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National Harmony Act: “My two biological daughters are of different races”

The following news is from a Sin Chew features article titled ‘We are all Malaysians‘. The bestselling Chinese newspaper had interviewed a woman whose elder birth daughter is Chinese and younger birth daughter is Indian.

“My two daughters are of different races,” complained the easily confused mother. Hannah so very ugly Hannah Yeoh blamed the National Registration Department for her predicament and demanded the removal of race categorization from our official birth certificate and other government forms.

Madame Speaker griped, “The race column is a very funny thing”.

Actually it is she herself who is the clown.

Don’t blame the Gomen pula as “racist”. Stay classy lah.

Two Ministers in the Prime Minister’s Department – Joseph Kurup and Paul Low – both recently pushed for a National Harmony Act to be enacted following the Low Yat riot. Yeah right, legislate more hypocrisy.


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25 thoughts on “National Harmony Act: “My two biological daughters are of different races”

    1. Nanti lah, the third one bumiputera.

      After DAP wins GE13, everybody equal and first class citizen.

      1. re: “After DAP wins GE13(or is it GE14?), everybody equal and first class citizen”
        Yeah sure … as if everybody will be holding hands, walking towards the sunset, then. And I think before we realise it, DAP has already been fabricating the different moulds of these 1st Class Citizens. Hence, we will all then fall under a new category of 1st Class Citizen i.e.
        ‘A’ 1st Class Citizen
        ‘B’ 1st Class Citizen
        ‘C’ 1st Class Citizen
        and lucky me, ‘X’ 1st Class Citizen. The ‘Citizen Harmony Act created’ should sound more DAP-like. Oopppss … now, where was I … Ooo yeah … back to Jennifer Lawrence and the Hunger Games.

        1. Hahaha. Sama macam Mao punya time. Harta orang lain semua dia sapu untuk negara. Tapi dia sama dia punya comrades dilayan macam Raja, duduk dalam ‘Istana’!

          EVLee, I know I’d be ‘C’ 1st Class Citizen, but I was wondering why would you be ‘X’ 1st Class Citizen?

          1. Well … since that traits of ‘blood, skin and tongue’ are not relevant anymore at that time, I believe that they’ll still somehow need to categorise the citizens so as to ‘better manage or handle them'(don’t tell me that they do not want to hold on to or remain in power, right?). One way is to work into the people’s head(as if they are not doing it right now) and via one’s results of actions in society, these so-called citizens would be further refined categorically. ‘You don’t really wanna know’ the things that have been going on in my head and thus, I voluntarily submit myself into the ‘X’ or rather ‘axed’ category … should I say … hi hi hi

  1. In this era of big data, they want to do away with one of the more significant variables needed for policy decision making. Stupid.

    If anything, they should be asking for more information.

    Yeah I know, attacking the race question is symbolic but seriously …

    1. re: “attacking the race [box] is …”

      … a sneaky strategy of nullifying Article 153 through the backdoor. “No Malays, no Indians too and zero Chinese” – like Hannah Yeoh proclaims. No identification as ‘Malay’ effectively translates into no bumiputera status.

      That’s the problem with leadership by evangelista (read: sneaky bastards).

      If the Chinese community was willing to better integrate, and do so with sincerity – not through faking “Insya Allah”, #sahur and tudung fashion accessory while camping in mosques – a Chinese would have been a PM today like in the Thailand and Philippines.

      It’s the hypocrisy and sneakiness that gall, rather than a request for race policies to be eventually eliminated.

      1. As I recall, there was some discussion prior to Merdeka on whether we should follow the Indonesian and Thai model of having a Malaysian ie Malay name. The non-Malays were open to it provided there was no compulsion to embrace Islam, thus it was the Malays who decided not to pursue this particular path of integration further.

        1. The Malay left (sayap kiri) aligned with AMCJA-Putera were not the majority. It was Umno that managed to muster the numbers/masses.

          Thus between their competing models, it was the Perikatan’s consociational model that won the way.

          But realistically, do you think the Chinese of the 1950s would have been been willing to name their daughters Melati or Melor?

              1. ‘a Chinese would have been a PM today like in the Thailand and Philippines.’

                Tu la Helen, depa ingat depa pandai sangat. Tapi taktau kena main dengan game yang depa sendiri set! Bolok!

  2. While we are on the subject of law.
    Just wondering. Why is a forum of POTA and Sedition Act an event with Continous Professional Development (CPD) points?

    Should CPD points be for events that a lawyer or law student pick up new technical skills?

    1. ‘Should CPD points be for events that a lawyer or law student pick up new technical skills?’

      Tak Mulan, CPD point untuk benci kerajaan, lagi dan lagi. Kat Kolej pun depa dah glorify Karpal dan Ambiga. Macam mana barcouncil tak senget, subversif ja hari-hari!

      ‘The above is but a sample of the long and continuing injustices members face with respect to an increasingly out of touch, elitist Bar Council that treats ordinary members of the Bar with what can only be described as disdain and contempt. For beneath all the fanciful words and displays of grandeur, the Bar Council masks an old, dying regime on the brink of irrelevance.’

  3. In the print edition of the Singapore Straits Times (July 24, 2015): “Malaysia’s heated political climate raises risk of racial or religious violence: Analyst”.

    Ms Guilia Zino, a senior regional analyst for a risk consultancy firm, wrote in Forbes magazine on Wednesday, said, as reported in the ST, that Malaysia has generated “a considerable volume of negative press coverage over the past year”.

    She also wrote: “Perhaps more worryingly, the heated political climate increases the scope for religiously or ethnically motivated acts of violence, like the riots earlier this month in the Bukit Bintang neighbourhood of Kuala Lumpur…

    “Umno has increasingly nurtured a siege mentality and presented the party as the only true protector of Malay interests, worsening communal tensions….

    “Malaysia has been the biggest loser in the Asia-Pacific from lower global prices for oil and particularly natural gas, and is grappling with high government debt, a large fiscal deficit, Asia’s highest household debt and one of it’s worst-performing currencies.” (

    1. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Where’s the balance?

      How can only fingerpoint Umno while letting the DAP off the hook? It takes two hands to clap,

      1. The mat saleh mana baca berita bahasa Malaysia Helen. Tentulah apa yang ditulis, thanks to people like DAP and their Ubah kakis, most are penipu to begin with, berdasarkan apa yang dibaca melalui media2 subversif macam TMI and gangs!

        1. Maybe more people read Forbes magazine than they do “berita bahasa Malaysia”!

          A fascination with English and all things global?

          What other gems of logic do you have for us this weekend?

          1. ‘Maybe more people read Forbes magazine than they do “berita bahasa Malaysia”! A fascination with English and all things global?’

            Hey pardon the Malay in me. I already admit here not so long ago, that I’m probably a less than a quarter Cina! So please pardon my Melayu, will you?

            But then again Forbes reading person like you are, so ‘Why don’t you pen your views and go get them published somewhere?’

            Mari kita tengok otak kau bernas ke tak bernas, shall we?

            1. Why, are you looking askance at Forbes magazine? Or the commentary in question?

              I am sure that the fascination with English extends beyond HRH The Sultan of Johor, Tun Dr Mahathir and Nazir Razak to many parents in this country. Including, if we may, many VIPs and VVIPs in this same country.

              As for the “Malay in you”, why are you asking for pardon? It is not something to be stigmatised, is it? Or to be ashamed of?

              Forbes published a commentary on Malaysia. You can either agree with the views therein or rebut them. If you feel that you are not up to it, there is the government’s PR machinery to fall back on. Like ” drawing a line in the sand” as a certain VIP made clear not so long ago.

              1. ‘As for the “Malay in you”, why are you asking for pardon?’

                Cina are superior, pandai, rajin, kaya-raya, kreatif, English numero uno, of 5000 years punya civilization, thus destined for greatness, case in point, Cinapura down under, yes?

                So pardon lah my Melayu.

      2. Why don’t you write a rebuttal and send it to Forbes magazine?

        That would be in keeping with your persona of a humble small time Don Quixote tilting against the windmills of the powerful and connected.

        Go for it….

        1. I’m someone aware of my own limitations. I’ve already earlier tendered my apology to another commenter Orang Perlis, telling him, Sorry “I don’t have a head for business, and that’s why I’ve not been blogging about 1MDB”. See @ 2015/07/24 at 7:15 pm

          You’re really jabbing at a straw man which you yourself have sneakily built.

          You’re demanding that I write about the ISIS atrocities in Syria, bankruptcy of Greece, restructuring the economy, increasing competitiveness, AEC, TPP, AIIB and the New Silk Road – and now you’re mocking that I should submit an opinion to Forbes magazine – when I’ve never claimed to be competent in this area of business writing.

          Why don’t you pen your views and go get them published somewhere?

          1. The man is now doing shadow boxing. He can’t box the real deal so he’s boxing the real deal’s shadow. That’s why he’s here most of the time egging you.

            1. “shadow boxing”? And what’s the “real deal”? Or who is the “real deal”?

              Don Quixote?


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