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Hate speech is fomenting dangerous anti-Chinese sentiments

Wanita MCA president Heng Seai Kie is the new senior advisor to Najib Razak. Heng’s recently created job description – to advise on the National Unity Blueprint – is a ministerial-level post.

Among her first public concerns as de facto National Unity Minister is the negative racial profiling by the Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia – see July 15 press statement titled ‘Say “No” to hate speeches & heal the wounds‘.

PPIM had alleged that Chinese businesses “tipu” Malay customers because they want to make extra profit.

BELOW: PPIM has countered that the Chinese Christian-dominated newspaper (misnamed as ‘Malay’ Mail) is spinning the news

MCA worried about hate speech against Chinese

PPIM chief Nadzim Johan had come under fire in the aftermath of the Low Yat riot for opining that swindling is a culture among some Chinese traders.

The Muslim consumer NGO has however denied that it is racist and has instead accused The Malay Mail of “putar-belit” in the paper’s manipulation of Nadzim’s statement.

Reacting to the Malay Mail article, MCA’s Heng accused PPIM of perpetuating the stereotype that one race (Malays) are victims while the other race (Chinese) are swindlers.

Haters will hate potatoes
Negative stereotyping of Chinese by evangelistas

Let’s delve into the observation by the Wanita MCA president about “convenient myopic race-bigoted prejudices” and see who has been abusing this stereotype to demonize the Chinese.

We shall examine below how Group A (Jerusubang) has been demonizing Group B (Chinese who believe that Hannah Yeoh’s tudung-wearing is hypocrisy writ large).

Look at the comment by Olivia Sy, a Hannah Yeoh worshipper who said that Madame Speaker “did right” in wearing tudung and was showing “respect and tolerance” for Islam.

Olivia is promoting the hardsell that evangelical Christians love their Muslim neighbours.

Hannah Dont say I am Muslim

Example of negatively stereotyping the Chinese

Olivia and the Jerusubang Group are implying that the Sin Chew readers Group, i.e. who believe that Hannah is being hypocritical, are actually – note the irony of the Orwellian twist – those Chinese who are disrespectful and intolerant of the Muslim obligation to wear tudung in mosques.

Or in short, they’re spreading a canard that Chinese who are not enamoured by the DAP copious tudung-wearing are being disrespectful and intolerant of Islam.

Earlier, Hannah had been criticized by a Sin Chew columnist bylined Lim Fang.

The Hannah fan club immediately rose up to defend the DAP Jerusubang Adun and in doing so, have shown us how rabid their behaviour is as a lynch mob.

FireShot Screen Capture #1073 - 'oliviasy haters

“Haters gonna hate”

Olivia Sy – see her tweet above – is implicitly accusing Hannah’s Chinese journo critic as a “hater” who makes “stupid comments” as well as a “lowlife” who should be cast aside by polite society.

Olivia’s opinion is an example of hate speech which myopically utilizes convenient “race-bigoted prejudices” – here it is against the Sin Chew columnist – by imputing haters as disrespectful and intolerant of Muslim religious customs.

But really, Olivia was merely echoing her idol Hannah who had started the ball rolling by playing the victim – see Low Yat forum sympathy thread ‘Kesian Hannah Yeoh, kena kutuk‘.

It was also Hannah who played on the prejudicial ethnic stereotype by labelling the Chinese columnist as someone holding “extreme views“.

If MCA’s Heng Seai Kie is concerned about hate speech demonizing the Chinese, then our de facto National Unity Minister should urgently look into the derogatory name-calling constantly employed by the Jerusubang groupies against conservative-minded Chinese.

Orthodox Chinese are falsely made out to be anti-Malay, anti-Islam extremists by the DAP Born Again evangelical Christians.

Olivia Lim Fang

More negative stereotyping of Chinese by Jerusubang agitprop

The above conversation in Twitter by Hannah fan girl Olivia illustrates perfectly the Jerusubang modus operandi.

Oliva says “Lim Fang is an idiot” … because this “bodoh columnist from Sin Chew” (Olivia’s words) had dared to expose Hannah Yeoh as “the enemy within” who is a traitor to the Chinese community.

When contacted by The Malay Mail, Hannah Yeoh said it was unbecoming for Lim Fang to say she is a disgrace to future generations of Chinese. The pro-Christian English-language newspaper (but calling itself ‘Malay’ Mail) reported that Hannah felt she was not betraying the Chinese community even if she often wore tudung.

“Wearing a headscarf in a mosque does not betray the Chinese community. When you go to a place of worship it is only right to dress appropriately,” Hannah was quoted by The Malay Mail as saying.

Olivia Kamarul

Ignorant Malays are taken in by Jerusubang black propaganda

Next, we should delve deeper into how Hannah’s Jerusubang fanboys and fan girls are influencing Malays to develop a bad perception of Chinese who prefer to communicate in Chinese, such as the Sin Chew writer Lim Fang.

Responding to Olivia’s rant, one Raja Kamarul Azzahar remarked that even though Hannah “did the right thing [in wearing tudung] pun kena criticised”.

Raja Kamarul then slammed the newspaper columnist – see tweet above – asking, “This Lim Fang an ultra-Chinese?”

The Jerusubang black ops squads have been going around brainwashing the other races into believing that those Chinese who refuse to subscribe to their Firster credo are racists and “ultra Chinese” like Lim Fang whom Hannah Yeoh claimed was an extremist Chinese holding “extreme views” … all because he dared to criticize her.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh ranted to the international media – “How extreme can you be?” – about the conservative Chinese

hannah caption extreme

Evangelistas fanning anti-Chinese sentiments

De facto National Unity Minister Heng Seai Kie should address the spurious claim made by Hannah Yeoh to the foreign press that Chinese conservatives are “extreme”.

The difference between the conservative Chinese and the born again Chinese is that the conservatives do not descend upon the mosques and other Malay-dominated places to conduct indoctrination programmes among the Malays.

Between the MCA conservatives and the DAP evangelistas, it is the latter who have more access to the Malays – the window of opportunity had been thrown open earlier through the tahaluf siyasi with PAS.

The DAP evangelistas appear more convincing to a Malay audience because they dress like orang Islam and liberally sprinkle their speech with Islamic words like “Insya Allah” … something which the MCA people do not do.

BELOW: DAP’s Serdang MP, the “Insya Allah” evangelista Ong Kian Ming, decking himself out in the same green baju Melayu, kain sampin costume and songkok

MCA politicians have never done this kind of duplicitous thing

Ong Kian Ming songkok
Latest photo
Photo from previous year

BELOW: DAP’s Kinrara Adun, Ng Sze Han (formerly Subang Jaya municipal councillor), creeping into the mosques and taking part in other Muslim rituals/traditions like makan dalam talam, cukur jambul, dll

MCA politicians have never done this kind of duplicitous thing

Ng Sze Han masjid Nurul Huda Kg Kenangan

Ng Sze Han makan dalam talam

Ng Sze Han cukur jambul

Occupy Masjid

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh’s interns making a beeline for the mosque

Hannah’s party colleagues thronging pasar Ramadan in their baju kurung uniform; Pix below: Evangelista Yeo Bee Yin and gang

MCA politicians have never done this kind of duplicitous thing

DAP kafir supporters Occupy Masjid

Christian quartet tudung
3 DAP + 1 PKR evangelista YB
Yeo Bee Yin Ramadan
YB Yeo Bee Yin, DAP Damansara Utama
YB Liow Cai Tung, DAP Johor Jaya
YB Wong Shu Qi, DAP Senai

@hannahyeoh parti DAP memang ramai pompuan culas dan licik  :-/

Hannah Senai

DAP demonizing MCA as anti-Islam over hudud objection

As Heng Seai Kie and her fellow MCA top leaders are aware, the DAP has been going around accusing MCA as being anti-Islam for objecting to hudud.

Heng herself was demonized during the Permatang Pauh by-election campaign when a billboard was put up portraying her as anti-Malay over her GST comments.


Hannah hating on Chinese writer for his alleged “extreme views”

Similarly, MCA vice president Chew Mei Fun had been demonized as a maid abuser (anti-Indonesian)- this is a total fabrication – during the Kajang by-election campaign in which she was the candidate. Those who did the fitnah against Chew are dajjal.

MCA and BN Chinese supporters have been the targets of vicious propaganda campaigns by the opposition – a lot of it by the sneaky chameleons who masquerade as pro-Malay and pro-Islam – as well as smeared as being anti-Malay “racists” and anti-Islam “extremists”.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh demonizing Lim Fang’s purported “extremist views”

Hannah extreme views

Evangelistas demonize conservative Chinese who reject DAP’s Bangsa Malaysia

All these black ops activities carried out against the 10 percent Chinese, such as Sin Chew‘s Lim Fang, should be construed as hate speech crafted to vilify conservative Chinese behaviour (unlike the Firster “colour blindness” muhibbah, konon).

The act of entrenching Malay perception of non-Firster Chinese as bigot has fanned anti-Chinese sentiments. This is endangering the Chinese community as the MCA is more than well aware.

Thus far, MCA has failed the Chinese community because this political party supposedly representing the Chinese in the BN set-up has allowed the DAP evangelistas to seize the narrative and successfully bamboozle the Malays for their vote – see poster below of the DAP evangelistas practically camping in the mosques.

Hannah Yeoh seorang pengkhianat bangsa who is willing to ‘ethnic cleanse’ (figuratively speaking) and reducing her own race to “ZERO CHINESE” hanya sebab gila glamer dan kejar kuasa


Do or die, MCA!

Heng Seai Kie’s elevation to ministerial status and the National Unity portfolio given her is the MCA’s last chance to take firm action.

Evangelistas are telling the Malays that “MCA Chinese” are racist just like the Dapsters keep repeating “Umno Malays” are corrupt.

Heng has correctly identified the menace that is threatening the Chinese minority community – hate speech which is promoting anti-Chinese sentiments. Now do something! Act now against the likes of haters like Hannah.

BELOW: Hannah does not acknowledge herself as a Chinese; her race is Bangsa Anak Malaysia

Hannah Yeoh on Twitter an appeal to @NajibRazak to allow my child



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10 thoughts on “Hate speech is fomenting dangerous anti-Chinese sentiments

  1. We have already hated the cines even without the ppim’s speech. only those 1-10 percent are spared.

  2. These mosque committees are inviting fitnah to the masses especially muslims. After this what? Imokman giving friday sermons? Madame hannah lead the prayer? Khalifah iguana eng giving tazkirah after dawn prayer? There’s a reason why religious bodies prohibits politic in mosque. Not everyone is entitled to your political ideology.

    1. “There’s a reason why religious bodies prohibits politic in mosque”
      Right … Saya tak tahu banyak perkara tetapi saya pernah diberitahu … di zaman pemerintahan Khalifah Abu Bakar Al-Siddiq ra; ketika beliau berada di dalam masjid dan ada pula seseorang ingin berjumpa dengan beliau untuk berurusan, maka akan ditanyakan terlebih dulu ” …perkara dunia atau akhirat …?”
      Kiranya hal akhirat, boleh proceed.
      Kiranya hal dunia, maka akan diajak/dibawa individu terbabit keluar dari masjid/perkarangan masjid.

      Perkara pokok ‘Occupy Masjid’ di atas(dan tentunya membabitkan ‘these mosque committees’) bukannya permasalahan pengasingan politik dari agama tetapi merupakan permasalahan yang timbul apabila agama itu dipolitikkan.

    2. “Imokman giving friday sermons? Madame hannah lead the prayer? Khalifah iguana eng giving tazkirah after dawn prayer?”

      To be fair, what about having MCA leaders guess speak at churches? If DAP leaders can speak in mosques, it would be fair if BN leaders can speak in churches or temples.

  3. Helen,
    Depa bunch of perasan hypocrites who willing to do anything for power. Syukur lah org PAS dah ramai yg tersedar siapa sebenarnya depa nie.
    Aku harap org PAS belajar musuh sebenar depa bukan org2 UMNO. Nak compete tak pa. Tp biarlah cara yg sihat dan membangun. Jgn pandang org UMNO musuh Islam.

    1. Helen,

      “de facto Unity Minister?”

      MCA cant even put its house in order.

      Helen, are you aware that even UMNO members now do not trust MCA anymore. To them, MCA is another version of DAP.

  4. Well the need to send non Malay Muslim reps to the mosques pasai terang2 they don’t have Malay Muslims reps.

    Unlike BN, for whatever religious or kebudayaan activities, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Christians, Taoist or whatever bangsa semuanya ada.

    This is what is unique about BN something DAP cannot challenge ever!

  5. And Najib remains the eternal moron. More hate will spill from the Wanita MCA leader…. Najib please leave

    1. Najib will always find space for MCA inspite the star. The malays will be ignored.

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