20 thoughts on “Pakatan dead or alive?

  1. Ping pong ping pong
    The lady will come and kipas2
    Nanti tiga2 melopong
    Road to Putrajaya terlepas

    1. dap sudah kene beli sama umno/bn la…if not ros akan bubarkan dap…mau 2-3 tahun naik turun court…by that time dap baru sudah pecah to 2 or 3 new camps/parties…semua claim to be the original dap…legasi lim habis…umno/bn formula is simple…dap mesti bantu umno/bn split the vote between chiense and malay…so dap will still survive dgn undi cina…but pkr akan lenyap except where malay is not majority…pas akan terkene tempias…so…umno/bn will survive pru14…dont be surprise najib might call snap poll meh….so this perjanjian blkg mati is what making najib feel he still can hold to his power…u think najib dat bodoh ke? ros is a good leverage material guys…u can argue la validity of ros…sure…lets go to court…hahahahahaha…u die waiting court to assemble la…so lim family is not stupid also…survival of the fittest…unless u still think becoz of hudud…come on small matter la…plus not applicable to non muslim…but they touch hudud bcoz hudud is very sensitive to pas like sjkc to chinese…enough to create a fault to split the pakatan…and dun tell me they cannot differentiate between usul and keputusan…plssss…i mean…any stupid lawyer can smell it…when the ultimate objective is to split pr…the rest is simply excuse…so…wait for the snap poll guys………things have fall in place

    1. What is your definition of” actually dead” Zack the Sad Sack who need a Smack. It seemed that you talk something come from your back, showing what your brain lack at.

  2. My Indian friend says it is just drama. Later Pakatan will rise like a phoenix and everyone will kiss kiss and love love.
    I say LGE made that comment
    a. to create sympathy and tears (especailly Ramadan is coming) for Pakatan
    b. to steal all the “modern” Malays from PAS and PKR into DAP.
    Ultimately Pakatan is a one party i.e. DAP. The DAP knows that PKR is crumbling as Wan Azizah is not able to unite the party like Anwar (in fact she is the cause of the Langkah Kajang). The Anwarist have no more influence in PAS, PASMA won’t be easily registered with ROS, so it is time to pull all these Malays into DAP. You have the white hair poet in DAP after years of PAS.

    My Indian friend says it is divide and conquer PAS and PKR. They want to filter out the “liberals” (what they call moderates – who call people evil and stupid).

    My take – I don’t think Malays outside Selangor will buy that fat sized DAP. The Chinese will buy anything DAP and laced with holy water. The Indians… donnno (except for the transracial Indians – like Mr Hannah and the Indians in the Klang valley who are married to the Chinese and want to be white)

  3. sdri Helen,
    for the sake of the nation that all of us love,
    I still pray and hope that my prediction that I made in your blog recently will come true soon God willing.

  4. And I hope this won’t happen.
    PAS running back like a crying wife after kena Talak – like in the P Ramlee flims. (And then their supporters will make fun of PAS). Make sure PAS goes off like the modern woman. I bet this is what DAP wants.

  5. They are just playing games ,that only known to them ,that what they are good at .

    Are they really serious in breaking up ?.

    1. Helen ,mohon laluan !,

      To all Muslim ,selamat menunaikan fardu Ramadhan ,semoga Ramadhan ini diberi segala keberkatan .

  6. PR is DEAD?
    Haiya! I want to believe….
    But, whoever believe, he/she will again be caught in a surprise.
    Party that Talk-Cock…
    Party that U-Turn…
    Party that Spins…
    They are all-in One.
    Can believe ah?

  7. Waahhh …
    > eddydaud said PR still beating and breathing but brain-dead. Sudah jadi ‘vegetable’, but cannot be served as vegetarian dish.
    > zack said UMNO dead … but I still see them walking around … must be zombies. Zombies love eating brains. So feed zombies with above ‘vegetable’ … and still remain as non-vegan at the same time.

    Can’t wait for the next episode …

    1. ‘Pakatan dead or alive?’

      Say it isn’t so…

      ‘Skies are dark it’s time for rain
      Final call you board the train
      Heading for tomorrow
      I wave goodbye to yesterdays
      Wipe the tears you hide your face
      Blinded by the sorrow

      How can I be smiling like before
      When baby, you don’t love me anymore

      Say it isn’t so
      Tell me you’re not leaving
      Say you changed your mind now
      That I am only dreaming
      That this is not goodbye
      This is starting over
      If you wanna know
      I don’t wanna let go
      So say it isn’t so’

      1. Nice sonnggg … but I’ll sing the lyrics to that of a Dapster(my guess):
        Say it isn’t so
        Missed ‘Aji’ ‘no motto’
        In my favourite dish
        Just a dash that I wish
        And gone is my chap chye
        Cannot just stir and fry
        If you wanna know
        Missed ‘Aji’ ‘no motto’
        So say it isn’t so

        Sorry … I’m having fun. Thanks anyway …

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