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Is there any Melayu in this picture?

Bersih 4.0

Hannah Bersih 4

Bersih know they can’t get the numbers by themselves.

So they plan to tumpang the crowd that’s celebrating Independence fireworks/concert by having their anti-Najib rally end on midnight of Aug 30 – the eve of National Day. They’re also gonna tumpang the venues for the Merdeka events.


Can you spot any/which faces are Malay in the press conference pix above?


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

70 thoughts on “Is there any Melayu in this picture?

      1. Your reply makes no sense and does not have anything to do with my statement…

    1. Malaysians … is what chinese say when they are outnumbered and realised that they cant get Putrajaya’s dream without majority Malays’ votes

  1. I am sure that Bersih 4 is going to be a massive group….me and my friends have been waiting for Bersih event

      1. Helen maybe because they like street protest and rolling on the street and damaging property

  2. There’s no Malay , no Indian and no Chinese, all are Malaysian Malaysia.
    When asked ,Mahyudin said he is a Malay first then Malaysian and he had been axed , does not go along with jeritan, 1 Malaysia.

    Suddenly the one who jerit 1 Malaysia , declare himself a Bugis ,what you made of that ?.

      1. Dont be racist. All Jawa, Banjar, Batak, Bugis, Aceh, the other Indons, the southern Thais and the Filipinos are all Malays. They make up the Rumpun Melayu. Most of the Indons originated from semenanjung Malaya and Pattani. No wonder so many of them are returning here.

            1. Taiwanese aborigines are also in the Malay race. Examples are A- Mei , A-Lin. Many in Mandopop today from Taiwan are Malays.

              ‘The Taiwan theory (published in 1997) – The migration of a certain group of Southern Chinese occurred 6,000 years ago, some moved to Taiwan (today’s Taiwanese aborigines are their descendents), then to the Philippines and later to Borneo (roughly 4,500 years ago) (today’s Dayak and other groups). These ancient people also split with some heading to Sulawesi and others progressing into Java, and Sumatra, all of which now speaks languages that belongs to the Austronesian Language family. The final migration was to the Malay Peninsula roughly 3,000 years ago. A sub-group from Borneo moved to Champa in modern-day Central and South Vietnam roughly 4,500 years ago. There are also traces of the Dong Son and Hoabinhian migration from Vietnam and Cambodia. All these groups share DNA and linguistic origins traceable to the island that is today Taiwan, and the ancestors of these ancient people are traceable to southern China.”

              1. Mulan, the term ‘Austronesian’ was a modern construct coined by the ‘divide and conquer’ penjajah to ruffle the call for Pan-Malayism to re-unify the vast region.

                ‘To counter the rising tied of nationalism, the British, American and Dutch colonial administrations began to publish works by Thomas Stamford Ruffles, David Sparrows, Otis Beyer, and Conrado Benitez.’

                Malay is the correct term.

                ‘However, racially, those within Polynesia, Micronesia, and Malaysia were all considered “Malay” legally. In fact, there were attempts to re-unify the region through the names “Oceania” though the term “Malay race” as defined by Blumenbach and “Polynesian” was used interchangeably and accepted by King Kalakaua of Hawai’i, Apolinario Mabini, and other important figures in the Pacific. Many important figures including Queen Lili`uokalani, fought against the partitioning of the Pacific through her efforts in the Royal Polynesian Society and belonged to a camp that tried to restore the original meaning of Polynesia which included SE Asia.’

                ‘Malay variety. Tawny-coloured; hair black, soft, curly, thick and plentiful; head moderately narrowed; forehead slightly swelling; nose full, rather wide, as it were diffuse, end thick; mouth large. upper jaw somewhat prominent with the parts of the face when seen in profile, sufficiently prominent and distinct from each other. This last variety includes the islanders of the Pacific Ocean, together with the inhabitants of the Marianne [Micronesia], the Philippine, the Molucca and the Sunda Islands, and of the Malayan peninsula. I wish to call it the Malay, because the majority of the men of this variety, especially those who inhabit the Indian islands close to the Malacca peninsula, as well as the Sandwich [Hawai`i], the Society [Tahiti], and the Friendly Islanders [Tonga], and also the Malambi [Merina] of Madagascar down to the inhabitants of Easter Island [Rapa Nui], use the Malay idiom.’-Dr. Johann Friedrich Blumenbach

                ‘Dialects of a mother tongue which is spoken in almost one half of the world, from the island of Madagascar up to Christmas Island, in all the islands of the South Seas, in New Guinea, in Australia, and in the Sandwich Islands.’-Joaquin Martinez de Zuniga


                ‘The final migration was to the Malay Peninsula roughly 3,000 years ago.’

                Mulan, the Malays are much older bangsa than this.

                ‘Tentang bukit bunuh, lenggong, dijumpai bukti alat batu lebih 1.83 juta tahun dahulu.’

                ”Pada hal Selat Melaka telah digunakan sejak sebelum Masihi lagi.’

                ‘Malaysia telah dihuni sejak zaman prasejarah (lebih 1.83 juta tahun dahulu), malah di Guar Kepah (10km ke selatan sg. batu)telah ada manusia 5-6,000 tahun dahulu’


                Cer tengok gambar-gambar ni.

                Lembah Bujang, Kedah, Malaysia.

                Gunung Padang, Jawa, Indonesia.

                Nan Madol, Pohnpei, Micronesia.

                After all we are the keturunan of the ‘high cultured people out of Sundaland’!

                Voyages of the Pyramid Builders-Robert M. Schoch

    1. Get with the program, people. There’s no more 1Malaysia. We may be Melayu, Bugis, Jawa, Mendailing, Minang, Cina, India, Dusun, Kadazan, Iban and a lot more, but we are all SEHATI SEJIWA.

  3. Well hope the authorities merisik sampai ka lubang cacing sejarah asal usul all those 13 in the picture.

    Are they really Malaysians?
    Hope none are from PATI origins, having fake birthcerts and whatnot. Please scrutinize this group. Jangan pasai nila setitik rosak nama Negara.

    Ada kala mak, ayah, suami, isteri, menantu, bisan, ipar, girlfriend dan boyfriends mereka are citizens dari luar negara.Kena risik juga ikatan mereka yang dari luaq negara.

      1. I would say he is too blue. I have some of struck match non-mamak malay relative and friends and I say the colour is off. And the feature is more indian, try giving him a full on moustache, you’ll see.

        1. The ‘H’ guy could be Cina Peranakan. Just guessing.

          Here’s the rawatan misai on Encik Kerajaan Bersih.


          1. Ya saya setuju dengan AE, mula2 scan pun nampak yang tu jugak, yang pegang huruf ‘H’, bukan yang duduk depan dia la Helen.

            1. Check out Peranakan Chinese. They look Malay … like Lim Swee Tin and Teo Kok Seong.

              1. Lim Swee Tin for a start ada darah Siam. Siam ngan Melayu pun dah ‘sepupu’ kut.

                Teo Kok Seong kalau dah ada darah Melayu being peranakan et al sure la ada muka Melayu. The one in the pics yang pegang ‘Kerajaan Bersih’ tu for sure and Indian kut…with or without misai.

                Mungkin juga serani ke…portugis punya darah ke?

                1. I’ve seen other pix of the Bersih PC.

                  Methinks the young man holding ‘H’ is a Malay. So you guys are most possibly right.

                  1. Doesn’t he is more likely look like Rohingea or Bangla , maybe one of the 40, 000 that was said to be brought in during 13 GE.

                    Tengok betul-betul !.

  4. Anyway this is interesting.

    ‘I think is not impossible for anyone to cause a trouble in the wee hours jeopardising the safety of rally goers. – See more at:

    Dengan low yat baru ja jadi, apa akan jadi kalau geng low yat itu hari datang lagi??? Siapa nak bertanggungjawab kalau ada yang mati??

    Memang sneaky bastards geng ni, menangguk di air yang keruh. Depa tau ramai Melayu yang tak puas hati sebab TSMY kena buang, dan2 depa buat benda ni. Cepat sungguh. Maklumlah dana dah lama tersedia.

    Marina Chin tengok in real life nampak baik sangat. Air muka pun cerah. Nampak kesian. Unassuming. Tapi bab2 ni…wallahualam.

    1. My cat also says that without PAS influence the only malay group that will come other than Mr. H circle of #iwantachinesegf friends is the Low Yat 300. And they won’t wear yellow and they will bring queen gorgo army. Do you think they will attack police again? No prize for guessing who their real target will be this time. Please rethink about night demonstration and do not eff Merdeka night up for everyone. Unlike last time, there are real underlying currents here, wade in it at your own peril.

      If its still on, Home minister should POTA all 13 of them in morning along with all their VIP invitees, hold massive road blocks on all roads leading to KL proper and enforce a curfew at 10pm till 6 am. Gonna be like CNY, damn peaceful wei. BTW, fireworks looks much better from afar.

      Bersih4 join la Perarakan Merdeka in the morning. More harmonious and much much safer. You all get to show how much support that you have actually. Easier to count when you all queue up like that. Right?

  5. This group is a real pest. TPM baru merangkap KDN, here’s my free advice. You tangkap these people and charge them (really charge them in court to the finish) when they hold the rally and I bet you that one act will turn you into a new hero and a majority melayu will forget and forgive yesterday’s events.

    These people are not just sneaky (such a mild word), they are pirates. They hijacked Negaraku, and now they want to hijack Merdeka Day as well. Since the pahlawan bugis is striking back, he should swipe them as well.

  6. pergi lah ‘BERSIH 4.0’ kan dulu pemilihan CEC DAP. jangan lah jadi hipokrit dan nak bodohkan the real rakyat Malaysia yang berbagai keturunan, bangsa dan agama.

    tak da rasa malu kah ambil gambar pegang placards macam tu nak menengakkan kebenaran konon sedangkan ketua kau orang ambiga pun tak ada integriti dan bersikap hipokrit bila memilih nak bertindak.

    You fellas better learn to have some integrity in yourselves first before pointing other’s. All of you look lost and instigating for the sake of deceiving the poor rakyat to achieve nothing.

    Go and do whatever fcuking demo you all want and do it in Penang lah sure the turnout will be tremendous and you can do it everyday if you wanted to. Penang Dapsters and evangelistas will definitely concurr and approved such event and also call all the foreign journos.

    Good riddance yo all MF.

    1. Lemac,

      with DAP “berpatah arang dan berkerat rotan” with PAS, the members of PAS who used to make the numbers on any demonstration would likely stay away.

      DAP though loves demonstrations, does not really encourage its members to join in. Previously, PAS will do the dirty job for DAP. Not anymore.

  7. Breaking news: seems like Sarawak Report and WSJ are telling the truth and Rahman Dahlan and Melanyi were lying.

    Muhyiddin has confirmed that Najib told him “a lot, a lot” of money, US700 million, DID enter Najib’s account.

    Muhyiddin said it in a shocking video.

    How are we going to save our beloved prime minister now?

      1. Tak tau ler.

        Tapi skrg tu dah tak penting.

        Hakikatnya our PM is in a freakin’ deep hole.

        Kiter kena strategize to stop da house of cards from falling…..

        Just a note to all of us pro-BN peeps…. situation is critical…..

          1. Takde nya syok sendiri. Isunya simple.

            Read the news. View the video. Tak perlu be so in denial. Buka minda.

            Pointnya camni –> If a former deputy prime minister who was close to Najib is saying this openly, what do you think?

            Usah ckp kalut melalut. Just be calm, pikir secara rasional:

            1. Apa yg kita kena buat utk selamatkan PM kita? Ni yg kita kena focus.
            2. How can we show that lousy Pakatan fellas that Najib is clean and berprinsip even though he absorbed 2.6 billion into his account? Strategize. We cannot let BN fall.

              1. RBA ke RTM ke, problem tetap problem beb, kita takleh dah nak lari ke mana. TSMY cakap:

                “I asked him from whom… he did not mention siapa nama dia…. somewhere in the middle east.. berapa banyak? lepas tu dia sebut susah nak kira la, dia kata ‘a lot, a lot’… then saya kata kenapa masuk account you? kenapa masuk account ‘Najib Razak’? duit berapa? 700 million US dollar. kalau kali 3 poin something… 2.6 billion that goes into his personal account. ini dia sebut! he admitted…. so i said why did you put into your personal account??”

                Ke video ni video palsu? Mungkin tipu sbb ada kat KiniTV… Mkini punya… any ideas anyone?

                1. re: “RBA ke RTM ke, problem tetap problem beb”

                  Just give your comments lah.

                  Bab menyamar Melayu, menyamar penyokong BN is very annoying.

                  1. Menyamar apa plak… Problemnya TSMY dah cakap gitu. I typed terus dari video tu. Soalnya nak buat apa skrg?? Takkan tak nak bincang

    1. In terms of realpolitik, the 1MDB case is just a storm in the tea cup. If Najib had really taken the money, he should be given the chance to return it in full and continue as Prime Minister. To allow the opposition to join a transition government is like allowing the thieves to enter the treasury. All havoc will be break loose and Malaysia will be on the way to becoming a Syria.

      1. bro Hussin… kalau “Najib taken the money he should be given chances to return in full and continue as PM”… I pun nak mcm tu…

        Tapi tak realistik.. kalau perompak dah rompak bank, las las dia pulangkan duit tu, maknanya dia tak masuk court lagi ke.. kira bebas ke? Kena hukum jgak.,

        So strategy ni takleh pakai. Kena pikir cara lain…. mesti ada jalan lain

      2. Wow, obviously the rule of law means nothing to you. If Najib is offered the chance of returning the money, then why don’t we just free every prisoner from the jails and allow them to return whatever they have taken.Just listen to yourself.I can see why UMNO is still in power, their fanatical supporters will stoop to the lowest depths to keep them in government.

      3. re: he should be given the chance to return it in full and continue as Prime Minister.

        From where you learn this concept? Have you not heard of the term ‘misappropriation’?

  8. Intermission from puerile Malaysian politics.


    July 28, 2015
    China’s NGO Law: Countering Western Soft Power and Subversion

    by Eric Draitser

    China has recently taken an important step in more tightly regulating foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) inside the country. Despite condemnation from so called human rights groups in the West, China’s move should be understood as a critical decision to assert sovereignty over its own political space. Naturally, the shrill cries of “repression” and “hostility toward civil society” from western NGOs have done little to shake the resolve of Beijing as the government has recognized the critical importance of cutting off all avenues for political and social destabilization.


      1. Thanks Bro!

        I was just thinking how Malaysian mainstream and alternative media and blogs are all focused on “1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, 1MDB, ……….” when an item believed to be a part of the wing of MH370 was found on St. Andre beach on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean to the east of Madagscar, at long last bringing hope of resolution of the MH370 mystery and closure for the families of the 239 on board who perished.

        A suitcase was also found on the beach.

        Why do I have to turn to foreign media to get decent reports about this breakthrough discovery related to Malaysia’s worst civilian air disaster?

        1. Out of sight, out of mind …

          Someone’s “heartache” and “heartbreak” tweets are dispensed like cans from a vending machined for a dollar a pop.

          1. Never mind her. The MH370 mystery is beginning to reveal itself and I expect that now that one piece strongly believed to be from the ill fated aircraft has shown up, I expect more will show up in the same area so some effort needs to be focused on searching that area for more pieces including items like pieces of luggage hopefully with the check in tag still intact which will confirm that it is from MH370.

  9. Kalau seseorang itu benar-benar faham perintah Allah, ajaran Al-Quran dan sunnah Rasulullah, jangan lah sekali-kali bertindak ke arah kerosakan, kekacauan dan yang boleh menggugat keamanan dan mengganggu ketenteraman awam. Janganlah jadi perosak di muka bumi ini. Islam mengutamakan musyawarah tetapi jika tidak mendapat apa yang dihajati, wajib bagi semua orang Islam menuruti semua perintah ulul amri atau kerajaan yang sah dipilih oleh rakyat. Bertindak sebaliknya terang-terang melanggar perintah Allah.

  10. BeRsiH why takde org Melayu in the picture? Padahal arini profesor perundangan Aziz Bari pun masuk DAP….

    BeRsiH geng Cina kiasu kot.. for sure I tak join their demo if no other Malay

    1. Ada tu. Tengok betul betul. Boleh la kau join, ye tak?
      Trying too hard la bro, too hard. VIDI.

  11. The DAP has started Battleground Johor.

    “DAP will not be absent in the political realignment of Malaysian politics and DAP Johor vows to work harder for political breakthroughs in Johor.”

    Johor is indeed a battleground. Not only for the Malays. Remember earlier in June the Evangelistas. And then the rowdy LKS ceramah. Now it is official.

      1. Even TMJ, crown price of Johor is not exactly friendly with Umno-BN due to his comments on Nothing to Hide forum and exchange of spats with Nazri Aziz.

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