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PAS gempak!

Ustaz Nasrudin Hassan at Tantawi dilantik sebagai ketua penerangan PAS pusat.

Serangan yang dilakukan dengan siku

Beliau sudah beri amaran pada tempoh hari.

Kata Ustaz Nasrudin: “Saya minta sungguh-sungguh, jangan cabar kesabaran kami. Walaupun kami rata-rata pakai serban, tapi dalam jubah ada lutut dengan siku yang boleh diguna.”

BAWAH: “New politics” Saifuddin Abdullah dan Mujahid Yusuf Rawa tak laku


Mujahid tidak terpilih mahupun dilantik untuk menganggotai jawatankuasa kerja (tambahan) PAS pusat.

Si Pudin yang juga ditolak Melayu Umno sebaliknya telah dijulang oleh Cina Firster.

Kita tunggu Mujahid yang ditolak orang Islam PAS dijulang nanti oleh Kristian evangelista. Dia ada peluang jadi Mursyidul Am Pasma, bakal parti serpihan yang mesra DAP.

    Mujahid disambut Uskup Agung Murphy Pakiam di majlis perayaan Krismas Christian Federation
Mujahid disambut Uskup Agung (Emeritus) Murphy Pakiam


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9 thoughts on “PAS gempak!

    1. And the comments by Loke Hong and Victor Chan is an insult to the Sheikh guy who joined DAP, insinuating that he actually joined DAP to become a representative and maybe fast track to MB position. That’s also the kind of statement that to me smacks of racism. It’s like they are laughing at the malays and showing off their superiority.

      And that is why I pity the Malays who think that they are better off joining the opposition.

  1. Wasn’t Mujahid’s dad the Islamist who coined the label “Mursyidul Am” for himself as PAS leader?


    Man is lonely by birth,
    Man is only a pilgrim on earth
    Born to be king, time is but a temporary thing.
    Only on loan while on earth.

    Like the wind in the tree,
    Man has been rather reckless and free,
    Thrown far and wide, he longs to settle down beside,
    The stream flowing through eternity.

    Like the grass on the lawn,
    He will pass by the way and be gone,
    A lesson to learn, We walk but once, there’s no return.
    Time is always moving on.

    Man is longing for One,
    For a song and a place in the sun,
    A home up above, Where everyday is lived in love.
    For rest when the journey is done.

  2. True to the title, PAS Gempak!! (Je lebih). Isn’t he the same guy who wanted to storm Genting casinos if Pakatan Rakyat/PAS managed to wrestle the country from BN. They managed to rule Selangor, but kilang Carlsberg is still there, and getting expanded if I’m not mistaken.

  3. tapi si pudin bagus. boleh jadi seorang Pm yang baik jika diasuh. si pudin dan datuk nur jazlan muka baru yang baik sekali.

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