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Khalid Samad jangan meracau, ujar Yang Dipertua Majlis Syura Isma

“Kasihan Khalid Samad … Asyik melontar pelbagai tohmahan kepada orang lain”.

Ustaz Sharipudin Ab Kadir“Macam orang meracau yang menyebut pelbagai ungkapan dan kata-kata yang amat jauh dari kebenaran” dan “Sebab itu kata-kata orang yang sedang meracau tidak boleh diambil iktibar”, kata Ustaz Sharipudin Ab Kadir (gambar kiri) mengulas pembelaan MP Shah Alam itu terhadap DAP.

“Kenapa DAP yang dibela, PAS pula yang salah, Isma dan Perkasa pun dikaitkan”, tanya beliau yang berupa Yang Dipertua Majlis Syura Isma dalam ruangan pojoknya di Ismaweb hari ini.

Ustaz Sharipudin turut hairan bagaimana selain mempertahankan parti evangelis tersebut, Khalid boleh tergamak meluahkan “pujian dan sanjungan untuk DAP yang amat tidak menyukai kepimpinan Melayu dan Islam”.

Abdullah Zaik – petikan pada 29 Jan 2014

Cengkaman budaya evangelis dalam politik DAP

Sementara itu, presiden Isma Ustaz Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman (gambar atas) mengesyorkan supaya Khalid buat satu kajian terlebih dahulu tentang sejarah perjuangan DAP yang melampau.

Dalam kenyataan akhbarnya semalam, Ustaz Abdullah juga menonjolkan fakta “hubungan yang erat parti itu dengan gereja Evangelis”.

“Yang paling menakutkan adalah di kalangan Evangelis itu mereka yang menganut fahaman Zionis yang melampau,” sambung beliau lagi.

“Liberal demokratik, sosialis dan sekular bukanlah matlamat akhir perjuangan DAP yang didukung majoriti bangsa Cina. Tetapi lebih besar daripada itu ialah memperkukuhkan pengaruh dan cengkaman kaum mereka dalam politik, ekonomi dan budaya,” tambah Ustaz Abdullah.

Cubalah berpuasa

Hannah fat mug

Hannah, stop your constant craving for food (2)

@hannahyeoh: “Craving for banana leaf rice + salted fish curry in Bukit Gasing.”

Fasting will do wonders for your double chin, Hannah!


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41 thoughts on “Khalid Samad jangan meracau, ujar Yang Dipertua Majlis Syura Isma

  1. Banyak Melayu hilang pedoman, TAK tahu hala tuju.
    Pakai jubah kopiah bolih, pakai tie coat pun bolih.
    Sekejap sana, sekejap sini.

    Itu cerita lama unta inte…
    Sekarang selepas Anuwar, Abg Mat Sabun pula dah jadi ikon Melayu progressif.
    Tahniah Melayu!!!

    1. Tahniah Melayu!!!

      Memang wajar orang Melayu diberi pujian dan ucapan tahniah.
      Orang Melayu ialah satu-satunya bangsa atau kaum yang paling mudah menasimilasikan ‘diri’ menjadi ‘diri’ yang lain…….

      Zaman dulu orang Melayu ramai dah keEropaan…ala-ala Britis gitu.

      Orang Melayu jumpa orang Cina: dia akan cakap melayu guna slanga dan stail keCinaan.
      Orang Melayu jumpa orang India: dia akan cakap melayu guna slanga dan stai keTamilan.
      Orang Melayu jumpa lain-lain bangsa: dia akan sedaya upaya bercakap mengikut slanga dan stail bangsa berkenaan.

      Akhir-akhir ini orang Melayu ramai dah keAraban..!

      Tapi orang Melayu kalau jumpa orang Melayu….rasanya sama aje sifatnya yang tak pernah berubah… tak habis-habis ber PHD!

      Tahniah kerana Bangsa Melayu memang Bangsa Berjaya!

  3. It is indeed edifying to know that Isma is so concerned about the hereafter…..

    I suppose that the idea of the ideologues in Isma being presumptuous never even crossed (oh, dear – the “cross” word again) their minds.

    Why “presumptuous”? Because it seems that Isma has an inside track to the hereafter and as to who qualifies for entry into Heaven/Paradise.

    The rest of us lesser mortals, who aren’t so “privileged”, have to meander on the best we can, being compassionate, loving God and neighbour, and at the end of our days, hoping for God’s merciful judgement.

    I do wish, though, that the “intelligentsia” in Isma would give more thought to the here and now, seeing as how most Malaysians are grappling with everyday concerns about rising prices, shrinking purchasing power and the paucity of good jobs.

    But if your gaze is firmly fixed on the hereafter, such mundane matters probably don’t rank highly in your list of priorities.

    1. re: “It is indeed edifying to know that Isma is so concerned about the hereafter…”

      Muslims in general are. You needn’t single out Isma alone.

      1. And rithmatist forgot to add one thing. Malaysian in selangor is deprived of fresh tap water. But because it is controlled by pakatan yang tak berapa nak pakat then it is ok with him/her.

        1. How did you make the leap from contemplating the hereafter to potable tap water?

      2. So too are many Buddhists in countries like Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Sri Lanka, Hindus in India and many Christians especially in Southern Europe, Latin America and perhaps even Eastern Europe who aren’t into the “prosperity gospel” thing.

        I’m part Thai and many of my Thai relations and friends tend to take life philosophically according to Buddhist teachings.

        1. ‘I’m part Thai’

          Kalau kau faham Bahasa Melayu lagi banyak nilai-nilai budi yang kau boleh nampak deeply rooted dengan orang-orang Melayu. Duduk pun dah berSILA. BerBUDI Bahasa. SengSARA sikit pun takpa, itu lumrah hidup.

    2. “… seeing as how most Malaysians are grappling with everyday concerns about rising prices, shrinking purchasing power and the paucity of good jobs.”

      In your comment to another post on Helen’s blog, you said that you were present at the launch of MSC Malaysia which I presume was that grand ground breaking ceremony in Cyberjaya in 1997 where some low-tech electrical powered “high-tech” animatronic “robot” drilled a hole in the ground at the push of a button and where Dr. Mahathir and Anwar Ibrahim denied that they were at loggerheads at the press conference which followed.

      So what do you think of all that hype, hoohah, bullshit and ballyhoo about IT becoming Malaysia’s “next engine of growth” which would replace manufacturing (mostly low-tech screwdriver assembly work) and make Malaysia a knowledge based economy?

      Also what do you think of the other nonsense about Malaysia becoming a “high income society with an gross national income per capita of RM48,000 per annum by 2020”?

      How many Malaysians does the data centre and cloud services industry in Malaysia hire compared to say the semiconductor industry where each assembly plant employs thousands?

      I created this blog IT.Scheiss to refute all the bullshit I have had to endure for nearly 20 years of covering the IT industry and especially the marketing and socio-politico-cultural hype surrounding it.

      With regards religion, in general, most societies which place more emphasis on the hereafter than the present, whether they be Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or some other faith tend to be less affluent materially than those which tend to be more secular minded but I don’t think that is wrong if those are their priorities in life.

      After all, more secular minded people like artists, musicians, scientists, academics and political activists tend to also place more emphasis on their art, craft, science or political objectives above the acquisitive quest for money.

      It’s quite well know that most creative and intellectually inclined people are not particularly obsessed with money and wealth.

      In fact, it’s those capitalist minded who are obsessed with amassing lots of money, wealth and financial power who are the cause of rising prices, inflation and so forth at the expense of those who are not.

      However, Uztaz Abdullah is right on this one:-

      “Liberal demokratik, sosialis dan sekular bukanlah matlamat akhir perjuangan DAP”

      When was the last time you heard or read about the DAP emphasising their claim to be “democratic socialist” and have they implemented some of that in practice in states where they rule, like what have they done about affordable housing or preservation of the natural ecology in Penang for example?

      How about building affordable “HDB flats” in Penang, M.B. Lim?

      1. re: “How about building affordable ‘HDB flats’ in Penang”

        What is the credo that the DAP is selling its heartland of Penang and Jerusubang?

        Hannah Yeoh wants to move mountains. The Malay bureaucracy will ask her – nak alih-alih gunung sudah pohon permit ke belum?

        1. Don’t quite get you.

          I mean like land and housing are state matters,so why not more affordable housing?

          I guess when housing developers contribute to your party or campaign coffers, one kind of becomes beholden to them.

          1. (1) If DAP is a socialist party, then affordable housing should be a concern. However the needs of the working class are not on the DAP’s radar. Hence I don’t buy that DAP is socialist. I maintain that the party is evangelist.

            (2) DAP has come to stand for the Developers Above People party. Its betrayal of the proletariat was very quick in coming. The Kg Buah Pala villagers testify that the DAP “sold” them within a fortnight of coming to power – see their protest pix below.

            DAP has sold out the Chinese Buddhist Taoists Indians Hindus. Only the conniving Christians who are in control of the evangelical party and their cronies have benefited.

            (3) DAP is driven by Greed riding the 3G vehicle (Gold, Self-Glory, Gospel). They brainwash the masses into a state of hate through promises that UBAH – Ini kali lah can “move mountains”. What DAP has really done is gondolkan bukit, i.e. creating botak hills through development and logging.

            1. The elements of their 3-G psychology, so delineated, must be actually conflicting in nature: Jesus’ mission fundamentally concerns other-worldly salvation for the soul, by means of self-discipline and depreciation of egoistic cravings. Greed for gold and self-glory are radical worldly goals.

            2. “Affordable housing”? How would you define “affordable”?

              At X times a person’s monthly or annual income?

              How about escalating land values? Or the increasing prices of building materials and labour (houses don’t magically conjure themselves out of thin air).

              Or a reasonable profit margin for property developers, or why would they remain in the business?

              Are you looking at Singapore’s HDB as a template for affordable housing?

                1. I think that the HDB is doing a pretty good job in Singapore, don’t you?

                  Meritocracy again, or is that anathema to you?

                  Why don’t you answer my question – what is your definition of “affordable housing”?

                  Don’t duck the issue by posting links to reports. That’s chickening out, to put it politely.

                  1. To put it politely, do you have a comprehension deficit in reading?

                    I provided you a current news link to property speculation in Penang which is making houses unaffordable. Developers choose to build expensive condos rather than low-cost housing.

                    1. Au contraire…it seems that you have an “attention deficit”.

                      I asked you a simple question – what is your definition of “affordable housing”?

                      It can’t be put any simpler than that, can it?

                      Or are you having problems with basic vocabulary?

                    2. It seems that Helen is adopting the SOP of hysterical bloggers everywhere.

                      Which is when put on the spot, to duck, weave and evade the issue.

                      Because she has no facts to back up any answer she can cobble up.

                      “Affordable housing” – two simple words.

                      The syaitan is in the definition and the details…..

                      Hence the ducking, weaving and evasions…..

                    3. ‘Affordable housing’ is two simple words. Why don’t you Google?

                      I provided you the url to a current article that’s 500 words long and which adequately explains why (the causes) there is a problem with high home prices in Penang – which is more than the explanation that you asked for.

                      In what way am I being a “hysterical blogger” with my reply? How have I been put on the spot by you, pray tell?

                      And how have I ducked, weaved and evaded the issue? On the contrary, I’ve taken you head on.

                      I’ve already said that property speculation has driven house prices beyond the reach (affordability) of the ordinary hopeful homeowner (they’re being snapped up by foreigners and investors) and that the developers are electing to build expensive condo rather than low-cost flats.

                      The more you persist with your putar-belit SOP, the more you Show & Tell readers of this blog how the evangelistas operate.

                    4. ‘The more you persist with your putar-belit SOP, the more you Show & Tell readers of this blog how the evangelistas operate’

                      Sabar Helen, these are kaki bullies ony.

      2. I have always thought that the MSC was an ill-thought out concept that started from a flawed assumption that “if you build it, they will invest and set up shop”.

        What was/is the raison d’etre for the MSC?

        I still don’t get it.

        The MSC can never be the the Malaysian equivalent of Silicon Valley. That is a non-starter.

        Arguably, Singapore is more of a “knowledge-based” economy than Malaysia.

        Why? Because the Singapore authorities paid more attention to getting the basics right. Starting with the education system.

        How much of Singapore’s IT sector is staffed by Malaysians? I don’t have detailed statistics, but anecdotal evidence suggests that the numbers are reasonably substantial.

        1. ‘How much of Singapore’s IT sector is staffed by Malaysians? I don’t have detailed statistics’

          You don’t need to. Just some logic check will do. Of course la brader. Higher exchange rate kut?? Duh?!

          1. How about “meritocracy” and “no discrimination”?

            Or for the need for certain people to continue relying on “crutches”. Why? Are they still “cripples”? Do they need someone to command them to “stand up and walk”?

            Be careful about cheap humour and throwaway remarks, brader. They have a nasty habit of coming back and biting you in the posterior when you least expect it.


            1. ‘How about “meritocracy” and “no discrimination”?’

              Go and sell the story to the Malays in Singapore.

              ‘Or for the need for certain people to continue relying on “crutches”. Why? Are they still “cripples”? Do they need someone to command them to “stand up and walk”?’

              Like DAP, do you wish to abolish Article 153 of the Perlembagaan Persekutuan too? The very clause to gives legitimacy to the wealth made by pendatangs while the country was under British colonialism? Be my guest?

              So what’s next Islam, Agama Persekutuan as well Rithmatist? Go ahead list it all for once?

              ‘Be careful about cheap humour and throwaway remarks, brader. They have a nasty habit of coming back and biting you in the posterior when you least expect it.’

              I wasn’t. I was just pointing out the obvious some butt hurt Cina like you can’t see. So stuck up la you. Hard living is it di seberang tambak? Too crowded is it?

  4. The world is just a transit for the everlasting hereafter. So, most muslims are not really bothered about it, unless, under certain cicumstances. Most are eager for the hereafter. The world is just temporary transit. We should be busy preparing for the eternal life.How about it, riths? we do differ in views and ideals. You can’t really perceive our noble intention. So, forget it, la.

    1. So, we shouldn’t be worried about investments, jobs, education, infrastructure and the value of the Ringgit?

      Or why worry about potable tap water, health care, taxes and credit ratings?

      Or about the South China Sea, competition, meritocracy etc?

      Because, like you wrote, we should be more worried about the hereafter….

      1. Brother, we muslim do care about those things u mentioned but we care more about the hereafter. Nothing wrong with transiting in Singapore while on our way to Jeddah, just don’t eat the big mac there.

        And there is no “we” here. Non muslim can worry about investments, jobs, education, infrastructure, the value of the Ringgit, potable tap water, health care, taxes, credit ratings, the South China Sea, competition, meritocracy and et cetera and we muslim can worry about all that when it is required of us, the hereafter at all times and that big mac in Singapore while we are in transit. For me, my God and for you, your god whatever you want to call it.

        1. “when it is required”?

          Which is when, exactly?

          And in the meantime, the country can run on autopilot and trust in Divine Providence to keep the waters smooth and the sharks away?

          And McDonald’s in Singapore is halal…..


          1. Whenever it is deemed so by Divine Providence.

            We got you people to worry about all that right? When the water is smooth no need for us to disturb. When sharks come we make shark fin soup.

            The only halal logo that i trust is from JAKIM. Not thailand board, not us fda and especially not singaporean. When in doubt why put it in your mouth? I always go vegetarian whenever I’m abroad and i don’t mind pissing the host of a cny/deepavali open house by not touching their food. Just drink the coca cola. Safer for my faith. And i do smell them first.

  5. Kalau hati sudah suka ,semua indah sahaja .
    Buang emak buang saudara ,malah lupakan ugama ,hati yang kasih tetap diturutkan.

    Melayu memang mudah lupa dan tak cerdik .

    1. Betul tu.

      Memang ramai Melayu yang bodoh tetapi berlagak bijak dan pandai.
      Siapa makan lada dia rasa pedas,
      Tepuk dada tanya selera…

  6. Pn helen saya suka pojok anda ,saya baru menjumpainya dan yang lebih saya sukai anda tidak resist seperti melayu

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