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Raja Petra and Sakmongkol on ‘terrorists’ and ‘evangelists’

Raja Petra Kamarudin’s column yesterday in Malaysia Today headlined ‘I am a terrorist because of you‘.

RPK’s definition of the word:

“A terrorist is someone who terrorises others. That is how the word came about. So, if you terrorise me then you are a terrorist. And terrorise means to scare, frighten, threaten, intimidate, bully, etc., someone.”

[Helen’s note: Like the DAP SuperCyber Bully and the EvangeliSTAR smear gang]

The sneaky, ‘smiling’ cyber terrorist

RPK writes: “Most of you think that a terrorist is only someone who carries a gun or bomb. That is not true. You do not need to carry a gun or bomb to be a terrorist. You can even be holding a Bible or a Qur’an and have a smile on your face and still be a terrorist.”

Creepy Christians who caused Chinese mass hysteria

RPK writes: “In fact, the Chinese Christians killed 20 million people during the Taiping Rebellion in China from 1850 to 1864. This rebellion was led by the Chinese brother of Jesus Christ, or so he claims …”

Malay apologists who fear being ‘branded as Muslim radicals’

RPK writes: “Teresa Kok is a terrorist. She frightens people who try to impose dress codes by calling them Muslims who are trying to impose Islam on non-Muslims. This scares these people who fear that they may be branded as Muslim radicals so they withdraw that dress code and apologise.”

‘Extremists’, ‘religious bigots’, ‘haters’, blah blah blah

RPK writes: “So you see, when you persecute others you terrorise them and one day they will rise up and fight back. Then when they do you go and call them terrorists when it is you who is terrorising them.”

[Helen’s note: You go and call them “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses” it is you who being hateful, divisive and race obsessed]


DAP hitting panic button, its Malay face compelled to speak up

Sakmongkol’s blog post yesterday titled ‘DAP is controlled by Evangelists and the religious principle of cooperation’.

[So true!]

Sakmongkol is YB Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz – the DAP Member of Parliament for Raub.

Datuk Sak writes: “I actually want to begin commenting on 1MDB- but can’t resist commenting beforehand on the accusation that DAP is controlled by evangelists. The person saying this must be a mental gnome or what.”


Isma: ‘DAP dikuasai pemimpin berbahaya Kristian Evangelis

Cina Kristian penentang Islam, hudud, kata Dewan Ulama PAS

DAP’s Sak writes: “As a Malay and a Muslim in DAP, I would be among the first to actually know whether DAP is run by evangelists and wants to Christianise everyone. DAP is a secular party which treats a person’s religious denomination as a private matter.”

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh’s tweet on 12 April 2011; Sarawak held its state election on 16 April 2011

Hannah pray for Sarawak


DAP’s Sak writes: “So who are the evangelists? Teresa Kok? Tony Pua? Anthony Loke? The Singh brothers? Charles Santiago …?”

[Helen’s note: Curious that Sak doesn’t mention Hannah Yeoh, Ong Kian Ming, Yeo Bee Yin, Rajiv Rishyakaran, Lim Lip Eng, David Nga Kor Ming and James Ngeh Koo Ham who is a lay preacher.]

BELOW: Tweets by the Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) on 25 Jan 2013




DAP’s Sak writes: “I don’t even know whether Anthony Loke, Tony Pua and others are regular churchgoers or not.”

[Helen’s note: DAP’s Dyana Samad has made at least one irregular visit to a church (to attend a wedding) – pix below. Gobind Singh Deo is also in the photo]

    Do you see any of the other women's handbags screaming so  loudly for attention as big Hannah's?
Do you see any of the other women’s handbags screaming so loudly for attention as Mama Hannah’s big one?

DAP’s Sak writes: “They are no preachers. The only thing Tony Pua preaches on is 1MDB…”

Sakmongkol is clearly fudging when he says that the DAP Yang Berhormats are not preachers.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh preaching everywhere; she’s in high demand by the evangelical church circuit

Hannah preaching Cheras

Hannah Yeoh preaching in church this morning

Hannah preaching at the Methodist church!

hannah Hubby & I both preaching

DAP’s Sak writes: “90% of DAP members are Buddhists I think, or some whom I know are free thinkers.”

[Helen’s note: Oh really?]

DAP has 37 MPs. (90% out of 37 is 33.) Are 33 of the DAP’s Parliamentarians Buddhists? Which ones, pray tell us Datuk Sak.

Or let’s give Sak some leeway and narrow it down. DAP has 29 Chinese MPs. (90% out of 27 is 24.) Are 24 of the DAP’s Chinese MPs Buddhists? Which ones, do tell us please Datuk.

Never mind, no need to name 24 Buddhist DAP Parliamentarians. I’m willing to lower the bar even further.

Rather than Datuk Sak’s outlandish claim that 90% of DAP members are Buddhists, just name nine (9/37) Buddhist MPs from DAP, i.e. a quarter of the DAP’s Parliamentarians who are supposedly Buddhist.

This is a serious challenge – just name which ones if you can. I’m sure Datuk Sak will not be able to do so because they’re not Buddhists.

Even the DAP’s Punjabi Adun is a Christian and not a Sikh – YB Mary Josephine Pritam Singh who is the DAP’s Rahang state assemblyman. Perhaps Datuk Sak might like to ask Gobind too what is his religion.

DAP’s Sak writes: “So how do we treat the statement that DAP is run by evangelists? It’s a sensational statement superseded only by the stupidity of the person giving it.”

[Helen’s note: Aaah, it looks like the Dapster evangelista tendency for name-calling other people “stupid” has rubbed off on the DAP’s Malay members now.]

DAP’s Sak concludes:

“The only agenda in accusing DAP as being run by evangelists is to create further distrust and fear among Malays. I will ask the Malays the same question – is your faith that fragile, that it’s easy to get you converted? […] So forget about the issue of DAP being controlled by evangelists.


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22 thoughts on “Raja Petra and Sakmongkol on ‘terrorists’ and ‘evangelists’

    1. Thank you Helen for your unstinting clarification on the Christianity agenda at DAP. At last ahli-ahli PAS kenal tu Hannah Yeoh adalah penceramah dan penyebar Jesus Christ, seorang paderi Yahudi..muahaha.. sebab itu muktamar PAS tidak susah payah nak putus hubungan dengan DAP Cina. Selama ini mereka ingat DAP socialist hehe… atheist communist ke… masih ok lagi…

  1. Your faith that fragile? So if quran say that dont trust them for they will not stop until you agree them or something similar is fragile in faith? The writer is a malay but fragile in faith.

  2. The “convert” Sakmongkol.

    He lost his credibility a very long time ago. Being a DAP apologist is his only route to salvation in politics.

    He is in fact a failed politician who has contributed nothing to his constituents other than verbal garbage.

  3. Malays are ,’ ta’at setia ‘ kapada pinpinan yang memimpinya ,what would be right could be wrong ,what is wrong are look right ,according to their affiliation .

    People with principled ,won’t hop’s around .

  4. YB Mohd Ariff Sabri may want to know that not every Chinese who holds up some joss sticks and postures towards a graven image, or even visits temples to sample the vegetarian fare ,,,, is a Buddhist.

    Or maybe Sakmongkol can spell out his personal evaluative criteria in labelling his DAP colleagues as such.

    Incidentally, don’t those “Buddhist DAP leaders” adore the Maost terrorist Lim Chin Peng – as they have demonstrated by their public statements and actions?

  5. So there are Malay Muslim MPs in DAP.

    Where was he when the rest of DAP thoroughly and mercilessly humiliated fellow Malay Muslim PAS and put their own unregistered alliance in jeopardy, he didn’t say anything about that but when on this issue touching Christians he wants to comment, in dismissive and condescending manner towards other Malays.

    DAP have done well to gain such a proactive Malay Muslim as their MP, to comment on the actual issues critical to the ones running the party.

    He has such persuasive arguments, I’m forgetting the issue already. I guess Helen needs to write more articles and remind us all over again then. Or maybe not, apparently Malays are quick to distrust and fear, not weak faith though, the Christians can poke and provoke as they wish and shouldn’t be disturbed.

    DAP would benefit to put him in Malay majority constituency next election, he would be sure to win all those Malays over to vote DAP.

    As a Malay Muslim in DAP, I’m sure he’s worth a lot to his party instead as a token or a pawn and would be the first to know of things, even if they are supposed to be private matter. After all even when religious denomination is private matter he knows who is evangelist, who is preacher, who goes to church and which are Christians or Buddhist or atheists even.

    He’s a prized DAP member just like the the rest of the Malay Muslim DAP members who got their worth in votes their last CEC. Privy to matters of the inner circle they all. They are respected just like DAP respected their Malay Muslim PAS partner.

  6. Helen, this sakmongkol is sakmangkuk. I truly cannot stand his face and his writings. Stopped reading his blog ages ago. He is truly an opportunist of the worst kind. I dont know why DAP are recruiting all the UMNO rejects and potraying them as the ultimate Malay leaders that can save the nation. This sakmangkuk belongs in the longkang.

  7. “DAP’s Sak writes: “90% of DAP members are Buddhists I think, or some whom I know are free thinkers.”

    [Helen’s note: Oh really?]”

    I take his words to mean that the whole DAP membership demographic is made up mainly of Buddhists (and some “free thinkers”), including those 85 ADUNs, normal members, etc, not just the 37 MPs.

    1. Agree with you that that was what Sak probably meant but I doubt that Sak has met many of the DAP Ah Soh and Ah Pek grassroots. However the list of DAP Parliamentarians is more easily pinned down than the 150k or more party membership.

      The MPs who are NOT Buddhist:

      1. Mohd Ariff Sabri
      2. Zairil Khir Johari
      3. Gobind Singh Deo
      4. Ramkarpal Singh
      5. M. Kulasegaran
      6. P. Kasthuriraani
      7. V. Sivakumar

      MPs who are Christian:

      1. Charles Santiago
      2. Teresa Kok
      3. Tony Pua
      4. Ong Kian Ming
      5. Teo Nie Ching
      6. Lim Lip Eng
      7. Sim Chee Keong
      8. David Nga Kor Ming
      9. James Ngeh Koo Ham
      10. Julian Tan
      11. Oscar Ling
      12. Alice Lau
      13. Wong Ling Biu

      MPs who are possibly Christian:

      1. Thomas Su (?)
      2. Jimmy Wong (?)
      3. Dr Ko Chung Sen (?)

      MPs who are atheist/agnostic:

      1. Lim Kit Siang
      2. Ng Wei Aik

      MP who is dajjal

      1. Lim Guan Eng

      Already 23 + 3 names are eliminated from the list of the DAP’s current 37 MPs. Sakmongkol’s claim of 90 percent DAP is outrageous.

      1. The DAP Parliamentarians list is so obviously Christian heavy, and the long list is minus the ones who are status uncertain.

        1. It’s the expedient syncretism of “cultural marxists” who wield the knife of “political correctness” – just google the terms and think it through.

      2. Helen,
        Dajjal in the form of DAP chief , Ah Beng mata sepet ? ….Dajjal in the form described in Hadiths, one eye blind, the other “cacat”……

        God knows best.

  8. Sak tu bebel pasai “apa bole buat, cari makan ma”. Besides ‘stupid, cibaii.. this is one Apek common phrase.

    Was he the one who jumped ship fm BN to DAP when his family life tengah kucar kacir?

  9. I have told dato sak (through his blog) that he is one of the most articulate and promising politician that has come out of Pahang. however I feel that he is with the wrong group and may even be on the wrong side of history. he would be more effective fighting his battles and make changes within the system.

    sincerely hope somebody influential enough in umno will make the necessary move to entice him back.

  10. Evangelist convert people by lie and deceit Going from one religion to another is about walking out of one prison to enter another prison. You are still a slave of religious ideology that cannot be proven. I will like to ask these evangelist who is this Christ when his existence cannot be proven. The name “Jesus” was as common among the Jews as is William or George with us. In the writings of Josephus, we find accounts of a number of Jesus’s. One was Jesus, the son of Sapphias, the founder of a seditious band of mariners. Another was Jesus, the captain of the robbers whose followers fled when they heard of his arrest. Still another Jesus was a monomaniac who for seven years went about Jerusalem, crying, “Woe, woe, woe unto Jerusalem!” who was bruised and beaten many times, but offered no resistance; and was finally killed with a stone at the siege of Jerusalem. There is no Jesus as described in the new testament, they must be praying to one of the weird Jesu described by Josephus

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