13 thoughts on “Zaid Ibrahim on DAP Malays

  1. Dap has all the top Malays now, hahaha. Thanks, ZI, for the laughs. I didn’t know ZI has a wicked sense of humor. Lol.

    1. Orangkampung,

      “…top Malays..”.

      No one in Malay community ever recognises Samad said, Zairil or Aziz Bari as representation of Malays.

      Zaid perhaps can say DAP manages to bring in a highly popular Malay say if Tan Sri Muhyiddin joins DAP.

      But of course, Tan Sri Muhyiddin is too dignified” to join DAP.

  2. Nak kata dia pun top la tu? Haha, tgk cara bertukar tukar parti macam bottom je. Camna pun ketum PKR paling TOP.

  3. Those Malays who join or support DAP will not able to speak up or have freedom of speech if their races been condemn or despise.DAP is not suitable for the Malays at all unless they join for the purpose of position and money.I believe the Malays in DAP is just a puppet and stage.

  4. Malays in DAP should only be considered the bubbles on top of cream like in coffee. They can be blown away with just a mouthful of bad breathe from grandpapa dapster.

  5. Siapa itu top malays???

    Ahhhhh……i know what Zaid means top malays…….malays playing gasing lah.

    1. Ada possibility bahawa itu ‘top’ adalah gasing … hi hi hi
      re: ” … malays playing gasing lah”
      Apasal gasing yg pusing, itu players punya kepala yg pening?

      Then, on another thought … Zahid > Anwar > Turkey, maybe these are Turkish ‘top’. So, the types of ‘top’ Malays in DAP are:
      a. ‘top sakal’ – beard/janggut(memang confirm dah ada)
      b. ‘top toplayıcı’ – ball picker
      c. ‘top parlatıcı’ – ball polisher

      or … they are just plain ‘Malay-top’, because they did not really ‘mele-top’ in their previous endeavours.

  6. ZI, when you want to “bodek” the father and son party, pl do so with some brain, don’t sound so stupid. Maybe that’s your stepping stone to join DAP. Good luck and God bless you.

  7. The 3 “top” Malays volunteered themselves into slavery. And like Samad Said being drag along to any function that involves Melayu. And looking stupidly clever, puppet for sure, stooge likely and showpiece of DAP multiculturalism. And he looks so pathetic, ill, even and the DAP continues dragging him… Padan muka

    By the way what happened to ROS demands on DAP. Closed book and makan angin ROS? Why so slow? Malunya ROS, dengan MIC tangkas kan.

    Meanwhile the DAP continues their tearing of the Malaysia society.

  8. Helen,

    See this guy is clueless. Rather than give any attention to this guy I think I will give my attention to when kuch kuch hota Hai Will be shown on TV2. 😋😋😋

    Small of me but than if I want to watch Hindustan film and yes his attitude is just like Hindustan film politicians minus gangster who will fly out when their faces getting punched by the heroes, I rather watch kuch kuch hota Hai.


  9. It’s an alarm call for umno a recent statements by Menteri Ismail Sabre Yaacob a.k.k really make you sick implying the 1mdb is not an issue within and among his constituents rare talk about except imperative on blogs the only and their grudge are of price goods increases which effect cost of living, saya nak tau juga adakah anak kampong (kampong dia) lah tak pi sekolah atau tak dak didirikan sekolah, statement yang seakan (katak bawah tempurong) macam ni kah menteri melayu UMNO punya mentalliti bagaimana nanti tak menghiarankan nanti ada menteri melayu DAP yang bijak satu hari menggantikan bukan setakat menteri dengan parti-parti sekali caya lah kalau keadaan fikiran melayu UMNO semacam ni masih ada ….

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