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The pimples are her punishment?

Islam has done wonders for Felixia Yeap (pix below). She looks lovely – wajah begitu jernih sekali.

Earlier today, Uncle Ed left the following comment @ 2015/06/29 at 3:32 pm, “The more I look at the pic. The more pimples I see. OMG!” He is referring to Hannah Yeoh’s picture below.


Hannah Yeoh not anti Islam

hannahyeoh-fat-gemuk mugTruly, Madame Speaker has gone to seed and not to mention piling on the pounds. How not to put on weight when one is constantly craving for this food and that food?

Despite Hannah’s annual pilgrimage to various mosques over the past seven years, the spirit of puasa has not rubbed off on her.

It’s not so much the issue of one’s body size but of learning the meaning of abstinence. Hannah’s perpetual craving for food 24/7 indicates that she has not grasped the essence or purpose of fasting.

craving for Line Clear nasi kandar  yummy Sunday everyone

HannahYeoh_the mouth

Furthermore, Ramadhan is the month when one should watch his conduct. It crossed my mind that the behaviour of the Hannah cult is simply feral if not downright vicious.

There’s a saying that the fruit does not fall far from the tree. Or to put it another way, a good tree bears good fruit while a bad tree bears bad fruit. What does the behaviour of her fan club tell you?

HannahYeoh_the mouth 1

Some days ago, Hannah sicced her Jerusubang lynch mob on a Sin Chew columnist who criticized her tudung-wearing. You would have seen the kind of attacks against Lim Fang as they tore into him.

Well, “Haters gonna hate” but still, the level of spite that is persistently displayed by the DAP creepy Christians is something to behold.

hannah jelingAnother commenter going by the moniker ‘Anun’ expressed his hope @ 2015/06/26 at 7:21 pm,

“Semoga pintu hati Hannah Yeoh dibuka dengan hidayah Mu untuk dia menjadi saksi bahawa Allah itu Esa, tidak beranak dan tidak diperanakkan. Ameen.”

I’m not sure if Hannah is not beyond reach. After all, it’s been seven years that she has been camping in the masjid dan surau. Tapi pintu hati masih lagi terkunci.

Even in the holy month, she is full steam ahead asyik mahu mengumpat (see her tweet today).

Hannah lies

With some of her fellows, there’s really no hope of redemption. Cina™ @YouTiup, for example, just can’t resist provoking the Muslims. Sex blogger Alvin Tan not too long ago uploaded a YouTube clip of himself singing the azan while topless.

hannah jeling 1As for Hannah Yeoh, year after year she trots in and out of the mosques. But not only does she and her Dapster evangelista rabid following fail to improve in their sensibility, they get increasingly worse. I’m appalled at their vile language and hateful mindset.

Why is Allah’s grace being kept from Hannah despite that her pet project is Occupy Masjid?

Allah lebih mengetahui kenapa cahaya hidayah tidak pernah menerangi Puan Speaker selama tujuh tahun dia sibuk naik turun masjid. Manusia hanya merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan.

Islam nyata masih jauh dari pintu hati Hannah.


Awas! “Politik Songkok” menular dari Singapura ke Malaysia (MyKMU, 29 June 2015)


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3 thoughts on “The pimples are her punishment?

  1. Haha I like how you are clutching at straws and your “hate Hannah post of the day” is of her pimples! How mature…

  2. “Sex blogger Alvin Tan not too long ago uploaded a YouTube clip of himself singing the azan while topless”

    Alvin Tan mocks all organised religion, and Christianity gets criticized by him almost as much as Islam does. Luckily most Christians are mature enough not to get butthurt by a 27 year old former sex blogger and generally respect the rights of others to say and believe what they want to.

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