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PAS pulls the plug on Pakatan after realising how creepy the Christians are

Pakatan is effectively dead by a vote of two (PAS, DAP) to one (PKR).

PAS’s Majlis Syura Ulamak yesterday formalized the grouping’s long awaited death. A statement by council deputy chairman Dr Nik Muhammad Zawawi Salleh said:

“… Majlis Syura Ulamak kesal dengan tindakan-tindakan provokasi berterusan dan keputusan DAP yang mengecam dan melanggar semangat kerjasama Pakatan Rakyat, serta campur tangan dalam aqidah, dasar dan matlamat PAS. Oleh itu, Majlis Syura Ulamak memutuskan bahawa hubungan tahaluf siasi dengan DAP terbatal.”full text HERE

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

Dewan Ulama PAS blames the DAP’s Chinese Christians

Ustaz Nik Zawawi had earlier, during the party muktamar last month, faulted Chinese Christians for their antagonism to Islam.

“Dewan Ulama PAS hari ini menyalahkan Cina Kristian sebagai kumpulan yang melakukan penentangan terhadap usaha parti itu mempertahankan kesucian Islam dan melaksanakan hukum hudud.” – see ‘Cina Kristian penentang Islam, hudud, kata Dewan Ulama PAS‘ (Ismaweb, 3 June 2015)

He is quoted by Ismaweb as saying:

“Berlaku perubahan baru dalam suasana politik di Malaysia apabila masyarakat Cina yang dahulunya penganut Buddha menukar agama mereka kepada Kristian. .


“Perubahan tersebut mula menyaksikan pertembungan antara PAS dan parti bukan Islam yang rata-ratanya penganut Kristian dan diketahui seteru kepada umat Islam dari zaman berzaman. .


“Satu arus baharu berlaku dalam negara kita, arus masyarakat Cina penganut agama Buddha tinggalkan agama mereka mendekati Kristian. .


“Ini menyebabkan situasi berubah, tahaluf siyasi dapat dipertahankan lebih daripada 10 tahun ketika masyarakat Cina berpegang pada agama Buddha yang tidak menentang dan mempersoalkan agama Islam. .


“Apabila kelompok dalam agama ini mengandaikan Islam mampu membuktikan pelaksanaan dalam membawa keamanan menyebabkan mereka menyerang dengan bermacam-macam situasi supaya Islam tidak dapat dilaksanakan.” .

(1) Malaysian politics UBAH after a wave of Chinese have  newly converted from Buddhism to Christianity.

(2) This change is the cause of the confrontation between PAS and the non-Muslim party [DAP] whose top leadership are “rata-ratanya penganut Kristian”.

(3) This changed situation, with the DAP leadership being full of [evangelical] Christians, is unlike the past when Chinese Buddhists did not oppose nor question Islam.

(4) The Christians who have been the enemies of Islam “dari zaman berzaman” are now attacking because they see that Islam is capable of bringing peace. They attack so that Islam will not be successfully implemented.

hannah caption extreme

PAS: “Campur tangan DAP dalam aqidah, dasar dan matlamat PAS”

In endorsing the muktamar resolution to revoke tahaluf siyasi, PAS’s Majlis Syura Ulamak yesterday expressed its regret at the DAP’s “continuous provocative actions”.

The council also decried the DAP’s “interference in the faith practice, policies and objectives of PAS”. Thank God that PAS can see finally the DAP’s persistent meddling in Islam.

Good on them to have come to this realisation before the damage wrought is beyond repair.

Madame Speaker Hannah Yeoh (seated middle) wearing tudung inside a house

DAP blames PAS in turn

In his response today to PAS, Lim Kit Siang accused the Islamist party’s top leadership of killing Pakatan through their muktamar resolution to sever ties with DAP.

He also alleged that the top PAS leadership had repeatedly violated their Common Policy Framework and “consensus operational principle” [agree to disagree].

Kit Siang said what the PR Common Policy Framework had sought to achieve is

“a united, inclusive, progressive, just and prosperous Malaysia where good governance in Malaysia is the No. 1 concern of all and where Malaysians reject the narrow, petty, extremist, chauvinist politics of race and religion which are the playthings of self-seeking irresponsible politicians to continue to divide and not to unite Malaysians”.

Big yawn. The old dinosaur has been accusing Umno of divisiveness for the better part of the last half century. Yet his talk-talk-talk party has nothing better to show.

Only now, the UBAH or change they are proffering takes a turn to rival PAS’s political Islam with DAP’s own brand of political Christianity.

hannahlks crop

DAP Christians will ABU until there is a new govt in Putrajaya

Kit Siang’s press statement today is long-windedly headlined, ‘Apology that Pakatan Rakyat is dead but vow that PR Common Policy Framework aspirations for an united, inclusive, progressive, just and prosperous Malaysia will live on and continue to be basis of DAP struggle for a new Malaysia until there is a new government in Putrajaya’.

The thing about the opposition’s New Politics is that they’re slick in product packaging and false advertising, like Kit Siang and his slew of feel good words above – “united”, “inclusive”, “progressive”, “just”, “prosperous” (blah, blah, blah … good governance, competence, accountability, transparency, yadda, yadda).

With unity, Malays can rule on their own

Kit Siang also said,

“We in the DAP recognize the political reality that under the present circumstances, no single race or even single political party can rule multi-racial, multi-religious and multi-cultural Malaysia and that the Federal Government from Putrajaya and the various state governments will have to be formed from a coalition of political parties.”

Insofar as the DAP is concerned, he is right. The DAP Christians cannot rule on their own without having Muslim puppets as a front.

However a Malay unity government does not need any Chinese support to rule. This has already been proven in Perak and could happen in Selangor.

3Gs Gold, Self-Glory and Gospel driven by the Big ‘G’ – GREED

Kit Siang added,

“DAP is prepared to be a partner of coalition governments, but it must be a coalition of common political principles and objectives and not a coalition of self-interests and political opportunism just to cling to political offices and position.”

In truth, the DAP revealed their insatiable greed for political offices and position when they tried to grab the post of Selangor Deputy Speaker from PAS, and when they failed to do so, demanded for a pointless new position of Deputy Speaker (II) to be created.

Please note that the Selangor DAP leadership are evangelista. Tony Pua is chairman and Hannah Yeoh is a vice chairman.

DAP kafir supporters Occupy Masjid
DAP kafir supporters Occupy Masjid

DAP treating PAS like an enemy now

Kit Siang characterizes all the MPs and political leaders outside Umno-BN as “progressive and patriotic”.

He claims the progressive and patriotic DAP, PKR and ‘Pasma’/G18 MPs and political leaders desire “to save Malaysia from becoming a failed state as a result of rampant corruption, abuses of power, socio-economic injustices and the collapse of good governance”.

Kit Siang’s description appears to exclude PAS’s ulama MPs and political leaders.

Hence the majority of PAS MPs and political leaders are seen as retrogressive and unpatriotic in the eyes of the DAP.

It’s oppo “convention” to attack and keep attacking the establishment

Kit Siang and his son Guan Eng have also been every sore at PAS president Hadi Awang and Mursyidul Am Haron Din for not attacking Najib as per opposition “convention” – see Malaysiakini article above.

Kit Siang even went as far as to say that “the two top leaders in PAS are giving Najib the strongest defence and support”.

Implied in Hadi and Haron’s support for Najib (as alleged by Kit Siang) is the DAP’s belief that PAS is willing to close one eye to the “rampant corruption, abuses of power, socio-economic injustices and the collapse of good governance” under the BN administration.

It is clear that DAP no longer regards PAS as a partner in their crusade “to save Malaysia from becoming a failed state”.

Well, if you’re not with the DAP, then you will be considered as being against them, and thus a mortal enemy. In which case, Isma today urged PAS to pull out of the Selangor government – see Ismaweb: PAS perlu bersedia tinggalkan Kerajaan Selangor‘. Hannah Yeoh

PAS should just actualize the DAP’s self-fulfilling prophecy. After all, PAS is now quite aware of how the DAP’s sneaky evangelical Christians are creeping out the Malay polity – Hannah Yeoh pictured in tudung litup (left).

PAS can also see for themselves how the DAP are currently baring their fangs and going for the kill on Najib.

If this is the viciousness that the DAP evangelistas are capable of inflicting on Umno, what makes PAS think that they will be spared from equally vicious attacks either by the DAP in the near future.

“Christianization is an agenda of conquest”

And like PAS Majlis Syura Ulamak Ustaz Nik Zawawi has cautioned, kepimpinan DAP “rata-ratanya penganut Kristian”.

Kristianisasi adalah agenda penjajahan. Ia adalah jalan menuju kepada penjajahan umat Islam, bukan semata-mata berkongsi kefahaman dan agama. Jadi membiarkan kristianisasi berlaku adalah ibarat kita membiarkan umat ini dirosakkan secara beransur-ansur. Ia juga termasuk dalam ‘taawun dalam dosa dan permusuhan’. Juga termasuk dengan orang yang ‘menyekat jalan Allah serta mengharapkannya tempang’.” – Ustaz Ahmad Syamil Mohd Esa

Press statement today by Lim Kit Siang on Pakatan’s death

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LKS apology


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  1. If there were a snap GE, I wouldn’t be too sure which party would win; BN with its lembik PM engulfed in the mother of all 1MDB fiasco controversy or the “dead” chaotic divisive Pakatan-no-more party.

    We are really screwed with the present political chaos!

    Really, God help us!

    1. Quote

      “Today (in 2010), everyone may be saying I am wrong, even those who claim to be my friends. In time to come I will be proven right when Pakatan Rakyat is turned to dust. And that day is now upon us.” – Raja Petra Kamarudin (Malaysia Today, 11 July 2015)

  2. So we can now consider Penang, Selangor and Kelantan dibawah kerajaan Tak Sepakat Dah (TSD)?

  3. You even quoted al Quran warning that not to trust jews and Christians, for they will not stop until you follow them. Yet pass slept with DAP and Pasma is the byproduct of that affair.

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