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Petty politician’s vindictive vendetta against Facebooker

hannah jeling 1

“Try again Hannah Yeoh and RBA” – Lim Sian See

Someone reported my post of the rat picture as violating Facebook’s Community Standards on ‘graphic violence’.

“Fortunately, FaceBook not stupid and knows it is a dead rat and decided it was not ‘graphic violence’.”Try again, Hannah Yeoh and RBA.

“That’s all you people do when butthurt.

“Report account, Block, insult, report post, block some more, insult some-more.” – Lim Sian See on Facebook

Lim Sian See super rat

A big rat shall be named in [Hannah Yeoh’s] honour” Manal Ismail Al-Masry

And the empress strikes back!

We’ve come to expect nothing less than cheap shots from the mean-spirited Hannah Yeoh.

See also how @hannahyeoh blocked scores of Twitter users from her timeline, ‘Dodgy Podgy porky and pie‘.

#DAP SuperCyber Bully


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

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