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Revisiting the DAP’s “Malaysian First or Malay First?” bullying

The DAP wants to browbeat you into declaring “Malaysian First”. If you decline, Aunty Hannah will blow her puffy cheeks and screech “racist! racist! racist!” at you.

DAP Firsters even pretend that races don’t exist.


BELOW: Mama Dapster wants to decimate the Chinese community in Malaysia to “zero”


Grandpapa Dapster Lim Kit Siang tries hard to portray himself as a Patriot First who’s spilling over with nationalism.

Well first off, what are the different nuances behind the concept of ‘national’ and concept of ‘citizen’?

Content below extracted and extrapolated from

Nationality vs Citizenship

The ‘Difference Between’ website explains that although the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably or as synonyms, nonetheless, they do differ in some aspects.


(a) You’re a Malaysian national because you were born in Malaysia.

(b) You inherited your Malaysian nationality from your parents.

(c) It’s a ‘natural phenomenon’ (no point overthinking about this).

(d) You belong to a group speaking the same language, having the same culture and traditions, shared history and other general similarities.

(e) You don’t change your nationality.

“Coming to citizenship, some nations also confer honorary citizenship to individuals. But no country can confer honorary nationality on any one as his birthplace cannot be changed.”

Two interesting cases

(i) Alberto Fujimori, the former president of Peru, has Japanese nationality.

Read ABC News story here.


(ii) Miss Japan Ariana Miyamoto looks black. She’s actually biracial and is a Japanese national – born in Japan, speaks Japanese as her native tongue, was raised a Japanese and inherited her nationality from her Japanese mother.



(a) It is a legal status.

(b) You’re a Malaysian citizen because you’ve been accepted into the country’s political framework through legal terms.

(c) Unlike nationality, citizenship may not always refer to people of the same group. Hence we may all be Malaysian citizens but still practise our differing cultures.

(d) You can apply to change your citizenship anytime.

For example, there was that Malaysian munafiq living temporarily in Tasmania who had applied for Australian permanent residence but alas, she failed in her PR application. How many of you suspect that she would have gladly UBAH-ed her citizenship if given half the chance?

BELOW: Hypocrite Hannah – the reject item


Christians were not regarded as Chinese nationals in British Malaya

The Federated Malay States made a law called the Secretary for Chinese Affairs Enactment of 1899 – see below- that qualified who should be treated as possessing Chinese nationality.

The definition of ‘Chinese national’ was drawn up for administrative purposes vis-a-vis Chinese immigrants in Malaya, then under British colonial rule.

Click to enlarge


The 1899 Enactment deemed a Chinese national as someone who has a Chinese surname, speaks the Chinese language, follows Chinese customs, habitually wears Chinese dress, is domiciled in China and owes his allegiance to the Emperor of China (Note: In 1899, China had not yet become a republic).

The Enactment further specified that “Christian Chinese shall not be deemed to be of Chinese nationality” – see below.


In other words, Chinese in that period more than a century ago did not accept those who converted to Christianity as being any longer a true blue Chinese.

Now fast forward to the current millennium.

Lishui city Zhejiang in May 2015
Church cross set on fire in Lishui city, Zhejiang (May 2015)

Creepy Christians freaking out China

In the last 1-and-½ years, authorities in China’s Zhejiang province alone stripped 1,200 crosses from church buildings. Hundreds of churches have been demolished. There were similar crackdowns in a few other eastern China provinces having a discernible Christian minority.

Zhejiang also proposed a ban on any further placement of crosses on church rooftops – see 7 May 2015 Associated Press news report.

What we can gather from the skittish reactions of mainline Chinese in China is that the Christians are creeping them out.

The lesson for us to learn here is that the DAP evangelista politicians are far, far from being representative of the Chinese race. Please don’t look at the behaviour of DAP evangelista Yang Berhormats and their Firster herd, and think this is what Chinese people must be like.

In reality, Malaysian Chinese are but a fraction of the diaspora while the diaspora are only a minuscule percentage of the more than 1.2 billion Han ethnics in mainland China.

DAP in general, and the evangelical party’s screechy banshees (Christian politicians) in particular are not any measure of Chineseness.

BEIJING, CHINA - OCTOBER 12: A Chinese Christian woman sings during a prayer service at an underground independent Protestant Church on October 12, 2014 in Beijing, China. China, an officially atheist country, places a number of restrictions on Christians and allows legal practice of the faith only at state-approved churches. The policy has driven an increasing number of Christians and Christian converts 'underground' to secret congregations in private homes and other venues. While the size of the religious community is difficult to measure, studies estimate there more than 65 million Christians inside China with studies supporting the possibility it could become the most Christian nation in the world within a decade. (Photo by Kevin Frayer/Getty Images)
Christians of an underground church in Beijing, China – Getty Images (Oct 2014)

‘Chinese’ is not a dirty word …

… although the DAP evangelistas are attempting to make it so through their insistence on “zero Chinese”.

The Han Chinese are 91.6 percent of the population in China. That’s roughly 1.24 billion people.

In school, I was taught by my teacher that we – the Chinese kids – were hua ren, a word used commonly to mean ‘overseas Chinese’. The Chinese diaspora is estimated to number a further 50 million.

At home, my parents transmitted the understanding that I am tang ren or pronounced teng lang in Hokkien. Tang refers to China’s Tang dynasty. So we’re (descendents of) the ‘people of the Tang dynasty’ – the literal meaning of the term.

It does not make sense either to negatively stereotype this largest racial group on planet Earth with epithets like “Cina penipu”. There are too many Chinese in the world for anyone to generalize so broadly.

DAP kafir supporters Occupy Masjid
Junior Dapsters – the freakiest photo ever

Dapster family inadvertently fanning anti-Chinese sentiments

With each passing day, I’m beginning to comprehend more and more why older generation Malays so despise Lim Kit Siang and why so many Malay reporters and writers/bloggers dislike Lim Guan Eng most intensely.

Guan Eng’s “brothers and sisters”, “we’re all one big raceless family” Firster speeches are nauseating. Kit Siang’s false dichotomy – “Are you Malaysian First or Malay First?” – and his single-mindedness to pigeonhole us all is the act of an unhinged, past his sell-by date politician.

It’s too sad that the Lims and their Christian proteges are causing this current backlash against the Chinese community.

hannahlks crop

We’re not confronted with only two limited choices

Yesterday I posted ‘My ten “either or” choices‘. It was framed within my personal sphere of preferences.

I’m certainly not forcing anyone else to pick the either (a) or (b) options that I set out although you’re welcome to play along for fun.

For example, I asked “MCA or DAP?” and Mulan replied, “sorry dua2 tak mau”. She prefers Gerakan.

I also asked, “Mando-pop songs or Malay rock songs?” to which orangkampung responded, “Neither” while LY opted for “Korean ballads”.

I asked, “Penang or Selangor?” Mulan chose “Sarawak”.

I asked, “Hudud or status quo?” Nizam replied, “Not too worried about Hudud” while jentayu said, “Lagi mau mimpi hudud. Sheeshh…” scoffing at PAS’s ability to be able to implement it.

When I provide only two choices – “Cat or dog” – you’re quite free to say “Not keen on pets” (like the reply LY gave).

I wondered, “Chinese boyfren or Malay boyfren?” and reader Urb riposted, “I’m a male, I can’t choose a bf!” (The question applicable to him is ‘gf’.)

hannah absurd

But how about when Madame Speaker spitefully asked, Joceline or Helen – “who is more absurd?” See her tweet above.

Tak payah lah layan @hannahyeoh and her pettiness.

Likewise when Kit Siang bullies everyone with his soalan maut: “Are you Malaysian First or Malay First?”, we should likewise tell him to go fly kite.

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30 thoughts on “Revisiting the DAP’s “Malaysian First or Malay First?” bullying

  1. “Malaysian first” , it’s easy to say or pronounce ,then to be seen as one .
    Would DAP willing to sacrifice the SRJK(C) to show that they, really believe what they are preaching ,if they did they , I believe Malays, are ever willing to be with them .

    1. It’s painful question and you’re not the first to ask me.

      I believe we (Malaysian Chinese) will eventually drift back to the motherland.

      Those who are still left here will be akin to Chinese ‘nationals’ in spirit and having our feet planted in two boats. The Hanana Bananas among us will look to the Christian West. Only the Malay-speaking Chinese Muslims will feel at home under the Malaysian sun.

      I blame DAP for destroying our country’s multicultural fabric and giving rise to the current pronounced anti-Chinese sentiments.

      It’s the extreme fanatical behaviour of the evangelical party’s sneaky Christians that goaded the creation of Perkasa and the political activation of Isma.

      The DAP 2.0’s politics of hate is also driving PAS into Umno’s arms. I foresee some kind of Malay unity by GE14 even if not formalized through PAS’s entry into the BN.

      The BN non-Malay components in the peninsula are effectively dead. As my latest opinion poll is showing, Malays don’t give a hoot about the MCA anymore.

      I don’t have dreams for Malaysia. I fear a nightmare but I can’t say more – nanti the DAP operatives report me to the MCMC.

      My hope is that Umno will set aside MCA which is a hindrance to the BN’s survival and getting in the way of a mano e mano fight between the No.1 party and the No.2 party in Malaysia. I hope that the DAP will be dealt with. The only power capable of dealing with the DAP is the sluggish Umno.

      And most of all, I hope that the authorities will start monitoring seriously the subversive activities in the evangelical churches and take action against the sneaky bastards.

        1. Not necessarily all PUSH factor, as in anti-Chinese sentiments becoming intolerable.

          There’s also the PULL factor. China is rivaling Uncle Sam as the world’s No.1 superpower and in some factors, like economy for one, China has surpassed the USA.

          Our current century has been dubbed ‘The Pacific Century’ led by China.

          With “globalization” and the world becoming borderless, it’s easier for the Chinese diaspora to connect with the motherland. All it takes is a click of the mouse.

          A Malaysian Chinese teenager can have a virtual girlfriend in Shenzhen through Skyping and whatever digital communications technology that overtakes Skype. Malaysian Chinese youth are increasingly enrolling in China universities and Xiamen University is even going to open its branch campus on our shores.

          We can video stream Chinese movies, TV programmes and other China/Taiwan/Hong Kong entertainment. Gone are the days when RTM was our only option.

          “Everyone can fly” nowadays; AirAsia tickets to China are cheaper than before. Older Malaysian Chinese have been visiting their ancestral villages.

          Just try going by the ‘Chinese national’ definition and parameters that I’ve compiled above and see if the DAP bulk voters are more Chinese or more Malaysian.

          1. I can foresee all that.

            But I thought you were saying something along the line of our Chinese brothers and sisters ‘balik China’, for there is no hope for them living here, millions of them wor, were you?

            Perhaps I misunderstood you.

            I on the other hand was anticipating, when asking you the question something along the lines of, we must do this, or that, to have better inter communal understanding despite the ‘ayam dan itik’ lingo amongst some of us? No?

            1. re: “Perhaps I misunderstood you.”

              There are both the push and pull factors and others in between.

              As for how badly things may slide, the prognosis is not good judging from the present Dapster behaviour that’s all about relentlessly attacking and provoking (they smell blood in 1MDB) without let-up.

              Low Yat should serve as an eye-opener but our politicians prefer to sweep the incident under the carpet.

              re: “we must do this, or that, to have better inter communal understanding”

              If I’d ever wanted to do that kinda thing – whistle sugary tunes – I’d have become a DAP politician ,)

              But in any case, don’t you agree that my blog is one of the watering holes where there is inter-communal understanding? You already know that I always listen as objectively as I can.

              1. Yup, but how can we translate more of that at national level, not that the blog is less influential. i think those who wanted to understand Malaysian politics must pay your blog a visit.

                But in all seriousness, do you think we (the conversations) get the attention due to us as much as the ‘progressives’ did?

                1. re: “how can we translate more of that at national level”

                  Clone Helen Ang and roll the model off the assembly line.

                  re: “do you think we (the conversations) get the attention due to us”

                  Well, we’re at least getting the attention of the evangelistas. Their creepy Christians stalk me 24/7 and are waging an incessant online smear campaign against me.

      1. quote,”And most of all, I hope that the authorities will start monitoring seriously the subversive activities in the evangelical churches and take action against the sneaky bastards.”unquote.

        don’t worry Helen. Our SBs were ahead of you (and us). trust me.

    1. say to them if this is a Taliban state, evangelista won’t have a field day everyday to hurl accusation, abuses and bullying the government and bumis who makes up majority of the country.

      you will certainly experience a headshot if you behave the way they are now.

      it amuses me so much how selective zaid or marina when it comes to evangelistas behaviour. I guess he still hold grudges to umno that gives no room to a moron like him to climb up the party ladder.

    2. Zaid – country atau his state?
      Kalau dia kata Kelantan satni payah dia nak balik kampung.

      Marina – isteri Indon (dulu MatSalleh).

      Tak payah layan mereka ni.

  2. When you put it this way (DAPsters isn’t a measure of Chineseness) I start to think that Najib stance to appeal to Chinese was a correct (altho admittedly hugely unpopular) decision.

  3. 1. any diff between m’sian chinese & chinese m’sian? kalau ada what’s your choice? (kat amerika syarikat, there are african americans, arab americans, japanese americans etc etc & tak ada american chinese).

    2. penipu, pencuri, penyangak, perompak , kelentong & apa binatang lagi – ini jenis manusia, sama juga dgn sifat bacul walaupun keturunan pang5 atau pang6.

    1. ‘Chinese Malaysian’ means Malaysian is the core, and Chinese is the description of the subject, e.g. green apple (apple is the object, green is the colour of the object)

      ‘Malaysian Chinese’ means Chinese is the core, and Malaysian is the description of the subject, e.g. apple green (green is the colour, apple describes is the shade of green; other shades of green – lime green, olive green, pine green)

      Parallel examples: Malaysian Chinese, American Chinese, Australian Chinese, Indonesian Chinese – Chinese is the core and the constant whereas his nationality can change

      I am Malaysian Chinese.

          1. Helen, any idea bila & siapa yg coined the kalimah teng lang becos the dynasty ruled from 608-907 and there were other rulers after that. mungkin orang2 cina dah sampai ke kepulauan melayu terutamanya ditanah jawa pada masa itu.

            1. Nama diambil sempena dinasti tersebut sebab ia melambangkan kemuncak kegemilangan pemerintahan beraja, mengikut sumber-sumber yang saya baca.

              Juga cemerlang dan terbilang – dinasti ‘Han’.

              Contohnya kaum ‘Saudi’ juga dinamakan ikut Bani Saud yang memerintah negara.

    1. My advice to that chap. Get a one way ticket to a country of your liking. Somewhere less ‘malayness’.

      1. He has no way of understanding how Singaporeans feel with regards to their government. People on our side of the causeway have this utopia, this Singapore, this paradise thing. Why do you think that despite all the warnings a significant number of our own people continue to throw themselves at Singapore ? One fellow Chinese I know who’s from my home state of Johor, she lasted only 3 weeks in that island republic. She couldn’t adapt to the pace, the language was a huge, insurmountable barrier and finally she quit. If your command of English is ‘slapstick’, then you’re not going to make it, unless your idea of making it is working as dishwashers, the sort of jobs foreign workers are doing in Malaysia. Oh maybe, perhaps maybe, that our people think working menial jobs is glorious.

        1. Survivor

          Quote: “..perhaps maybe, that our people think working menial jobs is glorious.”

          Not everyone has the liberty to be condescending when it comes to putting food on the table.

          If menial jobs can bring in the moolah, why not?

      2. Chris

        Whoa, no idea where did this come from.

        You are addressing the wrong person. I seldom talk about Singapore let alone let myself be overwhelmed into idolatry.

        And where did LKS come into all this?

        1. RE: ie. Helen’s parting line: “Likewise when Kit Siang bullies everyone with his soalan maut: “Are you Malaysian First or Malay First?”, we should likewise tell him to go fly kite.”

          Pardon me, I read too much into your motive. I hope you are aware though that Kit Siang’s clarion call to the electorate is a form of Malaysian governance akin to that of Singapore’s claim to social egalitarianism – which has evolved over the last two decades to be rather elitist and doggedly fiscal in nature.

            1. It was mostly only a “claim”: egalitarianism has not materialized under Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy.

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