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Opinion poll: Do you believe in the MCA’s pledge?


Today is already the ninth day of Syawal. But MCA’s stuck in time warp of puasa month still.

The MCA website @ is clueless that its selamat berpuasa banner is now already more than a week out of date – see screen cap below.

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MCA puasa month

In the main article highlighted on the MCA home page and headlined ‘Low Yat Plaza melee – Stop speculations!‘, MCA president Liow Tiong Lai was quoted as saying that his party viewed the issue seriously.

Urging the government to ensure that there is no repeat of the incident, Liow at the same time reaffirmed his party’s commitment to nation-building, pledging, “MCA will take some steps to ensure harmony and national unity continues to be strong”.

What do you think of the MCA’s promise?


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10 thoughts on “Opinion poll: Do you believe in the MCA’s pledge?

  1. Who cares? MCA is irrelevant. Does not seem to have any standing with the Cina they purport to represent. Their involvement in the Low Yat incident macam syok sendiri. Low Yat had kicked MCA to the wayside decades ago and MCA going down to LY bak kata pepatah “hidung tak mancung …”

  2. Pledge of doing and actually doing it ,is two thing of difference .
    MCA should asked themselves ,what commitment they has taken in assuring racial harmony are assured ,instead of urging the government .

    1. 90% of their members jumping ship aso they never knew in advance and kept Najib syiok sendiri tiba2 dilanda tsunami? Tak masuk akal kalo cerita yang mereka taktau langsung.

      Kawasan saya Adun MCA dulu mana ambil kisah hal2 kawasan, excuse secretary dia “gone to Putrajaya for meeting”. Kerja dok pi mengampu boss saja. His people nak nampak batang hidung pun payah.

      …….”ensure harmony and national unity continues to be strong”.


      1. RINA,

        “…tiba tiba dilanda tsunami”.

        Bukan tiba tiba. Semua orang dah Nampak kecuali Najib yg enggan terima kenyataan.

  3. I hate to say this but to most Chinese people MCA is not a political party but a “social group” instead where they complained about their daughters abandoned them and follow their boyfriends, their sons were hunted by “ah longs”, their properties were stolen/vandalized by some Malay/Indian/Indonesian “thugs”, lost large sum of money to African scammers, etc. But when voting season comes, be it PK or PU, I believe 90% of those who complained at MCA headquarters will vote for DAP instead(or independent if DAP isn’t participating in their regions).

    In other words to Chinese people MCA offers peace and stability but DAP offers power and Chinese dominance of this country and of course DAP left MCA miles away in their race to win the hearts and minds of Chinese people.

    1. ‘DAP offers power and Chinese dominance’

      Speaking of which, ini lah yang akan berlaku bila Melayu terpedaya pergi undi Harapan Barua dan menangkan DAP .

      DAP melalui Penang Institute akan defined bentuk Islam yang sesuai diguna-pakai kepada umat Islam di negara ini. DAP akan buat pengisian Islam yang lebih mesra DAP.

      Wong cakap pasal maqasid segala, percaya ke ajaran Islam? Ke mocking? Zairil lain la, dia Muslim!

    2. Ayam.

      MCA is still relevant.

      MCA is needed when parents have nowhere to go after their gambling addicted sons ran from “ah longs”.

      MCA is needed when some brainless women parted with money due to sweet talking African con men.

      MCA is needed as it provides guides to UTAR.

      MCA does all the hard work. But the Chinese believe in rewarding DAP. That is their arrangement.

      1. MCA is needed as it pays the salaries of the EvangeliSTAR reporters who work to promote the DAP agenda in The J-Star.

  4. Believing in the ‘Pledges by MCA’…?
    Saya mahu percaya tapi sudah dicuba, tak boleh percaya jugak!
    MCA hari ni dah tak sama macam yang dulu. MCA hari ini cuma sebuah parti yang sering cuba menangguk di air keruh walaupun tangguknya bocor, dicubanya jugak.
    Even, air longkang yang keruh pun ditangguknya.
    Apa dapat?
    Cuma sampah!

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