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Boat brides: Girls sailing to M’sia to get married

A loan shark-debt collector, Loo Chon Wen, 33, was charged yesterday with killing his nine-year-old son Evan and burying the boy under a new layer of cement in the kitchen (pix below).

Loo charged murder

Loo was read the murder charge in Mandarin at a Magistrate’s Court and his case is set for mention on Aug 6.

Evan’s body was found two weeks ago by workers carrying out renovation on the rented house vacated by the Loo family in Taman Usaha Jaya, Kepong, KL.


Interviews with the victim’s siblings revealed how the boy had been repeatedly punched in the face and stomach by his father for disturbing the man’s sleep.

The Loo children told police investigators that their mother pleaded for her husband to stop the beating, but he would not. The authorities were told too that Loo had frequently bashed up his wife who lived in fear of him.

Fearing further violence, the mother was coerced into helping Loo cover up the crime. Both suspects were apprehended by police in Sabah where they had fled.

Report compiled from various media.
FLASHBACK: Nine Muslim Myanmar nationals charged in court for the murder of their Buddhist countrymen in Penang
rohingya mKini3
BELOW: Excerpt from 7 Dec 2014 Straits Times (Singapore) report:

“A total of 18 Myanmar nationals have been killed this year [2014], and many had their bodies chopped up.

Another 10 bodies remain unidentified and could also be from Myanmar.

All the murders are believed by police to have taken place on mainland Penang, and the bodies, or parts of bodies, scattered in plantations and other remote areas.

The 28 killings were part of 51 murders that took place in Penang this year, Malay Mail Online news reported last Friday. Eighteen of the victims were Malaysians.

The big number of murder cases in Penang involving many Myanmar nationals had alarmed the public, who wondered whether a serial killer was on the loose.

There was also speculation that the murders were linked to events in Myanmar, where nationalist Buddhists had attacked and killed Myanmar Muslims and the stateless Muslim Rohingyas from Rakhine state.

‘We can tell from the way the victims died… it was revenge they brought here from their country,’ Penang police chief Abdul Rahim Hanafi was quoted as saying by Malay Mail Online.

‘The assailants did not use firearms in their killings. They used machetes to chop their victims into pieces,’ he added.”


Another flashback

BELOW: Excerpt from 17 May 2015 The Guardian report:

“Crowded under tarpaulin tents strewn with rubbish and boxes of water, the Burmese and Bangladeshi migrants speak of horrors at sea: of murders, of killing each other over scarce supplies of food and water, of corpses thrown overboard.

‘One family was beaten to death with wooden planks from the boat, a father, a mother and their son,’ says Mohammad Amin, 35. ‘And then they threw the bodies into the ocean’.”

The Guardian also reported that “others in the camp from Bangladesh are also quick to identify themselves as ethnic Rohingya Muslims, some saying they were travelling to Malaysia for work, to get married or to join their family members”.

The fate of the Rohingya appears to no longer interest Hannah ‘have mercy’ Yeoh (who mouths standard sympathy lines like “No words can explain your grief. May your hearts find rest & comfort in God’s love”).

The DAP evangelista prolific twit has not tweeted anything on the boat people since last middle of month.

BELOW: A pregnant 20-year-old who gave her name as ‘Noor’ had tried to come to Malaysia by boat.

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The latest Rohingya news

Reported in The Burma Times on 10 June 2015.

Excerpts from article ‘One in ten Rohingyas fled by boat since riots‘:

  • One in ten Rohingyas have fled by boat over the past three years, according to the Arakan Project.
    (Rakhine state in Myanmar has an estimated population of 1.3 million Rohingya. 1/10 of 1,300,000 is 130,000 boat people knocking on Malaysia’s door as the No.1 preferred destination.)
  • 85% of those who have left are young men

  • “This has meant the cost of a dowry for women in Rakhine has soared. Families are now sending their daughters on boats to Malaysia to get married.”


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20 thoughts on “Boat brides: Girls sailing to M’sia to get married

    1. The dictator,

      He will not ask Tunku aziz. trust me.

      Pak Samad has many issues with one government agency. He makes his dissatisfaction as a tool to whack BN, UMNO

      1. ‘he would be the most prominent Malay to join the DAP in recent years’

        Bukan Zairil ke?

        ‘Pak Samad has many issues with one government agency.’

        Azmi Shahrom is next.

  1. Helen,

    Why should Hannah Yeow and the evangalist care about the Rohingaya , even Ang Sun Su KI , supposed to be worlds renounced freedom fighter, “winning the noble award” couldn’t be bothered about their own countryman ,what more do you expect from Hannah Yeow.

    Helen , is there a truly an honest principled in fighting nowadays ,all of them’s are just actually, ” belly fighting ” and benefit are only known to them .

    Who are the Rohingaya ,anyway ?.

    1. re: “what more do you expect from Hannah Yeoh”

      You mean besides her talk-is-cheap “have mercy” and “Punishing someone for being stateless = discriminating someone based on race” tweets about the Rohingya?

      Well, I expect that if she’s gonna feign her most nauseating ‘sympathy’, then at least try to be a bit more convincing lah. As it is, she makes discerning folks just wanna puke.

      But unfortunately not everybody is discerning. There are quite a lot of J-Juice drinkers out there.

      1. Helen,

        I wonder what is Hannah’s accomplishment. I mean what is her contribution besides being Tweeter queen?

        1. re: “I wonder what is Hannah’s accomplishment.”

          Promoting the best food and Bak Kut Teh places.

          1. Helen,

            Out of curiosity , do you often face questions from Chinese for being critical of DAP?

            I notice most Chinese supports DAP. You are a rare pedigree here. Do they(chinese friends) mock you for being different?

            1. It’s like sembahyang dua imam. They (the 90%) kafirkan us the 10%.

              I avoid talking politics with them. I prefer to blog my opinions and openly sharing with the public comprising the like-minded as well as the Rithmatist-ACDC-Dandy-HH et al gang, and not forgetting Mr Foul-mouthed Alphabet Soup who’s always spewing curses and profanities.

  2. My Apek just welcomed his newborn niece. I pun sibuk le. Alamak, sembang2 ibunya PRC citizen! 21yrs from today that baby is going to start cursing Melayu BODOH! Maknya BM or BI sepatah takleh sebut!

    The ‘brides’ story is nothing new. Apek, Aney, Indons, Banglas, Vietnamese, Cambodians sejak zaman pak kaduk sampai sekarang sama aje practices mereka. Anak2 terbiar hasil prostitution pun mesti ramai.

    Once these kids grow up in Malaysia, adat budaya tatasusila bangsa asal atau oghang punya habis depa tepis. Last2 bersepah la generasi macam Ahso sarong ‘bag’ dan mereka2 yang sewaktu dengan dia.

  3. I’m really not getting what is the point you’re trying to make from the first case.

        1. Tun made a comparison between Malaya granting citizenship to the non-Malays and the Burmese refusing to grant citizenship to the Rohingya.

          The Burmese asked themselves if the Rohingya were desirable to have as fellow citizens, and decided that the answer is ‘No’.

          It’s a question that every receiving country ought to seriously ask itself. Will the newcomers be able to fit in? What kind of culture are the immigrants bringing with them?

          There are a few traits that immigrants generally have. They are hardworking, e.g. the Bangladeshis are more hardworking than the Malays, the Malaysian Indians and the Malaysian Chinese.

          Or in another setting, the Korean immigrants in the USA are more hardworking than the whites and the blacks. Polish immigrants in the UK are more hardworking than the local whites.

          Being hardworking is a positive trait of immigrants across the board.

          What is the negative trait among immigrants?

          1. Uhh…if I have to guess, they immigrate only to make things better for themselves and make money for themselves?

            I mean, isn’t that why people immigrate in the first place?

            Still don’t see what it has to do with a Chinese guy with obvious anger management problems on trial for killing his own son and burying him under his house. A loan shark too, too many of those kind nowadays.

            1. Before the mass migration of the Chinese, Malay society never had Ah Long problem together with their brutal tactics and the bestial nature of the man who can work as a debt collector be in the loan shark trade.

              Before the mass entry of the Chinese, there was no problem of pimps, drug kingpins, triad gangsters and the culture of the underworld.

              1. Well, I guess in view of that, the Malays long time suspicion and fear that the Chinese do really want to take over instead of coexisting in peace and harmony is justified.

                Whether for communist motherland decades ago or for Jesus now. It’s inevitable given the greed and lust for power combined with disregard and contempt for the original inhabitants and their customs and laws.

                You need to just see how Lim Guan Eng treat their former PAS allies in Penang. So quick to tell them to get out acting like he owns Penang. I wonder if PAS still view him as a Khalifah Umar now.

                Talking about immigration though, it won’t happen in large scale if not facilitated by those in the target country. Whether by the government or by the private sector using them for cheap labor or even criminal syndicates smuggling and bribing local authorities.

                Even the South Asian immigrants coming here because they have Indian or Pakistani or Bangla bosses here bringing them because they have jobs waiting to be filled. I don’t know what kind of jobs they have in mind for Rohingyas though.

                I think by the discovery of those grave sites it’s possible that some of them stayed there too long because they have nowhere to else to go even if they have arrived.

                1. “I think by the discovery of those grave sites it’s possible that some of them stayed there too long because they have nowhere to else to go even if they have arrived.”

                  The camp was for holding Rohingya’s captive while the traffickers tried to get more money from their relatives. The Rohingya’s were not free to leave until the ransom money was paid. Since the camp was in the jungle, some of them would die from malnutrition, disease, or simply murdered by their captors.

              2. But there was the problem of “lanun” (pirates), penyamun, and slavery. Including debt slavery.

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