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How DAP evangelistas are celebrating bulan puasa

Lim Kit Siang has again called for Biro Tata Negara to be dissolved immediately.

In his press statement yesterday (19 June 2015), Grandpapa Dapster alleged that BTN engages in “negative, divisive and anti-national activity of inciting racism, disunity, bigotry and intolerance”.

DAP had already targetted BTN for elimination soon after the evangelical party came into shared power in Selangor, the country’s most influential state.


Hannah Yeoh: “BTN is destructive!”

Echoing her grandpop mentor, Mama Dapster Hannah Yeoh labelled BTN “destructive“.

Along with six other Selangor Pakatan legislators, Hannah in November 2009 petitioned (see her archived tweet below) the Khalid administration to stop sending undergrads and state employees to the bureau’s courses which she termed as “divisive and racist”.

Below are her tweets conflating Deputy Prime Minister cum Education Minister Muhyiddin Yassin with BTN badness as well as divisiveness.

Hannah BTN petition

Hannah Muhyiddin BTN

Hannah BTN divide

Hannah Yeoh: BTN is “divisive”

Like Kit Siang, Hannah also accuses BTN of being “divisive and racist”.

Quite naturally, these heads of the Dapster family will not see themselves as either divisive or racist. They are instead the paragons of harmony and colour blindness.

In fact, Kit Siang is so inclusive and non-racist that here he is distributing dates to the Malays for their buka puasa – picture below, and look how thrilled he looks.

LKS kurma
Pix credit: Celah Gelegar
Kurma packet with Rocket logo
Kurma packet with Rocket logo

Hannah Yeoh: “Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak”

I’m curious. Does Hannah ‘Soalan Mulut’ Yeoh even know what the word “mubarak” means?

Equally eager to be a part of the bulan puasa experience is she who was among the first off the mark in wishing Muslims godspeed for their fast.

Never mind that she is a bundle of contradictions by threatening previously to lodge a police report against anybody who mistakes her for a Muslim and spreading the false rumour of her conversion.

PAS people lapping it up

The folks in PAS used to be ardent fans of the DAP costume party enacted by the DAP creepy Christians.

A couple of the PAS political operatives badmouthed me when I cautioned that the evangelista YBs were merely playacting. I was accused of being divisive too, and said to be upset by the kumbayah lovey-dovey between the Islamist party and the evangelical party.

I had warned that not only is the tudung act a charade but the DAP’s creepy Christians are consummate chameleons. The pro-establishment people tend to agree with me but not the PAS people though.


BELOW: Results on my online poll that ran for 24 hours

Menyamar sebagai Melayu, Islam beserta ahli Umno

The DAP operatives masquerade as Melayu – see below – but are ignorant of the correct salutation for ‘Allah’ which is s.w.t. and not s.a.w.

BELOW: Mistakes that exposed the fraud posing as ‘AkuMelayu’ and other black ops cybertrooper pretending to be an Umno member but making the slip of revealing that he enjoys drinking red wine


Ooooops, kantoi

See above: The commenter using the Umno logo as his avatar and passing himself off as a Melayu had remarked, “My red wine is ready in front of the TV”.

Hannah Dont say I am Muslim

What kind of people are they?


These sneaky bastards are capable of doing anything and all kinds of pretence.

Below are some of the reader comments to Rocky’s recent (June 15) posting titled ‘Helen Ang’s CCR‘ /Creepy Christian Reader where the Dapster evangelistas had turned out in full force.

This is one of the usual Anons trying too hard to sound Melayu by writing in dialect.

They’re soooo transparent in their attempt at trying to discredit my blog as “latah orang gila”. Kalau last time boleh lah these DAP operatives hoodwink the taksub crowd but today even the PAS hardcore have wised up to their tudung-wearing and “Insya Allah”-dropping hoax.

The Dapsters took Rocky’s bait

And above rojak bahasa Melayu-campur-Inglis cheap shot at me – “Broken record, boring to d max” is yet another Anon drive-by shooter trying to discredit my writing and deter Rocky’s readers from visiting my blog.

Rocky wrote:

“So Helen is probably one of the most dangerous blogger in Malaysia today, if you go by the comments made by Anon aka CCR in my comment box for 1MDB and the devils that cloud our judgement.”

Yup, it sure looks like it from the way that the evangelistas are stalking me 24/7 in the alpha blogs. They definitely consider me a danger to their conniving plans – their dedicated smear campaign confirms it.

BELOW: The Creepy Christian commenter attempting to get around Annie’s ban and mengadu domba, trying to pit the pro-establishment bloggers against each other

FireShot Screen Capture #992 - 'Life of Annie_ Poll hijacked and taken down' - lifeofaannie_blogspot_com_2015_06_poll-hijacked-and-taken-down_html

Brood of vipers CREEPY crawly

When the Creepy Christians fear orang sudah buka mata, they start to lose a little bit of their normally careful control over the slick love-love-love expressions that flow like a fountain of saliva from their honeyed lips.

Instead of the usual cunning they’re capable of, they slip into sedition. Just have a look at the sledgehammer slander against me – below – by yet another one of the Creepy Christian Anons. Uh-huh, the evangelistas are losing it, alright.

What kind of people are they? Answer: Seditious

To borrow from a Bible verse that Hannah Yeoh likes to quote, Matthew 12:34-37

34  O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

21 thoughts on “How DAP evangelistas are celebrating bulan puasa

  1. Helen,

    PAS is the state government in Kelantan. And the malays in Kelantan forms around 90 to 95% of population. With overwhelming malay majority in Kelantan, the threat by racist DAP and its worshippers is insignificant.

    As such , PAS members and its leaders too until recently often mocked UM NO that it(UMNO) fails in race relation . “Look at Kelantan. The Chinese there live harmoniously with Malays. No animosity. All because the wisdom of PAS”.

    But reality is different outside Kelantan. in Selangor the Chinese makes up the quarter of population. and they are very aggresive. and more importantly the party that the Chinese chooses to represent themselves is very provocative, manipulative, cunning and “munafik” above all.

    Just look at Guan eng and anyone who is willing to think will know the disaster if he assumes total power. Now with limited power as CM, he is very cocky. So do imagine if he has military and policy under his wing.

    ONLY KNOW PAS begins to realise how dangerous DAP is. But the hatred towards UMNO is much stronger in PAS that it is willing to accept daily insult and slanders from DAP.:

  2. To the Malays Muslim in Gelang Patah don’t get cheated by this two mask DAP.Pretending to be multi religious but the fact they dislike Islam and the people.

  3. Gelang Patah should be under the eye of Johor TMJ! The day will come when Bangsa Johor must decide what to do with provocative outsiders. Take Johor For … my ass!


  4. Right. Helen Ang in another rant. Completely clueless and all over the place. Normal service from the fat bitch.

    1. Don’t shuay shuay call people fat believing in that way the speaker gemok would slim down even a bit.

      Don’t shuay shuay say gemok also. Say ge ‘leng kia’ mok, or pui pui speaker. That way like calling your own daughter.

    2. Not right to call her names like that but I can understand your frustration. The scary thing is Helen represents a lot of BN supporters out there, truly fanatical and unreasonable. Best to follow Alvin Tan’s advice and give up on Malaysia, the country has gone to the dogs and will only become worse. I encourage everyone, especially non Muslims who are able to leave to do so…there truly is a much fairer and better world out there.

      1. Ya lor Jeff.
        If you are living in KL, just 5hours by bus down south or up North with just approx Rgt100 fare you can already bid farewell to Malaysia – for good.

        Via Malacca can also get on a ferry to Indonesia. So cheap wan, why want to wait longer? Bye bye.

        1. I left years ago and have never looked back. Instead of getting defensive about it, maybe you should ask yourself why a lot of Malaysians are leaving. It may not bother you in the short term, but the country will suffer for it in the long run, and one million Malaysians living overseas is too large a number for a relatively small country.

          Am based in Australia now and it sometimes takes a person to step away from their homeland to see problems in it. All I know is that I am treated more fairly and am given an equal opportunity in my adopted country than was never afforded to me in my native land.

          It’s a really sad thing to say that you feel more accepted and welcomed in your new found country than you ever felt in Malaysia, but it’s how a lot of overseas based Malaysians or ex Malaysians feel.

          1. re: “I left years ago and have never looked back. Instead of getting defensive about it, maybe you should ask yourself why a lot of Malaysians are leaving.”

            Maybe Jeff you could be kind enough to help Hannah Yeoh reapply for her aspired Permanent Residence in Tasmania.

            1. Then you wouldn’t have anyone to obsess about day and night. Let’s face it Helen, hating on Hannah actually gives your life some sort of meaning.

              1. :)

                Good riddance to bad rubbish if only some Western country would be willing to accept her.

                Most unfortunately tho’, Hannah Banana is a failed PR applicant.

                It is only in Jerusubang that the sheeple wanna exalt a reject item, which actually says a lot about the calibre of our local Chinese electorate.

            2. Now if only we could get Helen Ang away from this country… That be a peach. No daily bitching about race and religion for her bosses.

              1. If I don’t blog, then you’d be out of your cybertrooping job. Who else would be willing to pay you for hurling expletives and spewing profanities?

                1. Right. If that makes you happy. Still don’t change the fact that you’re a fat hate mongering bitch.

                  1. To borrow your Jerusubang icon’s often-quoted Bible verse, “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”. Your language is so very revealing of the kind of people you are.

                    Imagine if you DAP Super Cyberbullies ever succeed in grabbing Putrajaya, how you would treat the weak and the defenceless.

                    1. ‘Your language is so very revealing of the kind of people you are.’

                      I’m sure the whole clan would be very proud of them!

          2. ‘It’s a really sad thing to say that you feel more accepted and welcomed in your new found country than you ever felt in Malaysia, but it’s how a lot of overseas based Malaysians or ex Malaysians feel.’

            Maybe you guys behave better there.

      2. Just because YOU gave up on Malaysia it does not mean the rest of US should, BN or PR and politics aside.

        I am on the verge of expletives but I realized that it would be a waste on people who prefer to move to a “better” country than to actually help build one.

        Malaysia is worth fighting for. Many will say otherwise, but if you’re not going to help, at least you can stfu.

        1. You do realise that your statement about Malaysia being worth fighting for is actually no different to what I said, except it’s deemed to be acceptable in your head because it’s a positive statement. Some would argue that you are bonkers for not accepting reality but it’s still your right to say it. Just because my statement was a negative slant on the country, it doesn’t mean that I should not say it and it doesn’t mean that you should have a hissy fit over it.

          Anyway, why should a non bumi stay and fight for a country that clearly discriminates against them? Give me one good reason.

          1. Why should you get to decide whether I get a hissy fit or not? You are clearly an asshole, and downright stupid too.

            I can be generous and I can be mean. You decided to vote with your feet, so can I say good riddance to bad rubbish? Since you have decided to migrate, all the best to you. People do that all the time in search for greener pastures, in fact since the dawn of mankind. The difference is that you chose to tell the rest of us that we should all give up, especially non-bumis.

            You clearly cannot differentiate between a country, a government and her people. I am born in Malaysia and my parents are born here too. I have a citizenship that nobody can take away from me unless I give it up. Blacks in America fought for their voting rights and today they are still fighting to be treated fairly. Nobody should give up on their homeland so easily. Are we at war? famine? pestilence? There is no need to repeat what JFK said, but a country is not about its flag, troops or even the King. It is about trying to build a better future for ourselves and our children on this land we call home, not just the bumis or non-bumis.

            Since you have left Malaysia for Australia, I do hope you do your bit to help your new country and let us worry about our own. We can always use some help, but if you are interested only in telling everyone that Malaysia is a hopeless basket case, then let me tell you that your comments are not welcomed at all.

            Do something worthwhile with your life, contribute some effort to a greater cause, try to live a life with meaning, other than just money, money and more money. Ex-Malaysians can love their new home and they don’t have to assuage their guilt by telling themselves (and everyone else) how unworthy Malaysia is of their love. Some people only know how to take, but some people don’t mind the giving. You chose to severe the relationship with Malaysia, not the other way round. You need a reason to right a wrong? You need a reason to stand up and be counted? You need a reason to make a difference?

            Maybe I am just lucky, or maybe I am just ordinary. I have never been in a position where I am personally discriminated against for being Chinese. Perhaps you can tell me what kind of discrimination you have experienced while in Malaysia. I was walking down a street in Wellington, NZ and a couple of young chaps driving by in their car yelled at me “Go home, chink!”. That was more than a decade ago and I’ll never forget it.

  5. re: “A couple of the PAS political operatives badmouthed me when I cautioned that the evangelista YBs were merely playacting. I was accused of being divisive too, and said to be upset by the kumbayah lovey-dovey between the Islamist party and the evangelical party.
    . . . The pro-establishment people tend to agree with me but not the PAS people though.”

    * * * * *
    Islamists are like Christian Zionists – people who make political trafficking a part of their religion. The People of the Heart have their sights on the blessed Hereafter as much as they endeavor to do good in this world:

    * * * * *

    In the Name of Allah Most Compassionate and Merciful

    “You must be of good counsel to all Muslims. The highest point of this is that you conceal nothing from them which if made known would result in good for them or preserve them from something evil. The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) has said, “Religion is good counsel” – Part of this is to support a Muslim in his absence as you would in his presence, and not to give him more verbal signs of affection than you really have for him in your heart. It also means that when a muslim asks you for advice, and you know that the correct course does not lie in what he is inclined to do, you should tell him so directly.

    An absence of good counsel is evidenced by the presence of one’s envy of the favors God has given other Muslims. The origin of such envy is that you find it intolerable that God has granted one of His servants a good thing whether of the religion, or of the world. The utmost extent of this envy is to wish that he be deprived of it. The teaching has been handed down that “envy consumes good deeds just as fire consumes dry wood”. The envious person is objecting to God’s management of His dominion, as if to say “O Lord! You have placed your favours where they do not belong.”

    It is permissible however to be envious without rancour, such as when you see a favor being bestowed on one of His servants, you merely pray the Lord to grant you the same thing.

    When someone praises you, you must feel dislike for his praises within your heart. If he has praised you for something you truly possess, say: “praise belongs to God who has revealed the good things and hidden the ugly things about me.” And if a person praises you for something you do not possess, say “O God! Do not call me to account for what they say, forgive me in those things which they do not know about me, and make me a better person than their opinion of me.”

    In your case, do not praise anyone unneccesarily.

    When you wish to give advice to someone regarding any behavior of his that you have come to know about, be gentle; talk to him in private and do not express explicitly what may be conveyed implicitly. Should he ask you to tell him who told you what you know, do not reveal it to him lest it stirs up enmity. If he accepts your advice, then praise God, and thank Him. If he should refuse, blame yourself for it.

    If you are entrusted with something, guard it better than if it was your own. Return what was entrusted to you, and beware of betraying people’s trust. The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said:

    “He who cannot keep a trust has no faith” and he also said : “Three things are attached to the Throne of God: (1) Benefaction: which says “O Allah! I am for Thee, therefore let me not be one denied of Thy blessings!” (2) Kinship: which says “O Allah! I am for Thee, thus let me never be dissociated!” and (3) Trust: which says “O Allah! I am for Thee, so let me not be betrayed!”.

    Speak truthfully and honor commitments and your promises, for breaching them are signs of hypocrisy. “The signs of a hypocrite are three: when he speaks he lies, when he promises he breaks his promise, and when he is trusted, he betrays that trust.”

    Beware of arguments and wrangling, for they cast rancour into the breasts of men, alienate hearts and leads to enmity and hatred. If anyone argues against you and he is right, accept what he says for truth must always be sought. If on the other hand he is wrong, leave him, for he is ignorant, and God has said “And turn away from the ignorant.”

    Renounce joking; if occasionally you do joke to assuage a Muslim’s heart, say what is true. The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) has said: “Neither argue with your brother nor quarrel, and do not make him a promise and then break it.”

    Respect all Muslims, especially those deserving of merit, such as the scholars, the righteous, and the elderly. Never frighten or alarm a Muslim, never mock or ridicule them, nor despise them.

    Be humble for humility is the attribute of believers. Beware of pride for the Lord does not like the proud. Those who humble themselves are raised up by Him, and those who are proud are abased by Him.

    There are signs that distinguish the humble from the proud:

    “that God may separate the vile from the good” [Quran VIII:37].

    Among the signs of humility are a liking for obscurity, dislike of fame, acceptance of truth whether it be from a lowly or noble person, to love the poor and associate with them, to fulfill the rights people have upon you as fully as you are able, to thank those who fulfill their duties to you, and excuse those who are remiss. And the signs of pride include a liking for positions of most dignity when in the company of others, praising oneself, speaking proudly, being openly haughty, arrogance, strutting around, and neglecting the rights of others upon you even as you demand your rights from them.

    – condensed from “The Book of Assistance” by the Sufi
    Imam Abdullah al-Haddad of Hadramaut, Yemen (17th cent.)

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