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Malays will flock to PAS because Umno is getting on our nerves

By Shamshul Anuar

As expected, Umno takes the easy way out. Its way of handling or preempting slandering is horrible.

It simply refuses to be firm. It “showers” love and affection on those who wish Umno gone. Take an example on slanders against Majlis Raja-Raja . Even the Highnesses had openly voiced out their displeasure.

What more does Umno need before responding?


Umno’s refusal to be firm is getting on Malay nerves. We do not understand why Guan Eng is not hauled to justice for uttering seditious remark after seditious remark.

I can give lists of Umno’s refusal to act on many issues. The word “Allah” is one classic example .

Umno is plain lucky. Even with 1MDB’s saga, Umno still manages to retain its Malay base. We are stuck with Umno as simply it is the best NOW for us.

Please PAS. Play politics a bit more maturely. And Malays will flock to you.

Comment originally @ 2015/06/27 at 4:30 pm 

Helen’s note:

The opposition is bullying the Malay-Muslims with its accusation that Isma and Perkasa are guilty of “hate speech” and other exaggerations. What is the Big Brother party of the Malays and Muslim – Umno – going to do about this when its anak buah are being bullied?


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17 thoughts on “Malays will flock to PAS because Umno is getting on our nerves

  1. The Big Brother is corrupted and confused by His cravings – so is his company.

  2. Saya sendiri sudah naik meluat dengan tingkah laku kepimpinan UMNO sekarang!. Terkini, pemilihan pucuk pimpinan UMNO ditunda sehingga 18 bulan dan dikira dari tahun 2016! Apa yang mereka takutkan untuk menghadapi pemilihan tahun 2016? Adakah kerana pelbagai isu yang ‘menyakitkan’ banyak berlaku sekarang, dan mereka takut kepimpinan tertinggi akan kalah?

    Apakah Mereka yakin pada tahun tahun 2016, 2017 dan 2018 tidak akan ada ‘taik’ lagi yang akan mereka lakukan? Saya takut ‘taik taik’ yang bakal dilakukan lebih ‘busuk’ daripada apa yang telah dan sedang berlaku! Apa lagi alasan hendak mereka gunakan untuk menangguhkan lagi pemilihan kepimpinan parti, untuk memberi ruang membasuh ‘taik taik’ yang telah dilakukan?

    Atau mungkin mereka berpendapat aku boleh lepas tangan, aku pun sudah hendak pencen!, NASIBLAH siapa yang menggantikan kepimpinan pada masa itu. Kalau itu yang mereka fikir,maka jahanam lah UMNO dan ‘mati’ lah pemimpin pemimpin yang menggantikan mereka sebelum menggalas tugas!.

    Kalau itulah yang cuba dilakukan, maka itu adalah sikap tidak bertanggungjawab tahap PALING TINGGI!

    1. Menilai sikap para pemimpin UMNO yang ada sekarang, disegenap peringkat , Melayu yang pro establishment ,harus bersedia dan menerima yang mereka tidak diwakili olih UMNO lagi.
      Yang patah tak tumboh , yang hilang tidak akan berganti .

  3. I really doubt it. Malaysians if they vote would generally vote based on Pakatan or BN, or just not vote. I don’t know why the hell are there still sometimes independent candidates in this kind of political climate.

    PAS still insists they are in Pakatan, while DAP announces they severed ties with PAS and are now trying real hard to get PKR to do the same. DAP also looks determined to kick PAS out of all government positions in Penang and Selangor. Meanwhile PAS itself is divided and a new party is set to break off and serve DAP and PKR. UMNO’s refusal to act on issues is nothing compared to what have been done to PAS by their own Pakatan and PAS own response all this time. Not to mention we don’t even see PAS defending Malay Muslims on those issues much. No reason for Malays to flock to this kind of party if they haven’t been voting it already.

    All of this benefits DAP. With all the Malay parties around splitting Malay votes and 90% of Chinese voting DAP and plainly ignoring any other party I say DAP probably can even put their own Malay candidates in Malay majority places and stand a chance of winning. They certainly have little to lose. They can backstab PAS and PKR and still claim they are the victims and PAS/PKR are the traitors, and PAS/PKR would not do much about it.

    1. re: “DAP probably can even put their own Malay candidates in Malay majority places and stand a chance of winning”

      Interesting test to bear in mind. PAS breaks up the Malay votes and dark horse DAP sneaks past Umno on the basis of 95 percent solid Chinese support and more than half of the Indians’.

      The Umno war room must test out your hypothesis by simulating such a scenario in some urban/suburban seats, say in Johor, where a slight Malay-majority demography might still yield to the DAP’s favour.

  4. Kami satu keluarga pun DAH bosan dengan KEPIMPINAN UMNO, bukan UMNO.
    Sebagai protes kami kind sokong PAS… sunnguhpun UMNO MASIH dihati kami….. Tetapi kepimpinan UMNO MENCURIGAKAN.

    1. Junta Jinte,

      M any times I said UMNO is plain lucky. lucky as there are quite a number of UMNO’s leaders who are rooted in reality.

      I like this MB of NS. I find his remarks are refreshing. Refreshing as I feel he understand the malay sentiments .

      I did quite a research on Malay sentiments. I notice the support for UMNO is strong in places where the local UMNO leaders are effective. Among whom I feel as good malay leaders from UMNO are DR Zambri, Mukhriz and Ehsanuddin(Kota Tinggi MP).

      And if I were to rate Zahid, I would give F for him. He , being Minister of Home affair, simply refuses to be firm with garbages like Mlaysiakini.

      1. I think it is not luck. But it is rather people have no choice. They may hate UMNO, but they hate PR more.

  5. I don’t mind we manipulate PAS Selangor to bring down the state government there.

    But with so many years of being active in our local UMNO grassroots and following my parents around in the party in our younger days, we don’t see local Malays in the villages and small towns switching from UMNO to PAS at all. Yeah we also know the local PAS members’ abilities, and the local Malays just have no confidence in these people to run their lives. Besides talking Islam and bashing our UMNO members’ piety, the locals know that UMNO is the only one with experience ruling and developing the country since before Merdeka!

    The PAS leaders now are like the PAS of the 80s, all fire about Hudud and protesting concerts with zero development agenda. While UMNO has build up Tabung Haji, Islamic banking, UIA, Lembaga Zakat etc over the years at the same time we grow Malaysia economically and known throughout the world.

    The by-election in Rompin, a traditional Malay area with lots of villages and Felda schemes, shown that some young voters rather abstained than to vote PAS. Most UMNO voters still came out to support us, while proportion of PAS votes remained the same compared to GE13. Malays seen throughout that by-election campaign all the PAS talks about is Hudud, which they realized is ineffective and switched to talking GST on last few days to rally voters support. Yet they still failed to win the locals’ hearts…
    PAS is a joke and you expect people to vote them to govern and administer our lives?

    At least Datuk Tajuddin of Pasir Salak and Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa were honestly right when they said recently that most Malays will always support UMNO compared to PAS. Simply because PAS is still stuck in old mindset, simplistic holier-than-you arrogance with no ideas to develop our country and bumiputera community. The new PAS leadership is like the 80s time, all serbans and jubahs…

    Their flood response in Kelantan shown that the state government there lack competence to manage the state. With late Nik Aziz and S46’s help in 1990, PAS managed to seize Kelantan. Now with Nik Aziz gone plus their current incompetence and obsession with hudud implementation, UMNO has a good chance to bring Kelantan home to BN rule in GE14. Then we can bring true development and uplift the many poor Malays there with focused efforts of UMNO state-Fed leadership. At same time, with a proven track record of promoting and building up Islam since 1957…

    ~ AJK Masjid Tanah

    1. re: “The new PAS leadership is like the 80s time, all serbans and jubahs…”


    2. AJK Masjid tanah,

      Noted. I agree with your view that PAS is no where to compare with UMNO when it come to delivering. UMNO, with its wart and all, still delivers.

      But perception is another matter. Wise men said that an empire can crumble if weaknesses are unchecked. UMNO has an image problem. UMNO has the image of a loser WHILE IN FACT it won the election.

      At the most crucial junction in UMNO life, it survives the Chinese tsunami. Its ability to survive Chinese tsunami surprise the Chinese and to an extent Malays too. Suddenly, it was dawned upon Chinese that they had proven that EVEN WITHOUT CHINESE, UMNO still prevails.

      But UMNO has yet to get out of shock that it can rule and has been ruling EVEN WITHOUT CHINESE SUPPORT. Despite total rejection, Najib still pinning hope on Chinese votes.

      A winner must act like a winner. NO one in DAP messed up during Tun’s tenure. Yet We saw how provocative DAP is by destroying UMNO’s logo attached to an UMNO’s building. and the response was very muted.

      Malays no doubt does not have a better alternative YET. But UMNO must not rest in its laurel. Many time I cautioned UMNO members that in Islam, only Prophet can claim total and absolute loyalty. Others are mere mortals.

      Let us have more choice. Let us hope there are competitions. Why must e lock ourselves to a party when its leaders are simply detached from reality.

      A GOOD WISH. But in reality I will stick to UMNO for the time being. Simply by choosing the other side is tantamount to choosing Yahudi to defend the Arabs.

      1. re: “Despite total rejection, Najib still pinning hope on Chinese votes.”

        Shamshul, I don’t think Najib is pinning a hope on Chinese votes anymore. Going into GE14, the question is of Christian votes.

        The votes of the Sabah and Sarawak native Christians are crucial for the BN. They must not be lost on account of the instigation and incitement by the evangelistas of the peninsula.

        If BN still wishes to remain in power, then Umno must contain the threat of the evangelistas and prevent them from instigating hate and inciting secession among the native Christians in Borneo.

        If Umno does not take action, then the DAP’s sneaky Impian Sarawak and Impian Sabah will succeed in contaminating the native Christians. Don’t forget that Sarawak is the only Christian-majority state in Malaysia.

        1. Helen,

          The Christians form around 40% of population. Sarawak does not have a Christian majority status. But the percentage of Christians in Sarawak is the highest in Malaysia as compared to other states.

          With due respect to native Ibans, they are lucky as they are “sheltered” from racist and provocative DAP by Sarawak Government. As such, they may not realise the danger they are facing when they warm out to DAP or the other way around.

          It is imperative that Sarawak BN goes all out to check DAP. For as long as I can remember, wherever there is a presence of DAP, there is racial tense .

          1. re: “Sarawak does not have a Christian majority status. But the percentage of Christians in Sarawak is the highest in Malaysia as compared to other states.”

            Sarawak does not have as absolute majority as in over 50 percent but within the state itself, there are more Christians than there are adherents of any other religion.

            1. Helen,

              thanks for the clarification. Christianity is the biggest religion here. But not the majority. that is what I mean. anyway thanks for the statistics.

    3. AJK Majid Tanah,

      If you do not mind, I am honored to be able to hear your view again. Can you contact me through


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