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Isma are ‘troublemakers’, ‘violent’ – allusion and label in Jakarta Post article

An article titled ‘Catch the real troublemakers’ was published in The Jakarta Post today with regard to the Low Yat riot.

See the parts highlighted in yellow where Isma is mentioned. Isma troublemakers violent Jakarta Post


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8 thoughts on “Isma are ‘troublemakers’, ‘violent’ – allusion and label in Jakarta Post article

  1. The Jakarta Post is no paragon of virtue when it comes to race relations although it knows a thing or two about inciting racial and communal hatred. It was used extensively by the Suharto regime for such purposes and did some very creative journalism when the Suharto regime was on the skids and the Chinese were targeted for a bit of ethnic cleansing by the pri bumi Indonesians.

    1. Personally I do not see Isma as ‘violent’ or deliberately making trouble.

      However it needs to be pointed out that Muslim NGOs are getting very bad press, and now this reputation is extending beyond Malaysian shores.

      Seeing as how the Jakarta Post story is sourced from The J-Star – ref. credit line ‘ANN’ Kuala Lumpur – then it’s one indication that the Nest of Evangelistas is winning the war of perception.

      They claim for themselves the tag “moderates” and more recently “progressives” while their black propaganda has successfully tarred their opponents as Taliban and “violent”.

      1. POSTSCRIPT:

        It was only not too long ago that Isma was formally accused of “hate speech”.

        The opposition have cornered the market on labelling others with a long list of ugly ‘sins’ (wickedness). The establishment are not fighting back but foundering.

  2. Bila ratusan juta rakyat Indonesia baca article ‘Catch the real troublemakers’ pasti mereka akan menghalusi perjuangan ISMA dan PERKIDA dengan lebih mendalam kerana pernah mengalami masalah sama tidak berapa tahun dulu di Indonesia. Betul kan Pak?

    Troublemakers and voilent? Aah tidak sekali kali kan? Mereka memiliki jiwa;

     ……..Nasionalisme :

    kesadaran dan semangat cinta tanah air; memiliki kebanggaan sebagai bangsa, atau memelihara kehormatan bangsa; memiliki rasa solidaritas terhadap musibah dan kekurangberuntungan saudara setanah air, sebangsa dan senegara…..

    ……Patriotisme :

    “Patriotism” (bahasa Inggris), yang berarti sikap gagah berani, pantang menyerah dan rela berkorban demi bangsa dan negara.

    Patriotisme adalah sikap yang bersumber dari perasaan cinta tanah air (semangat kebangsaan atau nasionalisme), sehingga menimbulkan kerelaan berkorban untuk bangsa dan negaranya.


    Bagi kita orang Melayu, inilah satunya tanah air kita, disinilah bangsa kita, Sultan2, Raja2 dan Agama kita. Siapakah mereka2 ini yang cuba menceraikan, membelah dan memisahkan kita?

    Tepuk dada tanya selera.

  3. Zaid Ibrahim ‘s piece above was published in Star Friday 17.
    Justice for blogger.
    #1 arjuna waspada
    changkat lobak.

  4. Malaysian China Association (MCA) hopes to get the situation back to normal at Low Yat Plaza by organising a Hari Raya gathering at the shopping mall that has seen a drastic drop in business following last Saturday’s riot.

    The Star Online reported that MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai as saying Low Yat retailers had claimed there had been a 40 to 50 per cent drop in sales after a theft of a handphone turned into a brawl that left seven people injured last Sunday.
    – See more at:

    Helen MCA stands for Malaysian China Association ke? Patut la kita ada China Press and jiang hua yi maa?

    1. He’s a J-Star “Moderate”. He featured in the Voices of Moderation campaign ad.

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