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Yup, Harapan Baru/New Hope sure sounds like a church alright

Hahahahaha and Hellelujah!

New Hope Church 5

New Hope Church

New Hope Church 2


New Hope Church 4

Blogger Eddy Daud thinks that PAS splinter group Gerakan Harapan Baru sounds like a church because they’re a DAP proxy.

New Hope eddydaud

And Muhajid is the evangelical Christian’s best friend.

Original post where I asked, ‘Doesn’t the name ‘New Hope’ (Harapan Baru) sound like a church to you?


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15 thoughts on “Yup, Harapan Baru/New Hope sure sounds like a church alright

  1. You should have a poll instead of this but it’s still better than nothing. You can expect a torrent of hate very soon with this latest piece.

    1. So BN is the Galactic Empire and Najib is the Emperor. Who is Darth Vader ? Abdul Rahman Dahlan ?

      The silly Opposition. They are so bankrupt of ideas that they didn’t even realize they just violated the copyright laws.

      Makes me wonder though. If we sign the Trans Pacific Partnership and this gets out, the company behind Star Wars, which is Disney, will sue the living daylights out of us.

      What new hope ? Habis lah Malaysia if they ever come to Putrajaya.

  2. Well, the only one who hopes on this hopeless bunch of losers is DAP. These ex-PAS losers should cut the crap and just join DAP.

    It is so obvious that they share the same ideology and love for “progressive brand of Islam” that DAP is advocating.

    1. ‘should cut the crap and just join DAP’

      Terlalu idealistik DAP pun tak mau ambik. Takut ideals party kena UBAH instead. DAP hanya berani ambik Melayu yang bijak yang boleh dicucuk hidung macam Dyana-Zairil Christopher-Sofea, Rara dan Melati novelis Pelacur Kelas Atasan.

      Paling bijak pun macam Sheikh Omar Ali yang hanya mampu berkomentari pasal kasut bundle harga RM100 yang dia beli untuk raya!

      ‘Saya ke kedai bundle membeli sepasang kasut. Semasa penjual mempromosi kasut tersebut, seribu satu kebaikan dinyatakan kepada saya tentang kasut itu. Akhirnya saya tertarik dan menyambar terus kasut tersebut dengan harga RM100.

      Buat pertama kali saya memakainya, saya travel dari Johor ke Kuala Lumpur. Malangnya, sekembali saya dari KL, kasut tersebut tertanggal dan terkoyak disana sini. Ulangan; baru sekali saya mengenakannya!
      – See more at:

      SEDIH to say the least!

      1. I agree, DAP is on the look-out for the naïve and stupid kind of Malays who can be easily brainwashed to Bangsa Malaysian. Basically these Malays are just front for DAP to lecture the Malays. Whatever letter or press statements from these DAP Malays are written by their Chinese masters.

        1. ‘Whatever letter or press statements from these DAP Malays are written by their Chinese masters.’

          Not hard to dissect isn’t it?!

    1. Urm Mulan,

      This post is about Pasters and their church-sounding new movement. What kind of link do you see with porno Alvin (off topic)?

      1. You would notice the similarities of these people. Little people with no ideas hopping on the next piece of sensation. In fact if you actually went on Alvin Tan’s website he has been posting on Allah, Hari Raya and more controversy.

        I believe Harapan Baru is just another catch phrase, knowing that Star Wars in coming.. so a bit of sensationalism to promote a new party. As I highlighted earlier from an NST posting, Harapan Baru has a similar typeface to Malaysiakini.

        However I don’t think Harapan Baru comes from a church, Star Wars is more likely. Both ways, this is just sensationalism. (Remember an earlier horrors name for a party – Parti Cinta Malaysia – in English Malaysian Love Party). You can’t really take a name like that seriously.

        In fact PASMA would be a better name for a party – it is more serious.

        1. Yeah like Dictator said earlier. The empire would be BN and the so called Pakataoon Han Solo’s would blast the evil empire. That’s why I said Harapan Baru comes from Star Wars.

    2. Sendiri dok korek lubang. Tak lama lagi tersembam terkambus dalam lubang tu issshh

      Kenapa Hannah tak help this lost soul?

      Makayah dia restu ke perbuatan anak mereka macam ni? Diam aje or is he anak yatim piatu?

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