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Now it’s Penang deputy chief minister accusing Umno of close connection to Low Yat riot

Penang deputy chief minister (II) P. Ramasamy said in his press statement today, “The police arrests of some individuals for escalating the brawl at Low Yat Plaza clearly indicate they have close nexus with Umno.”

Oxford dictionary defines ‘nexus’ as meaning “a connection or series of connections linking two or more things”. Hence Ramasamy is connecting the Low Yat riot closely to Umno.

Meanwhile, Grandpapa Dapster Lim Kit Siang has drawn parallels between the Low Yat and May 13 incidents.

Mama Dapster Hannah Yeoh today gave a shout-out to DAP Senai Adun Wong Shu Qi – see tweet by @hannahyeoh below.

YB Wong, who is also the policy director for DAP Johor, said in her July 13 press statement that “Umno stoking racism in Low Yat to divert attention”.

She alleged that “the ruling regime has found it fit to constantly agitate racial tension for its own political survival”.

Aside from accusing Umno of blatant racism, Wong added:

“As a ‘Anak Bangsa Malaysia’, I believe all Malaysians are standing together to say NO to racism. It is incumbent on the regime to ensure that the Low Yat incident does not escalate further.”

The DAP evangelistas are positioning themselves as #SayNoToRacism – see Hannah Yeoh’s tweet below.

Kinrara Adun Ubah songkok tudung

ABOVE: Burung maskot DAP digayakan berpakaian muslimin dan muslimat sempena perayaan agama umat Islam

The DAP evangelistas’ idea of being “unracist” is to wear tudung, songkok, baju Melayu and kain sampin as well as to similarly dress up their ‘Ubah’ hornbill mascot in tudung, songkok, baju Melayu and kain sampin .

BELOW: DAP MP for Serdang evangelista Ong Kian Ming dusts off the same green baju Melayu he had worn previously for this year’s photo op while DAP Kinrara Adun Ng Sze Han occupies masjid following in the footsteps of his female party colleagues

Ong Kian Ming songkok

Ng Sze Han masjid Nurul Huda Kg Kenangan


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10 thoughts on “Now it’s Penang deputy chief minister accusing Umno of close connection to Low Yat riot

  1. See. A weak PM can ignore such insult to the Malay. When there is ‘amok’ than its too late.

      1. I can only theorise that the group were paid to do what they did and the motive is to create social unrest.

        1. It does appear to be a copycat, just like how the JPJ sarung episode spawned copycats.

          This lawlessness and acting with impunity is a dangerous trend.

          1. The IGP had gone to the ground and thus left no space to move. He should let his officer to do the talking and remain in the background. Now he has to show what he meant. A bad public comm.

    1. Allabih,

      This is my question to the Malays. “why lock yourself with useless politicians”

      If you can not stomach the weak PM, then replace him, So for malays voters in Pekan, please do not vote for Najib in next election.

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