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Bukit Aman reactivates sedition probe on DAP’s new “top” Malay

See ‘Bukit Aman summons constitutional law expert Aziz Bari over 2014 sedition probe‘ (The Malay Mail, 30 July 2015)

Roketkini pix
Roketkini pix

Let’s wait and see the response from citizens of Planet Zoid to this piece of news.


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7 thoughts on “Bukit Aman reactivates sedition probe on DAP’s new “top” Malay

  1. A towering Malay , DAP will proclaimed ,how thus it will fit’s into DAP ,well !, we have seen where Malays are .

    Like a Chinese restaurant ,placing an Idon’s employee and asking her to were a tudung on the job’s, presuming that the place is halal .

  2. The Sedition Act will not be effective as it takes a long time for investigation and for it to drag a person to court and then further more with fake postponements applied by their lawyers, years and years will be wasted before the conclusion of the case.

    That is why those crooked politicians go all out to have the ISA and all those Preventive Laws abolished and PM fell for it. Now you can see with their foreign backings, they go all out by hook or by crook , to destabilized the country and when the government falls, their proxies will be in power.

    It is just like the thief, rapist, robbers asking that the Penal Code be abolished and indeed it happens.

    I cried for Malaysia when the ISA was abolished for I knew the consequences. Malaysians are easily influenced by racial and religious instigations and are very vulnerable to provocations by dirty politicians. Majority of us are simple folks and are not a “well educated and worldly wise society” and we haven’t reach that level yet. Even Singapore still use the ISA recently on its citizen.

    Now you can see the chaos and havoc they have created politically, racially , religiously and economically to our country in the name of democracy, freedom of speech and publication.

    ISA is good for preventive and quick measures for “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”.

    1. Especially when they’re such sneaky bastards in manipulating public perception.

      Time for the authorities to take off the kid gloves.

      1. Well, when they took off their kid gloves, but did not put on the iron fist, and attacked your blog, you cried blue murder about it.

        But not before you blamed the opposition and the so-called evangelists.

    2. Singapore is a case of the government being vigilant. The one prerequisite to stay in power is vigilance. Once you start displaying signs of complacency, you’re setting yourself up for disaster.

      This is where Chinese and Western ways of thinking are totally opposite. Take medicine for example. The Chinese believe in prevention. You do what you have to do to look after your health. You don’t play Russian roulette with your health. Westerners on the other hand, they play poker with just about anything and when bad things happen, they over respond. Mind you, for anyone familiar with Western medical practices, prevention is not in their thinking. They only believe in treating the symptoms.

      It looks to me that our government under this PM is a faithful disciple of western thought. Abolishing laws meant to protect our people thus allowing the troublemakers a free hand on just about anything. Is it any wonder why we’re still 3rd world while Singapore is well developed ? I m not saying this in praise of Singapore but Singapore looks good not because of her success but more about our own glaring failures.

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