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Tahaluf siyasi kepala hotak ko!

Harakah Daily carried an interview with PAS president Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang on Friday (June 19).

TG Hadi was asked by his party journalist Khairul Azlam Mohamad, “Pada Datuk Seri, status Pakatan Rakyat itu masih wujud?”

TG Hadi: “Ya, sehingga kini masih wujud.”

Khairul Azlam: “Tetapi, Datuk Seri, Lim Guan Eng kata PKR juga telah menyatakan Pakatan Rakyat juga sudah tidak wujud lagi?”

TG Hadi: “Saya melihat Kamus Dewan apa makna pakatan dan dengan sebab itu, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) tidak membuat kenyataan yang menunjukkan kita berpisah. Dan ini menunjukkan pakatan antara dua parti masih ada. Manakala, dengan DAP sehingga hari ini kita masih belum dapat satu keputusan secara rasmi dan kita dapat melalui media sahaja.”

Khairul Azlam: “Maknanya PAS akan bekerjasama dengan PKR sahaja?”

TG Hadi: “Kita bekerjasama dengan semua parti yang tidak cauvinis, itu sikap kita.”

Hadi Awang

PAS must come clean and answer this: Is DAP anti-Islam?

The implication of Hadi Awang’s reply above is that DAP is indeed “chauvinist” because PAS has decided that it too cannot work with DAP, following the evangelical party’s earlier decision to boycott Hadi.

Furthermore, the recent muktamar has already passed a resolution to sever ties with DAP. But more importantly than the DAP’s undisputed Chinese and Christian chauvinism is the question whether PAS is now willing to be upfront on the DAP’s real stance with regard to Islam.

The Islamist party owes it to PAS members to tell them the truth about the nature of the DAP chameleon beast.

BELOW: DAP evangelista YBs who are poseurs/Occupy Masjid – (clockwise) Ong Kian Ming, Hannah Yeoh, Yeo Bee Yin, Teo Nie Ching, James Ngeh Koo Ham, David Nga Kor Ming



Two months ago, Hannah Yeoh was raving and ranting against religious “extremism”. She was clearly not talking about Christian extremists.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

This is the same politikus who recoiled in horror at being mistaken for a Muslim – ” siapa yang mendakwanya sedemikian, beliau akan membuat laporan polis berhubung dakwaan tidak berasas” (see  Sinar Harian 10 July 2014 news report).

Hannah Yeoh takes umbrage at the (untrue) talk about her conversion to Islam despite all her very apparent tudung-wearing and mosque-visiting. Isn’t this aversion to her Muslimah (mistaken) identity truly revealing of Hannah’s real self?

Is Hannah Yeoh anti-Islam in spite of her diligent masquerade? How repugnant.

BELOW: When tudung becomes a politician’s charade costume and masjid becomes the DAP evangelista stage for their YBs’ playacting

Hannah Dont say I am Muslim

Click to enlarge


Jaguh Hashtag #sahur: “Tahun ni tak puasa” lah

PAS dressed up their political pact with the ‘devil’ with a pretty Arabic garb of tahaluf siyasi.

Kononnya PAS has been halfway successful with its tarbiyah. If so, how many DAP people have the pendakwah PAS converted to Islam, pray tell.


Adakah anak-beranak Lim pernah mesra Islam?

And what about the position on Islam of Grandpa and Papa Dapster?

“Sedar atau tidak, DAP akhirnya berjaya berdiri sendiri selepas memperkudakan dan menipu PAS bagi meraih sokongan orang Melayu dalam Pilihan Raya Umum (PRU) ke-12 dan 13 yang lalu,” wrote Ismaweb-cum-tvisma senior editor Razali Zakaria in his opinion headlined ‘Langkah ‘dua Lim’ like father like son‘.

Writing two days ago (June 19) in Ismaweb, Razali observed, “Penyingkiran pegawai kerajaan negeri yang terdiri daripada pemimpin PAS Pulau Pinang menunjukkan sikap hipokrit DAP yang lebih mementingkan parti itu daripada rakan yang membantu calon mereka mencapai kemenangan di seluruh negara”.


Ismaweb: “Selepas dipergunakan, PAS kemudian disepak terajang”

Razali said that before the present jatuhkan talak, “the racist party” was angry whenever the media used the term ‘DAP Penang government’. DAP had preferred the Guan Eng administration to be termed instead as the ‘Pakatan Penang government’.

Nonetheless, it’s since been shown that the media’s reference to the Penang government as being a DAP state government had been correct all along.

“Kini, jelaslah kepada rakyat bahawa cita-cita jahat DAP sebenarnya hanya mempergunakan PAS bagi meraih undi Melayu. Selepas mendapat kuasa, mereka mencari apa saja jalan untuk menyingkirkan orang Melayu Islam. Selama ini sedar atau tidak, PAS telah masuk perangkap DAP,” wrote Razali.

Hannah tudung red
Hannah Yeoh pandai tanam tebu di tepi bibir

Without PAS complicity, the DAP would never have been able to make inroads

“Yang patut diberi perhatian ialah ‘DAP sudah tipu PAS’,” Razali concluded.

The PAS leadership has a lot to answer for. They were the ones who opened the door of the mosques and suraus, and even homes, to a damaging infiltration by the DAP evangelistas.

PAS’s grassroots must now demand that their leaders be accountable for having allowed the DAP Christians to lead the Malay ground down the garden path.

It is the least that the PAS leadership can do to make amends to their loyal supporters. Tell the truth now! What is DAP really? Are they anti-Islam?

Hannah Yeoh - the sesumpah blending into Muslimah
Hannah Yeoh – the sesumpah blending into Muslimah
Hannah Yeoh being invited into the home


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  1. Fuuuyooh, Teresa Kok eat with folk and spoon? Chinese use chopsticks, Melayu guna tangan.

    Waa she eats like England, name also like England people.

  2. When you say : UMNO, PAS people suddenly become very Islamic and would talk for the Lord Most High.

    When you say : DAP, PAS people suddenly transform itself into dog head and pig body creatures, smiling with janggut, eat with fingers, wearing coloured spectacles, wagging the tails.

    You see a PAS member , you chant : TAHALUF SIYASI ! and poof! They turn into that creature, dog head pig body.

    Don’t touch them, lest batal sembahyang.

  3. LGE too never to embrace islam albeit PAS being over eager in claiming for his conversion. This serban, jubah and janggutis PAS went to the extent of praying LGE in khutbah Jumaat. PAS folks are always pleased upon hearing evangelistas turning muslim. What they get is kurma DAP & praying hall invasion.

  4. Since it’s clear that ISMA has been attacking DAP’s brand of Christian triumphalism, maybe ISMA should be forthright about how it understands PAS’ claim that it represents the aspirations of Muslims in Malaysia. I don’t think it does – it is Islamist Islam.

          1. Pride comes before a fall. And Prophet Muhammad said no one enters heaven with so much as a grain of arrogance with him.

            1. That’s what I’ve been saying Chris.

              Accusing me of parroting someone else is one thing. But accusing the whole of ISMA (every single person, young and old, the women and the youth wing) as being clueless to the Hudud sponsored by JAKIM and PAS Kelantan is simply overstretch don’t you think?

              Allah does not gives wisdom to you alone Chris. Yes? Try to bersangka baik once in a while will you?

              1. Pardon me sir, where in my comment above have I “accused” ISMA like what you are accusing me of saying? Phew, that’s really going beyond the limits of civic discourse man ….

                1. ‘maybe ISMA should be forthright about how it understands PAS’ claim that it represents the aspirations of Muslims in Malaysia. I don’t think it does – it is Islamist Islam.’

                  So please tell me what do you really mean by this?

    1. onsleuth,

      The article said “if” hundred of thousands of bumiputera were to join.

      1. ‘Kalau tak silap, pada masa ini, lebih 50 peratus ahli DAP beragama Buddha serta kepercayaan-kepercayaan lain.’

        yang tunduk kepada Ketuanan Christian DAP. Same thing DAP cuba buat kat PAS tapi tak kesampaian.

  5. The Chinese are very mad at Pas right now. Their dream of yet another attempt at Change in 2018 is kaput.

    1. Yup, they failed to take control of PAS from the Ulama. So now they will have PASMA with Khalifah Mat Sabu as their king maker.

    2. The dictator

      Yup. But they may still embrace PAS to spite UMNO. For DAPsters, the ultimate aim is on UMNO , not PAS. It is UMNO that is unti ltoday standing againsts DAP.

      What i predict from the mess is that Malay votes is leaning gradually towards PAS. And these Malay votes comes from those Malays who are upset with Najib and other Malays who previously voted DAP or PKR.

      As for chinese, they are with DAP no matter what

      1. Shamshul,

        Serious question: If the Malays move away from Umno to PAS, are they more likely or less likely to fight the DAP evangelistas as being the enemy of Islam?

        Or to put it another way, is it the Umno Malay or the PAS Malay (i.e the pro-ulama polity) which considers the evangelistas an existential threat to this land sebagai bumi Islam?

  6. gambar-2 sensasi menunjukan para pemimpin DAP berimej islam dan berada di dalam rumah dan masjid adalag gambaran bagaimana pas tergila2kan penipuan dan pembohongan pemimpin cinadap… berbangga tak berpunca, nak tunjuk yang cina pun respect melayu pas… padahal mereka (melayu pas) sedang menjual agama dgn harga semurah murahnya untuk kepentingan duniawi (kuasa dan wang)… ini bukann tahalus siyasi, tapi bahalol siyasi namanya…

  7. Tahalul siyali!

    Wait until dap determine what contents should appear in muslim Friday sermon, I guess, though Pulau Pinang majlis agama is until the Agong.

  8. ‘The issue at hand is not about permit’


    Hannah Yeoh kena tweet Lim Tokong Anak to tell him this on UMNO punya sign…hoh?

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