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Best news we’ve had in years

UPDATED (23 July 2015):

1. The appointment of Datuk Rahman Dahlan is an inspired if left field decision. It should have been done years ago. I reckon that his being given the post now is a last ditch effort by the Najib administration when other avenues (like Lim Kok Wing as one example) have failed.

2. The opposition is very focused on carrying out their agenda of turning public perception against the establishment. They’re not allowing anything to stand in their way, not even if our country is burned to ashes in the process.

BN is not like that. And that’s why BN has been losing the perception battle.

3. I like what Rahman Dahlan has accomplished so far in the short time, i.e. sending out a strong message that BN will no longer permit the sneaky bastards to get away with murder (i.e. no free pass from now on), and making it clear that BN is drawing a line in the sand.

His Twitter timeline is imbued with semangat berjuang.

Rahman Dahlan ular sawa

I recall that Datuk Rahman once rolled up his sleeves and caught a python, together with the Fire Dept. during a function where he was the VIP guest. That’s the way to go! and the kind of approach we need from the BN. I only wish we could clone ARD and roll the model off the assembly line.

4. What BN has been missing is someone who has a bird’s eye view of the war zone. Yes, we’re at war with the oppo. And during times of war, what we need is firm leadership. Even though we might at times appear to be on shaky ground the war generals must not appear to waver.

The troops need to have faith and trust in the general – like how the Desert Fox, German WW2 general Erwin Rommel inspired his men – even when it seems that the war is not going in our favour.

Compare: Pakatan managed to get their sheeple to believe in the 40,000 Bangla phantom voters, so much so that they were willing to turn out in the tens of thousands for the ‘Blackout’ rallies.

Datuk Rahman will have to set the direction, pull all the strings together and take charge as THE GOVERNMENT SPOKESMAN. He is capable of doing this – I believe he can. Please take the bull by the horns.

5. What is at stake: I have Malay friends who declare “Over my dead body” at the idea of DAP taking over Putrajaya. I share their sentiments. No way will we allow the dajjal to rule.

Lastly, I have great hope that Datuk Rahman will be able to turn the tide. The fortunes of war can change if the right man and the right strategy are put in place when it matters most.

Original posting:

Abdul Rahman Dahlan’s appointment as BN strategic communications director … fantastic.

Congrats Datuk!



Time to fight fire with fire


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42 thoughts on “Best news we’ve had in years

    1. Rahman Dahlan has been a stand-out.

      He’s smart enough and he grasps the big picture. The kind of understanding that he has of our political enemy is crucial. I reckon that Rahman also realises that the DAP evangelistas are dajjal :) and no quarter must be given. This is war!

      Rahman is just the lieutenant that The General needs at his side in a fight to the finish.

      1. Rahman is not smart and under his watch prices of houses sky rocketed. He is the darling if al Jazeera (which effectively is MI6 mouth piece). His latest fumbling is when using the anti islam former Sarawak Tribune editor and he will keep on fumbling.

        1. re: “the anti islam former Sarawak Tribune editor”

          For republishing the Danish Prophet Muhammad cartoon?

            1. Rahman’s fellow Sabahan and Najib defender Salleh Said Keruak said the Borneo states would not agree to PAS being co-opted into the BN as such a development would upset the applecart, i.e. delicate balance of things.

              The Sabah Umno guys are not so uptight about Christian-Muslim relations as we in the peninsula are.

              Obviously BN needs both constituencies – the Sabah-Sarawak native (also Christian) vote bank and the Muslim fencesitters, as represented by the likes of Isma and the other Muslim NGOs, in order to hang on to Putrajaya in GE14.

              How to walk this tightrope? Any suggestions?



              As for the publication of the cartoon, it could have been more a case of inappropriate editorial judgment rather than any antipathy to Islam.

              1. 1. cartoon: He is a malaysian christian and should know muslims sensitivities, so no excuse for misjudgement.

                2. Chritian in Sarawak are born Christian unlike the new born dapsters. If their party do not ‘officially’ use religion as basis if their manisfasto than its difficult for bn to be together with pas. For practical reason one have accept it.

                3. Politically, in sabah and sarawak what percentage of voters pas can muster?

                1. (1) His paper was suspended. So he’s already paid for his misjudgment.

                  (2) Okay, then the Umno prez has to be able to menghela rambut dalam tepung; rambut jangan putus, tepung jangan terserak.

                  (3) He worked out the 10-point solution, limited, for Sabah & Sarawak. Maybe he’ll be able work out a hudud solution confined to Kelantan.

                  But in any case, Umno-BN needs a polished negotiator and not a shoot-em-up man because the ruling party requires some kind of coalition-building – including the Malay unity option – to maintain its rule.

                  This is one reason why I’m with the school of thought that says like it or not, and for all his shortcomings, Najib remains the best bet on our side to keep all the strings together.

                  Even if Najib is kicked out, what guarantee is there that his successor will be able to clean up the BN’s image from 1MDB bad press?

                  BN’s position is precarious. We’ve already lost the popular vote! We need to hold together and not knock down the foundation in our fit of pique.

                  1. Theres more than one man that can replace najib. A weak pm with self serving advisors is the worst solution. TS M may not be the answer because he has big baggage in Johor. Someone consistent in his answers such transparency, according to the law etc.

      2. It is now our turn to win the war. W have been giving in too much. It is time to be blatant. If they say and do the wrong thing, just tell them straight to the face. No more jaga hati jaga muka.

        1. When Mrs. Indira Gandhi was arrested and jailed briefly in 1976, the Congress Party’s fortunes were at an all time low. Much lower than that of UMNO and the Barisan today. Yet with a little effort they returned to being the dominant political party that continued to rule Indian which they do even today although mainly in the public service and not in Parliament. There is hope for UMNO if the “NGO’s” and Perkasa’s keep up the fight. After all thats how Dr. Mahathir revamped and revived then changed the character of UMNO decades ago. He recruited the “ultras” (the grass roots) who were sidelined by an elite who became complacent and did not care about what people thought of them.

  1. Surely You Must Be Joking!? Unless You Have Lost It!
    That is Probably Why Raja Petra is Also Now BN’s Hero.

    1. Raja Petra is the most super duper effective blogger, kan? ,)

      And seriously, I’m afraid of DAP taking power. I honestly think the evangelistas are dajjal.

      Hence I applaud YB Rahman’s appointment and hope dia tak akan badi diorang muka. I also wish Wee Choo Keong would be taken on board too. They’re never-say-die fighters.

      1. Helen,
        Hypocrites are the most dangerous creatures around. Seperti musuh di dalam selimut.
        Memusuhi kita tetapi di depan seperti seorg sahabat.
        I’m happy that PAS has severed ties with them. Finally PAS had realised who are their true enemies.

        1. Same applies with the Snip-Snip-Snip media owned by one of the BN component parties.

          1. BN need to be rebranded so that they can stay relevant. As what I learned in product management, to maintain product leadership, you need to invent product that will compete with your own before someone else did.

            1. Rebranded as a Muslim-Malay/bumiputera product?

              The Indians will rugi lah but wrt the Chinese, there’s little market share left for BN.

              Keeping a bumiputera branding will still enable BN to keep the native Sabahan and Sarawakians on board, even the Christian ones as well as the Orang Asli plus the Lain-lain (mamak, those of Thai, Portuguese descent)

              So pragmatically speaking and based on the demographic calculus, the outline above is the logical direction in which the BN should go.

              1. What I construed more towards eventual rebranding which starts from eliminating one its product line that has no room for growth. Eventually BN must represents values that is universal in nature. BN need a political alliance that is appealling to urban and suburban population.

                1. re: “its product line that has no room for growth”

                  Indisputably this must be the Chinese electorate. It’s a dead market for the BN.

                  re: “appealing to urban and suburban population”

                  Yang ni kena diperhalusi. But what the evangelistas are doing appears to be a reverse takeover, i.e. their Occupy Masjid campaign dan secularizing the tudung.

                  Normally, the understanding is that wearing a tudung denotes Muslimah tutup aurat demi menunaikan tuntutan ibadah. Now the Dapsters have made wearing tudung into an exploitative dressing up for political mileage.

                  They will soon commercialize other aspects of Islam just like how Christianity has been commercialized into Santa, Christmas Trees and fake snow in the malls.


      2. Isn’t it the same Raja Petra who pointed the finger at Rosmah for Altantuya’s murder and ran off to England when he was asked to be accountable for the accusation?

      3. Helen,

        Actually it is not difficult to face these fanatical evengelistas.

        Just be bold, firm and honest. Meaning call a spade a spade.

        Meaning if Rahman found that Rafizi lies, just call Rafizi a liar. If tTan chua lies( which he does as he is known for that) just say so. No if no but. Just say out loud.

        To teach a lesson to DAP that keeps slandering UMNO, Rahman and UMNO must know how to answer. For a start, why not use adjective “racist” whenever UMNO refers to DAP.

        And why cant UMNO Ministers keep harping on the fact that Lim Kit Siang has been around more than 4 decades when we have been seeing changes of Prime Ministers. What is so special about him.

        And UMNO must find “titik perdamaian” with Tun. Stop all tun bashing . But answer Tun’s allegation. Spare the query on Mokhzani or Proton just to get back to Tun. that will not work. TRUST ME.

    2. Fighting fire wit fire. Setting a thief to catch a thief? giving them a taste of their own medicine……

      I’m running out of me out. Regardless what is needed is a heavyweight whatever his make and model.

      The Prime Minister’s position is best described in the following Malay proverb: Di Tindeh yang berat, di dilit yang panjang.

      He needs someone with dirty hands to fight in the gutter because this is a fight which originated in the gutter and belongs in the gutter.

    1. Nowadays, you gotta have guts to defend the PM b’cos it’s the popular thing (herd mentality) to diss on him. So I say kudos to @mpkotabelud for standing by his boss in the present trying times.

      And the sink-or-swim loyalty YB Kota Belud is showing is a good thing, and especially if he can defend No.1 intelligently.

      1. “Nowadays, you gotta have guts to defend the PM b’cos it’s the popular thing”

        Possibly. Or you could also be getting a nice boost to your bank account by doing this. This is the view that a lot are currently having of Najib’s defenders.

        Was also very surprised to see Uncle Samy take Najib’s side over Dr M’s. I know loyalty means nothing to this man, but Dr M effectively made him and I would not have expected him to come out so strongly in his backing of Najib, and criticism of Dr M. Would be interested in your thoughts on this.

        1. re: “Or you could also be getting a nice boost to your bank account by doing this.”

          Tun has said that with Najib, “cash is king”.

          In my humble opinion, the Umno prez is sowing the seeds of his party’s destruction if he continues to maintain this philosophy.

          (1) Comparatively, Tun’s followers are fighting his battles because of their devotion and trust in him.

          (2) The Dapsters are fighting the DAP’s battles because of their belief in the party and its promises.

          (3) Isma members and supporters are fighting for their cause because they have an ideology, a struggle (perjuangan) which they strongly believe in.

          (4) And Najib? He has public relations mogul Lim Kok Wing who previously did the Rakan Muda campaign.

          In the long run, fighting for one’s belief, ideology and cause is more sustainable. And this is where the BN is so lacking. Compare with PAS ulama followers or DAP evangelista followers. MCA is a good example of parti bangkai.

          If the Parti Paling Tidak Apa still fails to realise that they’ve got to inspire the voters (and not just rely on pragmatic thinkers, i.e. whose who fear that the oppo is worse), then Tun, Daim, Zam and the rest of the detractors would be proved right – BN will fall in GE14.

          re: “This is the view that a lot are currently having of Najib’s defenders.”

          Rahman Dahlan is dogged. If Najib’s attackers are DAP and PKR (and Tun, of course), then @mpkotabelud’s pitbull tenacity is something splendid. Go, go, go Datuk Rahman!

          re: “Was also very surprised to see Uncle Samy take Najib’s side over Dr M’s. I know loyalty means nothing to this man, but Dr M effectively made him and I would not have expected him to come out so strongly in his backing of Najib, and criticism of Dr M. Would be interested in your thoughts on this.”

          I don’t follow Samy Vellu politics but I vaguely recall there was a falling out between Samy and Tun. It could be around 2008 and as a result of the Makkal Sakti wave, i.e. BN losing the Indian votes.

  2. Any (UMNO) politician who can put Tokong in his place is a good politician.

    Hope to see some fireworks over KOMTAR soon. Otherwise, he’d be no better than Nazri “Tokong Selfie Chum” Aziz.

    1. Actually there’s someone else also checkmate LGE & LKS a few times and they’re trying to hide it so well in order not to look stupid in front of this guy. He is NS MB Tok Mat. Try goggles YouTube for his videos. It hilarious and yet straight to the point.


  3. Hope he doesn’t fumble like his fellow Sabahan, Hanifah. The minute he cross pathed with Tun Mahathir, his credibility is gone. Tun just tore him apart when he rebut Hanifah’s attack against him.

    Dahlan should stay clear off Tun.

      1. Yeah, Hanifah “kept his cool” after Tun’s rebuttal against his attacks, by keeping the so familiar “elegant silence”!

        1. We’ll agree to disagree.

          Some of Tun’s vintage rebuttals are superb though, I must say. I love this one –

          “The scum who alleges this does not have the guts to give his name. […] As for the anonymous scum, give your true name, I/C and address so that I can sue you.” – Tun Dr Mahathir


          It’s best talk to the opposition in the only language they understand, and I’m fully behind Tun’s challenge to the anonymous scums.

          I just wish that he would train his gun on the DAP rather than land himself in this most peculiar situation of having LKS now becoming his biggest fan and most enthusiastic cheerleader.

          1. Tun being a strategist would have his reason to point his gun to DAP. He just want UMNO to buck up and be better than competition.

            1. re: “He just want UMNO to buck up and be better than the competition.”

              Agree. When I grumble endlessly about Umno’s tidak apa-ness, it’s because I want the party to shed its apathy and lethargy, and start taking on the kiasu, evangelical party. Umno is after all the one and only political entity that is a match for the DAP juggernaut.

              But the current spate of attacks may cause not only Najib alone to be brought down but the whole house toppling as well.

              1. Tun is smart, UMNO still hv time to regroup itself. At least DSN starts to appoint the right person for a job. He seems trying to clean up some 1mdb debt now.

                1. re: “Umno still hv time to regroup itself.”

                  Only if Najib surrenders and withdraws immediately or very soon. But he’s not doing that. So this internecine warfare is going to be long-drawn.

                  Thus the broken Umno will not have time to pick up the pieces. Meanwhile the DAP is growing stronger and stronger from their attacks because as long as Umno has to focus and channel its energy to defending El Presidente, then the evangelistas are given a free pass b’cos nobody from Umno is paying attention to deflect their activities such as Impian Sarawak and Impian Kelantan, and not to mention Take Johor for Jesus.

    1. Let’s see. I trust ARD to rebut.

      I also stick to my earlier enthusiasm for his appointment as BN strategic communications director. I believe someone like him is needed in the job.

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