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  1. Hannah Yeoh has hijacked the Christian faith like so many before her, to proselytise her version of Christianity, and her version of truth. Her followers are exhibiting clear signs of being hypnotised by the cleverness of her words and helped along by their very own commitment to a cause that they truly, deeply believe, is what their Lord wants. Hannah is likeable to her flock because she says what they want to hear. Christians also like her because she is one of them: a fellow Christian. When some in the congregation say Amen or hallelujah to the words that spew forth from her tongue, they respond to her because their immediate neighbor, standing or seated beside her does so. They have been hypnotised. And like the pied piper and the rats, they are being led to their Heavenly Kingdom.

    Individuals like Hannah are spreading a cult. Their interpretation of the Bible is basically that: an interpretation. She is like all cultists, and like fellow cultists all around the world, squeeze money out of their flock, live lavish lives out of the pockets of their flock for the promise of eternal life.

    Damn her and her ilk for all eternity.


    1. Brother, do not condemn the misguided. Just stay away from the wolves that bleat like sheep.

      We are the house of our Beloved Lord Most Merciful and Just

    2. John Oliver, the sociopolitical television critique rightly summed it up when he said, “If you want to be filthy rich, don’t start a business – open up a church!”

    3. So, what is your “interpretation” of the Bible and Jesus’s teachings?

      Shall we start with the Beatitudes and the “Our Father who is in heaven” prayer?

      If there are “cults” in Christianity, why don’t you address the fact that there are “cults” in Islam?

      Or perhaps you subscribe to the mindset that ISIS is not an aberrant cult and that it is a perfectly acceptable manifestation of Islam.

      If so, you should make that clear upfront.

      1. Ye ke, nepotism la ni, meritocracy my Malay ass. Thanks Helen for the info. Patutla masa kena siasat dulu satu TMI jadi meroyan!

  2. I stopped reading that tweet after “god fearing leader”. It just too funny for me to read the entire tweet.

  3. You must check out her latest tweets. She was crowing about the 2k each given to 6 mosques & 1k each to 18 suraus. The icing on the proverbial cake would be her comment on her act absolved her of any accusations of being anti-Islam. If she isn’t, why bother pandering to her detractors? Is she seld conscious of her supposed anti-Islam stance?

    1. I hope she also gives 2k each to 6 temples / kuil.

      Is this her own money? Is it our money?

  4. Speaking of which, if the nation could accept a PAS, with political party affliated with Islam. What is wrong with a Christian faith based political party within a democratic society, if it does no harm to any other fragment of society? In any case, DAP which Hannah Yoeh is affliated with is not guided by any religion.

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