandra.

    Obviously he didn’t refer to Christians in that part of the speech. You don’t seriously expect somebody who regularly evades and deflects unpleasant criticisms to risk offending his hosts. Naming Perkasa was just him telling them it was Perkasa he’s talking about, he knows his hosts don’t like Perkasa and it was a simple and blatant attempt at ingratiation. He’s not subtle, not at all.

    Since you’re talking about Utusan in this same article, I wonder if this speech and those particular parts was reported in that paper.

  10. It’s worth wooing them. If faced with a choice between hudud and UMNO, even the Lims will do a deal with Najib.

  11. Najib must go. I’m so sick of him now. He’s like a mini Anwar only a bit cowardice and stupid but he thinks he’s smart.

    Can’t stand him anymore. Doesn’t answer any straight question. Beat around the bush like Anwar.

    So long BN.

    1. It was never elegant silence – he was plainly dumbstruck from having wasted away tons of Malaysian money and got caught red-handed!

  12. Since Ah Jib Gor strategy did not work, he is now changing to Brother Najib strategy, which we all know will never work too. Perhaps he might want to consider Auntie Rosie strategy?

    We have more important issues like MYR depreciation, weakening economy,increase of prices of goods,lower disposable income, unemployment but none of this being ever raised either by Prime Moron or any other Morons. Instead of spending money to hire consultants to improve the economy, the Super Moron has hired a dozen of expensive consultants for his own image building. Looks like they are more interested in political games only and to the hell with the rakyat to survive.

  13. If there is an award for Clown of the Year, I will nominate him for it. He deserves it.

  14. I want to believe that he still got balls.
    I want to believe what he said in the NECF program were meant to both Christian and Islam and especially Perkasa.

    However, when I said I want to believe in him, I find it rather impossible to continue doing so.

    I already believe that he got no balls.

  15. Najib – there’s something very sad about what is going on right now which involves him. He seems to be unraveling. He is on attack mode, against TDM, against the Muslims/Perkasa and even against the (extremist) Christians (I believe his speech was directed at everyone and no one.) Observing him is like watching a child playing at pinning the donkey’s tail or trying to hit a piñata.

    He and his consultants are talking about TDM destroying his own legacy, like TDM’s legacy is a tangible thing. No Mr. PM. Your consultants are wrong. TDM’s great legacy is not the skyscrapers, the highways and bridges or even his handling of the financial crisis. His greatest legacy is the pride in Malaysia that he instilled in us, standing proud at telling people we are from Malaysia.

    TDM’s questions on 1MDB does not erase that pride. But the way the PM’s fan-base and consultants are trying to bring down TDM is making me cringe and make me wanna hang my head in shame.

    1. ‘His greatest legacy is the pride in Malaysia that he instilled in us, standing proud at telling people we are from Malaysia.’

      Absolutely. But some masih ada inferiority complex. Everything Singapore and the West does are the greatest, always and all ways!

  16. Najib is just another shrewd politician, no different to any other politician in Malaysia, and yes, no better than the so called Dapsters as portrayed by Helen. UMNO is just a political party and have about as much reverence for their own religion as Rosmah has for any handbag less than a 100k rm.

    They will swing wherever the votes are.For arguments sake, if the majority of Malays left Malaysia and the Chinese Christians were the dominant race in Malaysia, you can bet your bottom dollar that Najib and his other UMNO members will convert to Christianity overnight to stay in power.

    Also, all the Malays rights will be stripped instantly and a new economic policy favouring the Chinese will be implemented.

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