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No choice, you gotta pick your side

I choose BN.

The Creepy Christian who is stalking me in the alpha blogs recently left the totally off-topic racial slur below at Rocky’s (see screenshot). This is blatant hijack of a famous blogger’s comment space to carry out their sneaky smear campaign.

They are the baling batu sorok tangan Wormtongues, either going around as ‘Anon’ or faking themselves Malay/Muslim pseudonyms. They’re chameleons who try to camouflage their true evangelista identity.

Anonymous said @

The love, love, love crowd

Anon-Creepy-Christian’s comment exposes his hypocrisy to the max. They pretend they have such a big heart for the Rohingya but the vitriol that they “spew” at mamaks has to be heard to be believed.

In his comment, Anon links my blog posting

The thing is, I didn’t write it (the url content). It is a serious and sober press statement by Hindraf national advisor N. Ganesan regarding his organization’s offer of assistance to the government to help resolve problem of statelessness confronting the marginalized Indians.

As far as I can Google, apart from the Hindraf Facebook, I’m the only other Internet platform that carried Ganesan’s suggestions on how to register the displaced Indian workers and their children for Malaysian citizenship. The news portals did not publish the Hindraf letter to the editor.


What kind of people are they?

The Creepy Christian who feigns oodles of caring and compassion sniped at me:

“After her Rohingya misfires, the ugly blob of pork fat feels she has to prove that She Has A Heart After All, awwwww. I guess so, anyway. Fell asleep half-way through.”

He claims he “fell asleep half-way through” reading my blog posting, i.e. the Hindraf press statement on the ‘stateless’ issue affecting local Indians.

This is despite the evangelista’s public posturing – “Punishing someone [Rohingya] for being stateless = discriminating someone based on race” (see Hannah’s tweet last month on the boat people).

The evangelistas don’t care about the issue whether it is affecting local Indians or Rohingya. They only want to showboat themselves while at the same time kenakan the BN side by whatever exploitation and manipulation possible of public perception.

And they dare to point the finger at us claiming that we’re “heartless”. What bloody ‘hippo’crites.

Contrary to Anon’s allegation, I did not “misfire” in my Rohingya write-ups.

Crankshaft gave feedback @ 2015/06/10 at 11:29 am:

Crankshaft group think

You can also read the blogger’s own take @ the Crankshaft blog.

I’m helping to fight YOUR (those of you reading this) battles. I may be indefatigable but it is still nonetheless a heavy burden on my shoulders because I’m doing this all alone! I do not have any access to any institutional resources.

The least you all can do is STAND BY ME.

Or you can stand with the EvangeliSTAR … your choice.

WCW moderates stand


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

11 thoughts on “No choice, you gotta pick your side

  1. Ms H, The only ordinary Editor of an ordinary newspaper to promote himself all over as a socialite. He has got to decide whether he is a journalist or a socialite. The spiel he promotes Moderation is as old as the hills since we were all born as Moderates. Stupid.

  2. Are they still on the dress code issue? I wonder did they go to stand with the orang putih yang berbogel di puncak Kinabalu? Or did they decide there’s a dress code for the mountain?

    Malas nak baca WCW opinion on the dress code issue. I mean that issue is not defensible. If he loves London so much and travel broadly, he should know it’s not just us who impose dress codes.

    And the pengarah should have stood his ground and not apologise.

    1. You may need to hold back your support until Najib resigns. He said he will finish his current term.

  3. Helen,

    Many are with you. You need to know that. Maybe it is not possible but do not let them get to you.

    On BN, As much as PAS is evil, many have no choice. Najib is eviler.

    1. Why are you so angry with Ms H. Its her blog.

      Guests/visitors should behave unless you belong to that category of people who are “kurang ajar” similar to the ones who were naked in Penang and up Mount Kinabalu.

    2. That’s your prerogative. But she’s my voice because I choose BN too (hopefully without Najib)

      Here’s a tip. If you don’t want to agree with HElen, then don’t. It’s okay to disagree. But don’t insult because it makes you sound most uncivilized.

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