When is TMI going to be charged for sedition and shut down?

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Again the Prime Minister’s Office complained this morning about TMI:

“Pejabat Perdana Menteri kesal dengan The Malaysian Insider yang cenderung memutarbelit kenyataan YAB Perdana Menteri dan kerajaan sehingga menimbulkan salah faham dan keresahan dalam masyarakat.” – see PMO Facebook


PMO asyik mengadu x3 jer tapi masih takde apa-apa tindakan

Tempoh hari pun PMO dok komplen – tengok laporan Sinar Harian bawah, “PMO kesal ucapan PM diputarbelitkan portal”.

You’d think that power and authority resides with the government but in Malaysia it is the dajjal media that bullies every single state institution, including the Islamic department and agencies, to the point that the even Council of Rulers had to lodge a police report against TMI.

‘Malaysian Insider fitnah Majlis Raja-Raja’ – Senator Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki, Yadim chairman

The Malaysian Insider tak serik lagi selepas fitnah Majlis Raja-Raja Melayu…’ – Dr Novandri Hasan Basri, Umno Youth Bukit Gelugor deputy division chief

Fitnah against our Raja-Raja Melayu is a sedition offence.


Didn’t the PM already declare that “tindakan undang-undang akan diambil”?

So where is the action against TMI? Until now, the authorities are sitting on their hands and twiddling their thumbs.

The Malaysian Insider sememangnya pemfitnah tegar

Umno Minister after Umno Minister complain about TMI‘s fitnah. Yet despite Umno being the party in power, TMI is still being allowed to run riot.

Communications Minister (the irony of his post) Ahmad Shabery Cheek complained via Twitter, #TheMalaysianInsider Spin kenyataan saya, xhabis2 buat fitnah TMI ni. 


Shabery Cheek TMI

AWO = Abdul Wahid Omar

Umno Ministers shot at like fish in a barrel

BNBBC News: Minister in the PM’s Dept, Abdul Wahid Omar “mangsa fitnah terbaru Malaysian Insider” (18 Dec 2014) – see above.

A week earlier before TMI kenakan Wahid, the dajjal portal kenakan Deputy Minister in the PM’s Dept, Razali Ibrahim – ‘Razali bidas laporan Malaysian Insider, jangan percaya fitnah pembangkang’ (see below).

“Portal berita Malaysian Insider secara terbuka memfitnah Menteri Pelajaran (II), Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh …”, see MyKMU report below.

Domestic Trade Minister Hasan Malek also complained that TMI putar belit his statement.

MyKMU: “Editor Malaysian Insider egen Pakatan Rakyat?”

TMI boss Jahabar Sadiq with Hannah Yeoh and Syahredzan Johan

TMI boss Jahabar Sadiq with Hannah Yeoh and Syahredzan Johan

Giving the middle finger to the authorities: TMI didakwa fitnah polis

Below is a report about TMI columnist Khoo Ying Hooi (also wife to one of the TMI editors) being investigated on the charge of “fitnah polis”.


Dewan Ulama PAS: “Fitnah TMI sangat jahat”

Dewan Ulama PAS info chief Dr Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali complained, “rekaan dan fitnah TMI … sangat jahat” – see below.

Even the late PAS Ulama Council chief Harun Taib kena fitnah oleh TMI – see below.

The Malaysian Insider fitnah Hadi Awang through doctored photo

‘PAS desak The Malaysian Insider mohon maaf press statement by Mahfuz Omar, who was the party’s then info chief

TMI had to apologize – see below – because they had been guilty of publishing a doctored photo to deliberately put PAS president Hadi Awang in a bad light.

TMI does not practice journalism; it is the master of black ops propaganda.

Click to enlarge

kita lawan tmi mohon maaf Hadi Awang

And still more fitnah against the PAS prez by TMI – ‘Laporan TMI adalah fitnah – setiausaha politik presiden PAS


‘The Malaysian Insider sarang fitnah untuk serang PAS dan ulamak’ – Al-Bangi (PAS ulama supporters – see below)

TMI are nothing more than character assassins

Astro Awani reported, ‘The Malaysian Insider mohon maaf kepada Mukhriz Mahathir’.

Yup, TMI also apologized to Mukhriz for sticking their poisoned stiletto into his back on the eve of the Umno election where he was contesting for Vice President.

Demo: “Tutup The Malaysian Insider


No more getting away with ‘apologies’, throw them in jail!

Senang kan?

Defame, character assassinate, smear, throw mud and then get away with a light and insincere ‘apology’, – itupun kalu si mangsa has the wherewithal to threaten legal action.

As for the masses of ordinary people, everybody just has to put up with TMI‘s cyber terrorism ‘cos the authorities don’t seem to be doing any damn thing about it.

‘The Malaysian Insider apologises to Dr Mahathir’, The Mole reports

The Malaysian Insider issues fourth apology in over a week’, The Malay Mail reports

Isma: ‘Pembohongan The Malaysian Insider dikecam’

Isma reports, ‘Desak tindakan tegas pembohongan The Malaysian Insider’


Isma Facebook screengrab

TMI fitnah everybody, even religious figures

Nobody is spared TMI, not even the Muftis.

Harakah Daily reported, “Kita hendaklah berhati-hati portal-portal berita tertentu” – Dr Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin. Dr Maza the Mufti Perlis was referring to TMI.

Majlis Fatwa pun boleh jadi mangsa fitnah TMI

  • ‘TMI continues lying by giving false justification’ – Hak Bersuara blog on 20 April 2014
  • ‘False hate allegation against fatwa council’ – Hak Bersuara blog on 18 April 2014

Malaysian Insider fitnah MAIS dan JAIS untuk reka isu politik’ – bloger otai The Unspinners

Malaysian Insider medan penghasut dan pelampau agama’A. Karim Omar, sec-gen of Muafakat (a Muslim NGO)

TMI fitnah fellow journalists too

Oh wait. TMI editors are not journos, they’re dajjal.

‘Malaysian Insider fitnah Datuk Zaini penolong ketua pengarang Utusan’ – MyMassa news portal

TMI bohong fitnah bohong fitnah bohong fitnah non-stop

Selangor MB sues The Malaysian Insider over Bank Islam deal allegation’, The Malay Mail reports

Malaysian Insider bohong lagi‘, Perak Today portal reports

TMI is one lying, spinning, fully automated machine.

TMI is so very, very jahat …

… that there are dedicated Facebooks pages complaining about the portal’s endless, never-ending fitnah

Anti-Fitnah TMI@ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anti-Fitnah-TMI/600757636692275

Banteras Fitnah dan Spin The Malaysian Insider‘ @ https://www.facebook.com/mkinitmipemfitnah


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  • 1. Nor  |  July 3, 2015 at 12:27 pm

    Apa fungsi KDN?

    • 2. Helen Ang  |  July 3, 2015 at 1:16 pm

    • 4. shamshul anuar  |  July 3, 2015 at 7:23 pm


      Refusal to act is destructive .It is bordering on crime.

      Where is the problem? Police doing investigation, AG’s office?

      The slanders againstNajib, UMNO, BN and whatever that resembles Malay led institutions like FELDA, tabung haji, MARA, 1MDB appear uncontrollable is due the fact that THE AUTHORITY refuses to act.

      Mere denial will not due. Why not drag the person who slanders to court. While waiting for court process, detain them in lock up. That mere action of detaining in lock up is enough to send a strong signal.

      AFTER PRU13, DAP and PKR refused to accept the result. Anwar organised Blackout . In other countries, that action alone is enough for any Prime Minister to move the troops to topple the intransigent local leaders.

      Stern action will do. By the way why not we publ;icly cane those foreigners who overstay.


      Who advises Najib ?

      • 5. bnm  |  July 3, 2015 at 9:14 pm

        re: That mere action of detaining in lock up is enough to send a strong signal.

        Clear abuse of power if you do that. Slander is not the same as murder. While waiting for the court process, bail is sufficient. No risk of flight on the part of the accused.

        • 6. shamshul anuar  |  July 3, 2015 at 11:27 pm


          What abuse of power?

          Slander of course is not same as murder. it is WORSE than murder.

          Are you saying that while waiting for court process, Najib must let those slandering continue to slander.

          Despite whatever Najib does, these people will never say the truth about Najib or his government.

      • 7. Pwincess  |  July 6, 2015 at 9:51 am

        Maybe Malaysian Insider will also be one of the big winners for the next “Malaysian” Social Media Chambers awards just like Malaysiakini. Maybe the minister and other high ranking government officials will be “tricked” again to present the awards just like last year? We never know right? Everything for the sake of “moderation” and 1Malaysia right? Who knows, maybe few years from now, even WSJ can get some recognitions too.

        By the way, that Sabahan by the name Desmond Yongkor has been persistently insulting Islam, how come there’s still no action? No public condemnation? And yet, so many people made a big fuss about their inalienable rights to wear short skirts to government premises. Obviously, government offices are not mosques, but they are also not like one of those many rumah urut littering Selangor where hald-naked foreign tukang uruts are helping some very “tired” clients. Seriously, nobody made a fuss when the PDRM officers asked all those foreign tukang uruts to wear orange detainees’ overalls when they were busted kan? Why la no shouting already? Itu pun kira foreign tukang uruts punya rights la kan? Gunting newspaper also very quiet one?

        Avoid Divisive Views, Dangerous Ideas.


        • 8. Helen Ang  |  July 6, 2015 at 10:02 am

          re: “those many rumah urut littering Selangor where half-naked foreign tukang uruts are helping some very ‘tired’ clients”

          In Subang Jaya in Selangor, you mean – the sarang maksiat.

          • 9. Pwincess  |  July 6, 2015 at 10:52 am

            Ya la Kak Helen, that is one of the hot-spots in Selangor. But funny la Kak Helen, all the scantily-clad foreign tukang uruts are not fat, but some people in Selangor and even rats are becoming very fat.

            Of course la, rats in Selangor cannot continuously tweet mengidam makan itu, teringin makan ini, suka makan itu, sedap dapat makan ini.

            You think some people will get even fatter with the non-stop visits to mosques during buka puasa tak Kak Helen? All that food and then didn’t join the Tarawih might make some people very fat kan?

            Aish, bad image for Prada la, maybe need to buy bigger 4WD later one.

            Avoid Divisive Views, Dangerous Ideas.


            • 10. Helen Ang  |  July 6, 2015 at 11:18 am

              Yup, I think so too. The Grotesque One will definitely be piling on the pounds, especially if one nak makan jamuan Buka Puasa without even doing any fasting earlier in the day.

              Plus Malays hava a notoriously sweet tooth. So all the juadah iftar must be so sugar-laden, right?

              Hahaha, what a Catch-22. Hidung (kemek) tak mancung, pipi (yang berisi) tersorong-sorong – nak tunjuk muka di masjid tumpang glamer. As the VIP guest, how can the Prada-toting poseur refuse to try the food when the Muslimah hosts are being hospitable?

              • 11. Helen Ang  |  July 6, 2015 at 11:22 am

                Papa & Mama Munafik!

                Poster credit: Blog Cucu Tok Selampit

  • 12. The Rithmatist  |  July 3, 2015 at 2:19 pm

    Shut down TMI?

    That’s an exercise in futility. Why? Because a few dozen blogs will spring up on the ubiquitous Internet. Is the MCMC going to police the entire Internet and all the “offensive” blogs and websites?

    Maybe that will provide employment for a few dozen unemployed IT or computer science graduates!

    There are well established laws on defamation. The courts are available to address any issues of defamation.

    Why aren’t these issues being tried in the courts where defendants and plaintiffs are able to be questioned by lawyers?

    People are going hysterical over The Sarawak Report. Someone has called it a “Jewish neo-con” conspiracy. Why isn’t it (and Ms Brown associates with it) been sued in the British courts, as Britain has laws on defamation on the books too.

    Now the Asian Wall Street Journal has published certain reports and people are going hysterical again.

    Why not sue the AWSJ?

    • 13. Helen Ang  |  July 3, 2015 at 2:54 pm

      re: “… a few dozen blogs will spring up on the ubiquitous Internet. Is the MCMC going to police the entire Internet and all the ‘offensive’ blogs and websites?”

      Nobody’s stopping blogs and websites from publishing, and like you say, news can be read on WSJ, NYT, BBC and also local portals like mKini, FMT, Malay Mail, Ant Daily (all pro-oppo) and The J-Star Online – pro-oppo and Gunting snip-snip-snip.

      Unlike TMI‘s, their editors have not been detained and questioned by police. As for mKini, Najib is suing them and not arresting them under sedition.

      The shutdown of TMI should be done because of their “jahat” (ni Dewan Ulama PAS yang cakap) track record – the tip of the iceberg as I’ve listed above.

      But the most crucial difference is that the Majlis Raja-Raja have not lodged a police report against any other publication, whether print or online. O-N-L-Y TMI. It’s a clear-cut case of TMI‘s sedition against our monarchy and this is why action must be taken against them.

      TMI have been bullying everyone – cabinet ministers, the PM, the religious departments, Majlis Fatwa and finally met a roadblock in the form of Majlis Raja-Raja dan inipun hanya kerana ‘protected’ status of the royals under the Sedition Act.

      If not for the SA, there would have been no stopping the TMI hubris. Saya yakin Tuhan pun TMI akan fitnah. Dajjal betul.

      • 14. bnm  |  July 3, 2015 at 9:25 pm

        We know in this age of internet, no way the government can effectively police and monitor online media. Unless you do like China. It has its own version of search engine, social media, blog site etc operated by local tycoons that are loyal to the government. Google, Twitter, FB, Youtube etc are not allowed to operate there. Even the ban on video games are recently lifted with limited selection of games.

        With reference to the latest TMI news on the WSJ allegation of ‘Najib pocketed 1MDB monies’, TMI is merely reporting the news content of WSJ. While Najib has all the rights to pursue action against TMI in Msia, will he dare to sue WSJ in the US courts? Why focus on the reporter (TMI) but not WSJ that made the allegation?

        BTW, do check the background of the powerful owner of TMI Dato Tong Kooi Ong. If you are wealthy in Msia, you are untouchable.

        • 15. Helen Ang  |  July 3, 2015 at 10:36 pm

          1MDB is not mentioned in my posting at all.

          It was not Najib that made the complaint against TMI. It was the Majlis Raja-Raja.

          When the police questioned the TMI editors, it was not about their coverage of 1MDB. It was regarding TMI‘s fitnah against the monarchs.

          I had already provided the article link above – ‘Malaysian Insider fitnah Majlis Raja-Raja’ – Senator Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki, Yadim chairman.

          Yadim is Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia.

          • 16. bnm  |  July 4, 2015 at 10:35 am

            What is the outcome of the police investigation? So far, I read of the TMI boss and editor being released on bail. Does it mean that they were charged and released on bail pending the court trial?

            • 17. Helen Ang  |  July 4, 2015 at 11:00 am

              I dunno either.

              It is the weakness of the Najib administration for failing to take ownership of the issue and making it clear to the public right from the outset what the case is really about.

              Tun spun it to say that TMI had been targeted because of their coverage of 1MDB because it suits his agenda. This is not true. Other local publications have covered 1MDB – The Edge, Malaysiakini, The J-Star, The Sun Daily.

              The TMI editors were hauled up specific to the complaint (police report) by Majlis Raja-Raja.

              Najib’s people should have gone on a media offensive to explain the true situation instead of allowing TMI to seize the initiative and portray themselves as crusaders of press freedom who had been victimized by the tyrannical regime.

              A lot of the bad press that Najib is suffering and his administration being put on the back foot is due to their own incompetence.

              • 18. bnm  |  July 4, 2015 at 7:30 pm

                From my reading, as early as 1st April Ho Kay Tat was already released on police bail. 3 months have passed. No news on whether he was charged and whether he pleaded innocence or guilty.

                This is a pretty straight forward case, i.e. the evidence of sedition is available on the TMI website itself. No need to prove whether harm is inflicted or the real intention of the statement maker. As an ordinary Msian, I think that the ingredients of sedition are already sufficient for the AG to act.

                I can only conclude that the case is now NFA, i.e. no further action. Again TMI got scot-free.

                • 19. Helen Ang  |  July 4, 2015 at 8:35 pm

                  re: “I think that the ingredients of sedition are already sufficient for the AG to act.”

                  I believe you’re right. Under sedition, no intent needs to be proved.

                  You could also be right about the NFA.

                  On a related matter, Haris Ibrahim was also charged under sedition. So long already! No news.

                  Sia-sia aje the Umno warlords cornering Najib to keep the Sedition Act.

                  • 20. islam1st  |  July 4, 2015 at 9:16 pm

                    ‘Sia-sia aje the Umno warlords cornering Najib to keep the Sedition Act’

                    Helen, NGO dan akar umbi Melayu/UMNO if you may yang nak kekalkan Akta Hasutan. UMNO warlords semua sokong RM oops PM saja!

                    • 21. Helen Ang  |  July 4, 2015 at 9:35 pm


                  • 22. bnm  |  July 8, 2015 at 9:45 am

                    re: Haris Ibrahim was also charged under sedition. So long already….

                    Already pressed charge but pending court trial or still no charge at all?

                    • 23. Helen Ang  |  July 8, 2015 at 11:53 am

                      Charged already. It was at the same ‘May 13’ event/forum as Adam Adli and Safwan Anang speaking. Both AA & SA – the youngsters – had been found guilty by the court and sentenced. No news – the oldsters Haris & Hisham Rais.

                      I wonder if Haris is even still in the country or he has absconded like Alvin Tan.

  • 24. jeremy1977  |  July 3, 2015 at 4:26 pm

    How dare they sully the good name of our dear leader! I suggest we cut off ties with the whole entire world who are always ready with their Jewish-Christian-Capitalism etc. agenda to get us! Go Kim…oops I mean Jibby!

    • 25. Helen Ang  |  July 3, 2015 at 4:35 pm

      Don’t pretend and try to divert.

      It is the Council of Rulers who made the police report on TMI. Not Najib.

      Like I said to The Rithmatist, the action taken by Najib against Malaysiakini is to sue for libel. Najib did not resort to using the Home Ministry (police).

      And furthermore, there are plenty of media that are covering 1MDB. Today, it’s the WSJ. Tomorrow it could be The (London) Times. They’re outside the jurisdiction of Malaysia’s Home Ministry.

      TMI should be shut down for the reason that the police investigated its editors for – sedition against the Raja-Raja Melayu. Nothing to do with PM.

      • 26. RINA  |  July 3, 2015 at 6:11 pm

        The 16yr old Singaporean boy under custody reported in one blog is now very suicidal? Agaknya apa depa buat to the underaged boy Rithmatist?

        Sana hati2 ya.. Cerita semua mau elok2 saja tau.
        Yang tak elok kasi sorok2, tamau orang luaq tau!


        Tolong kasi cerita sikit Rithmatist, betoi ke ini semua?

        • 27. islam1st  |  July 4, 2015 at 12:38 am

          Ya lor Rithmatist senyap sunyi saja Cinapura buli itu budak kecik, mau masuk jail la, mau kasi metal evaluation la. Itu budak too cerdik for the Cinapura. Unlike some Rithmatist kaki cium buntot keluarga lee!

          • 28. The Rithmatist  |  July 4, 2015 at 1:09 pm

            Hahaha – you again?

            Are you a glutton for punishment or what?

            I have rebutted you on different threads in this blog. So much so that you have had to resort to cheap buffoonery to cover up for your lack of nous and substance.

            Now why don’t you go and try to exercise your intellect on the more credulous?

            They might swallow your opinions hook, line and sinker.

            With nary a leviathan in sight…..


            • 29. RINA  |  July 4, 2015 at 6:41 pm

              Syabas. Takes supportive people like Rithmatist to make Singapore rich and successful.

              They no need to give you free education. SJKC and SMK help prepare you to go and serve them.

              Win win situation. You pun tak payah compulsory national service sana. Apa jadi sana just cabut lari across d causeway. Apa jadi sini, cabut pi sana. That’s why still holding tight to your mykad eh? Nak senang hidup kan?

              Good la. Your tax can help them keep Singapore clean. So many old people living in poverty there can also gain from your tax.

              Okay, keep up the good work. Jangan cakap tak elok pasai Singapore tau. satni kat immigration you kena detain tak kasi masuk. Cannot work there how to pay for your terrace house and car in Malaysia. Singapore kan “FINE” country. Shhh zip mulut you. Kasi sentiasa bodek lebeh okay.

              Ohya. Nanti you dah tua, CPF maybe can claim only your share of 20%, jangan plak balik harap subsidy dari hasil titik peluh Bumiputras sini ya. Satni kasi kalut Klinik 1M. Hai, bayar RM1 aje sini to register.

              • 30. The Rithmatist  |  July 6, 2015 at 4:16 pm

                Tq, Rina.

                Just a thought: a strong Singapore Dollar covers a lot of ground, doesn’t it? At 2.775 Ringgit, that’s a fair bit of mileage, don’t you think?

                I am glad you are so positive about Singapore. With 17% corporate tax and 20% top personal tax rates, what’s there not to like?

                It must be repressed envy that you are conflicted with. About Singapore and it’s people. Of all races and religions who know a good thing when they experience it.

                Incidentally, have you seen the latest per capita GNI figures put out by the World Bank? What are the figures for Malaysia and Singapore?

        • 31. The Rithmatist  |  July 4, 2015 at 6:25 am

          Amos Yee? Plenty has been said about him in the Singapore media. He is being tried in open court, not before some secret tribunal. He is represented by his lawyers. His parents said that they cannot control his actions.

          So, what are you hinting at here?

          As for MAS maintaining the strength of the Singapore Dollar, isn’t that what central banks everywhere do to support their national currencies?

          How many times has Bank Negara “intervened” to support the Ringgit? No one makes a big hoo-ha about this.

          What about the actions of the US Fed, the Bank of England, the ECB, the Bank of Japan and the PBOC in their respective economies?

          At least, in the case of Singapore, it has consistently maintained it’s “triple A” credit ratings and secured a clean bill of financial health in IMF reviews.

          I suggest you do more reading and research before displaying your ignorance on economic and financial matters.


          • 32. islam1st  |  July 4, 2015 at 5:32 pm

            Kesian kau Rithmatist selalu lari topik bila dah tak boleh nak jawab. Sekejap cakap ini sekejap cakap itu. All over the place. Typical pendatangs complex at its best!

            Dah koyak Kad Pengenalan Malaysia ke belum?

            • 33. Pwincess  |  July 6, 2015 at 12:24 pm

              Kenapa plak dia nak koyak Kad Pengenalan Malaysia dia? Dah memang spesis dia semua spesis hipokrit menggunting dalam lipatan, suka pura-pura.

              Ingat tak kes budak yang kena dakwa sebab tunjuk rude sign pada motorcade Raja Permaisuri Agong kat airport Pulau Pinang just before PRU-13 dulu tu?

              Well, it was revealed later that the rude boy’s home address is in Pulau Pinang, he works in singapura-pura and yet he is a registered voter in Selangor? Wah, global citizen la kan?

              Patut la ramai puak Fu*katan kat Selangor asyik dok jaja “popular vote” konon, guna pengundi import rupanya. BTW, whatever happened to that 40,000 Banglas by the lorry-loads kan?

              Avoid Divisive Views Dangerous Ideas.


            • 34. The Rithmatist  |  July 6, 2015 at 4:22 pm

              What I do with my MyKad (assuming that I am a Malaysian) is for me to know and for you to find out.


              Oh, btw, read any good books lately? In English, that is?

              I am assuming that your level of English is up to the mark?

              You wouldn’t want to be blamed for the vagaries of the national education system now, would you?

          • 35. RINA  |  July 4, 2015 at 7:02 pm

            Rithmatist. You just quietly work there don’t cakap lebih2, nanti you get in trouble! Just keep bodek, if any retrenchment exercises sure you safe wan. Can keep your job there.


            • 36. islam1st  |  July 4, 2015 at 9:19 pm

              Rithmatist mana berani nak cakap yang bukan2 pasal Cinapura dan PM lee takut nanti kena saman, doubt dia ada S$250,000 nak bayar saman. Dah la tu pendatang pulak nanti kena deport masuk seberang tambak tak boleh masuk2 Cinapura.

              Tu yang Kad Pengenalan Malaysia masih simpan tu. Mana la tau. Kut2 kena halau!

              • 37. The Rithmatist  |  July 6, 2015 at 4:28 pm

                Not really, mate. Or is that “brudder”?

                Why are you fixated on my MyKad (assuming that I have one)? Is it a case of anticipation fantasy? Or some other delusional mindset?

                Btw, I suggest you peruse Singapore’s laws on defamation and slander. A little homework, if you feel up to it, instead of being spoonfed by what is written in blogs, this included.

                • 38. islam1st  |  July 7, 2015 at 12:02 am

                  ‘Btw, I suggest you peruse Singapore’s laws on defamation and slander.’

                  And you baca dan fahamkan Perlembagaan Persekutuan kalau masih berak kat sini la. Kalau dah berambus tu baguslah, aman sikit.

                  ‘instead of being spoonfed’

                  Can’t help it. Melayu remember?

                  You Cina are damn hard working meritocrats! Kan?

                  • 39. RINA  |  July 7, 2015 at 12:59 am

                    Must cling to mykad, no choice.

                    With his pay, cannot afford to stay there wan. What more to bring all his family and relatives to stay with him there. Sure kaput wan, everythg expensive.

                    To rent a mere 900sqft tiny HDB flat, which can hardly fit in 4 person just like living in a box. Cannot buy wan. Min Sgd250K.

                    Cheapest car there also sure cannot afford. Min Sgd200K, CEO already must pay at least Sgd80K. Some more, insurance per head Sgd5K not like in Malaysia.

                    Kalau nasib ditimpa critical illness, one Singaporean told me, cheapest is to jump down the HDB flats. Govt hospital min per day stay, board aje at least Sgd250 owh!

                    No SJKC for his kids some more! All medium in bahasa England wan.

                    PR not easy there, they prefer PRCs, or usually referred to as Mainland Chinese. So till death do he part from there he has to bodek to survive there wan.

                    That’s why he still hangs on to mykad, intai2 selain subsidies yg dia dok telan dari sini tiap hari, apa lagi yang
                    dia dan keluarga bole kebas!

                  • 40. The Rithmatist  |  July 7, 2015 at 6:58 am

                    Glad to know that you woke up to the realities of life, brudder.

                    Like that no one owes you a living. And that competition is a way of life. And that protection and special privileges only last for so long before accountability and results are demanded.

                    Pity about “meritocracy”, though…..


                    • 41. RINA  |  July 7, 2015 at 2:10 pm

                      Bunyi macam jeles aje ni?

                      No wonder Brunei is very strict and will not give citizenships kat pendatang2 walaupon mereka dah bermastautin sejak zaman tok kadok lagi. Just let them remain stateless.

                      Takut ramai yang akan jadi jeles macam Rithmatist.

                    • 42. The Rithmatist  |  July 7, 2015 at 2:20 pm


                      Why is Brunei maintaining it’s Dollar on par with the Singapore Dollar?

                      Muslim-majority Brunei should have made it’s Dollar on par with the Ringgit. They didn’t. Why? The Sultan of Brunei has more confidence in Singapore?

                      Anyway, Brunei is not high on the list of countries whose citizenship is in demand. Unlike the US and Australia, for example.

                      Let’s talk about “meritocracy”, shall we?

                      Or are you going to run away from this discussion?

                    • 43. islam1st  |  July 11, 2015 at 12:29 am

                      ‘Why is Brunei maintaining it’s Dollar on par with the Singapore Dollar?’

                      Quite the contrary. Singapore talak minyak maa. So mesti pegged sama Brunei dollar lor! Itu pun tatau meh??

  • 44. IT.Scheiss  |  July 3, 2015 at 7:15 pm

    Could Najib be playing a game of “LET THEM TALK WHILST YOU FART IN THEIR FACES”.

    It’s like how western governments let people protest against them peacefully but ignores their demands (farts in their faces).

    • 45. Helen Ang  |  July 3, 2015 at 7:51 pm

      Allowing the slanderers to get away with murder (fitnah dosa yang lagi dahsyat daripada membunuh) is demoralizing BN supporters.

      If this continues and Najib leads his troops into battle, when they reach the pitch he’s going to turn around and see that there’s nobody (no army) behind him.

      Tun’s supporters are volunteers and they’re all fired up. I don’t see any Najib supporters willing to take the bullets for him except for a few key politicians. The reason is that Najib does not inspire as a ‘war general’.

      How can he when he maintains that elegant silence. Tun is the polar opposite. He speaks through his blog and his followers hear his voice direct. The impact is totally different.

      At the moment, the only people willing to give Najib the benefit of the doubt are the very rational thinkers who can see long-term and do not let their emotions get the better of them.

      These are not the enthusiastic fighters like Tun’s people. The pro-Najibers are the cerebral ones, so you don’t hear them in the public arena like you hear the demagogues.

      • 46. shamshul anuar  |  July 3, 2015 at 11:40 pm


        You have a point. What is the point of defending Najib wif his government refuses to take advice from the very people who defend his government.

        We can write and write. But if Najib refuses to be firm, he must not expect people to support him on next election.

        Raja raja Melayu had voiced out their displeasure against TMi for slandering. Is that not good enough to be harsh on TMI?

        Nobody respect weak leaders. Despite venomous attack on Tun, his tenure as PM was deemed as peaceful. He is tolerant to critics. But he did sent the message that there is a limit that we should not cross.

        Because of his firmness, Malaysia was spared the agony of having to tolerate rude porn actor slandering azan, Islam, Malays.

        Were Tun to be the PM now, I believe no one in Christian community would want to use “Allah” just to drive wedge between Muslims and Christians. Tun would put them into their proper sphere :ISA.

        • 47. The Rithmatist  |  July 4, 2015 at 1:14 pm

          And the Tun would take on China and tell them to get lost from the South China Sea or else…..

          Yeah, right.

          Have you noticed that Tun was careful not to push the US too far, his Soros and Zionist jibes and rhetoric notwithstanding?

          Tun was canny enough then to know how far he could push the envelope with external parties before they pushed back.


          • 48. islam1st  |  July 4, 2015 at 5:34 pm

            Orang kat atas tu cakap pasal benda lain, yang kau tak habis2 meroyan pasal benda lain apasal? BM failed la u!

            • 49. RINA  |  July 4, 2015 at 6:50 pm

              Utusan tak baca. So dok baca berita bahasa Kebangsaan PRC dMalaysia dan bahasa England diSingapore aje. Sana media, blogs 100% gomen control. Cakap, tulis lebih kalau tak kena saman kena lempaq masuk lockup.

              Mana nak tau keadaan sebenar happening anywhere.

      • 50. Silence of the Wolves  |  July 4, 2015 at 9:06 am

        Not every pro-Mahathir supporter is a demagogue. And this is not an election campaign: Najib the prime minister may have committed the most massive breach of trust of public funds in the world.

        • 51. Helen Ang  |  July 4, 2015 at 11:39 am

          re: “Not every pro-Mahathir supporter is a demagogue.”

          The essential difference between Tun and Najib is that Tun is a compelling orator and he pulls off his convincing oratory with a folksy charm. He got the floor (audience) eating out of his hand in his recent roadshow.

          Najib, sad to say … I squirm when I hear his speeches written by the speechwriter who overuses the word “tiang seri”, “mampan”, “lestari” and other irritating jargon aside from the bahasa berbunga-bunga.

          PM speaks beautiful English with a plummy accent but his delivery in BN is forced.

          When I said ‘supporter’, I was thinking a about the vocal high profile ones. Quite frankly, just like Tun, they’re good. They excel in rhetoric and stirring up public sentiments (I’m not saying this in a bad way but that they succeed in getting people to care enough to board the bandwagon) and they’re getting the public on their side.

          While I do not count Lim Sian See as a Najib supporter per se, I’d cite LSS as someone who’s confronting the 1MDB facts and figures. It’s dry work.

          re: “And this is not an election campaign”

          Okay, it’s me and not you. I tend to see things with the end goal of GE14 in mind and leading to that. Every blow against Najib (even by the establishment’s own side like Tun & cohorts) is weakening the BN and eroding the ruling party’s chances of retaining Putrajaya.

          Tun is the opposition’s (inadvertent) most lethal weapon.

          re: “Najib the prime minister may have committed the most massive breach of trust of public funds in the world.”

          Let’s take a collective deep breath. I think the WSJ story yesterday may have upset BN voters like me far more than it did the oppo followers. They would relished the news.

          Latest: Najib’s pol-sec has hinted that they may sue. And so they should. Let’s wait the next few days and see what develops.

          I’ve taken a step back and my blog has not touched 1MDB (keeping in mind the big picture and long-term 2018) because in my estimation, like it or not, Najib is still going to be the general leading BN into battle for the next election. He’s not being unseated from his Umno presidency.

          Tun seems to have forgotten that the opponent at the end of the day is the DAP (to me it’s the party’s evangelistas) and not the sitting Umno president.

          He has defended TMI and Tony Pua and other BN foes while casting aspersions on stated institutions like the Auditor-General, e.g. http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/malaysia/article/i-trust-pac-over-auditor-general-in-1mdb-probe-says-dr-m


          Tun is doing irreparable damage to the BN and causing BN to lose public support among the Malays.

          The unintended consequence of Tun’s actions might be that we will see DAP as the power behind the throne post-GE14.

          • 52. Helen Ang  |  July 4, 2015 at 2:31 pm

            On 1MDB,


          • 53. Intellectual Honesty  |  July 5, 2015 at 3:31 am

            Thank you for elucidating your point of view. I think you respect Tun Mahathir very much at the same time.

            • 54. Helen Ang  |  July 5, 2015 at 9:13 am

              Yes, that’s why I refer to him as ‘Tun’ and never by all those nicknames that the Dapsters use.

      • 55. The Rithmatist  |  July 4, 2015 at 9:08 am

        Maybe so.

        But what is Tun Dr M’s agenda?

        Everyone has an agenda. Including you, Helen, and yours truly.

        Maybe the PM has an agenda. Maybe he has KPIs to attain.

        If he hasn’t deigned to share them with you, well, that is his prerogative, isn’t it?

        Like I wrote earlier, the law courts and the judicial process are available to anyone, orang kampung and rich tycoon alike.

        So, if you are accusing someone or some entity of “fitnah”, slander or defamation, there are legal remedies available.

        Instead of threatening administrative measures that can be challenged in the courts anyway.

        • 56. Helen Ang  |  July 4, 2015 at 10:36 am

          re: “So, if you are accusing someone or some entity of ‘fitnah’, slander or defamation, there are legal remedies available.”

          If the PM is unhappy with TMI as the PMO press statements have expressed, then I suppose he might follow in the footsteps of his S’pore counterpart and sue them as he as sued Malaysiakini.

          Tajuddin Ramli sued and TMI had to make grovelling, prominent apologies. Mukhriz threatened to sue and TMI apologized to him as well, and to his father separately.

          The Raja-Raja Melayu, however, have no need to seek recourse in the courts. They are protected by the Sedition Act and it is incumbent on the police and the AG to enforce the law.

          • 57. The Rithmatist  |  July 4, 2015 at 1:18 pm

            I am not an expert in constitutional law, but I believe that no one is “above the law”.

            Wasn’t that established during Tun Dr Mahathir’s tenure?

            • 58. Helen Ang  |  July 4, 2015 at 1:38 pm

              The royals are not above the law. They can be put on trial in the Special Court.

              Yup, correct. Tun made the change to the Constitution in 1993 following the assault of a hockey coach by the then Sultan of Johor.

              The Sedition Act covers a few areas that are not supposed to be questioned, i.e. status of Islam, Special Position of the Malays, citizenship (this benefits the non-Malays) and the role of the monarchy.

              Bringing the Raja-Raja into disrepute or causing them to be viewed negatively – I’m paraphrasing (not the actual legalese wording in the SA) is a crime as long as the SA is in the statute books.

              The issue of the police report by the Council of Rulers is clear-cut. Since TMI fitnah the rulers, then they’re guilty of sedition once this has been proven in civil court.

              I’m confident the public prosecutor will win the case. They should proceed ASAP. Then we’ll see the TMI editors put behind bars.

              As for shutdown, Ops Lalang shut down The J-Star. It’s likely the Home Ministry will be able to do the same wrt TMI, in tandem with the prosecution of its editors.

              • 59. The Rithmatist  |  July 4, 2015 at 2:11 pm

                Aye, that’s the rub, isn’t it?

                Matters have to be proven in the courts, if we believe in the rule of law and not in “mob justice”.

                Threats have to be backed up by legal action that can be prosecuted and defended in the courts.

                Otherwise why threaten and run the risk of people calling you out?

                • 60. Helen Ang  |  July 4, 2015 at 2:25 pm

                  In the case of Public Prosecutor vs TMI, I don’t see how the Gomen can lose.

                  I’ve listed a long litany of people (and agencies) yang pernah dikenakan oleh portal dajjal itu but the hubris was finally halted by the exalted institution of our monarchy.

                  The problem with the Najib administration is its refusal to act. Already hated by the oppo people, Najib now risks the pro-establishment turning our back on him due to his inertia. We want him to take action against the subversives.

                  The law is on his (meaning govt) side. There’s no reason for Najib not to act.

                  • 61. The Rithmatist  |  July 4, 2015 at 4:25 pm

                    Are you saying that you have an inkling of how the courts will decide should these matters go to trial?

                    Be very, very careful here.

                    You may think that the A-G has a rock solid iron-clad case. His staff still have to argue the matters in court, prosecution witnesses can be cross-examined by the defendants’ lawyers and any judgement can go all the way up to the Federal Court.

                    During the course of which, much dirty linen could be washed in public. Is there the political will to see this through, bearing in mind that increasingly Internet-savvy voters are capable of making up their own minds?

                    • 62. Helen Ang  |  July 4, 2015 at 4:55 pm

                      “Aye, there’s the rub”. It boils down to the Najib administration’s lack of political will, doesn’t it.

                      re: “You may think that the A-G has a rock solid iron-clad case.”

                      Yes, I do.

                      Because TMI – as per its proven habit – concocted a story out of thin air. They reported on something that never happened. So it’s not just a matter of making a mistake or misreporting. Instead it was deliberate malice and to further TMI‘s agenda.

                      I’ll give a parallel example. TMI published a doctored photo showing a placard that said, “Undur Hadi” being carried by PAS members during a demo.

                      See, https://helenang.wordpress.com/2015/03/07/kitalawan-good-job-celah-gelegar/

                      (1) The real placard said, “Undur Rosmah”. This can be proven by a Malaysiakini video showing the same scene.

                      (2) TMI apologized, which is an admission of guilt.

                      (3) The episode showed what TMI is capable of – utter and complete fabrication – if they think they can get away with it or even if they’re caught, they still believe they can get away with an insincere apology.

                      In the case of the police report by Majlis Raja-Raja, TMI carried a story about something that took place which the Council, however, said never happened.

                      There are nine sultans/raja/Yamtuan Besar and their Menteris Besar, the various secretaries as well as bureaucrats at the said meeting where TMI said a hudud-related matter was decided. The Council, through the police report by the Keeper of the Royal Seal refuted the content of TMI‘s report.

                      Quite obviously, TMI had carried a sources’ (informant) story. Since TMI could not possibly have been in the meeting, and the key players at the meeting have already said that the TMI story is untrue, I don’t see how TMI can convince the judge of the portal’s veracity.

                      Most especially with the TMI long and infamous track record of fitnah as I’ve detailed tip of the iceberg above.

                      TMI are not journalists. They’re dajjal. It is dajjal that selalu bohong dan fitnah. Jail is where the TMI editors belong.

                      Now what does it take for the gomen to commence action to put the TMI editors in their deserved habitat?

                      re: “that increasingly Internet-savvy voters are capable of making up their own minds”

                      Because they brainwashed by opinion leaders like TMI and indoctrinated with the Firster fascist ideology. The products of this ideology can be seen in any comment thread to an article on Ridhuan Tee.

                      The people who are capable of all that hating on him (their curses, expletives, rank hypocrisy) is testament to the nature of the masterminds behind the creation of the Firster-Jerusubang lynch mob.

  • 63. Setem  |  July 4, 2015 at 5:56 pm


    Off topic, but I have to know your opinion on the recent bombshell by WSJ alleging that USD600mil was transferred to Najib’s personal bank account. Despite Putrajaya official denial of the report, WSJ stood by its report as it claimed the report was based on official govt reports made available to AG and Najib himself.

    I’m not surprised if this is the final weapon unleashed by DrM against Najib for being incorrigible with DrM. DrM has no doubt many sympathizers in the govt who have access to those explosive reports now in the hands of WSJ.

    What say you? Pls stop being neutral in this case of Najib vs DrM.

    • 64. Helen Ang  |  July 4, 2015 at 8:26 pm

      Hi Setem,

      I’ll try my best to reply but I’m also going on strike from blogging – MOGOK indefinitely. I won’t be updating my blog with new posts until I get over my ‘feeling upset’ mood.

      1. Dunno. It’s high finance and I’m not familiar with the super corridors of power walked by the top tier elite.

      2. Najib has drawn the battle lines. In his most recent statement yesterday, he said:

      “The latest allegation is that I have taken state-linked funds for personal gain. I believe Tun, working hand in glove with foreign nationals, including the now discredited political attack blog Sarawak Report, is behind this latest lie.

      Previously we had to choose our side, BN or Pakatan. Now we have to choose, Najib or Tun.

      3. Coming from WSJ, the allegation is very serious as the publication is putting its reputation on the line and its report is tantamount to helping topple an elected leader of a democratic country.

      4. The pro-Tun and pro-Najib bloggers are battling it out in cyberspace and they would be better sources of info for the arguments from each side.

      5. On a personal level, what’s happening now diminishes the agenda of my blog. It’s like we (those of us on the topic of the DAP’s evangelical Christians) are still flogging the ‘R’ old chestnuts at a time when there’s such a big thing happening out there – to wit, the potential mega CBT.

      I of course believe fully in what I write, i.e. that the sneaky evangelistas are a menace and there’ll be hell to pay should they succeed in grabbing power.

      But under the present circumstances of the 1MDB controversy, it’s too easy for people like me to be cast in the light of a futile peddling of an old bogeyman (‘Religion’, Islam under threat) to divert attention from Najib’s predicament.

      And to add salt to injury, while we – this includes Isma which is also on the evangelistas’ case – are falsely accused of being Umno minions, Putrajaya itself is not interested in the evangelical Christian issue. I mean, when have you heard an Umno minister ever talk about it? On the other hand, Najib himself launched the Christians for Peace and Harmony group.

      Nobody – certainly not Umno nor the government – gives us any thanks for raising public awareness wrt the evangelista threat.

      Instead Isma is branded as a far right outfit guilty of “hate speech” whereas I’m the target of a dogged cyber smear campaign conducted by Creepy Christian stalkers.

      In fact, if you were to speak to the Umno warlords, I’ll bet many of them will go, “Eh, Isma who?” and “The Christians wanna take over? Naaaah, an exaggeration and anyway, the Umno grassroot network (ahli jawatankuasa kampung, penghulu) has a solid grip on the ground. Something like that (DAP takeover) just can’t happen,” say the Umno warlords dismissing the idea.

      6. My limited opinion on Najib and Tun

      (a) NAJIB: I was at Waytha Moorthy’s press conference after he resigned as Deputy Minister and challenged Najib to resign as PM. This was in February 2014.

      I don’t suppose it was too surprising that Waytha should fire his parting shot. But nonetheless, such a call for the PM to resign coming from a first-time Deputy Minister, and who lasted only a very short time in cabinet, seemed like a shocking breach of protocol.

      Nonetheless, Najib did not hit back by saying anything nasty about Waytha in retaliation. He wished Waytha all the best. I believe that Najib is a gracious, patient person with a sense of noblesse oblige.

      And the following is the most ironic bit. We get angry at Najib for things he does not do, rather than things that he might be actually guilty of doing.

      e.g. Angry at Najib for refusing to sideline MCA, angry at him for not chucking away Saifuddin Abdullah, angry at him for not taking a hardline stance and stern action against those who continually create trouble for BN (like TMI), angry at him for failing to keep his wife in the shadows, angry at him for not doing a tough guy act when what we want is a Putin strongman to deal with the DAP …

      (b) MAHATHIR: He misrepresents issues. First, on the Rohingya. It’s not a matter of our national concern and doesn’t really impact Malaysian politics but still, Dr M’s methods are dodgy.

      He said the Rohingya have been in Burma for 800 years. That’s like saying the Chinese have been in Malaya for 600 years – slightly predating the time of Admiral Zheng He’s visit to Malacca when there was already a Chinese community in the entreport.

      But the truth of the matter is that the bulk of the Bengali Muslims migrated to Burma during the British colonial period when Britain won her wars against Burma (1826) and began ruling over Burma in stages. Similarly the bulk of the Chinese came to Malaya during British rule when the doors were thrown open for cheap foreign labour.

      Lim Kit Siang is a first-generation immigrant. His father sailed here from China.

      For Tun to credit the Rohingya with an 800-year presence in Burma is as much a misrepresentation as to credit the Chinese with with a 600-year presence in Malaya although this detail is technically true for a small group of both the Bengali Muslims and the Baba Nyonya.

      But Tun doesn’t care as long as it enhances his rhetoric. He’s more concerned about winning the argument than presenting a fair historical picture. And if the DAP latches on to Tun’s methods and claims that the Chinese are indigenous to this land because we’ve been here six centuries already, then siapa yang rugi? Article 153 kan?

      Second example – Tun misrepresented that the TMI editors were detained by the police because of their 1MDB stories. This is not true. They were investigated because the Majlis Raja-Raja made a police report, and it was over a hudud-related issue, not 1MDB.

      Tun will fire at will as long as it can help him win. He doesn’t care how he plays the game. That’s how he managed to last 22 years in politics.

      Third example – Tun accused Najib’s performance as being worse than Sleepy Dollah’s. This is not true. From the 2004 to 2008 elections, BN lost 58 seats (down from 198 to 140) under Badawi’s leadership. From the 2008 to 2013 elections, BN lost seven seats (down from 140 to 133) under Najib’s leadership.

      Nonetheless, the performance of Umno itself improved from GE12 to GE13. Umno won 79 seat under Badawi in 2008 compared to 88 seats in 2013 under Najib.

      Hence it’s wrong of Tun to accuse Najib of performing worse than Tun Dol.

      We’re unhappy with Najib for pandering to the Chinese voters – doing things like adopting the moniker Ah Jib Gor, starring in that CNY advert beating Chinese drums, etc – but he bent over backwards in his attempt to retain Chinese support, so we can’t blame him for not trying. The Chinese tsunami hit because the Chinese electorate were ABU-crazed.

      If Muhyiddin or Zahid or Hisham had led the BN into the 2013 election, none of them could have produced a result any better than Najib’s. The Chinese voters would not have been swayed no matter what. At least Najib recovered some Indian votes through his out-of-the-box move in co-opting Hindraf at the last minute.

      So it’s inaccurate for Tun to pin the blame solely on Najib, while conveniently exonerating Badawi, for the BN’s poor standing in 2013 and up to today.

      7. In fact, Khairy’s boys were already ensconced in the fourth floor of Bangunan Perdana Putra (that famous green-domed PM’s complex in Putrajaya) during Tun’s tenure.

      When Tun was PM, Badawi was DPM and Khairy was his FiL’s Special Officer. So Tun is fully complicit in allowing KJ’s entry into the administrative structure. When Tun was still occupying the 5th floor, KJ was in the 4th floor. So it’s not as it Tun can wash his hands off the money politics, Khazanah hijack, alienating the senior civil servants and other shenanigans that KJ was responsible for.

      8. I’m not sure about a comparison between the 5th premier and the 7th premier in their respective handling of money but in terms of simply saying things (irresponsible utterances), then Tun is most definitely more reckless. Najib is usually circumspect and even reticent.

      As someone whose scrupulous about data and accuracy, I’m not comfortable with Tun’s cavalier disregard for facts. First he says the 1MDB’s RM42b is missing, then he changes his figure to RM27b and then changes it again – see Arul Kanda’s rebuttal.

      Tun moves the goalposts and throws everything and the kitchen sink (Najib’s stepson’s Hollywood movie financing, Najib’s daughter’s wedding financing, Altantuya, etc)

      9. I’m not sitting on the fence. I wish and hope for Najib to get through this.

      Granted, Tun is the best war general there is. He’s the most influential and formidable individual today in Malaysia. For the last couple of years, I believed that Tun was the only person capable of halting the DAP juggernaut. But he’s not fighting the opposition, is he?

      Tun is training his gun on the Umno president instead and by this – as an unintended consequence – he is empowering the DAP. He’s even prepared to side with Tony Pua while Kit Siang is prepared to let Tun and Sleepy Dollah and Musa Hitam triumvirate rule Malaysia if by this, they can force Najib to step aside.

      10. As someone fighting in the trenches, I’m deeply disappointed the leadership in the war room. Case in point – TMI. With the royals themselves making the complaint to the police, the dajjals are nailed. But Najib is not pursuing it while Tun – gasp! – is siding the portal because it suits his agenda of attacks on 1MDB.

      Why should we bother to blog and get all the flak? FOR WHAT?!!

      • 65. islam1st  |  July 4, 2015 at 9:10 pm

        ‘Tun will fire at will as long as it can help him win.’

        Tak juga Helen. Masa UMNO tunda pemilihan sampai beberapa belas bulan, Tun cakap itu perkara biasa. Walhal orang kat luar cakap tu semua sebab nak selamatkan ahjibgor. Alasan perkukuhkan BN tu semua alasan. What BN again?

        ‘But he’s not fighting the opposition, is he?’

        Tak juga Helen, bila Tun nak UMNO jadi bersih. Perhaps jangan songlap duit rakyat if we may, dia sebenarnya tak mau UMNO jadi liabiliti di mata rakyat. Dia tak mau perbuatan bodoh dan bangang pemimpin UMNO jadi duri dalam daging kepada UMNO sendiri dan jadi ammo pembangkang etc. In a way dia masih lagi lawan pembangkang. Tapi bukan dengan cara senyap tutup mulut membuta tuli.

        • 66. Helen Ang  |  July 4, 2015 at 9:33 pm

          re: “Masa UMNO tunda pemilihan sampai beberapa belas bulan, Tun cakap itu perkara biasa.”

          Ok, fair comment.

          re: “bila Tun nak UMNO jadi bersih. Perhaps jangan songlap duit rakyat if we may, dia sebenarnya tak mau UMNO jadi liabiliti di mata rakyat”

          Umno became dirty during his own tenure. It was Tun who brought in Anwar and it was Anwar who introduced money politics big time, esp. in defeating Tun Ghafar.

          Then Anwar-2.0-KJ was found guilty of money politics by Umno’s own disciplinary committee and no action was taken against him.

          Tun himself raised the query as to why it took so long to count the votes for the Ketua Pemuda contest where KJ beat Mukhriz and Khir Toyo. Wasn’t some backroom deal struck?

          It’s a tightrope balance here as to how much responsibility to assign to Najib for Umno’s sinking fortunes. Before the WSJ allegations yesterday, Tun tried and did everything to oust Najib and could not succeed because the Ketua Bahagian and MT are behind Najib.

          With every salvo fired and each blow struck at Najib by Tun, trust in Umno fell and keeps falling. And then Tun keeps upping the ante.

          By the time he succeeds in bringing down Najib, he’d have brought down Umno and BN together too.

          It’s not only just the party politicking that is being discredited by Tun. He had cast aspersions on the Auditor-General as well. And by implying that the police arrested the TMI editors in order the stifle freedom of reporting (on 1MDB), he’s also eroding trust in the professionalism of the police.

          So he’s not just attacking Najib in isolation. The credibility of the institutions of state are eroded in tandem. Then also, Tun’s supporters have been ferocious in attacking Najib’s supporters, which is not to say that Najib’s consultant teams have not been equally bad. I thought they way they went at TS Zam and Datuk Kadir’s throat was below the belt.

          Ultimately Tun is turning the Malays against Umno pabila membuka pekung di dada. The sense of disgust for Umno – its president and the party both – might come to a point where that rehabilitating the Umno brand is impossible. Umno and BN unsalvageable.

          As it is, I believe that the supporters of both the Tun and Najib camps are kafir-mengkafir like zaman Amanat Hadi.

          The only option left to save Umno and by extension BN might be through cooperation with PAS. I don’t believe that any of the current leaders (Muhyiddin, Zahid, Hisham, Shafie Apdal or anyone else) can pull of unity talks with PAS except Najib.

          • 67. islam1st  |  July 4, 2015 at 9:45 pm

            ‘And by implying that the police arrested the TMI editors in order the stifle freedom of reporting (on 1MDB), he’s also eroding trust in the professionalism of the police.’

            Ya I disagree with him when he did that as well.

            ‘As it is, I believe that the supporters of both the Tun and Najib camps are kafir-mengkafir like zaman Amanat Hadi.’

            Tak lah Helen. This is a bit overstretch don’t you think.

            ‘The only option left to save Umno and by extension BN might be through cooperation with PAS.’

            Perhaps one of the way. But not the only way. Tun M and others are still in UMNO. Najib is not the only UMNO man around. Najib is dispensable as far as UMNO is concern. He is a liability like what Tun had been saying all this while since 1MDB.

            I Have faith in Muhyiddin and if you can remember I have said that before GE13 lagi that the ahjibgor should angkat kaki as PM or UMNO Presiden. Once and for all. Tengok apa dah jadi sekarang. I still stand by that call made before GE13.

            • 68. Helen Ang  |  July 4, 2015 at 10:44 pm

              re: “‘As it is, I believe that the supporters of both the Tun and Najib camps are kafir-mengkafir like zaman Amanat Hadi.’ / Tak lah Helen. This is a bit overstretch don’t you think.”

              I think some of the Najib troopers are kurang ajar in the way they ejek Tun while some of Tun’s supporters are too brutal in the way they put down the Najib supporters.

              This symptom (gejala) may not be something that has seeped into the grassroots as yet but it is visible among the vocal netizens who command a high profile platform.

              I don’t see any reason for me to be caught in the crossfire.

              re: “Najib is dispensable as far as UMNO is concerned. He is a liability like what Tun had been saying all this while since 1MDB.”

              I’ve have to concede that 1MDB is indeed a big downer. No denying. But let’s see if Najib can get out of it. Things are still unfolding.

              re: “I have faith in Muhyiddin and if you can remember I have said that before GE13 lagi that the ahjibgor should angkat kaki as PM or UMNO Presiden.”

              Under Najib, BN lost the Chinese votes but that’s really because of the DAP’s Politics of Hate which is beyond toxic. Under Muhyiddin, BN may lose the Indian and the native Christian votes as well. Muhyiddin is a pet hate demonised by the DAP as “Malay first”.

              Recall that even after the Chinese tsunami, Najib still attempted reconciliation by setting up the NUCC (with Marina, Wardina, Mujahid, etc) and this week, he appointment Wanita MCA chairman Datuk Heng as a Minister-level advisor on national unity.

              Najib is testing the patience of the Umno Malay core voters by doing all this (keeping MCA on board, engaging the “Peace and Harmony” Christians) but on the flip side, he’s still not giving up on multi-racialism and multi-culturalism.

              On the other hand, I’ve predicted that the DAP’s Politics of Hate is forcing the majority Malays to take to Isma’s ‘Tanah Melayu, Bumi Islam’ way.

              This Islamism is the other side of the coin to the DAP ‘New Politics’ (Evangelism). Najib is still trying to save the old BN consociationalism formula despite nobody giving him any credit.

              re: “Once and for all. Tengok apa dah jadi sekarang. I still stand by that call made before GE13.”

              One thing Najib has which Zahid and Muhyiddin don’t is tack and diplomacy. You may like the Islam First, Malay First approach but still close to 40 percent of the population are non-Muslim while more than 45 percent are non-Malay.

              Remember the Obama strategy for victory. He did not get the majority support of the whites who are the majority race in the USA but he got more than 95 percent of the black votes, and the majority of the Asian and Hispanic votes as well as the majority of the special interest votes (gays, single moms, etc)

              And it’s the Democrats who are occupying the White House, not the Republicans. Muhyiddin only appeals to the Malay right. Not to the non-Malays and non-Muslims.

              Since the Malaysian electorate follows the Obama-esque pattern, Muhyiddin will not be able to cut it with the native Christian and other pribumi voters and the Indians. GE14 will be so close that every segment counts. Najib is flexible and accommodating enough. Muhyiddin is rigid and more liable to lepas cakap.

              In the Sungai Limau by-election, “Muhyiddin mengaitkan penarikan balik subsidi gula (yang bermakna gula naik harga) dengan pulangnya ke Rahmatullah almarhum Azizan, yang menghidap penyakit kencing manis”. See, http://kudaranggi.blogspot.com/2013/10/muhyiddin-yassin-mesti-henti-kaitkan.html

              Ooops, insensitive and cost Umno some votes when PAS made capital out of it.

              In the Sungai Limau by-election, “muhyiddin angkuh! hina calon pas sebagai seorang penjual ikan dan tidak ada kelulusan!” See, http://kerabubersuara.blogspot.com/2009/06/muhyiddin-angkuh-hina-calon-pas-sebagai.html

              Again, Muhyiddin cost Umno votes in a closely fought by-election.

              The above two incidents are in Malay areas. In Christian or mixed areas, the chances of his bloopers are even higher.

              Plus the rest of the Umno leaders have baggage too. I shan’t ungkit for the moment.

              Hisham comes with KJ in tow. Horror of horrors!

              • 69. islam1st  |  July 4, 2015 at 11:31 pm

                ‘he appointment Wanita MCA chairman Datuk Heng as a Minister-level advisor on national unity.’

                And its a waste of money. I agree with DAP on that. But the gendang Cina playing PM is clueless. More gaji for Heng for what? Her kebaya-cina?

                ‘multi-racialism and multi-culturalism.’

                No Malaysian PM had done that Helen. I don’t think the Malay First TPM with Cina menantu oso would simply abandoned that. ahjibgor is clueless and desperate. MCA muka tak malu sebab mengharapkan jawatan subsidi daripada the ‘Malay Gomen’ they sometimes love to hate!

                ‘Muhyiddin don’t is tack and diplomacy. You may like the Islam First, Malay First approach but still close to 40 percent of the population are non-Muslim while more than 45 percent are non-Malay.’

                Helen just because Muhyiddin was not being apologetic about his identity nor hypocritical about it like the the Malaysian Firsters Hannah Yeoh and gangs, it does not mean that he is lack diplomacy. He is the PM in waiting, I’m sure he knows to well being in the public service for quite sometime now that he must be diplomatic. But never apologetic when dealing with the non Malays. Just like Tun M was before.

                The news cited perhaps only to show, sometimes UMNO men tend to terlepas cakap. Just like Najib with his bangang statement!

                ‘The PAS people like Najib, hahaha.’

                Perhaps. We shall see. Things are unfolding yes. It would interesting also to see how the Hudud ‘cooperation’ to unfold in Parliment soon.

                • 70. Helen Ang  |  July 5, 2015 at 12:25 am

                  re: “And it’s a waste of money. I agree with DAP on that. But the gendang Cina playing PM is clueless. More gaji for Heng for what? Her kebaya-Cina?”

                  And I agree with you. Najib should just cut MCA off. As I’ve urged time and again, take back the Malay-majority seats that MCA lost in GE13. Umno should contest these seats themselves.

                  re: “I don’t think the Malay First TPM with Cina menantu oso would simply abandoned that.”

                  Nothing can cairkan hati orang Cina – not DPM’s menantu Cina nor PM’s Mandarin-speaking son with the aka Chinese name. Raja Nong Chik’s wife is Chinese too but that didn’t cut any ice with the Bangsar Chinese ABU-ers either.

                  Depending on how much you’re willing to believe Raja Petra, Muhyiddin coming up to No.1 is dependent on Tun’s support and Tun has been openly complaining about Najib pandering to the Chinese since he started his attacks to remove the PM. So if Muhyiddin wants Tun’s support, he’ll have to toe Tun’s line.

                  re: “ahjibgor is clueless and desperate. MCA muka tak malu sebab mengharapkan jawatan subsidi daripada the ‘Malay Gomen’ they sometimes love to hate!”

                  MCA muka tak malu in allowing the Nest of Evangelista media they own to stab BN in the back, and after that the MCA ministers masih ada hati untuk duduk di cabinet and pally-pally with the Umno ministers. Api dalam sekam, Duri dalam daging, Gunting dalam lipatan!

                  re: “Helen just because Muhyiddin was not being apologetic about his identity nor hypocritical about it like the the Malaysian Firsters Hannah Yeoh and gangs, it does not mean that he is lack diplomacy.”

                  Najib is known for trying very hard with his 1Malaysia although he did not succeed. Muhyiddin is known as “Malay First”.

                  I laud his honesty for admitting that he’s Malay first and I agree that he’s not hypocritical about it and that’s admirable. But you must remember that I’m the 10 percent / only one out of every 10 Chinese who thinks this way.

                  While I personally despise the hypocrisy of ‘Malaysian First’, you must not forget either that BN only got 47 percent of the popular vote and most of it was Malay. This means that the majority of the Chinese, Indians, lain-lain, pribumi, etc (51-52% Pakatan voters) have bought into the Firster indoctrination.

                  I also reckon that the young urbanites and first-time voters have been brainwashed by Sekolah Demokrasi DAP – Dyana, Young Syefura and the other DAP Malay recruits – to believe that Malay Firstness equals “racism” and “racism is so yesterday” (untrendy).

                  For BN to remain in power, we mustn’t lose any more of the non-Malay voters and Malay First Muhyiddin is not their cup of tea.

                  re: “He is the PM in waiting, I’m sure he knows to well being in the public service for quite sometime now that he must be diplomatic.”

                  Puad Zarkashi, who was Deputy Education Minister, recently raised a lot of criticisms of Muhyiddin’s performance as Education Minister. He’s not a popular Education Minister.

                  re: “But never apologetic when dealing with the non Malays. Just like Tun M was before.”

                  But ‘before’ (zaman dulu), BN had never been in the position of losing the popular vote except in 1969. The non Malays today are very problematic, such as the Sabah secessionists.

                  re: “The news cited perhaps only to show, sometimes UMNO men tend to terlepas cakap. Just like Najib with his bangang statement!”

                  True. Najib’s “bangang” blurt-out was akin to shooting himself in the foot. But Muhyiddin shot BN in the foot in Manek Urai. The election was so close that Umno only lost by a wafer thin majority of 65 votes.

                  PAS = 5,348 votes
                  Umno = 5,283 votes

                  Now imagine if Muhyiddin had not offended the fishermen and fishmongers, all it required was a shift of 33 votes for BN to win.


                  PAS / 5,348 – 33 = 5,315 votes
                  Umno / 5,283 + 33 = 5,316 votes

                  Kalau lah pada hari itu TSMY jaga hati orang nelayan sikit.

                  Below is an analysis from a good political blog of the Manek Urai by-election (italics emphasis mine):

                  “Kemenangan yang amat tipis ini pasti disebabkan oleh beberapa perkara, yakni calon muka baru dari PAS, meningkatnya populariti Najib dan kepimpinan UMNO negeri Kelantan, serta persepsi keretakan dalam PAS dan susutnya pengaruh Pas Kelantan dalam Pas Pusat.” sumber: https://dahalmi.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/keputusan-pilihanraya-manek-urai-suatu-ulasan-dan-analisis/

          • 71. Helen Ang  |  July 4, 2015 at 10:54 pm

            ADD / UPDATE

            re: ” I don’t believe that any of the current leaders (Muhyiddin, Zahid, Hisham, Shafie Apdal or anyone else) can pull of unity talks with PAS except Najib.”

            ‘PAS leader: Accusations against Najib defies logic’ – Malaysiakini article today, the PAS leader referred to in the headline is Haron Din @ http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/304063

            This is a great achievement – to get top leaders of the rival party to defend you. Not too long ago, Hadi Awang defended Najib and said that there’s no need for PM to heed the calls for his resignation.

            The PAS people like Najib, hahaha.

            • 72. Setem  |  July 4, 2015 at 11:42 pm


              I didn’t know whether to laugh or to vomit when Najib used his FB to deny WSJ damning allegations against him!

              Who uses social media to counter serious allegations against oneself?

              And you still have faith in Najib?

              His days as PM and UMNO President is numbered.

              • 73. Helen Ang  |  July 5, 2015 at 12:47 am

                re: “I didn’t know whether to laugh or to vomit when Najib used his FB to deny WSJ damning allegations against him! Who uses social media to counter serious allegations against oneself?”

                He should have gone live on national TV as some political pundits have commented. He should do a lot of things, really, but he’s just not doing them – taking action against TMI is definitely one, and neutralizing The J-Star is another.

                His public relations and crisis management are horrendous and his lack of corrective and counter action is bleeding support for the BN.

                re: “And you still have faith in Najib?”

                Sigh. You know that I try to be as realistic as possible and that puts me in the minority, like in the 10 percent (one out of every 10 Chinese). I’m aware that Najib is becoming increasingly unpopular, and that his critics are in the majority and his defenders in the minority.

                But appraising the overall big picture while striving very hard to detach my emotions and contain my frustrations, I don’t see any other alternative to replace Najib.

                I really don’t think Muhyiddin, Hisham or Shafie will be a better replacements with the sole exception of Tun. Yes, Tun is the best war general there is, but he’ll be 93 years old come 2018 and at his age, he can’t be PM for the second time around.

                Can you suggest any candidates? I like KuLi but I think the Dapsters will eat him alive. He’s too much a gentlemen. The DAP are streetfighters.

                re: “His days as PM and UMNO President is numbered.”

                If it (this series of crises) doesn’t kill him, it can only make him stronger. I hope he’ll take Raja Petra’s advice and just shoot, all guns blazing.


                • 74. Helen Ang  |  July 5, 2015 at 12:49 am


                  re: “I really don’t think Muhyiddin, Hisham or Shafie will be a better replacements with the sole exception of Tun.”

                  Muhyiddin, ZAHID, Hisham or Shafie (the VP no.1 slipped my mind)

                  • 75. Setem  |  July 5, 2015 at 5:58 am

                    Dr M isn’t going to replace Najib.

                    Muhyiddin is. But it will be a gargantuan task for him to clean up the humongous mess left by Najib.

                    Dr M is my hero and he will always be one. A true patriot and a pure nationalist. Now everyone will understand his earnest effort to kill off Najib as a PM.

                    • 76. Helen Ang  |  July 5, 2015 at 9:09 am

                      It’s the calibre. Dr M is a capable war general, even in today’s situation when he’s 90. He takes charge decisively and he charges at the head of the troops. And he’ll fight to his last breath, giving it everything he’s got. No retreat.

                      I do not see Muhyiddin as a capable war general. His gaffes at the Sg Limau and Manek Urai were costly.

                      I also do not see it as any benefit for Najib to be replaced by Muhyiddin – that’s no improvement in calibre.

                      However if Najib were to be replaced by Tun, that’s a different story. Nonetheless at 90 going on 93 (in 2018), it’s not as if Tun has political ambitions or wants to occupy Putrajaya himself. So this is not going to happen.

                      In Tun’s earnest effort to kill off Najib as a PM, he’s killing off Umno and the BN’s chances of holding on to federal power. Tun is costing our side a number of Malay votes – like yours.

                    • 77. Jade Emperor  |  July 5, 2015 at 10:07 am

                      Najib Razak plays political poker instead of leading the governance of Malaysia. He has many cards up his sleeve as he maintains his poker silence. He is now playing the joker – with an ulterior motive the nation may be set to lose by it.

                    • 78. Helen Ang  |  July 5, 2015 at 10:33 am

                      Dua kali lima. Tun too is playing poker and has myriad cards up his sleeve. And Najib has accused Tun of playing the WSJ ‘joker’.

                      At the end of the day, we must answer this question: Which one is more destructive for our nation – Umno or DAP?

                      I firmly believe that the DAP is more destructive and that everyone (except their evangelistas and cronies) is dead meat – think Kampung Buah Pala betrayal – if the DAP were to come to federal power.

                      So whatever happens from now until 2018, one consideration we must bear in mind is whether the actions we encourage are, unintentionally, helping the evangelical party to inch closer and closer to Putrajaya.

                    • 79. The Dictator  |  July 5, 2015 at 10:43 am

                      Of course the DAP is most destructive but I predict that the Chinese who are heading in droves to support the DAP come what may will be the biggest loser, the biggest casualty despite repeated warnings.

                    • 80. RINA  |  July 6, 2015 at 2:58 pm

                      @ The Dictator on July 5, 2015 at 10:43 am

                      I believe same.

                      “Yang dikejar tidak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran”

                      To a point of no return. Tsunami Cina is like they digging their own holes, silap langkah tergelicik masuk dan terkambus sendiri dalam lubang.

  • 81. Orangkampung  |  October 5, 2015 at 8:11 pm

    Rahim Thamby Chik on FB pun sudah kena charged.

    Berapa lah sNgat pengikut RTC kat FB berbanding dengan pembaca TMI?


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