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Doesn’t the name ‘New Hope’ (Harapan Baru) sound like a church to you?

The word “ultra kiasu” pops out to catch the eye among the headlines this morning in the Isma website. Filed under Berita Terkini, the Isma article is titled, ‘Kumpulan serpihan Pas terhegeh-hegeh minta simpati ultra kiasu‘.

If you guessed that Ridhuan Tee must be somewhere in the picture, you’d be right. Isma had referenced Ridhuan’s weekly newspaper column, quoting his most recent article on Gerakan Harapan Baru (GHB) which is the PAS breakaway party to be launched soon.


Terpaksalah GHB mengemis undi para penyokong DAP

In its article on how the splinter group will have to rely on DAP sponsorship and support, Isma highlighted Ridhuan’s opinion in the following passage:

“Saya tidak nampak mereka boleh menang, kecuali laluan diberikan oleh ultra kiasu untuk bertanding di kawasan majoriti mereka (Cina). Adakah ia boleh berlaku? Sama-sama kita nantikan.

“Mengenali ultra kiasu sekian lama, saya tidak nampak mereka mahu berkongsi […] Mereka akan makan kesemuanya tanpa rasa terhutang budi. Itulah ultra kiasu.”

Assuming that Ridhuan means the DAP when he says “ultra kiasu” above, his prognosis is quite reasonable.

It is unlikely that Harapan Baru will make any headway in the Melayu totok constituencies, and for the ex-PAS “progressives” to be able to win any seats, they will have to contest in those with a significant Chinese electorate.

harapan baru

BELOW: Mujahid Yusof Rawa speaking at one of Hannah Yeoh’s churches

'Mujahid Yusof Rawa Hannah

DAP attacks on PAS are to win over Sarawak’s Christian voters

Ridhuan in his July 20 Sinar Harian column opined how “serangan psywar dan pysop ultra kiasu cauvinis terhadap PAS tanpa henti, sehingga tercungap-cungap PAS untuk menangkisnya”.

The controversial ustaz pointed out that the upcoming state election in Christian-majority (46.2%) Sarawak is one of the factors prompting the black ops attacks by the DAP (note: Ridhuan does not mention the party by name but refers to “ultra kiasu”) against PAS in order to “memenangi hati pengundi di Sarawak”.


Ridhuan suggests that the DAP/”ultra kiasu” believe their incessant psywar attacks on PAS would help them gain more leverage in GE14.

He adds that the DAP’s anticipated success in the Sarawak election – which must be held latest by next year – will help advance the opposition journey to Putrajaya. Hence it is no surprise that the DAP/”ultra kiasu” are intent on undermining PAS in the hope of winning favour with the Christians.

BELOW: Mujahid wrote a book called ‘Engaging Christianity’

Pasters – soon-to-be former PAS members who are DAP friendly

Along with Guan Eng’s BFF (Mat Sabu), Husam Musa, Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad, Khalid ‘Gereja’ and other Christian-friendly PAS leaders who lost in the recent party election, Mujahid Yusof Rawa is among the leading lights in the New Hope Movement that is busy doing roadshows before it registers as a party.

Mujahid received a shout-out yesterday from Hannah Yeoh who put on record her support for him.

Mujahid: World regards Islam as “backward and conservative”

On July 19, Mujahid gave an interview to TMI headlined ‘Joining New Hope Movement hardest decision of my life, says Mujahid‘.

He told the Malaysian inciter portal, “Today in the world, Islam is regarded as a terrorist, backward and conservative religion, like what the Isis (Islamic State of Syria and Iraq) is doing”.

(Mixing too much with the Christians has rubbed off on Mujahid, so much so that he sounds like an evangelista in his criticism of Islam.)

Click to enlarge

Talk that Mujahid is pro-Christian and pushing Christian agenda

Mujahid is credited with coining the slogan ‘PAS for All’, which according to TMI had “softened the Islamist party’s hard-line image and gained the support of non-Muslim voters”. The PAS Supporters’ Congress is similarly his brainchild.

says, “Mujahid is also known for his interfaith work, especially his success in engaging with the church and the Christians even when there were tensions between Muslims and non-Muslims over the ‘Allah’ issue”.

Mujahid is quoted by TMI as saying,

“There was not much support and there was talk that we had become part of some Christian agenda, that we were befriending the enemies of Allah… there were all these conspiracy theories.

“It made my work hard but I pushed on and because of that I was labelled a liberal, a pro-Christian.”

BELOW: Mujahid with Penang’s Father Sebastian


Devout Christians praying for Mujahid and the New Hope

Despite the detractors, Mujahid maintains his warm relationship with the Christians and received a text message from Penang Bishop Sebastian Francis telling him to move on following the purge of the “progressives” from PAS.

Mujahid – who is in the prayers of Bishop Sebastian, Hannah Yeoh and many other evangelical Christians – promises that he will carry on with his Christian outreach through the new party GHB.

Currently, the popular public perception is that GHB is going to be nothing more than a stooge of the DAP. Nonetheless, the pundits ought to consider too how much the new Islamist party is going to be under the thumb of the DAP’s powerful evangelical Christian element.

Even the Gerakan Harapan Baru (GHB) name ‘New Hope’ sounds Christian evangelical !

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Mat Sabu Guan Eng BFF
Mat Sabu’s creepy close relationship with Guan Eng


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24 thoughts on “Doesn’t the name ‘New Hope’ (Harapan Baru) sound like a church to you?

  1. Now DAP cant use PAS members as their proxy, like Nizar in Perak, and PKR cant use PAS members as their proxy, as in Selangor. So they have to stand on their own,ie DAP field malay candidate and PKR will have to fight PAS head on.

        1. Christopher was fielded in a big Chinese majority area in Penang. DAP will have to field one or two Malays or Melayu celup in Selangor safe seats so that the party’s Adun can be MB.

          1. You know, in the case of Christopher, he was ‘marketed’ as a mixed race candidate, a big lie to begin with. Even Tunku Aziz came out blasting him for being a liar. So you know, the extend they will go to hoodwink just about anyone to ‘sapu’ the votes.

            1. re: “the extent they will go to hoodwink …”

              Sekolah Demokrasi DAP should have a Costume Dapartment to provide their cast of ‘extras’ (interns, trainees, volunteers) with songkok, selendang and other baju-baju Melayu.

    1. MB azmin ali won the Gombak Dun bcoz of Pas supporters votes. Wonder what would happen in the next pru. Will he still win ?

      1. Azmin is mb because of PAS support. Now not sure where he stand. Gombak has PAS markas.

      2. 1. Theres a pas camp in gombak.
        2. pas support him to be mb.
        3. he is loyal to Anwar inspite of rumour about wife.
        4. he have big grassroot in Selangor.
        5. dont know where he stand currently.
        6.will he make as much and leave, knowing politik is his life?

  2. Quote Ridhuan Tee ““Saya tidak nampak mereka boleh menang, kecuali laluan diberikan oleh ultra kiasu untuk bertanding di kawasan majoriti mereka (Cina). Adakah ia boleh berlaku? Sama-sama kita nantikan.”

    The ball would be in the Malay community’s court.

    If there is enough Malay support for the new breakaway party from PAS, I don’t see how DAP can emerge taikor.

    With sufficient empowerment from the Malays themselves, there will be a balanced distribution of power within the new opposition coalition. GHB can easily dethrone the DAP and emerge as the opposition lead. Which is really a viable option for those not impressed with UMNO or PAS.

    1. HH,

      Kau x payah lah nak gula2 kan org melayu. GHB can never be alternative to any of Malay based party. They can never overpower UMNO, PAS or even PKR strength. They are just a splinter group a neither here nor there type.
      Mereka akan selamanya jd kuda tunggangan DAP.
      Mungkin UMNO dan PAS harus bersatu menghadapi segala tipu helah DAP.

      1. Hi hi hi … ‘sales pitch’ ke hape? Business module tarak …marketing strategy pun yillekk … Masih tergaru2 … tengah mencari2 …
        > alternative Malay based party? – 3 cornered fight vs PAS vs Umno … lunnyaiii
        > ura2 sbg mixed-based – mau cekau DAP atau PKR punya seat? PKR berani bagi subsidi?
        Itu semua belum lagi kira keluar PAS-cerai bini-talak tiga …

        Last-last jadi Gabra Has-Been …

        1. “BLESSED ARE THE FLEXIBLE, FOR THEY SHALL NOT BE BENT OUT OF SHAPE” – NEW HOPE CHURCH. Politik punye pasal …everything new even the “biblical” phrases all manmade verses and cannot be a God words.”

          Isn’t that above “biblical” phrases are about skinny jeans and prepairing for bikini seasons? It is also about yoga life …… New wannabe Christian doesn’t mind being taken for a ride for newly created religion..

          The kind of church that the GBH” Mujahid and Mat Sabo find it “politically” worth fighting for …

    2. Some are frightened of new ideas but at the same time not exactly happy with the status quo.

      Oh, keyword is some.

      You prolly know who you are. hahaha


      Are you saying those Muslims in GHB are people of ill repute that do not command the respect of the Malay community?

      1. Muslims in GHB do not command the respect of the Malay community because they are seen as biaDAP’s proxy.

          1. Bukan tak faham.

            Just want to give you guys the benefit of a doubt.

            Just as I suspected, I have my confirmation.

            Individual integrity does not matter. Hostility to DAP is the only merit one needs to possess for Malay support.

            No surprises there.

            1. Kalau mereka ini ada Integriti kenapa tidak boleh menerima kekalahan dgn hati terbuka dan terus bersama PAS dan meneruskan perjuangan. Dan kau tanya PAS kenapa mereka putuskan hubungan dgn DAP setelah bersahabat rapat.

              1. Depa tu semua pilihan orang PAS. Bukan pilihan orang Melayu Malaysia. Tapi baru2 ni orang PAS pun dah tendang depa semua. Rejects. Macam EVLee cakap Gabra has-been. Ingat orang Melayu yang bukan PAS nak sokong ka geng2 ni? Kesian kat DAP punya la desperate, sampah pun kutip!

      2. Ask these GHB guys to vacate their MP/ADUN seat. I’m willing to bet a month salary that they will lose their deposit in a three way fight with UMNO & PAS in their ex constituency. Malays, no matter right wing, left wing or chicken wing, will only see them as donkeys ridden by [DAP]. As traitors, plain and simple.

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