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My ten ‘either or’ choices


1. BN or opposition?

  • BN

2. MCA or DAP?

  • MCA

3. Najib or Tun/Muhyiddin new order?

  • Najib

4. 1Sekolah or status quo (maintain Chinese schools)?

  • Status quo

5. Hudud or status quo (maintain FedCon restriction)?

  • No hudud


6.  Penang or Selangor?

  • Selangor

7. New media/Internet or traditional print media/TV?

  • New/Net

8. Chinese boyfren or Malay boyfren?

  • Malay

9. Mando-pop songs or Malay rock songs?

  • Mandarin

10. Cat or dog?

Geeee, this one is really tough!

I have a dog and a cat each. Both greet me at the door when I return home.

The manja cat sleeps on my bed beside me at night. The loyal dog sleeps under the desk when I’m at the computer, under the dining table when I’m eating and under the armchair when I’m resting.

Urm, dog or cat?



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44 thoughts on “My ten ‘either or’ choices

  1. I wanna join. My choices are:

    1. BN
    2. MCA (by default, because BN)
    3. Is there another choice? No? I’m gonna go with NOT Najib.
    4. 1Sekolah
    5. Status quo
    6. Selangor
    7. New media
    8. Malay
    9. Neither
    10. Cat, by default.

    Is this like Cosmo quiz? Are you going to reveal our personality or something? Lol, just kidding.

    Btw, did you watch the TS Muhyiddin vid on closing the Cheras Umno division meet, night before I think? He doesn’t seem keen to take over from Najib, but acknowledged the uphill battle facing Umno to win GE14. He also voiced quite a bit of his disappointment in the premiership in relation to 1MDB. And instead of addressing the issues, I believe the “shoot the messenger” storm has begun.

    1. :) Other readers are welcome to contribute their either or’s too.

      The political pundits are weighing in, saying the Umno civil war has begun.

      1. No, it’s not a civil war. Read around the blogs, there are quite a few sane voices around, people who believed (and I agree) that TSM is trying to knock some sense into Umno. But there are quite a few (who needed to show their undying support for Najib, what’s that word? – jemuan?) who are silly enough to create a shit storm over TSM’s speech. It’s of course the same group who are painting TDM black.

        Back to choices. Here’s another tough one, Birkin or Prada?

        1. Dunno. What if there’s a cabinet reshuffle and TSMY is sacked, as the rumour goes.

          Your Birkin or Prada question can also be couched in another way: Rosmah or Hannah?

          1. Well, if he’s silly enough to sack TSMY then we’ll definitely have Umno civil war.

            And Birkin vs Prada sounds much better than BIG MAMA vs YO MAMA

            1. re: “Yo mama”

              Haha, clever.

              If only Rosmah could downplay her public profile and remain more in the background…

              Aunty Hannah is a publicity hound. It’s impossible for her not to seek attention.

      1. True to that. Having said that enough of umno wayang kulit. Irreparable damage done. Takat cakap – cakap je no point.

        Time for PAS. Not too worried about Hudud. There is no way it can be implemented. Even they do not know how to. Orang melayu takkkan boleh implement benda benda silly ni. Arab dengan pakistan bolehlah – tak sekolah dan kasar.

  2. 1. BN
    2. MCA
    3. Asalkan bukan Najib
    4. 1Sekolah
    5. Status quo for now but eventually hudud
    6. Selangor
    7. New media/internet
    8. Muslim boyfren (race doesn’t matter)
    9. Korean ballads
    10. Not keen on pets

  3. Helen ,

    Whatever your choice is your choice ,that you knows best ,but do regard the needs and requirement and the majority choice.

    Malaysia will be wonderful ,if respect and be respected are the practice in our daily life.

    1. You mean the move towards hudud, eventually, and 1Sekolah (read: assimilation) is the preference of the Malay majority? Maybe so.

      MCA and Umno walked the tightrope and maintained a precarious balance. Then the DAP’s greedy, power hungry evangelistas managed to obtain some power and proceeded to tear up the BN social contract.

      I’m aware that our country is moving to the right and that majoritarian dictates will assert themselves. It is the evangelistas who are pushing Malays to take this path.

      The PAS ulama victory in the party election is a reaction to the DAP bullying. Most Chinese refuse to recognize this and other realities. But future generations of Malaysian Chinese will regret and rue the day their forefathers hoisted DAP on their shoulders.

      1. The prophet enforce hudud once the prerequisite of an islamic nation is fulfilled. One of it is every muslim observes the 5 tenet of islam – syahadah, pray 5 times daily, ramadhan fasting, zakat and perform haj dutifully and wholeheartedly. But the muslim in malaysia seems to fail even the basic syahadah issue. One says its ok to share kalimah Allah, the other says can only use in a right way although majority says cannot. Even the kalimah Allah also no collective agreement and you want to implement a technical thing like hudud? Dont get me started on 5 times prayer. I can boldly say even lots of staunch supporter of nik aziz fail to do this. Lagi mau mimpi hudud. Sheeshh…

        1. ‘Lagi mau mimpi hudud.’

          Jentayu saya setuju dengan pandangan tuan. Tapi berkenaan dengan Hudud pada saya kita kena biarkan semua avenue untuk melaksanakannya had been tried and exhausted.

          Kita nak tengok antara tussle between Hadi and some Siti Kassim’s clients on tabling Hudud in Parliment contohnya, siapa yang menang?

          Gerakan punya move cabar Hudud di mahkamah sebagai unconstitutional, kita nak tengok siapa yang menang?

          Sama juga kalau Hadi berjaya table kat Parliment pun kita nak tengok sama ada dia akan berjaya dapat sokongan atau tidak cukup untuk melaksanakannya kelak di Kelantan? Sama ada ahli UMNO dan ahli Parlimen Islam daripada parti-parti lain akan sokong atau tidak. Sama ada ahli parlimen bukan Muslim akan sokong atau tidak?

          Ini juga pandangan self professed Islamist democrat, Dr Dzulkifli (walaupun dia sendiri mengaku bahawa Islamist term tak ada dalam tradisi keilmuan Islam di forum yang sama) kat forum IRF, ‘Islam and Secular State’ tempoh hari. he will want to see all avenues be exhausted as well.

          Not for it being denied or stopped simply for it being deemed, stone-age or even wahhabis. Demonising Hadi, almost takfiri-like, if I may, rather weirdly too (because we are doing exactly what he did which we hated most), or denigrating Islam and mocking Hudud, wont gets my support.

          Kelantanese want Hudud. I’d say why not? Lets see how they will then fare. Successful or not. Lets learn from it too. Kelantan ends up having Hudud. Great. If its not so great.

          Lets learn how make it better in Terengganu next. Perhaps then Kedah. I think that is how we will learn. Denying the majority of the Kelantanese wanting Hudud wholesale and mocking it (I’m not pointing this to Jentayu) just wont do it in my book.

    2. As in the code words for “dominant” and “subservient”?

      Or as in “privileged” and “disadvantaged”?

      Or – I am on a roll here – as in “my way” or “the highway”

      I love this game!

      1. Are you replying to me or tt?

        Anyway, in the news today. Subtext: China is convinced that evangelical Christians are a menace, if not an existential threat, to Chinese society.

        Excerpts from today’s The Guardian article:

        “Activists say more than 1,200 crosses have been stripped from churches in Zhejiang province since the government initiative began in late 2013. There has been a spike in such actions in recent weeks.”

        “Zhejiang is home to one of China’s largest Christian congregations with an estimated 300,000 Catholics and one million Protestants split between government-sanctioned and underground ‘house’ churches.”

        “Towering red church crosses – visible for miles around – once dotted the city’s skyline but many of the most prominent been forcibly removed since the campaign began. In some cases, entire churches have been reduced to rubble.”

        “Many Christian activists believe president Xi Jinping – who recently warned that religion should be independent from foreign influence – has given at least tacit approval to the removals.”

        re: Code word: You think it’s ‘Dominance vs subservience’.

        Nope. It’s the DAP evangelistas importing a triumphalist foreign religion and alien supremacist trend into a peaceful host.

        1. And there’s the favourite word among the evangelists, “evil”. Poor “good” Christians. They have to go up against the “evil” communists in China, the “evil” Muslims here and “evil” others elsewhere

        2. And if the Republicans win the next US Presidential election, what then?

          They already control both houses of Congress.

          The evangelical Christians are a key support base of the Republican Party.

          So, if China “cracks down” on the evangelical Christian churches in the country, will the US stand idly by?

          Or will it react? And how?

          Evangelical Christianity is here to stay. As too the mainstream Christians – Catholics and the major Protestant denominations.

          Deal with it!

          1. re: “Evangelical Christianity is here to stay. […] Deal with it!”

            Like I’ve said, I’m just one independent individual. I’m not in any position of power or holding a government post.

            Beijing and Putrajaya will deal with the evangelistas. See lah how far and for how long the cult people can push.

            Already we got a new AG whose views/stance on the evangelistas’ role in the ‘Allah’ controversy is known.

            1. See lah how far and for how long the US can push.

              Two can play the game of “pushing”.

              The question is who will blink first.

              Beijing knows it can only crack down so much before the push back comes.

              And the evangelical Christians are a different kettle of fish from the Muslim Uighurs in China.

              For one, the Uighurs aren’t high on the US’s list of concerns.

              Whereas for Christians….

              1. re: “Whereas for Christians….”

                The Roman magistrates threw them to the lions.

                1. Helen the Rithmatist guy is super sneaky. At one hand he talks about the fact that he treasures economic prosperity and personal well being above all things. On another he glorified the war looming upon us all, thanks to Uncle Sam and China trying to wrestle ‘Nusantara’.

                  How hypocritical can you be?! Sneaky bastards!

                  1. Or are you just good at denying realities?

                    It must be comforting to know that your daily toast is served buttered and all.

                    Who’s being “sneaky” here?

                    Those who deny realities, maybe….

                    It’s interesting that you see “a war looming upon us”. Are you planning to pick the winning side?

                    1. ‘Are you planning to pick the winning side?’

                      My side , hidup mati is with this country. YOU? Oh lupa plak, you can keep your Singapore!

                2. And see where those Roman magistrates and emperors are now and where Christianity is.

                  Any more facetious comments, seeing as how you are making a joke about martyrdom?

                  Or are you more sympathetic towards certain aspects and practitioners of martyrdom?

                  1. re: “And see where those Roman magistrates and emperors are now and where Christianity is.”

                    Where Christianity is … in the shopping malls – Santa, Christmas tree, mistletoe, fake snow, presents in stockings, Jingle Bells and other popular muzak, X’mas turkey …

                    re: “Any more facetious comments, seeing as how you are making a joke about martyrdom?”

                    Why do you want to help Christianity spread in Malaysia? Buddhists and Hindus don’t proselytize.

                    re: “Or are you more sympathetic towards certain aspects and practitioners of martyrdom?”

                    The lions had a good meal, burp.

                  1. So the J-Juice drink is as old as wine and the recipe/formula for distilling it is the same.

                    1. Postscript:

                      All the more reason the Malay Muslims ought to beware that the evangelistas don’t succeed in making Jerusubang a major seat of neo-Christendom in the Nusantara.

                  2. “All the more reason the Malay Muslims ought to beware that the evangelistas don’t succeed in making Jerusubang a major seat of neo-Christendom in the Nusantara.”

                    Such phobia over suburban Subang Jaya.

                    1. agreed. No religious extremism pls, including Christiandom.

                      Hope Indonesia Islam-ize Bali also…. “Hindudom in the Nusantara”… down with it..

                    2. “Hope Indonesia Islam-ize Bali also…. “Hindudom in the Nusantara”… down with it..”

                      What is wrong with Bali being Hindu? They have been Hindu long before Islam ever set foot in Southeast Asia.

          2. What nonsense. Evangelical Christianity is powerful at the popular level only – something like Islam in Malaysia. Good for fishing lebai votes or to field a candidate that will have to stand a popularity contest, a figurehead.

            In the highest levels of decision making (unelected bureaucrats or otherwise), courts, lobbies, it’s the minority loyalties that count. Catholicism, ethnic background etc. Any evangelicals in the following?

            The whole supreme court justice line up
            Secretary of State
            Chief of Staff
            Speaker of the House

            1. What about rank-and-file Democrats and Republicans in the US House of Representatives and Senate? Or the voters who send them to Washington D.C.?

              1. Yesyes..usa powerful…migrate there pls. Leave us malaysian alone. Why waste your saliva here? This is muslim majority country almost becoming taliban. Evangelist will be die out here, better go before new AG step on you. The easiest way to get green card is to marry some lonely old hag, rohingyas already do it here. Give me your facebook handle rithmatist, i can introduce you to some of my old ladies friend in the cat breeding scene. They always need good help to clean the cat litterboxes. Hope u are not allergic to cats. Bye

  4. Muhyiddin will be Mahathir’s puppet. Mahathir will waste more money by bailing out Proton and Mokhzani’s companies which has been badly affected due to the falling of oil price.

    Najib has done the best to face the current problems due to falling in oil price. Otherwise, Malaysia would have gone into economic recession. Malaysian economy could have been better if Mahathir does not create false alarm on 1MDB.

    What do we actually want? Do we want to create more problems so that more people will be out of jobs and more bussiness will be affected. Who will suffer? Tony Pua? who has RM3 mil in his bank account. Lim Guan Eng? whose proxies has hundreds of RM millions in Hong Kong & Australia.

    Who is this Muhyiddin? He can’t even speak English fluently. Can he raise the oil price?

    1. I like this guy..! He has this present day trend, suntanned,peasant look suitable for kampung drama series !! Suggest he attend finishing school for cheating on his boss. He should learn from his mentor Tun Musa Hitam how to take on his boss gracefully !!

  5. 1. BN
    2. Gerakan – sorry dua2 tak mau
    3. Tun
    4. 1Sekolah
    5. Status quo
    6. Sarawak (peaceful with water)
    7. New media/internet
    8. Chinese
    9. Classical music
    10. Cat – as they state their ground

  6. 1. BN.
    2. MCA.
    3. Tun. I love the man. He has ‘balls’. Would his style have survived the 21st century? Absolutely. He would have adapted.
    4. 1Sekolah. That’s never going to happen though. If they can find a way to combine the positives of the Chinese school system and the positives of the national type school system, it might just get off the ground. Unfortunately there aren’t many positives with the National type schools system.
    5. No hudud. Period. That system of law has no place in 21st century societies.
    6. Selangor.
    7. Traditional media. They just don’t simply publish nonsense without fact checking for fear of being sued. Of course things are changing now. They are slowly but surely beginning to resemble new media.
    8. I love people. Races don’t come into the equation until the question of marriage comes up. All the indoctrination from an early age has clearly had an effect on me!
    9. Rock, pop, classical, folk, etc.
    10. Dog. It’s unconditional love from them.

    I’m glad you wrote this post. All that politics and more politics just dampens the spirit. Surprise us more often.


  7. 1. BN if BN gets rid of corruption, then BN is better…
    2. Gerakan model is better
    3. Tun M
    4. Status quo
    5. No hudud
    6. Selangor
    7. New media
    8. I’m a guy so obviously Malay/Middle Eastern gf
    9. Malay rock/alt rock
    10. Cat

    Helen, what do you think of Islam…. and conversion….

    1. re: “Helen, what do you think of Islam…. and conversion….”

      I think you RBAs who brazenly masquerade are beyond creepy.

      Don’t be so smug – air tenang jangan disangka tak ada buaya. There will be a day of reckoning when the Malays backlash against your baiting behaviour.

      If you want to raise valid points against BN bad governance, corruption, discrimination against Chinese, restrictions on Christian worship, etc – all these issues are fine with me. Just make the criticisms direct.

      It’s the DAP sneakiness that is counter-productive. Let me give you one example – equality.

      If you want all the races to be treated equally, then appeal to the Malay sense of justice, i.e. sell the idea that everybody deserves a fair chance.

      Don’t go the roundabout, sneaky way and impose ‘ethnic cleansing’ – saying (“zero Chinese”), “no Malays”, identification by race is “racist” and all this in effect nullifying the bumiputera classification and ultimately the Malay Special Position.

      Eventually enough Malays will be willing to let go of Article 153 based on fairplay. But because the DAP has demonstrated itself to be so sneaky, they will decide to cling on to Art.153 because they fear they’ll get cheated when the protection is withdrawn.

      Being sincere and straightforward is the better approach, don’t you think?

  8. 1. BN
    2. Neither MCA nor DAP
    3. Tun M
    4. 1 Sekolah (although I admit that Chinese schools is somewhat better in some aspects)
    5. No hudud
    6. Selangor
    7. Both are important nowadays
    8. Chinese GF
    9. English love songs
    10. I am not keen on pets

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