25 thoughts on “Haters gonna hate

  1. Cheating was said the to be the reason behind ,tension .
    Any suggestion by Hannah ,for those dealers not to cheat ,and always honest in their dealing .

    1. yeah. can someone tweet to Hannah to ask PM how to educate the young not to CHEAT?

  2. Did you see the news about how an English teacher asked the student to write a simple message to Najib on GST? This is the kind of hatred that the Pakatan supporters instilling in Malaysian youths toward the government. The letter was littered with spelling errors and ironically the teacher’s correction was itself grammatically wrong.

    And to take the cake, the teacher wrote “stay strong” on the essay as a message of empowerment….

    1. I’ll bet the teacher is an evangelista. They’re the ones moving the hate in cyberspace.

              1. Or Isis members beheading innocent civilians? Or a corrupt Malay party being continuously voted in my the majority of Malays, even though corruption is clearly haram as I was led to believe.

                1. Don’t recall ISIS pretending to be meek and mild or the Malay party preaching love-love-love and claiming to love his neighbour (and the wife too?)

  3. I’ll bet the teacher is an evangelista. They are the ones with the broken language, still insist on using it. Don’t know why. Especially when they speak, all the ‘la’ and ‘ma’ will come out, wann….

  4. One liners and everyone is going gaga.

    Maybe her vocabulary is that, maybe she speaks to the little indian girl and little chinese girl in this manner.

    Can someone send at twit to this nitwit as followers,

    “‘””Hi YB(Yang Buruk) Hannah, any suggestion as to how i can be like you, need your advise as i want my children to be 1 x chinese and 1 x indian ??”””

  5. Sengal ke aper si HY? Soklan macam tu pun nak tanya PM? sendiri tak boleh pikir ke? Sapelah pilih YB IQ macam ni?

  6. kita tak berkenaan tak payah nak masuk campur. Kita tak tahu cerita. Termasuk DAP.

    Tak pasal – pasal kita panas.

  7. Good morning Helen

    Pukimak punya cina loves cheating
    Hannah asking PM who ws played out by cina.
    Hannah forgot how chubby shitty dealer ‘kencing’ ahjib

    Hannah, how to stop cina yg suka sangat menipu

    1. You do realise that Helen is a Chinese right? To say pukimak punya cina to a Chinese blog owner shows your level of sophistication and intelligence. As we can see by your comments, the Chinese/DAP are not the only so called racists in Malaysia.

      1. ‘Or Isis members beheading innocent civilians?’

        Brader, pernah tengok filem ‘Wag the Dog’ atau ‘Syriana’ for that matter?

        BTW Brader, this is your ISIS, do read some of the comments too. Harap2 jadi cerdik sikit lepas ni yer. Tapi makan pun kena jaga juga kalau takmau jadi benak so uphill battle la tapi kena cuba k…


  8. STEAL

    1. to take (the property of another or others) without permission or right, especially secretly or by force:

    2. to appropriate (ideas, credit, words, etc.) without right or acknowledgment.

    Hannah tak faham kot the meaning of steal?

    Apapun, kena ajaq makayah atok nenek dulu not to steal. Children will normally follow, tak payah di ajar pun boleh.

    As Adun she should walk around and see what these adults are doing in bright daylight, just start with Selangor pun cukup. Belum jadi Adun pernah tak dia sewa or buy pirated CDs, fake handbags etc etc etc?

    She will see them everywhere. Go catch these people too.

  9. Yeoh Yoh, Bila orang Melayu yang melakukannya, wah, kamu menjadi hebat menyokong Hudud. Cuba kalau Cinabeng yang melalakukan nya, mula lah kamu maki hamun hukum Hudud!

  10. Melayu masih lagi terpaksa memikul beban punca segala kesalahan sejagat.

    Kerana terpaksa memadamkan api kemarahan Melayu yang terpendam, Melayu terpaksa memikul beban pertuduhan penyebab kejadian.

    Bagaimana hendak dikatakan kepada dunia bahawa puak penipu juga terlibat sebagai pencetus kejadian andaikata kemarahan terpendam Melayu akan terus membuak dan tidak dapat dikawal lagi?

    Melayu masih lagi terpaksa memikul beban punca segala kesalahan sejagat.

    Semua salah Melayu.

  11. Ms H. The Star. Front page. Saturday 25 July 2015. Bank Negara Malaysia looking for two corporate recalcitrants. The Hainanese again, over and over again in Corporate and fake religious ventures in both Malaysia and Singapore.

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