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See how the sneaky Christian twisted PAS history

The Heat Online today carried a story about Mujahid Yusof Rawa, the Malaysian church’s BFF.

The feature by Ian McIntyre is headlined ‘End race politics, says Mujahid‘. It quotes Mujahid as promising that Gerakan Harapan Baru will not politicize race and religion. 

(By the way, the New Hope party sure does sound like a church.)

New Hope Church

Cozying up to the church

Mujahid, who is in the New Hope protem committee, said in his interview with The Heat that the new party has to include members who are of different races and faiths in order to be able “to lead the country forward”.

Now that’s a remarkable contortion. New Hope is purportedly set to be an Islamist party of sorts but here according to Mujahid, it wants to include Christian members as well as adherents of other faiths.

Well, this interfaith direction plotted by New Hope under Mujahid as one of its leading lights is hardly surprising. After all, the MP for Parit Buntar – Mujahid’s seat has more than a quarter (27%) Chinese voters – is credited with coining the slogan ‘PAS for All’ as well as creating the PAS Supporters’ Congress for non-Muslims.

BELOW: Mujahid and Bishop Sebastian Francis posing with Mujahid’s book titled Berdialog Dengan Gereja

Mujahid with Bishop Sebastian

Now here’s the sneaky bit

In his article on Mujahid, The Heat’s Ian McIntyre wrote:

“History is now repeating itself in PAS as the party used to be helmed by technocrats – its ex-president Tan Sri Mohamed Asri Muda was one, but he was booted out by the ulama. Ironically, it was the late spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, then a young cleric, who led the charge in the 1980s to remove Asri from the party.

“Asri passed away in 1992 after having led PAS briefly into Barisan Nasional before the party quit the federal coalition in 1978. Nik Abdul Aziz went on to become a revered leader and today, his son Nik Abduh played a role in the purging of the non-ulama leaders from the party last month.

Click to enlarge

Ian McIntyre Mujahid

To summarize, this is what The Heat’s Christian reporter is saying:

  • PAS president Asri Muda was a technocrat (read: “progressive”)
  • Asri was ousted by the ulamas spearheaded by Nik Aziz
  • Nik Aziz went on to lead PAS
  • His son Nik Abduh is currently prominent in purging the non-ulama

How sneaky! of The Heat to finger point Nik Aziz and then segue into a landing a blow on Nik Abduh – the Christians’ favourite whipping boy.

It was Mujahid’s own father Yusof Rawa who took over the post of party president from Dr Asri, and not Nik Aziz. See the list of PAS presidents below.

The Christians’ favourite past time is picking on Nik Abduh

Hannah Nik Abduh

PAS kena buli

PAS presidents

  • Ahmad Fuad Hassan (1951-1953)
  • Dr Abbas Alias (1953-1956)
  • Dr Burhanuddin al-Helmy (1956-1969)
  • Mohd Asri Muda (1969-1982)
  • Yusof Rawa (1982-1988)
  • Fadzil Mohd Noor (1988-2002)
  • Abdul Hadi Awang (2002 to present)


asri muda
The late BN-friendly PAS president Dr Asri Muda

Real PAS history vs version spun by Christian

Mujahid, by his own admission, has the reputation of being “a pro-Christian liberal”. Therefore it’s not surprising that The Heat should want to bury Mujahid’s family connection with the purge of Dr Asri Muda.

The Heat blames Nik Aziz for Asri’s ouster and at the same time sneaks in a punch at Nik Abduh whereas the truth of the matter is that Asri was replaced as PAS president by Yusof Rawa – Mujahid’s father.

By the way, Asri was BN-friendly. He was awarded a Tan Sri title.

The era of “kepimpinan ulama” in PAS is accepted to have begun from Tuan Guru Yusof Rawa. And here is The Heat brazenly spinning. Woaaah, the cheek of these Christians who control the media.

Below is yet another shameless piece of spin by The Heat.

Why we’re living in dangerous times


Because the non-Malays are ignorant and permit themselves to be deliberately misinformed by the media sources that they frequent.

This ignorance is coupled with the immeasurable sneakiness of the evangelistas and the DAP political operatives to create a breed of bodoh sombong.

See how the sneaky bastards operate

Someone reported my post of the rat picture as violating Facebook’s Community Standards on ‘graphic violence’.

“Fortunately, FaceBook not stupid and knows it is a dead rat and decided it was not ‘graphic violence’.

“Try again, Hannah Yeoh and RBA.

“That’s all you people do when butthurt.

“Report account, Block, insult, report post, block some more, insult some-more.” – Lim Sian See on Facebook

Frothing Dapsters are conditioned to bite Isma

Led by the DAP Super Cyberbullies, the Dapsters become vigilante squads who perpetually foam at the mouth and “spew” hate.

Drunk on J-Juice, their herd mentality is harnessed to become a lynch mob. We saw how Hannah Yeoh sicced her rabid Jerusubang fanboys on the Sin Chew columnist who had questioned her tudung-wearing.

Dapsters don’t fact check.

They just swallow wholesale the poison they’re fed and then spit venom. That’s how we saw a Lim-Family-Mafia blogger hate on Isma by relying solely on a Malay Mail-spun piece ‘Do wear veils, don’t wear T-shirts‘ when the actual Isma advisory was reasonable by conservative Islamic standards.

Isma’s DO advice


Isma’s DON’T advice


How The Malay Mail spun it

The Golden Rule: What goes around comes around

The Malay Mail is full of Christian staff who migrated from The Malaysian Inciter. They’ve brought the TMI fitnah modus operandi along with them.

Political commentators are unanimous in pronouncing that racial and religious tensions are at dangerous levels. We’ve already seen the outbreak of violence at Low Yat.

The most important element that cannot be ignored is how vicious bullying by the opposition, particularly its evangelical Christian faction, is eliciting the violent response.

All this malicious spinning and hate-mongering that is being carried out by the evangelistas is what’s prompting the reactions.


Petty politician’s vindictive vendetta against Facebooker


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

14 thoughts on “See how the sneaky Christian twisted PAS history

  1. Didnt you quote al quran on taking jews and christian as friend? PAS suffered for their defiance.

      1. That’s evangelistas for you. Always in denial and pretending that you’re meek and mild, that you love your neighbours and only want peace and “harmony” (to unite the races, konon).

        When you evangelicals burn down a mosque – in Indonesia a few days ago during the ummah’s prayers on Aidil Fitri – you deny that the conflict has anything to do with religion and your own Christian supremacist intolerance.

  2. They know that every single articles they write, their blinded supporters will accept every single word without any hesitation. And these people claim they are the smartest people in Malaysia!

    Malaysia is full of ironies, eh?

    1. You shouldn’t be so harsh on Helen and her followers. They mean well.

    2. “And these people claim they are the smartest people in Malaysia!”

      But of course we are quite dumb compared to Penang DAPster lovers. Thanks to the good work of Penang, Penang lang Hockien cousins in Xiamen will enjoy the benefits of tourism from the cruise liner that used to ply Penang. Why see mixed Hockien culture when you can see actual Hockien culture.

      Kam Siah.

      “GEORGE TOWN: The Penang govern­ment’s refusal to issue a land title hampered the expansion of the cruise terminal here and this resulted in Star Cruises moving its flagship liner’s homeport out of the state to Xiamen, China.

      The Transport Ministry said it had been requesting the state government for a land title to expand Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal’s capacity since it opened in 2010.”

      “It is learned that without Superstar Libra, the terminal will lose about RM6mil a year in revenue.

      “That is half the total revenue from the cruise terminal,” said a source in Penang Port Sdn Bhd.”

      But the good thing is that Penang get rid of the maksiat of gambling on the ship.

      “Superstar Libra boasts a casino that opens when the ship enters international waters, over 700 ­cabins and staterooms, and can take almost 1,500 passengers.”

    1. His papers are for Western based multi religious discussion and not knowlegeble tradisional islam. His transnational islam is of western type not of middle eastern where islam came.

  3. Pemimpin PAS kalau nak selamat dan masih releven mereka harus mengingatkan pemimpin yang ada supaya sentiasa ikut sunnah dan al Quran. Sikap yang sudah basi seperti PAS wujud untuk berjuang bagi membunuh UMNO mesti di buang terus ke longkang sebab kata-kata itu mampu untuk membuat pengundi atas pagar seperti kami jadi mual dan loya sebab kata-kata keramat itu hanya menampakkan kejangkalan dan kebodohan tidak terhingga diri sendiri. Alasan kami sekiranya PAS mewakili Islam tidak kah sikap lama dan bodoh itu mencerminkan PAS menolak silahturahim sesama Muslim? Tidak yakinkah tuan-tuan bahawa Rasulullah sudah beri amaran bahawa syurga adalah haram bagi mereka yang memutuskan silaturahim?

    Kalau nak kenalpasti juga musuh cuba cari mereka yang sanggup untuk menjual ugama demi untuk mendapat kuasa politik. Kenalpasti mereka yang sanggup untuk menyokong gereja dan DAP untuk mensyirikkan kalimah ALLAH demi untuk mendapat sokongan orang bukan Islam. Kenalpasti wakil rakyat yang sentiasa mencari kesalahan orang lain dan belum pun mula buat kerja-kerja yang boleh mendatangkan manafaat buat negara dan rakyat semua. Nak kenalpasti musuh ugama Islam? Senang sangat, mereka adalah pemimpin DAP dan mereka yang seangkatan dengan mereka walaupun bangsa mereka Melayu dan mereka walaupun pemimpin politik tetapi cukup takut dan gerun dengan pemimpin DAP. Beritahu ini semua dengan orang kampung yang masih bersama dengan PAS supaya mereka tidak mudah terpengaruh dengan nasihat yang mengelirukan dari musuh Islam yang sebenar nanti. Tinggalkan semua sikap berdendam sesama ugama dan bangsa Insyallah PAS tak perlu kuatir dengan parti yang bakal Mat Sabu dan Mujahid tubuhkan.

    Perkara yang paling digeruni olih musuh Islam adalah apabila umat Melayu sudah mahu untuk bersatu diatas hal-hal yang melibat kepentingan bersama seperti ugama Islam dan mampu untuk berfikir secara waras dan lebih takut dengan Allah berbanding takut dengan pemimpin bukan Islam.

    1. Saudara,

      Mengenai usaha puak Evangelist dan padre Katolik mahu merebutkan hak “kalimatullah”, memang jelas fahaman “Tuhan 3-dalam-1” mereka itu bertentangan dengan keEsaan Allah Yang Maha Suci Maha Tinggi. Akan tetapi kesatuan ugama umat Melayu yang anda impikan itu telah lama terjejas oleh aliran politik Islamist yang muncul sejak tahun 60-an di rantau ini.
      Selepas Dr. Asri Muda yang berjiwa Melayu nasionalis, ulama PAS telah bercenderung kepada ajaran lagipun sokongan materialisme Saudi-Wahhabiyah. Konsep ketuhanan Wahhabiyah berpaksi kepada men-jisim-kan dan ber-syubahat-kan Zat Allah dengan ciri2 makhluk, iaitu yang bersifat baharu! – audzubillahi min dzalik.

      Akidah “kaum muda” PAS ini telah berpesong daripada pegangan Melayu tradisional iaitu Ashaari-Maturidi.
      Penganut “kaum muda” ini telah men-takfir-kan orang Islam yang berfahaman tradisional, iaitu “kaum tua”.

      Salah seorang Tok Guru pondok kita telah jadi mangsa fitnah ulamak kaum muda pada tahun 80-an oleh sebab dia mengamalkan tariqah Ahmadiyah-Idrisiyah dengan anak muridnya diKelantan. Tok guru kita telah didakwa mereka sebagai penyeleweng atau ahli bidaah, padahal ajaran tariqat yang mulia itu, telah di amalkan seorang ulama Melayu termashyur, iaitu Sheikh Tok Kenali (rahimullah anhu).
      Jelasnya, selama ulamak PAS di bawa pimpinan Ustaz Hadi Awang tidak balik kepada landasan akidah orang Melayu yang sahih, maka tindak-tanduk kumpulan mereka akan sentiasa berbau helah politik bertujuan ad-Dunyawih yang akan membawa kepada kerosakkan masyarakat dan kemungkinan juga pemberontakkan pengganas – fenomena yang kita menyaksikan telah melanda rantau2 Timor Tengah.

      Wa salallahu ala Sayyidina Muhammadin, Nuril-Anwar Rahmatul Alamiin, wa ala aalihi at-tayyibin wa as-sahbihi wa barik wa salaam.

      1. Jika benarlah pandangan tuan ini maka seolah-olah para pengikut PAS sudah tak mampu untuk BERFIKIR SENDIRI apa yang baik dan yang buruk untuk mereka sebelum membuat keputusan yang betul. Mudah-mudahan kita kita tidak tergolong dikalangan mereka yang disebut didalam Al Quran surah Al Mulk ayat . 6 – 10
        67-6: Dan bagi orang yang kafir kepada Rab (Tuhan) mereka, adalah azab Jahanam. Dan itulah seburuk-buruk tempat kembali.
        67-7: Apabila mereka dilemparkan ke dalamnya mereka mendengar suara yang mengerikan, dan ia menggelegak.
        67-8: Hampir-hampir terpecah-pecah lantaran marah. Setiap kali dilemparkan ke dalamnya sekumpulan, penjaga-penjaganya bertanya kepada mereka: “Apakah tidak datang kepada kamu seorang pemberi peringatan?”
        67-9: Mereka menjawab: “Benar ada, sesungguhnya telah datang kepada kami seorang pemberi peringatan, maka kami mendustakan dan kami katakan: Allah tidak menurunkan sesuatu pun, kamu tidak lain hanyalah di dalam kesesatan yang besar.”
        67-10: Dan mereka berkata: “Sekiranya kami mendengarkan atau memikirkan) nescaya tidaklah kami termasuk penghuni-penghuni neraka yang menyala-nyala.”

        Kalau kita masih boleh berfikir ketahuilah bahawa kunci untuk tidak terjebak masuk neraka adalah kemahuan untuk menggunakan akal yang telah Pencipta kurniakan untuk BERFIKIR.

        1. Kaum muda – ataupun dikenali sebagai Hanbali-Wahhabiyah -telah menolak kesahihan “dalil aqli” (ilmu logik) dalam usul periksa mereka pada perbahasan akidah mahupun untuk menilik hal-ehwal fiqh. Jadi, kemana yang di panggilkan usaha berfikir guna ilmu “Qiyas” yang terpenting dalam bab usul fiqh?
          Bukankah terjejas daya fikir seorang itu yang tidak faham ketatatertiban berfikir tentang masalah duniawi ataupun perkara ukrahwi: Ia tidak dapat mengadilkan perkara2 yang penting dari yang kurang penting atau langsung tak penting? Ia tidak nampak dengan jelas pada kebenaran atau kebatilan simpulannya dalam hal2 yang ia suka memeriksa dan memutuskan sebagai fatwa.

          Lagipun ilmu tasawwuf yang telah jadi intipati budaya Melayu Nusantara berkurun-kurun, kaum muda itu menafikan sebagai sebahagian dari syariat al-Islam. Seumpama terima buah mangga tanpa nilai isi yang manis – hanya kulit zahir dipamerkan tapi batinnya terluput hakikat dan kebijaksanaan Nur Muhammadiyyah.

          Wa Allaahu a’lam bis sawab. Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.

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