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At last, omerta is broken

Khutbah Jumaat nasihat umat Islam waspada ancaman Kristian‘ (Ismaweb, 26 June 2015)

Omerta refers to a code of silence and refusal to give information. And omerta was what the leading lights of the Chinese community had adopted with regard to the DAP evangelistas – until a couple of days ago, that is.

    Hannah asyik mengidam dan makanan kegemaran tidak pernah lekan dari bibirnya
Hannah just can’t stop eating … like this how to puasa, ah?

Datuk Huan: “DAP bukan Cina, mereka Fanatics Christian”

Aside from the Jerusubang sheeple, not many Chinese are really that dense as not to be able to see through Hippocrite Hannah’s tudung playacting. However they put up with the hypocritical shenanigans for so long as they supported the DAP’s bid for Putrajaya.

Underlying the decision to turn a blind eye is the belief that the ends justify the means. For the sake of the DAP grabbing federal power, discerning community leaders are nonetheless willing to put up with the evangelistas’ Chinese opera, which in this case employs the tudung costume.

Hannah Yeoh

Datuk Huan: “DAP ini sebahagian besar adalah Puak Fanatik Christian”

But otherwise under normal circumstances, the Chinese are skeptical of non-Muslim women “wrapping” their head.

Recall the flak that Felixia Yeap and Alifah Ting got, and mind you, unlike Hippocrite Hannah, both young women are true Muslim (the former having recently converted while the latter was a mualaf at the time that the Dapsters attacked her like a pack of rabid hyenas).

“Haters gonna hate” – Someone please give the evangelistas a mirror

Datuk Huan: “DAP fanatics Christian. Mereka bukan Cina”

FMT hannah no apologize

Yesterday, the Dapster evangelistas came out in battalions to defend Hannah’s tudung charade as a mark of ‘respect’ for Islam and not the act of seeking political capital that it really is.

See, ‘Chinese went ape shit with their hate speech

Their onslaught in the social media praising and justifying Hannah’s tudung apparel is akin to a similar insistence earlier when Bak Kut Teh ceased to be pork. That was when the Wet Threaders defended Alvin Tan’s invitation for Muslims to berbuka puasa with that famous … urm chicken or maybe mock meat or perhaps “organic vegetarian” BKT dish.

LKS kurma
Grandpa Dapster Lim Kit Siang distributing dates for buka puasa

Well, a couple of days ago Lim Fang – who from the Chinese media (Sin Chew) – finally decided to call out Hannah for her tudung deceit and duplicity which is having negative repercussions on the Chinese community.

Lim’s rebuke of Hannah is a breakthrough and a turning point.

For the first time since 2008 and the DAP’s heady days in the government, segments of the Chinese feel disillusioned enough to the point of breaching omerta and voicing their criticism of the DAP’s previously Untouchables.

Datuk Huan: “Around 50% DAP MP / SA are Christian”

This one is bad.

hannah yeoh gemuk

ABOVE: Hannah Yeoh loves to eat but she “ate for charity” (see her T-shirt slogan), i.e. for a good cause and not because she has such a hearty appetite, hahaha

Another heartening development is that Malay support for Hannah over the tudung flap is muted this time around. Pak Pandir PAS nampaknya dah insaf dah. They’ve had enough of being bullied by the DAP and its evangelista cyber terrorists.

Datuk Huan: “Christian fanatics make the Chinese quarrel with Malays”



guan eng huru hara islam

Datuk Huan: “Get rid of fanatics Christian in DAP, then Malaysia will be safe”

Both Lim Guan Eng and Hannah Yeoh have felt the need to openly declare that they’re not anti-Islam.

In truth, the DAP’s Politics of Hate has only benefited the Dapster family and instead been most detrimental to the ordinary Chinese. It’s high time the leaders of the Chinese community acknowledge that the DAP are a menace to us Chinese and our place under the Malaysian sun.

Because of the DAP, the BN government in Perak has 30 Malay Umno reps and only one MCA Chinese rep.

Because of the DAP too, the Selangor government could in the near future be all Malay as well – comprising independent Adun-potential MB Khalid Ibrahim, 12 Umno reps and 13-15 PAS reps and 2-3 PKR crossovers.

It’s past time for the duped Ah Pek and Ah Por to realise how self-destructive it is to be backing the DAP evangelistas to the hilt.

Papa Dapster enjoying the fruits of power




Guan Eng taikor




Mama Dapster basking in self-glory




hannah speaker


Back to basics for our very survival

We Chinese need to return to our roots.

The DAP’s triumphalist evangelical Christianity is setting us to collide with the resurgent Islamists. It will be a collision between the proverbial durian and timun. The saying is, Durian dengan mentimun, menggolek rosak, kena golek binasa.

No prizes for guessing if the Chinese are the durian or the timun in the event of a squash up.

PCM's Huan Cheng Guan
PCM’s Huan Cheng Guan

Dr Chua bersembahyang memegang colok
MCA leaders, including current Wanita chief


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28 thoughts on “At last, omerta is broken

  1. This is hilarious.

    “Omerta” indeed! The next thing you will see is Helen invoking the Mafia (Isma and Perkasa?), the “code of silence” and the “making of one’s bones).

    Is there any “omerta” in Umno about 1MDB, Mara and other assorted niceties that litter the landscape?

    Or in MIC, given the recent antics of it’s leadership?

    But these are verboten territories for Helen.

    Whereas the DAP, evangelical Christians and segments of the Malaysian Chinese community are fair game.

    It shouldn’t come as any surprise if her blog is “targetted” as fair game by counterpunches…..

    What goes around comes around…..

      1. Jabbing, maybe.

        But no knockouts…

        Which shows up the paucity of your arguments….


        1. re: “But no knockouts…”

          Okay, no knockouts.

          But let’s be realistic here. I’m a solo individual and writing independently. My opponent has got her party machinery, state resources (and mind you, Selangor is the richest in Malaysia) as well as the rabid 90 percent voters behind her.

          They’re so rabid that they became vigilante squads who meted out mob ‘justice’ to hapless dark-skinned persons with the misfortune of looking like Bangladeshis who happened to be near a polling centre on voting day 5 May 2013. We’re talking about the cult following that is so brainwashed that they resorted to beating up suspected “phantom voters” in the street.

          I, on the other hand, appeal to reason and logic based on facts and data. I’m up against preachers who who tell their followers to go out and move mountains, and hate on their enemies because anyone not aligned with them must be “wicked” and “evil”.

          History has shown us that fascism succeeds in taking control of societies at certain points when the people are unable to think straight. The intoxicated Dapster evangelistas fit the bill.

          1. ‘They’re so rabid that they became vigilante squads who meted out mob ‘justice’ to hapless dark-skinned persons with the misfortune of looking like Bangladeshis who happened to be near a polling centre on voting day 5 May 2013.’

            Sapa boleh lupa dengan insiden tu Helen. Satu Malaysia wor, Melayu yang nampak gelap sikit. Malaysians yang hidung mancung sikit. Tinggi sikit. Wajah keindiaan sikit, habis kena halau, diminta I/C dan dibuli macam sampah.

            The ABU crowds memang dah jadi gilababi masa tu! Apa nak dikato, the Malaysian Firsters la katakan.

          2. And Islamic militants? Like the Hizbut folks in Malaysia? Or those moral police who opined about a female gymnast’s attire?

            I’d be inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt if you criticised ALL militants, regardless of race or religion.

            Or would that be contrary to your agenda?

            1. Like OutSyedTheBox, I see Helen’s blog as focus-driven: she takes on an issue and follows through with it instead of taking on all other topics already covered by the media and other bloggers.

              Sure, Helen would have her own opinions on these matters but mixing it in this blog send her core purpose off-tangent.

  2. The base chinese and indian thinks that in order to camourflage their inferiority complex the only fast track way is to convert to christianity. Unfortunately they are being led to evangelist christianity.

    The true christianity teachings forbids consuming alcoholic wine and eating pork which seems to be ok in the practice of evangelist christians.

    In political arena these evangelist christians DAPsta strategise its vote fishing through racial slurs on their enemy and indoctrinate the fool gullible would be voters. Lies and deceit are the means to justify the ends and its the way for them. Wearing the tudungs and songkoks to deceit and nothing else and their targets are the gullible kampong or half urbanites Malays.

    1. “The true christianity teachings forbids consuming alcoholic wine and eating pork which seems to be ok in the practice of evangelist christians.”

      Is that what your local Imam taught you? You are clueless about Christianity, pal. Christians of all denominations have no issues with consuming alcoholic wine in moderation or consuming pork. In fact, if you observe a Catholic or Orthodox mass, fortified wine is used during the consecration time by the priest, and is often shared with the parishioners.

      1. He’s right true christianity forbids eating of pork over the years this has been ignored just because priests today doesnt mean the SCRIPTURES should be ignored.

        Jabbing at imams is truly pathetic

        Religion comes from God not people you cannot change something and expect that to be s reasonable argument

        1. Ok, if you say so, Raj. Let’s just ignore what the early Church Fathers taught and what the thousands of brilliant Christian scripture scholars over the centuries subsequently taught. Since you and many Muslims here are self proclaimed experts on Christianity, next time I should just come to you to increase my knowledge on Christianity.

    2. Quote:
      “The true christianity teachings forbids consuming alcoholic wine and eating pork which….”

      What ‘true Christianity’ [sic] are you talking about that forbids pork and wine?

      Christianity starts post pentecost, just in case you are confusing it with Judaism.

  3. “Then a Tathāgata (Thus-Come-One: the epithet Gautama Buddha used to refer to himself) observes all sentient beings in the dharma realm with His unobstructed pure wisdom-eye and speaks these words: “Amazing! Amazing! Why do these sentient beings, deluded and confused, not know and not see that they have a Tathāgata’s wisdom? I will teach them the holy path, enabling them to discard forever their attachments and deluded perceptions. Then they will be able to see within themselves vast Tathāgata wisdom, no different from that of a Buddha.”

    —Mahāvaipulya Sūtra of Buddha Adornment, fascicle 51, translated from the digital Chinese Canon

    May all sentient beings be relieved of suffering in their minds and bodies; may their hearts be filled with the purifying illumination of Amitabha!

      1. Yes, they are reaching back to the origin of things that is the pure heart-mind that is the heritage of all human beings.

        “Who are you? Chan Master Hsin Tao’s Journey of the Mind”

        The master was born in Myanmar and settled in Taiwan and he is Founder of Global Family for Love & Peace

      2. Sufism is synonymous with mainstream Islam similar to the science of hadith compilation and the jurisprudential sciences. The path of sufism or tasawwuf represents for the Muslim the spiritual reality of the Sacred Law. Imam Nawawi (13th cent.), one of the leading Shafi’i scholars says that the basic rules of the practicing sufi are:

        1) to be God-conscious both in solitude and in public interaction.
        2) to live by the sunnah of the Prophet in word and deed.
        3) to be unconcerned about the acceptance or rejection of the world.
        4) to rest secure in Allah Most High through times of scarcity and abundance.
        5) to take refuge in Allah Most Merciful whether in episodes of happiness or affliction.

        The man of faith (mukmin) aspires to a proper relationship (taqwa) with the Almighty Lord as well as to be in harmony with his fellow creatures (ihsan).

        The Malays have a traditional adage which says that the foremost aim in religion is to know and recognize “Allah” our Creator and Sustainer (makrifatullah). And the path thereby is to strive (mujahadah) for self-knowledge (makrifatun nafs) to arrive at that original perception of the Unity of God (mukasyafah al-Tawhid), or apprehension of The Real (al-Haqiqah).

        In the Name of Allah Most Compassionate and Merciful

        “When your Lord drew out from the children of Adam – from their loins – their descendants, and made these souls testify concerning themselves, (by asking): “Am I not your Lord (who cherishes and sustains you)?” They answered: “Yes! We do testify!” This (is proof) lest ye should say later on the Day of Judgment: “We were not conscious of this.” {Quran 7:172}

  4. “At last, omerta is broken”

    You mean the Chinese community has finally woken up? Good to know.

    PS: Amusingly, I checked the word omertà on wikipedia and it’s actually an Italian word that describe the code of conduct of mafioso; so that means DAP politicians + DAP supporters aka cainis are one big mafia family lah :0

    1. I know.

      The Family. Like Mario Puzo’s Godfather series.

      In our homegrown version – Grandpapa, Papa and the Prada-toting Mama.

  5. helen,

    Chinese whole heartedly voted DAP as they assumed UMNO would have collapsed on PRU13.

    But wise men did say that the best of plans can go awry if the plans neglect the basic equation. in this political context, many ignored the elephant in the room: The malays.

    But as the hope for PR(meaning DAP) to take over is “Gone with the wind”, the Chinese gradually realise that they were played out.

    So, in order to reestablish the bridge they themselves had broken with UMNO, they start to criticize DAP.

    Except Najib, most UMNO leaders could not be bothered with Chinese votes anymore. After all, UMNO has shown it can form states governments without Chinese help. In Perak, even without the solitary MCA ADUN(who won on malay votes), UMNo already has a state government,. Even in NS, without Chinese MCA ADUN, UMNO can form a state government.

    1. re: “Except Najib, most UMNO leaders could not be bothered with Chinese votes anymore.”

      Don’t think even Najib cares anymore. After all, he was the one who went out on a limb before GE13 to keep the Chinese community on board the BN ship, and in return they gave him the tsunami.

      Our concern is GE14 and for balancing between not losing the Christian votes (native Sabah & Sarawak) any further and at the same time maintaining the fixed deposit of core Malay votes.

      Understandably the native Christians cannot be alienated as they’re a crucial vote bank for keep BN in power but with the Allah and other issues pertaining to religion being hot-boiled by the evangelical party, keeping the Christians satisfied could also make the Muslims unhappy. Action reaction, zero sum game.

      Tun Daim has said that managing race relations in Malaysia has always been like walking a delicate tightrope. But now that BN has lost the Chinese voters, Race is no longer the main factor for the Umno war room wrt peninsula election strategy. The new factor to be weighed in the Religion balance.

  6. Helen,

    With regards to Christians, I believe it is vital for UMNO ITSELF to reach out to the Christians .

    From my observation, even the christians from Sabah, Sarawak do not use the word “Allah”. I have several friends who are Christians from Sabah. i did ask them.All of them said they worship Jesus. None ever mention the word Allah”.

    Clearly, DAP plays the religious gallery by insisting the word Allah to be used by christians.

    Actually it is quite easy to manage. Just be honest in the approach. tell them in language that they can understand. My point is that dismantle the DAP through logics.

    but be firm. Meaning those worshippingDAP who plays racial issue should be immediately detained. No if .No but. I remember once majlis raja raja is very upset with one media report.

    BUT WHAT DID GOVT( that is controlled by UMNO) do? NOTHING. that is precisely the problem. UMNO does nothing. were I to be the PM, in no time I would have hauled the Editor together with the reporter. No mercy will be shown.

    REFUSAL TO ACT is a crime itself. It is a sign of weakness.

    1. re: “With regards to Christians, I believe it is vital for UMNO ITSELF to reach out to the Christians.”

      It’s equally important not to let DAP get to the Sabah & Sarawak Christians the way the DAP has successfully indoctrinated the peninsular Christians.

      What is Umno doing to check the evangelistas’ Impian Sarawak and Impian Sabah?

      1. Helen,

        AS expected, UMNO takes the easy way out. Its way of handling or preempting slandering is horrible.

        It simple refuses to be firm. It “showers” with love and affection on those who wish UMNO gone. take example on slanders against Majlis raja raja . Even The Highnesses had openly voiced out their displeasure.

        what more UMNO need before responding?

        UMNO’s refusal to be firm is getting on Malay nerves. We do not understand why Guan Eng is not hauled to justice for uttering seditious remark after seditious remark.

        I can give lists of UMNO’s refusal to act on many issues. THe word” Allah” is one classic example .

        UMNO is plain lucky. Even with 1MDB’s saga, UMNO still manages to retain its malay base. We are stuck with UMNO as SIMPLY it is the best NOW for us.

        PLEASE PAS. Play politics a bit more maturely. And Malays will flock to you.

  7. Glad that Datuk Huan is calling a spade a spade. The level of butthurt they are showing only points to the truth of what he and you, Helen, have said.

    1. They have intensified their online smear campaign against me to creepy and nasty proportions too.

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