Low Yat and Chinese getting the Peace & Harmony they voted for

There was a mob gathered outside Low Yat plaza last night. Fighting broke out and some people were injured.

In the following scene recorded on amateur video – which you can view @ – shouts of “pukimak punya Cina!” can be heard. The words being shouted infer that there is an angst-ridden anger directed at Chinese in general.

From the last election, we know that almost 90 percent of the Chinese strongly support the opposition, and the DAP is their flag bearer. So we can fairly say that the DAP represents the Chinese community. (The MCA most certainly does not.)

Those shouts of “pukimak punya Cina!” heard outside Low Yat are, ergo, directed at a race whom are electorally represented by the DAP.

Now, please ponder on irony of how DAP evangelical politics is being played out in the grand scheme of things.

Hannah Dont say I am Muslim


The Malay mob at Low Yat are angry at the Chinese but the DAP politicians who represent the Chinese electorate are, on the other hand, very gung-ho in strutting their muslimin-muslimat fraudulent image.

They and their rabid Jerusubang followers are also proclaiming that tudung is worn because they “respect Islam’,

e.g. Hannah Yeoh has been making media headlines recently hawking her “respect” for Islam … despite the strange anomaly that she had threatened to make a police report against anybody discussing the (false) rumour that she had converted to the faith.

BELOW: DAP evangelista politicians (from left) YB Hannah Yeoh, YB Teo Nie Ching, YB Elizabeth Wong (PKR) and YB Yeo Bee Yin

Christian quartet tudung

Evangelista politicians distance themselves from “pukimak punya Cina” bukit image

Note: The evangelista politicians are ‘not’ Chinese, they’re bangsa Anak Malaysia; below – “Anak Malaysia” birth certificate application of Hannah Yeoh’s daughter


In fact, Hannah went to the extent of demonizing a Sin Chew columnist as a Chinese extremist. The Chinese newspaper columnist had called out Hannah on her tudung hypocrisy.

Let’s get this clear, okay. A high profile leader (Hannah) of the political party (DAP) representing Chinese voters had demonized a leading voice in the Chinese journalism fraternity as holding “extreme views” because he disapproved of her tudung-wearing.

BELOW: One can’t scold Hannah as a “pukimak punya Cina” because she does not recognize herself as a Chinese

Hannah Yeoh on Twitter an appeal to @NajibRazak to allow my child

When the Malay mob out there in Bukit Bintang shouted “pukimak punya Cina”, do they have in their head a mental picture of the typical Sin Chew reader (note that the paper’s writer has been accused of being a Chinese extremist)?

Surely when they shout “pukimak punya Cina”, the Malays can’t have in mind DAP evangelistas because tudung-wearing is uncommon among the Chinese (unless one is a born Muslim or a Muslim convert) and hence the DAP politicians don’t portray a typically Chinese image.

In short, the DAP politicians are actually distancing themselves from the Cina totok while at the same time trying to infiltrate Malay areas.

BELOW: DAP Aduns Liow Cai Tung (Johor Jaya), Wong Shu Qi (Senai) and MP Teo Nie Ching (Kulai) in baju kurung at the pasar Ramadhan and mosque

Also, DAP Adun Lau Weng San (Kampung Tunku) and MP Ong Kian Ming (Serdang) wearing baju Melayu and songkok






DAP calls the Chinese “racist”, so don’t call DAP “pukimak punya Cina” ok?

Remember, the DAP evangelista politicians are most adamant that identification by race is “racist”. We are all Malaysians first.

Hannah had also insisted that there are no Malays and no Indians too in her party central committee … we are Malaysians ONLY everyone of us in the DAP’s “zero Chinese” public posturing.



DAP evangelical leader labelled a Chinese journo an extremist

Again, don’t forget that a DAP leader had demonized her critic as a Chinese extremist.

The DAP evangelista politicians are just as quick to tar and feather Chinese as “racists” too. This is as well as being branded anti-Islam religious bigots if the Chinese critic refuses to toe the DAP’s sandiwara muhibbah line using tudung as a stage prop to garner political capital.

If you object to the DAP evangelista politician using tudung for political mileage, then you’re tarred by her frothing-at-the-mouth fan base as being anti-Islam, i.e. refusing to respect Islam and to understand the need for all that DAP tudung-wearing.

Hannah tudung red
Hannah Yeoh and her tudung here, tudung there
Hannah tudung-ing here there and everywhere

Furthermore, the evangelista leaders of this chameleon political party go to extraordinary lengths to purvey a Muslim image of themselves.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh’s tudung-clad Chinese interns Occupy Masjid

DAP kafir supporters Occupy Masjid

Grandpapa Dapster Lim Kit Siang distributing buah kurma this bulan puasa, and grinning like a demented thrill seeker

LKS kurma

Papa Dapster Lim Guan Eng placing himself centrestage in a Maulidur Rasul banner dan makan ikut sunnah Nabi


Guan Eng makan dalam talam

Mama Dapster Hannah Yeoh even wears tudung when she’s not inside a mosque but inside a house


Summary of the DAP’s New Politics credo

A Malay mob shouts “pukimak punya Cina” and vent their anger at the Chinese.

The DAP evangelista politicians pula are trying to look as Islamic as they can.

Additionally, evangelistas are themselves going around imputing “extremism” and “racism” to those Cina totok not aligned to the DAP’s duplicitous “colour blind, beyond creed” ideology.

The bottomline is this: Some Malays last night in the vicinity of Low Yat were angry at the Chinese. If you’re a Chinese salesgirl or salesboy, you might be unfortunate enough to find yourself accidentally caught in the fracas at the mall.

These same Malays however cannot possibly be angry at the DAP politicians because leaders of the evangelical party do not go to Low Yat. Instead the evangelistas (who are ‘not Chinese’ in any case) can usually be found at the pasar Ramadhan, majlis buka puasa and in the surau and masjid.

If race and religious tensions should ever spiral out of control – heaven forbid – the DAP evangelistas nonetheless appear to be quite safe. Lucky them.


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108 thoughts on “Low Yat and Chinese getting the Peace & Harmony they voted for

  1. When I read about what happened and when my FB getting full with a pictures of a “mob” gethering outside LY, what I really want to do is shouting I told you so.

    It’s only taking a small things to blow out of proportion and in this case a HP to be ignited into a fight for maruah. Yes my FB full of this “Maruah Melayu di Injak2”.

    Do this people’s if this things escalated will differentiate this new Christian breed? I don’t thinks so coz starting from last year the Malay already starting to generalize all the Chinese to a mold of people’s Malay should be aware off. They’re sneaky and willing to stab you from behind if you turn your back.

    Looks like what ever happened after this the distrust they planting is starting to bears a fruits. And it’s looks like it’s not as sweets and delicious as they thought it should be.


    1. I know Sarah. Traditionally the saying is Lembu punya susu, sapi punya nama. Only in this case, evangelista buat jahat hari-hari dok provoke, kaum Tionghua yang terpalit.

      re: “Yes my FB full of this ‘Maruah Melayu di Injak2’.”

      Please tell your FB friends that maruah Melayu lagi terinjak when your mosques and suraus are being occupied by posses of evangelistas using your place of worship for their cheap politicking and social media gimmickry.

      And it is you all yourself – the mosque committee who invite them and the qariah who welcome them. Buka lah mata sikit, wahai Melayu.

      1. ‘And it is you all yourself – the mosque committee who invite them and the qariah who welcome them. Buka lah mata sikit, wahai Melayu.’

        Itu geng-geng PArtiSyurga saja Helen. Melayu lain tak kalut. Mungkin Melayu PKR skit kut…

        Melayu lain tahu Cina macam Guan Eng menghasut Cina kononnya mereka second, third and fourth class!

        1. A lot of the mosques are controlled by PAS.

          Umno should take back control of the mosque.

          Or Umno and PAS should get together in the name of Malay unity.

      2. There’s a lot of Malays watching them an silently brewing inside asking the questions why the kariah allows it. But this Malay usually only discuss it over the wassup or group chat.

        They’re the one who’s grumbling and watch helplessly what they saw as the failure of authorities to takes action when the issue involved the Malay right vs other races.

        There’s the one who started floating into the MK comments saying MK racist and a blatant lier when reporting the issue regarding the Malay and government.

        I got the feeling the restlessness was there and its getting widespread. Few years ago a lots of comments in MK FB was directly about people’s fed up or hates the government. Now the comments was more on MK is Batu Api.

        . More and more this kind of comments creaping out of MK. MK bahasa Malaysia deleted a lot of post after getting bombarded with hatred comments towards them.

        I’m also seeing a lots of posting on how some enterprising souls translating headline from Chinese newspapers and posting it to their FB walls. Some articles especially when the issue related to the Malay get the same treatment.

        Never before in the history of Malaysia a mare people’s monitoring Chinese newspapers and reporting openly what the Chinese saying about some issues.

        Last year I’m watching the perception among the Malay towards the Chinese changed drastically. Whatever I’m saying is useless then and now it’s in the verge of points of no return.

        LY gathering is the prove sosial media’s maybe controlling by few selected but the perception they need to projects was not what they hope for. People’s now shifting from blaming government to blames the Chinese as the real culprits in a lot of issues. They sabotage government plan because they wanted to rules the Malay. A perception that getting accepted widely day by day.

        And this tudung wearer was not helping at all. While their worshippers behaving like this is the goodness of the centuries there a Malay look at it as a prove how this people’s will do anything for power. And post it in the FB.

        There’s a saying what you give you get back and its look like the get back come sooner than expected unless government can control this.

        Otherwise it will circulating downwards.


        1. re: “there a Malay look at it as a prove how this people’s will do anything for power”

          I agree with the Malay point of view. They will do anything for power. It’s very ugly.

  2. So much for their beyond race politics and their much touted racial equality in the form of a Malaysian race, the so called Bangsa Malaysia. The moment some incident like this occurs they are nowhere to be found, which is not to say that they are not aware of what’s happening because they know precisely what really happened, the cranked up holy juice maniacs will come out and lash out at these Malays as the mob attacking the helpless Chinese. Talk about hypocrisy.

    The Chinese have nothing to do with these snake oil paddlers. What they have done, so successful up till this point, is to implant in the minds of the Malays that the Chinese = DAP. This is their one and only success, which is nothing to shout about although a very significant number of the Chinese do indeed associate themselves with everything DAP, the vast majority of them are not in the Chinese = DAP monolith.

    This is no laughing matter although some of these snake oil paddlers are laughing at both the Malays and Chinese, Malays because they took the bait and Chinese for being their punching bags.

    1. At this point in our political calculus, there is no hope and no cure for the J-Juiced Chinese who choose to throw their lot with the DAP.

      The most tactical strategy for BN now is to cut loose the MCA and to take PAS on board to salvage enough Malay support so that the incumbents do not lose Putrajaya to the sneaky bastards.

      1. agree. then mca can close shop their pusat khidmat that have been giving community services to the public especially the Chinese masses.

        as long as mca is alive, all those j-juice Chinese will always turn to mca for social help but vote dap when election comes.

        then we can see and evaluate how efficient those pusat khidmat dap which I believe 90% of their activity revolves around giving hatred spewing speeches and syok sendiri programmes like holy places related, blood donation or money donation. that kind of programmes any ngo can do.

        the real test is when you deal with victims of loan shark, gambling/alcoholic addiction or abusive families. and help in the process of solving it. which I can barely see up to this day.

      2. But Helen, how does UMNO take the ideologically Islamist party PAS onboard mother ship Malaysia without skewing the multicultural steering wheel and unbalancing its traditional social ballast? Mr. Najib may have committed some grave indiscretions of authority but the traditional muslim UMNO membership have been pronounced as “kafir” by the PAS leadership since decades ago.

        1. Desperate times, desperate measures.

          PAS is not desperate but Umno is being assailed by heavy artillery. So Umno needs PAS more than PAS needs Umno.

          Some PAS members might be able to accept a co-operation with Umno while some might object. The bargaining chip is for Umno to lend its support for Islamization, e.g. the bipartisan vote that pushed through the recent hudud bill in Kelantan.

          On the Umno side, the BN is losing electoral ground and will need to shore up the Malay vote.

          Malay unity could well rake in more than the sum of its parts, i.e. Malay support for Umno, Malay support for PAS as well as an entirely new constituency – Malay support for Umno-PAS, i.e. fencesitters who find Umno-PAS to be a more attractive proposition compared with Umno alone or PAS alone.

          The push factor is the DAP aggression. At last! Umno and PAS can see eye to eye on a major political issue and sharing a common ground in their mutual antipathy for the DAP.

          As for the BN’s “traditional social ballast”, the Chinese have forfeited their berth on the BN ship. It is only prudent for the BN war room to write off the Chinese vote for GE14.

          The Indians (MIC and mosquito parties PPP and IPF) will stick with the BN.

          More severely affected by the changed dynamics will be the Sabah & Sarawak parties. With PAS on board, the BN may lose a degree of Christian support. Here is where the critical calculation comes in.

          Will BN lose native Christian support in any case, all other things being equal? In GE13 (2013), the Chinese tsunami would have happened regardless of whatever Najib did or did not do. Is it going to be the same scenario with the Christian vote in Borneo for GE14?

          And then there’s the delicate balancing. Will the gain in Malay votes in the peninsula accruing from ‘unity’ with PAS offset the anticipated loss of native Christian votes in Sabah and Sarawak? Which headcount (plus Malay/minus Christian or minus Malay/static Christian) is more worthwhile and will help secure Putrajaya for the BN?

          1. The traditional UMNO ballast in East Malaysia would be affected negatively because at best this would be another political marriage of convenience for PAS yet again – UMNO’s universalistic Islamic stance would then be compromised wittingly or unwittingly by religious ideologues who were responsible in the first place for the fissures in the Malay social identity.

            1. There’s no Umno in Sarawak.

              Umno Sabah may not be too happy because they have Christian voters in their wards.

              But then again, like I said, the calculation just has to be made carefully. On the one hand, the sitting Umno Sabah YB will lose some Christian votes. On the other hand, BN may lose GE14 in which case the Umno Sabah YB will find himself sitting on the federal opposition bench.

              Of course we can get away from the fact that bring PAS on board will upset the traditional balance. But then again, losing Putrajaya will be an even bigger upheaval.

  3. Najib asked for it. Lim Kim Siang and Lim Guan Eng begged for it and the DAP evangelistas swarmed the nation with their brand of lies, lies and more lies and hypocrisy is their buzz word….

    OPPO selling fake goods too?.. While I was still very young during May 13, from what I read, the build up to that historical event is somewhat repeated by the same lead actor and similar supporting actors….

    Well done to our very intelligent and forward thinking politicians for creating this wonderful recipe for disaster. Too many lies abd too much hypocrisy coming from some people…

    The nation is full of anger and hatred and may soon go all the way? And what will the politicians and actors will do and say??? Maybe the nation will be reduced by about 15% but by the no use crying over spilt milk….. It will take the nation forever to be as one and in harmony…and the last laugh will belong to the DAP…

    YES!!!! success indeed to divide the nation….Lets celebrate the occasion, shall we yes?? PASMA and G18 and of course the great PKR Grand leader and adviser.

    1. Thank you too to the DAP and other Cina parties like MCA and Dong Jia Zong for telling the Chinese that the Malays are good-for-nothing-born-dumb-rent-seekers-doing-nothing-better-but-lazying-out-and-makan-buta-the-Cina-tax-monies-ony, so that when a Cina boy want to con a Malay boy over a hp purchase, he will be confident and felt justified enough to do so!

      1. re: “when a Cina boy want to con a Malay boy over a hp purchase”

        We don’t know if this is true. The news reports quoted police as saying it was a case of shoplifting/theft.

        1. I’m saying rather academically. As a matter of discussion. But on the other hand, some already jump on the Melayu-duit-talak-suka-curi-kakis, I chose to mirror otherwise.

          But I agree with your stand on the matter. Hopefully yang benar akan mendapat hak yang sepatutnya. Harap2 masa tu segalanya masih belum terlambat!

        2. The police are investigating the case from 2 angles, shoplifting/theft and the other one, which is still unproven thus far, alleging that the customer demanded a return of his money because the hp is a fake product.

  4. We are witnessing the start of the inevitable. The insults, abuses and disrespect for Malays, Muslims ad their institutions by a mainly Chinese (and to some extent Tamil) polity has come to a head.

    Malay tolerance for the decades of abuse by the upper middle class Malays, the Chinese and other non Malay groups has come to an end. It will explode and explode in the kind of riots that the country was witness to in 13 May 1069. It will give the government the legitimacy to introduce martial law which will see the total annihilation and decimation of the current crop of opposition political parties (which can’t be a bad thing).

    In the event we have another May 13 we will witness the abandoning of Malaysia by the likes of Ambiga Sreenivasan, Theresa Kok and those members of the Malaysian Bar and foreign funded publications like Malayia Kini to the west via Singapore or Thailand.

    Many of these individuals already have their “get out of jail (or KL)” tickets planned and paid for by their backers.

    Australia, the US, Canada and the UK have already made contingency plans to accept a number of these people as “temporary political refugees” in the event the Loy Yat incident escalates.

    Government must bring back a more rigid and inflexible ISA to prevent anything getting out of hand and to deal with the current situation. Najib Razak is patient and puts on a soft exterior. I suspect that exterior belies a hardened and determined person who will be unforgiving and tenacious in his quest to destroy this mob if self righteous trendies who are the problem.

    1. re: “I suspect that exterior belies a hardened and determined person who will be unforgiving and tenacious in his quest to destroy this mob …”

      I really, really hope so.

      My fervent wish is for Najib to become a war general. Deal with the evangelista menace immediately.

      1. Destroy this mob ? Take a good look at KJ and his press secretary the infamous Regina Lee. The barbarians are deep inside the city. He is by no means the only one who associates himself with the DAP.

        1. As realistically as I can assess, Najib the liberal won’t be able to weather the 1MDB controversy.

          Najib the Malay nationalist may be able to keep his head above water but in order to do so, he’ll require the solid backing of PAS, Perkasa, Isma and their ilk. This option is riding the tiger.

          If Najib sinks and the Tun faction wins, then some pundits are predicting that KJ will be disposed off (from Cabinet). So that automatically takes care of the Dapster-scissorati problem, hopefully.

              1. Isma memang tak langsung. ISMAweb memang tak bagi muka langsung kat ahjibgor.

                Perkasa punya sokongan pun berpilih Helen. Lebih kepada sokongan padu kepada politik yang cuba dimainkan oleh TPM dan menyokong langkah yang dibuat oleh TPM berdasarkan tuduhan berat WSJ.

                Cuba read between the lines..biasalah orang Melayu…

                ‘“Tindakan Muhyiddin yang telah mengeluarkan kenyataanya berhubung isu tersebut wajar dipuji kerana itu adalah isyarat daripada pemimpin nombor dua negara. Ia wajar diperluaskan oleh pemimpin lain di semua peringkat dan juga rakyat tanpa mengira parti politik.

                “Ini kerana pendakwaan ke atas WSJ boleh membuktikan bahawa Najib tidak bersalah. Paling penting pihak tidak bertanggungjawab yang menyebarkan fitnah itu juga boleh dikenal pasti dan didakwa di mahkamah,” katanya ketika dihubungi Utusan Malaysia di sini hari ini.’

                and this

                ‘“Siasatan perlu dijalankan seadil-adilnya tanpa bersifat apologetik seiring dengan kenyataan Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yang mahu pihak berkuasa telus dan menyeluruh.’

                Yang lain-lain tu cuma kosmetik saja. Sama macam apa yang Najib duk buat sekarang ni, dengan tuduh kem Tun M via Daim (kut?) serang dia.

                Lagipun Ibrahim Ali dah berapa kali kata Najib tak layan Perkasa. Tak pernah hadir ke rumah terbuka perkasa. Ada saya dengar Perkasa pun tak pernah dapat sokongan monetary daripada gendang Cina playing ahjibgor?!

                Atau mungkinkah Melayu Perkasa pun mudah lupa??

                1. re: “Ada saya dengar Perkasa pun tak pernah dapat sokongan monetary daripada gendang Cina playing ahjibgor?!”

                  The Dapsters will swear on their Holy Bible that Perkasa is funded by Umno :)

          1. Sorry Ms HA,

            Najib is no more Malay nationalist. He has declared loud and clear, that he is of Bugis heritage, warrior at that….

            And he remains, helpless, powerless and as we already know, CLUELESS, besides other “LESS” attached to his Name and legacy.

            He remains a Sotong, and the only good thing of sotong is buat sotong sumbat atau sotong goreng tepung. He has tentacles but ….. sorry, tak baik keji orang dalam berpuasa, nanti terbatal; rugi jer berlapar dan berdahaga.

          2. But what is it about 1MDB that is wrong apart from the alleged losses they have accumulated and the debt strategy they have adopted?

            Lets hear the arguments instead of the cacophonous choruses of the opposition.

            Debt as a strategy is what all banks exist on. Losses are not crimes they are a fact of business. Singapore’s Sovereign fund made losses of $65 billion in the fall out of the Global Financial Crises. Its losses were of course larger if one takes into account what Chip Goodyear the former BP CEO Harley riding Harvard graduate found in the books of Tamasek. It caused him to pull out within the 3 month trial period on the job. He was paid handsomely ( a multi million severance payment) and move on with the condition he not discuss the reasons for his departure from the fund.

            Inspite of the criticisms directed at her, Ho, Lee Sien Loong’s wife turned those losses into a massive profit now 8 years on from that crisis.

            The current controversy surrounds rumours. Not provable facts. No one has had the courage or the knowledge or the facts to particularise the allegations in detail because there are none.

            Najib in my view may well survive the controversy because like the Altantuya affair the opposition has come up with dead bodies, assassins but not the incontrovertible proof required to close their case.

            They have instead put up discredited and incredulous statements doctored by lawyers and a deceased no informer and pathological liar in Balasubramaniam whose statutory declaration (instead the more appropriate evidence in an affidavit) was drafted by a lawyer (or lawyers) in KL. They make that admission unintentionally on youtube (courtesy of Malaysia Kini).

            What the PM needs to do now is to arrest each of these individuals who have given rise to what is a national disgrace with grave consequences for the economy and the integrity of the nation and put them behind bars like previous governments have done.

            Fact is no one has yet come up with anything other than rumours. It is as if to say that no one else has concerns for the economy and well being of the nation than those loud mouths and rumour mongers.

            This sort of conduct is seditious.

      2. He has some of the qualities of his late father. A man with a steely resolve concealed by his quiet demeanour. It will happen.

    2. The same people who made this possible will frame this latest incident as Malays bullying the Chinese and the Chinese will believe this narrative. Then the whole circus starts.

      There will be calls for the government to take actions against extremist groups. We know who these extremists they are going to pin on, for sure it’s not the people who have egged, provoked and insulted the natives.

      We’re not going to have any riots on the scale of May 13 unless of course the real provocateurs decide to risk it all in the drive for one, final victory. A more palpable reason for future riots is economic, the widening rift between an elite comprising educated and connected Malays, Chinese and Indians who now control the commanding heights of our economy and the dispossessed majority dominated by Malays and other natives.

      1. Quote: The same people who made this possible will frame this latest incident as Malays bullying the Chinese and the Chinese will believe this narrative.

        Who made this possible?

        The mob that rampages Lowyat are poor scapegoats in a sinister plot to paint the Malays as bully?

        1. ‘The same people who made this possible will frame this latest incident as Malays bullying the Chinese and the Chinese will believe this narrative. Then the whole circus starts.’

          And here it is Survivor. You’ve said it first. And surely they just can’t wait can they?

          ‘DAP has accused the police of inaction as racist remarks and provocative statements were hurled outside the Low Yat Plaza in Kuala Lumpur last night, which saw 5 people injured when groups clashed over alleged theft of a handphone. – See more at:

          DAP tak kisah pasal hak pembeli yang ditipu sebab dia Melayu ke??

          1. Quote: DAP tak kisah pasal hak pembeli yang ditipu sebab dia Melayu ke??

            Is DAP the Tribunal for Consumer claims?

            1. DAP wants Malaysian Malaysia right? Isn’t consumerisme a part of our daily life in Malaysia. Mana boleh cherry pick issue yang senang settle atau yang menguntungkan diri sendiri saja?

              Typical immigrant mentality, cuma mau pekara yang boleh mendatangkan wang atau kuasa, benda lain tak kisah pun, jadi polis atau tentera wang takda ma, boleh bahayakan nyawa lagi. Kalau takda sekolah cina agaknya berapa percent bilangan bangsa cina yang jadi cikgu? Mau tegakkan semangat nasionalisme dan patriotik jauh sekali.

              I wish our leaders would have the guts to turn PLKN into a 5 years National Service for everyone and mandatory if you want to be a warganegara and as a pre-requirement to enter public tertiery education establishment. Baru semua hargai kewarganegaraan.

              Tak mau tak apa. Jadi PR saja lah, tak layak mengundi dan kena bayar income tax 40% flat. Imagine what a mighty nation Malaysia will be. Tapi relax la, ini cakap cakap kosong saja sama macam DAP punya janji. KOSONG!

              1. AE

                I see chop suey rants are the flavour of the day.

                “I wish our leaders would have the guts to turn PLKN into a 5 years National Service for everyone …”

                I believe it’s not a matter of guts. It’s a matter of funding.

                The question of practicality also arises.

                But heck, why would you care about the feasibility factor when the entrée of the day seems to be chop suey rants? lol

    3. I salute you grkumar for your accurate gauging of the Malay sentiments vis-a-vis the genetically DAP Chinese and to some extent, the Indians, like you said. The DAP & other ultra-kiasu Chinese organizations have been poisoning the Chinese minds to hate anything Islamic, Malay & the monarchy, since pre-merdeka time, culminating in the May 13 1.0.

      With the Malays having been offended beyond pacification and the DAP remaining arrogantly remorseless and unrepentant, May 13 2.0 is just around the corner. Like you said grkumar, inevitably!

      Allow me to narrate a story that occurred in the mid-80’s. A good Chinese friend of mine told me one day; “Yesterday I was invited to attend a closed door political ceramah organized by the DAP. So. last night I went. Waa, they really whacked the Malays.” I knew such events were rampantly organized by the DAP but I regretted not asking my friend the details of the ceramah. Seeing my non-reaction, he was quick to add; “Too much la those fellas”.

      Two things can be concluded from that narration. Firstly, the DAP has been very successful in their crusade and mission in sowing the destructive seeds of hatred among the Chinese against Islam & Malays [I remember then, road names inscribed in jawi in Port Klang town were defaced, as they perceived jawi as Islamic and thus saw it as an effort to impose Islamization on the non-Muslims]. Soon, though I pray it won’t happen, we will be tasting the bitter fruits of the DAP’s labour.

      2ndly, and fortunately, the story also tells us that not all Chinese are amenable to the DAP way. Unfortunately, though, UMNO leaders [UMNO being the pillar of the government] are too dumb and apathetic to court and solicit support from “the other Chinese”. They are too busy counting their kickbacks and scheming to collect more, to care about the well being of the country. I thought post GE-13 they would taubat and mend their ways but no. It’s not only business as usual, but with greater intensity…their plundering of the nation’s wealth.

      1. Que sera sera. What will be will be. “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come” (Victor Hugo) Les Miserables.

  5. Najib clueless dan tak boleh handle DAP. Tak tahulah sibuk buat apa. Pergi sana, pergi sini. Boleh tak fokus kepada benda- benda penting.
    PM macam manusia lain ada 24 jam sahaja sehari.

    Resign jelah kalau masih nak jadi headless chicken, Tak payahlah sibuk -sibuk bagi duit zakat, rasmi itu rasmi ini. Orang lain boleh buat.

    Rosmah pula hari – hari gambar dia masuk suratkhabar. Michelle Obama pun tak macam tu walaupun ramai rakyat US taksub dengan dia.

  6. So Helen, what do you suggest? Continue to vote for a party that has no idea how to manage a country’s economy? Is the falling ringgit and education levels not a concern to you? These issues are as important to a lot of us you know, not just race based politics, and a lot of people will consider this at the next elections.

    1. re: “Continue to vote for a party that has no idea how to manage a country’s economy?”

      If Umno-BN had no idea how to manage our country’s economy, we would not be middle-income today.

      re: “Is the falling ringgit and education levels not a concern to you?”

      The ringgit to the dollar has been stable for a long time. It was only quite recently, following the 1MDB blockbuster bombshell, that the RM dropped slightly in value.

      As for the education level, there are various reasons including the behaviour of children today which is unlike the older generations as well as the material (financial) expectations of teachers today, which again is different from the commitment and dedication to the job shown by previous generations.

      You can’t blame the ruling party alone for the dip in standards when the attitude of the population has evolved, and not for the better.

      Also don’t forget that in the past, only the richer and cleverer kids had the chance to attend school. Under those circumstances, it’s natural that education standards were higher. Today almost everyone has been enfranchised and with universal access to education, we have quantity but the quality suffers.

      re: “These issues are as important to a lot of us you know, not just race based politics, and a lot of people will consider this at the next elections.”

      If these issues are important to you, then do something about it rather than just point your finger at Umno. How about encouraging your daughters and nieces to become teachers, eh?

      As for “race-based politics”, I’m of the firm belief that the DAP harps a lot more on race than any of the BN parties ever did. Bloody hypocrites – one example, when Zairil Khir Johari was introduced to the public as Guan Eng’s pol-sec, the DAP put a lot of stress that he’s a Malay.

      In their press conference called to announce Zairil’s example, the DAP could have well omitted any mention of race if they really wanted to practise what they preach. Guan Eng could have easily told the newsmen, “Please eet my new pol-sec Zairil – a bright, young MALAYSIAN whom we’re proud to welcome onboard”.

      But no. DAP just had to emphasize that he’s a Malay and furthermore brought up his stepfather Khir Johari’s Umno pedigree.

      1. ‘and furthermore brought up his stepfather Khir Johari’s Umno pedigree.’

        Yup. The extremely racist the late step father of his. UMNO la katakan!

        But did people get to see how bloody racist the guy is sampai sanggup bela anak Cina siap ambik pakai nama dia lagi?!

        Tak sebab to them its ABU till kingdom comes! And yet Zairil Khir Johari ada hati (and MUKA) nak mocks the Malays wholesale kat UM tempoh hari. Dia yang terhegeh2 nak jadi Melayu. Tapi kata kat orang yang memang asli diaspora Melayu!


      2. Helen,

        Many Chinese friends of mine wonder why the majority of Malays voted for UMNO.

        I told them there are many reasons for it. On some constituents that UMNO won, the local UMNO leaders are sincere and effective.

        The other reason is that in last election, PAS was seen as selling itself to DAP.

        But one major point is that many voted UMNO out of fear. Looking at how insistence DAP with “Ini kalilah” plus Anwar’s refusal to swear (a big thing in Muslim community), Malays feel that UMNO is the best choice at that time.

        That does not mean that UMNO is prim and proper. It has many weaknesses too. But overall, it delivers.

        The effect of “ini kalilah” is obvious. It resulted UMNO forms state governments on its own without the need of MCA, MIC, Gerakan. In Perak, out of 31 seat BN won, 30 are from UMNO.

        In NS, UMNO alone forms the governments. The same can be said about UMNO in Johor, Melaka, Kedah, Perlis, Trengganu, Pahang.

        What happened in Low Yat shows that the goodwill between Malays and Chinese are over. Just as Chinese feel that they can take over Malaysia, Malays too feel that they can rule without Chinese.

        And we have to thank DAP for feeding rubbish to the Chinese. DAP with its insistence on “Allah” has pushed Malays to the corner.

        DAP known for its manipulate ways has resulted in Chinese becoming intolerant towards the Malays. A number of rude Chinese mock Malays with impunity in social media. They mocked azan, offered Hari Raya greeting with pork, threw pork into mosques.

        One politician accused UMNO of masterminding Lahad Datu invasion by Sulu terrorists

        No doubt Malays too are guilty. Malay politicians eager to win Chinese votes when they are unable to win Malay votes questions and slandering institutions that are Malay led such as Tabung Haji, MARA, Felda, PDRM.

        Short of saying it, many Malays voiced regret that Chinese were granted citizenships 57 years ago.

        “Sekarang saya faham kenapa Sultan Brunei tak mahu bagi kewarganegaraan pada orang Cina” – That was one comment that I received.

        May the Chinese realise that they are supporting a political party (DAP) that is waging war against Malays.

        1. Brilliant thesis.

          I hope you dont mind me copying and pasting in LY forum for the DAP supporters to read.

        2. Interesting thesis.

          So all the talk about “competitiveness” and “earning your keep” are mere poppycock and the figments of deranged imaginations?

          It must be nice to have all those “security blankets” in place and all those “readymade excuses” to trot out.

          Like “it’s everybody else’s fault but ours”. Or like “the world owes us a living because we are ‘special'”. Or even like “we need ‘protection’ because (list your reasons here)”.

          It must be pathetically demeaning to realise that your concerns don’t amount to very much in the greater scheme of things.

          The travails of Greece today should be an object lesson to you!

          1. The Rithmatist,

            Rest assured I am not in the mood to blame the Chinese for trial and tribulations of the Malays.

            Malays do have their fair share of the blame. They are not good at putting value on things. Often they are confused between superficiality with substance.

            They love to remind themselves on beauty of Islam. Yet they (quite a number) love to spread slanders and worse still add some juicy stuff to make the slanders more believable. Many Malays believe it is OK to be cheated by men who self appoint themselves as moral guardian of islam.

            The problem with you is that you refuse to listen on how the Malays feel. You just like the STAR newspapers do not care to see the view of Malays. May I remind you that people like Saifudin Abdullah or Samad Said are not representative of Malay community.

            Because many Chinese could not be bothered with how Malays view thing, they were simply shock to see that UMNO prevails in last election.

            MY POINT IS VERY SIMPLE. Many Chinese are supporting DAP is that is viewed as waging war against Malays. Sooner or later, physical collision will take place.

          2. ‘The travails of Greece today should be an object lesson to you!’

            Apasal Rithmatist, itu lazy Melayus sudah masuk Greece and mintak special position sana ka juga, kasi bangkrap itu negeri? Sepanyol dan Estonia pun itu Melayu punya salah juga ka?

            Ayoyo. You guys are indeed FUNNY! And always butthurt too!

    2. Citizens cannot simply hand over their own personal responsibilities and obligations to a government they vote for. They have roles to play too to ensure peace, good governance and political stability after elections.

      As Helen quite correctly points out below the achievements of the Barisan government cannot be ignored with a few selective invectives and political slogans.

      Malaysia’s position vis a vis its neighbours and those countries in Europe we continue to refer to as first world like Spain Portugal GREECE, the other debt states are basket cases when compared to Malaysia.

      What everyone needs to do is to root out of society those so called NGO’s and their local stooges who have been for years destabilizing the country bringing it to the current state of division its finds itself in.

      The Malaysia Kini’s and the Nutgraphs, the other publications funded and directed by western anti Islamic movements need to go.

      The freedoms given to churches including the new evangelical churches and their Hannah Yeos need to be made accountable not only to government but to the people where government has been found to be complicit in their activities by their silence and inaction.

  7. What has started out as a simple handphone theft has now morphed into another excuse to mobilize the unruly mob. Since the race card is invoked, nobody is questioning the rationale (and the legality aspect) behind what the heck those racist mob are supposedly fighting for?

    Your race and maruah? Ha

    Stealing is cool but apprehending the perpetrator (of a certain race) is not?

    Btw, Pekida is ahem, hardly what one might call the usual ‘concerned’ Malays.

    Actually, this would have been a non-issue had the police just round up the mob.

    As usual, objectivity goes out the window and some come up with arguments like the race discord being sown by the Christians and DAP which in other words, the Chinese who voted them into the big league.

    No mention about collective responsibility the one entity that single handedly make ‘race’ their numero uno agenda for the past 58 years?

    1. There you are. I wonder where have you been hiding. Sibuk baca briefs ke HH??

      ‘No mention about collective responsibility the one entity that single handedly make ‘race’ their numero uno agenda for the past 58 years?’

      Yup. DAP tak habis-habis dengan agenda Cina. Bila nak jadi Malaysia? Setuju dengan pandangan anda HH.

      1. Quote: Yup. DAP tak habis-habis dengan agenda Cina. Bila nak jadi Malaysia? Setuju dengan pandangan anda HH.


        Either you are contending for juara raja lawak or your level of comprehension is seriously lacking.

        1. ‘Either you are contending for juara raja lawak or your level of comprehension is seriously lacking.’

          You got the point at last. Alhamdullilah.

      2. Ah, ha – the islam1st person surfaces again…..

        To join the lists, perchance?

        I hope you have readied your armour and prepared your trusted steed….hahaha.

        1. ‘Ah, ha – the islam1st person surfaces again’

          Of course la. I kiasu maa. I sudah tau lu mau datang sini. So I masuk dulu sebelum lu keluar la. Kiasu maa. Tak boleh meh? Cina ajar juga wor!

          1. re: “I sudah tau lu mau datang sini. So I masuk dulu sebelum lu keluar la. Kiasu maa.”

            This is seriously ROTFL funny.

    2. You know there are 3 sides to a story:
      1. The malay chap is angry because he felt cheated when he bought what he thought was an original turned out to be a clone phone
      2. The chinese guy had the malay chap arrested, accusing him of shoplifting
      3. The TRUTH, only Allah knows. We’ ll just have towait gor the police to complete their investigation.

      Now just because the consumer group is malay and the LY group is cina does not make this a race riot – yet! But reading the comments and opinions on the social media we all know that we have a major racial integration problem.

      1. Quote: Now just because the consumer group is malay and the LY group is cina does not make this a race riot – yet!

        I agree the initial dispute was never racially inclined, but when a mob made up wholly of certain race is mobilized, the matter becomes racially motivated. Though one might add, it is definitely riddled with malice to turn it into a racial issue.

        Any guesses by whom? lol

        How many dissatisfied customers you know call up the mob instead of the consumer tribunal if, we were to consider the alleged dishonest representation of goods excuse, oops, I meant theory, currently put forward?

        1. Oh please HH, the Chinese brought the triad with them and who do you think was mobilized in reaction to the mobilization? Don’t be naïve.

          1. I’ve no doubt it’ll be interesting to take a walk back in history one day.

            But not today.

            If one were to agree the initial altercation between phone vendor and customer is not racially motivated, the subsequent presence of the mob the next day certainly was. Enter ‘NGOs’ like Pekida and the sizeable mob, under what pretext are they there? Provide vigilante justice for an allegedly conned consumer?

            With racial slurs being shouted, no doubt the incident has turned racial.

            You are welcome to conclude the subsequent turn of events (involvement of Pekida and co) to be a natural progression of things without any sinister complot though.


            1. First of all, the cops dispersed a crowd armed to the teeth. It was a costly error. They should have just hauled a few armed thugs (Malays and Chinese) and advised them that anyone who take the matter of law into their own hands will be prosecuted.

              As it is now, they have to arrest and deal with shit-stirrers from eye-witness or cctv evidence.

              You seem to forget that before the mob next day, 7 Malay teens who tored up Oppo were thrashed in Low Yat. They might have been dumb, but the video of their treatment sparked the “NGOs”. From that point onwards, it became a full-blown gang matter.

              Everything else was collateral damage.

              1. u3amalaysia

                Quote: “They might have been dumb, but the video of their treatment sparked the “NGOs”.

                A group went to the mall and trashed the Oppo vendor.

                What reaction did they expect from the LY group?

                It’s no secret the LY phone vendors are a closed knit community, regardless of race.

                Much unlike the unprovoked beatings of innocent folks in their vehicles being dragged and beaten in the vicinity for no apparent reason except their ethnicity.

                If restraint and sensibility are an alien concept to certain groups, then the authorities ought to ponder its dissolution.

      2. Orangkampung is right. The incident should remind Malaysians the fragility of our peace and harmony that is taken for granted everyday.

        I think the divide is as evident as the online social media itself. When people take the matter of law into their own hands, things go bad. Low Yat’s incident actually showed us the underbelly of the society that only the cops knew on a daily basis.

    1. And then TMI macai Cina set the record straight. Under the same breath!

      ‘The Low Yat Plaza in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur is a popular shopping destination for mobile and computer devices

      It was reported that a youth had visited a shop in the plaza on Saturday to buy a Lenovo S860 handphone worth RM799.

      The salesman who attended to the man claimed that when he turned away to get a free gift for the customer, the latter escaped with the phone.

      A chase ensued and phone dealers in another shop caught the suspect, assaulted him and handed him over to the police.

      Yesterday, however, a group said to be the suspect’s friends barged into the plaza and attacked the store whose workers apprehended the suspect.

      They were overpowered and thrown out of the plaza, but in the evening, about 200 people, some of them said to be from Malay rights group Pekida, congregated outside the building.

      They were heard screaming derogatory and unsavoury remarks and appeared ready to charge into the premises, forcing police to order businesses at the premises to close early.

      Police later cordoned off the area and prevented the group from entering the building, but this did not prevent violence to flare up again just after midnight, resulting in five people reported injured, including two media photographers.

      Kuala Lumpur CID chief Datuk Zainuddin Ahmad said the brawl was not racially motivated and was instead an act of revenge by youths who were unhappy that one of their friends was arrested for allegedly stealing a mobile phone.
      – See more at:

      Cerita pasal budak dakwa dia kena tipu dengan hp fake langsung tak register dalam laporan objektif dan kritikal TMI. What a shame!

      1. The islam1st guy surfaces yet again with his faultless and error-free logic.

        Would that we lesser mortals could be as wise.

        Unfortunately, we can’t. Being lesser mortals, you see….


        Anyway, stealing is stealing.

        “Thou shall not steal” is a commandment writ large. It applies to small time criminals or big-time criminals.

        Maybe islam1st can recategorise this as “justified stealing” and “unjustified stealing”.

        That would in sync with the rest of his cockamamie logic.

        1. “Thou shall not steal” is a commandment writ large. It applies to small time criminals or big-time criminals.’

          Absolutely. So ‘let him who is without sin cast the first stone’ shall we? So you want to start casting the first stone Rithmatist?

          1. Cast the first stone?

            Dunno if this verse is in your holy book, but if you are referring to the one in the bible, then sorry la, the essence of ‘let him who is without sin cast the first stone’ actually deals with duplicity and hypocrisy.

            You know, like it is hypocritical of you to defend the unruly mob and blame the Chinese traders but not thievery….

            1. ‘duplicity and hypocrisy.’

              You got it this too?! OMG! You are learning fast HH. I best lurking here does you some good eh?!

              1. Wish I could say the same for you though…

                Your logical fallacies are going from bad to worse.


          2. I don’t think your Allah will be too happy with you, Islam1st. He doesn’t like thieves, irrespective of sect or creed. And he certainly will not condone people defending thieves…

          3. “Casting the first stone”?

            ….you are not quoting from the Christian Bible, are you?

            Why don’t you let the police make the determination after carrying out investigations?

            Btw, an individual has already been charged in court. So, let the law run it’s course….

            Any more leaps of logic to regale us with?

            1. ‘Any more leaps of logic to regale us with?’

              I leave it to your and your DAP-Ubah-Inikalilah-ABU till kingdom comes kakis for that. You guys did it best!

  8. “We are only investigating the case for theft as of now, but we are also going to look into the possibility of sedition since many were uttering racially-toned remarks yesterday,” he told Malay Mail Online when contacted today. – See more at:

    They should start with TMI over this

    ‘Authorities asked businesses at the Low Yat Plaza to close early tonight after about 200 people, some of them said to be from a Malay rights group Pekida, gathered outside the building to air their “dissatisfaction” over a brawl which occurred yesterday. – See more at:

    Kan Helen??

    1. Islam 1st, will you ever acknowledge the fact that Malays are at times guilty of wrongdoing, or will you shamelessly continue to blame the non Malays for everything bad that has happened to the Malays?

      1. Where have been all this while? I haven’t done that ever? Like seriously? And you are supposedly teaching me a thing or two about justice? Talk about shameless huh?!

        1. Quote:Where have been all this while? I haven’t done that ever? Like seriously?

          Yep, like seriously bro.

          Never a straight out admittance on certain unpalatable facts. Perhaps some half hearted ones…. you know, those that comes with a ‘but’ and some kind of far fetched justification attached.

          Hey, since you asked…..

          1. Correction:

            Never a straight out admittance on certain unpalatable facts…..

            Should read

            Never a straight out admission on certain unpalatable facts….

            1. ‘Never a straight out admission on certain unpalatable facts’

              And you want me to prove to your bunch that I’m not?! Sorry guys better luck next time. Kalau sendiri mau mampus, especially your lot, I wont want to help. SORRY!

    2. What erudite insight prompt you to opined the above paragraph by TMI is seditious?

      It is a fact businesses in Lowyat closed early last night.

  9. Berpuluh-puluh tahun bahkan mungkin ratusan tahun
    orang -orang melayu yang merupakan pembeli-pembeli barangan dari kedai-kedai cina yang bermacam-macam. dari penjaja-penjaja kecil yang lari dari kemiskinan di negeri cina dan juga yang lari dari menjadi hamba dilombong-lombong bijih sehinggalah hari ini menjadi peniaga-peniaga yang berjaya. Tapi adalah memalukan kejayaan itu merupakan hasil penipuan dan penganiayaan terhadap orang melayu.

    Ditipu dengan barangan ciplak, ditipu dengan timbangan yang tidak cukup, dianiaya dengan harga yang lebih tinggi dari pembeli cina. Tanyalah mana-mana orang melayu, mana satu yang tidak pernah kena tipu oleh peniaga-peniaga cina.

    Melayu bersabar, bertolenrasi walaupun kena tipu disiang hari. Tetapi berapa lamakah kesabaran dapat bertahan lama-lama kesabaran menjadi kebencian yang amat sangat.

    Isu h/p ini besar dan merupakan titik bermulanya orang melayu akan menunjukan marah apabila ditipu dengan oleh peniaga-peniaga cina. peniaga-peniaga cina yang majoritinya penipu harus mengambil berat perkara ini.

    1. dude,

      Siapa suruh orang Melayu ‘bersabar’ dan merelakan diri ditipu berkali-kali? Pernah dengar pepatah ini:

      Cheat me once (Melayu), shame on you (Cina).
      Cheat me twice (Melayu), shame on me (Melayu sendiri).

      Kalau dah tahu kedai Cina menipu, beli dari kedai yang lain (Melayu & India). Bukan semua kedai handphone dimiliki orang Cina.

    1. Dia ni anak Saari Sungib kut?? Bitter macam bapak dia la kut…

      A. Samad Said. Azmi Sharom. Adam Adli. The list goes on and on.

  10. And note how quickly Helen has spun into a racial/religious issue by invoking her usual cast of villains.

    It’s spooky how all her posts seem to revert back to this central theme.

    A primordial instinct, perhaps? As in “this” good, that “bad”?

    To look further afield, France and Italy are worried that a failed Greece bailout and a ” Grexit” will result in Greece becoming a “failed state” at the heart of the European Union. Some quarters are even speculating that Greece could become the “North Korea” of Europe.

    Would anyone want to speculate about the possibility of this happening in Asia sans North Korea?

    Those trying to keep the Malaysian economy on an even keel and growing steadily and sustainably are going to have their work cut out for them.

    Because those much-maligned foreign investors (and the foreign media) are going to keep on asking the hard questions.

    And who is going to give them the “right answers”?

    Helen? islam1st? Or others?

    1. re: “note how quickly Helen has spun into a racial/religious issue”

      Me? I posted this morning. MCA was already trying to be King Canute yesterday,

      And secondly, you’re perverse. You come to my blog and continually badger me to write about Syria (ISIS) and now you want me to delve in Greece’s problem.

      Why don’t you just go direct to the relevant websites that feature news about Syria and Greece?

      1. ‘Why don’t you just go direct to the relevant websites that feature news about Syria and Greece?’

        Helen don’t bother. This is the same butthurt Cina, sorry can’t help it, the Chang Kai Shek kakis must not be tolerated one, who can’t even understand kadar tukaran tinggi di Seberang Tambak making some of us kerja kat Singapura.

        Macam DAP the party and Lims, the anak-beranaks, semua pun dia nak politikkan.

        ‘To look further afield, France and Italy are worried that a failed Greece bailout and a ” Grexit” will result in Greece becoming a “failed state” at the heart of the European Union. Some quarters are even speculating that Greece could become the “North Korea” of Europe.’

        ‘failed state’, why brader the Islamists sudah masuk sana ke?

        ‘North Korea of Europe’

        Really? Kenapa itu Lims anak beranak pun sudah masuk sana meh? Malaysia ada ramai wor, EU kena amik skit…

        1. Is that the sum total of your rebuttals?

          You are a glutton for punishment, aren’t you? It must be some antic (oops, I was about to write “perverse”) denial of reality.

          Or maybe there is some parallel Universe where there is no competition and plenty of free lunches.

          And no pesky ingrates to rain on your parade.

          As you well seem to know……

          1. Hey, as far the natives and the non Malay speaking pendatangs are concerned, we are indeed living in some parallel Universe!

  11. Ms H. Where was the plump Hainanese woman with the pimples at the material time who put such great store into masquerades ? She is paid very well by the public, is’nt she ?

  12. I think there’s truth to both sides. The Malay guy must have been furious about some sale issue because, let’s face it, who would dare steal in Low Yat- that hotbed of samsengs – unless he was totally frustrated.

    He shouldn’t have stolen and his mob friends were totally in the wrong for taking the law into their own hands.

    I’m not making excuses for him but if he did get cheated, do you think the cops or consumer tribunal care? Unless he’s some bigwig’s son..

    Pekida, I hear that’s Pak Lah’s stormtrooper group. They come to each other’s aid, very active among the low wage Malays, like the rempits and racers. Very easily roused because they have very little to go on, unlike the fatcat Umno bourgeois infatuated with “moderation” etc. These are the same guys who will race in front of your car and if you honk them, die for you as they will hound you.

    Najib has screwed the nation and should be hauled to justice. But I don’t support Pakatan, either, which speaks with forked tongues especially PKR while DAP is racist to the core.

    Because of Najib and 1Mdb, everyone’s been slamming him and his Umno sycophants. Reading all the comments in TMI, Malaysiakini, it’s clear how it’s now open season to whack anything Malay, Islam or the authorities. Criticism of Najib has unleashed all these racists, it’s begun a slowburn among the Malays. More and more, I hear mutterings to “ajarkan mereka.”

    What happened in Low Yat is dangerous. Same tension during May 13 and Oct 1987. When the Malays are weak, something sets off these Dapsters and chauvinists who think they can capitalise on it and take over. I remember the run up to Operation Lallang, how the MCA joined the Dap to whack Umno and how the Gunting was breathlessly egging them on.

    And all those who curse our cops as dogs and pigs, now demand they act to protect Low Yat.

    1. Quote:Pekida, I hear that’s Pak Lah’s stormtrooper group. They come to each other’s aid, very active among the low wage Malays, like the rempits and racers.

      Not Pak Lah’s. Try someone before him.


      Btw, they care zilch about bangsa and agama.

      I know Chinese(and Indians) too can be members. They have those metal emblem plates which they display on their cars. Let’s say, those emblems are magical.

      Perhaps good fengshui comes with it, you will be surprised at how much you can get away with the authorities with the little metal charm strategically placed on your car.

    2. re: What happened in Low Yat is dangerous. Same tension during May 13 and Oct 1987.

      On what basis you equate the Low Yat incident with May 13 and Lalang?

      The authorities has clarified the following:

      1. Najib said not a racial incident;
      2. Police said the guy stole handphone (incident recorded by CCTV);
      3. Papagomo spread lies and police is looking for him;
      4. Despite allegation of handphone scam, no police reports have been lodged thus far.

      Where is the ‘racial’ element of the LY fracas?

  13. Not everything has to do with race, people. If you hate politicians using that card, then we as a people need to stop using that excuse as well. It’s a cowardly and arrogant thing to do, to sum up any and all situations and conclude that it’s a “racial issue, full stop” then throwing the responsibility back to the ones up there. We are as much at fault at propagating and allowing this card to be played as the hands that play it.

    Btw, Clear and detail explanation from IGP

    1. IGP had publicly announced that the guy was guilty of stealing a handphone.

      What happened to “innocent until proven guilty” maxim? Isn’t that the law of the country?

      1. re: What happened to “innocent until proven guilty” maxim? Isn’t that the law of the country?

        IGP could have used the wrong phrase. In my opinion, at most he can say is “The police now have sufficient evidence to prove that the guy stole a handphone”. He is not empowered to determine the guilt of an offender.

        Anyway, it is clear now that:-

        1. The guy stole the handphone;
        2. Incident is not racially motivated;
        3. Pekida did not order the riot.

        Then, from where the hundreds of rioters came from? What is their motive?

        1. “1. The guy stole the handphone;” – I don’t agree. He hasn’t been charged in court. He’s innocent until proven guilty. It’s the same case with Najib with 1MDB or Rosmah with the RM2mil deposits into her bank or Dr M’s being the provocateur to topple Najib as PM or LKS being the provocateur of May 13 1969.

          “2. Incident is not racially motivated;” – This is based on perception and there is no tangible evidence that is not racially motivated.

          “3. Pekida did not order the riot.” – Agree. Pekida President confirmed that he never gave out any instruction to its members to riot at Low Yat.

        2. re: The guy stole the handphone.

          Police has enough evidence to press charge. The guy pleaded not guilty. Let us await the outcome of the trial.

          re: Incident is not racially motivated.

          No evidence to prove the same or otherwise. However, authorities like IGP and Najib have said “not racially motivated”. I take their words as conclusive unless we have more authoritative sources.

          re: Pekida did not order the riot.

          Who ordered it? It must be someone with influence and status to mobilise few hundred rioters. The hidden mastermind must be traced. Otherwise, he can use the same tactic next time (eg. handphone theft at Digital Mall) to mobilise rioters and cause havoc.

  14. Ms H. These Hainanese types think it is fun and games by tickling the unknown. Let us hope they do not disappear Down Under whoever awakes !

  15. A CCTV shot of someone running away with hand phone in hand is not proof that a theft has been committed. It may have, but till the evidence is tested it has not. This is the Lingham tapes logic that when one sees something on film it is proof of a conclusion they wish to draw. let them charge the man, then let his lawyer do discovery and further and better particulars from the store owners. A good staring point would be their inventory and their serial numbers. Another demand would be their accounts.

    Malaysia is one of the world’s largest outlets for counterfeit goods. The networks that retail and wholesale these are Chinese networks largely or controlled by them almost exclusively.

    Turn on the heat and one will find a number of retailers running for cover. They don’t keep honest accounts let alone proper accounts. It is a practice to maintain dual sets of books to avoid regulatory payments.

    The inventory is where the real details lie. Running away with something dos not constitute theft. I am not going to provide more reasons or ideas as to how to defeat such a charge being laid by people who ought to know better prejudicing the case already by their statements in public. But considering how the Lingham tapes matter was resolved through legal incompetence and ignorance it is worthwhile putting anyone dealing with this matter on notice.

    This is racial as was the Bersih and the Malaysian Bar’s walks and other statements and gatherings attacking UMNO which is exclusively Malay. And by doing that they were inciting racial hatred against Malays. It could not have been an attack at all Malaysians who belong to UMNO because only those deemed to be Malays are members of UMNO.

    We need the arrogance of the Chinese Indian and upper middle class Malays to be put on check. Low Yat is the start of that tension that needs to be placed in the backs of the minds of those groups that have for so long acted with relative impunity insulting and abusing Malays, their rulers, their customs and their rights in what is fundamentally their country first.

    1. ‘We need the arrogance of the Chinese Indian and upper middle class Malays to be put on check.’

      Absolutely grkumar.

      Semalam G25 tiba-tiba tuduh Pekida buat kacau, walaupun Pekida dah kata tidak terlibat namun akan tetap siasat kalau2 ada ahli yang terlibat. Despite Pekida being honest about it, ada juga kumpulan macam G25 aka kelab supper kaki pencen sampai hati nak fitnah Pekida to score some points. Memang DAJJAL!

      Dah tu Lim Sue Goan pula kononnya nak ‘putting out the Low Yat flames’ tapi nak suruh Melayu yang lain semua dengar kepada geng2 G25?!

      Dah tu ada hati pula si Cina ni nak ajar UMNO suruh melawat Low Yat sambil ‘offering words of solace to the businesses operating (Cina) there while condemning in the strongest terms the barbaric acts of the mobsters (Melayu) gathering outside the mall Sunday night. – See more at:

      Lepas tu ada hati pula si Lim Sue Goan ni nak preach bahawa mereka yang kat sosial media sememangnya perlu lebih bertanggungjawab. Apa Lim Sue Goan tak ada cermin ke kat rumah???

      ‘it doesn’t matter if we are Chinese or Malays, we must write rationally and respectfully on social media sites. – See more at:

      Ye ke? Then what about newspaper columns or columinsts Lim? Kena bertanggungjawab or not? No need meh? If yes, then please baca balik lu punya artikel, bagi perhatian kat tone and content.

      Lu orang punya mocking and ridiculing anything Malay and Islam sebab lu orang nak ABU till kingdom comes sudah mendatangkan hasil. Berbanggalah!

      Kalau tak percaya tengok the so called fellow kat Berlin ni punya remarks on Melayu and Muslims bila bercakap bab cultural dakwah. Menyirap aku!

      ‘Second, there is increasing number of urban middle-class Malay Muslims who no longer rely on government assistance and who do not view Islam from an ethnicised perspective. In the past, generally, Malay Muslim organisations were not keen to preach Islam to non-Muslim Chinese. Certain groups were worried that when a Chinese converts to Islam, he or she can then obtain Bumiputera status and enjoy the extensive economic benefits associated with the status (which, in reality, is not always the case). These groups also viewed Islam as their core identity marker, hence if a Chinese becomes a Muslim, he or she should also become a Malay. However, such perceptions have diminished in these recent years. Today, many middle-class Malay Muslims are well educated and do not depend on government assistance to make ends meet. They do not see Islam as a “Malay religion”, but a religion for all mankind. They state that Islam teaches Muslims against asabiyah (clanism/tribalism). They refer to Quranic verses and Hadith texts to highlight the universality of Islam. – See more at:

      So apparently the guy thinks the Malays tak nak dakwah Islam kepada orang Cina kat Malaysia sebab takut mereka claim Bumiputera status and see Islam as a Malay Religion dan seumur hidup mereka (sebelum ini) meneruskan hidup dengan belas ikhlas Gomen ony? Really?


      [deleted] Tu pemikiran the so called fat salaries Berlin based think tank fellow. Ah Seng and Ah Chong from Kepong fikir macam mana la agaknya???

      Cer belajar sikit daripada si Koh Choon Swee ni bukan calang2 dia ni, the writer graduated from NUS in 2012 (BA Philosophy, South Asian Studies minor) and the American University of Beirut (MA History) in 2014. He is currently a PhD student in History (Middle East) in the US.

      Petikan daripada artikel dia ‘Singaporean newspapers, stop republishing islamophobic articles from America’. Mungkin Lim Sue Goan boleh belajar a thing or two from Koh.

      ‘I am a Singaporean student of the Middle East (West Asia/MENA region), and have long been frustrated at Singaporean Newspapers’ continuous republication of Islamophobic Articles from American newspapers, especially the New York Times.’

      “I am shocked that Today newspaper chose to republish the New York Times’ article, “Why a beheading makes us feel different” by David Brooks. This article fails to clarify that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are not representative of Islam, fails to account for the context surrounding the rise of ISIS in the first place, and fails to mention the obvious reason for the prominence of these beheadings in the media and in the political world – the fact that the victims are Americans and now, British.’

      ‘While studying in Iran just last month, I heard from locals in Tabriz that their friends from Azerbaijan had joined ISIS simply because it was the largest employer in this economically depressed region. In addition to Azerbaijanis, Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis who were displaced from war were joining their ranks for mundane, economic reasons. This is, of course, apart from Muslim youths in western nations who join ISIS for their own ideological reasons, which has been highly publicized in the media. My point here is that while the media has been playing up an essentialist version of “Islam” as the reason behind ISIS, there are always practical, economic and political factors guiding people’s actions. The American Empire’s long involvement and interference in the region we call the Middle East provides a crucial backdrop for all that is happening today, but which unfortunately cannot be summarized readily into a headline or soundbite.

      I feel that Singaporean media should exercise great discretion in importing American news publications for our local audience. It is widely known that the American media is biased and skewed, especially on the topic of Islam. We should not replicate this Islamophobia in Singapore, not just because of our many Muslim friends and families who live among us, but also because we belong to a region that has known Islam for over a thousand years and we should really be wiser than to imbibe such crude American propaganda.”

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