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Umno’s tidak apa attitude and its dire consequences

Not only has Umno allowed DAP to seize the national narrative and control of the media but the Malay party has even ceded to the evangelical party our country’s political vocabulary.

Twitterhannahyeoh may God have mercy on the racists

If ‘ABU’ is not hate personified, what is?

This capitulation by Umno is illustrated through the charge of “hate speech” cavalierly tossed against Isma and Perkasa by a staunch opposition NGO a few days ago. In Suaram’s human rights report released on Wednesday, both the aforementioned Muslim and Malay rights organization are accused spreading hate.

But in truth, “hate” is a political coin minted by the evangelistas. It is the main motivation (think ‘ABU’ and the Dapsters’ unadulterated hatred for Umno, “Umnoputras”) that drives the Take Johor/KL/Subang for Jesus evangelistas.

Twitter hannahyeoh @hwabeng @chunwai09 TQ Dato

Oooooo, BTN is so “divisive” says Hannah

Yet in a Orwellian twist, “hater” has also become the standard accusation thrown by the evangelistas at Malay Muslims as with the accusation of hate speech against Isma and Perkasa.

Other evangelista coinage (terminology) include “divisive” and its sister words we’re already familiar with, like “racist”, “extremist” and “bigot” that the evangelical Christians continually hurl at supporters of the ruling party.

FireShot Screen Capture #997 - 'Hannah Yeoh_ BTN is destructive

Guess who is bodoh-stupid in the eye of the evangelistas?

ABOVE: You can rely on Hannah Yeoh to employ the evangelista full verbal arsenal; she accuses the BTN of being “divisive

The following ‘gem’ of a phrase – “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses” – appears to have been targeted at Perkasa and Isma as well. This phrase has been repeatedly used in the J-Star editorials and something which comes as no surprise as the EvangeliSTAR newsroom is, after all, a nestful of evangelistas.

BELOW: For another example of how the rabid Jerusubangites foam at the mouth, see the tweet by Hannah fan girl @oliviasy “haters gonna hate” apparently directed at Sin Chew‘s Lim Fang, a critic of her DAP idol

Haters gonna hate

“Haters gonna hate”

When the Jerusubang cult followers get drunk on J-Juice, they will lurch in a circle jerk.

This frothing of venom by the evangelistas at those they label “haters” (Lim Fang, Isma, Perkasa, Utusan, Umno) is a predilection cultivated by the Pakatan leadership through example.

BELOW: Hannah Evangelista and her colleagues are fond of calling others “low class” just like how her fan girl Olivia (see tweet above) labelled Hannah’s critics as “lowlifes”

FireShot Screen Capture #045 - 'Twitter _ hannahyeoh_ @LeonLeeBMG low class politician' - twitter_com_hannahyeoh_statuses_246801183111520256

Pakatan points finger at BN for “divisive hate politics” 

Nonetheless, without any trace of self-irony, these self-same DAP evangelistas, who go around putting down others as low class, still point an accusatory finger at BN for the sin of Divide & Rule.

BELOW: Hannah gives “an ‘A’ to Perkasa for their effort to divide”

Twitter - hannahyeoh- I give an -A- to Perkasa for

See below the preamble of the People’s Consensus under the Common Policy Framework which is the Pakatan pledge to voters. The document is couched in the same evangelista language of alleging “divisiveness” that it claims is caused by the BN’s racism.

BELOW: Note the phrase “divisive hate politics” attributed by evangelistas to political opponents of Pakatan

Agenda Bersama Pakatan Rakyat

Bla, bla, bla … verbal diarrhea strips words of positive meaning

Whereas negative words like “divisive” and “hate” are deliberately associated by the evangelistas with the BN leadership and supporters, positive words on the other hand are associated by the evangelistas with Pakatan (i.e. themselves, the mostly DAP Christians).

Have a listen (below) to this most unique hit song titled Bla bla bla – you won’t be able to recognize a single word in the lyrics because they’re no sense garbled sounds


Tapi cakap tak serupa bikin, wor

Claiming to appreciate the aspirations of the people, the opposition peddle their “new politics” revolving around vocabulary imported from the West such as “humanism, ethical and human rights, and equality before the law”. Bla bla bla

The Firsters, in their Pakatan manifesto, promise to defend and uphold “human rights and dignity of the people” bla bla bla (see below).

Words like “principle”, “ethics”, “dignity”, “good governance”, “competence”, “accountability”, “transparency” bla bla bla flow like honey from the evangelistas’ sugared lips.

The evangelista lexicon typifies Orwell’s 1984 where ‘Peace’ is actually a code word for ‘War’, and ‘Love’ is really ‘Hate’.


Umno’s fault for allowing evangelistas to get away with it for so long

Given this background to the New Politics of the Orwellian opposition, Suaram does not stray very far at all from the evangelista M.O. when it adroitly accused Isma and Perkasa of “hate speech”.

How did things come to this sorry pass where every day the BN and its supporters are subjected to whole stack of accusations – that we’re “divisive”, “haters”, etc, etc?

BELOW: Ironic that Hannah calls for scrutiny of our school syllabus over any possible BTN divisive content when it is her own party’s electorate that choose to segregate their children in SRJK (C)s

Hannah BTN divide

Blame Umno! (for real – I’m not just being sarcastic)

After hurling accusations of “divisiveness” and “hate”, the evangelistas are further badmouthing the majority population as “racists”, “bigots”, “extremists” to the outside world. This is able to happen because the evangelistas thoroughly dominate the English-language news media.

And at the same time using the Chinese-language social media, they brainwash the locals into becoming an angry and resentful cult following through instilling hate for the establishment.

Just glance at the raving and ranting of the Dapsters and evangelistas on any given day in the social media, and evaluate their raging tone.

Huan2u get rid of fanatics Christian DAP

Isma will supplant Umno if PPTA still refuses to buck up

What it has finally come to is the spectacle of an opposition ‘human rights’ NGO this week accusing Perkasa and Isma of “hate speech”. I don’t know about Perkasa but I’m certain that Isma is not going to take this slander of their organization lying down.

The accusation hurled by Suaram is a clear-cut case of bullying. For the past half dozen years, the Parti Paling Tidak Apa (PPTA) Umno has done nothing to stop this bullying.

Does Umno realise the extent to which it has alienated its core constituency by allowing the bullies to bermaharajalela (run riot)? The popularity of Isma soared because the feisty Muslim NGO has been willing to stand up to the bullies and for this, it is being accused of “hate speech”.

Meanwhile, Umno’s popularity is dipping by the day. The party had better do something quick before its ever increasing unpopularity passes a point of no return.

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7 thoughts on “Umno’s tidak apa attitude and its dire consequences

  1. Many of us are already “tidak apa” with UMNO losing out to more Malay/Islam inclined parties.

    DAP has to be thanked for, for this racially divided support and for helping to forge national disunity.

    And slowly Najib and UMNO will disintegrate. They asked for it, They begged for it and now the Bugiswarriorblood-led UMNO will see his efforts bearing fruits…..

    Thank you DAP and all its supporters for helping Malays finally find a common ground and with it, strength.

    UMNO is no longer relevant to many Malays except for the lazy rent seekers who probably never knew what hardwork means as opposed to working hard….

    1. Najib and his company are not loved for their mismanagement of the nation nor respected for their lack of integrity in upholding the noble principles of their party.

      1. Be that as it may, we’re still stuck with the choice of picking the lesser duri dalam daging.

        1. Helen,

          This is my prediction on voting pattern in next election.

          On malay seats, PAS and UMNO will lock horn. PAS will likely to earn more malay votes as it has got rid of parasites. Parasites mean those who lost PAS recent election as they are deemed too “submissive” of DAP.

          UMNO will win too. Its loss of malay votes will likely be offset b winning Malay votes on those Malays who previously voted in PKR.

          MCA, Gerakan, MIC will likely be wiped out.

          DAP will reign supreme in chinese area. While PKR will likely to suffer as it loses Malay votes.

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