Tsunami 2.0 – Now Malays can SEE the Chinese tidal wave

Today is Monday, and it’s black, not yellow.

It is like a reprise of 6 May 2013 – the day after the GE13 polling. Kaum Cina telah baling batu dan cuba sorok tangan.

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Five photos showing why Hannah Bananas owned Bersih 4.0

“We are Malaysians. ” Biasa lah.

Hannah Bananas and even Siti Hasmahs fail to see that out of every ten persons in the Bersih 4.0 crowd, eight or nine of them are Chinese. Continue reading “Five photos showing why Hannah Bananas owned Bersih 4.0”


Eric Paulsen: “Kolumpo kita punya #Bersih4”

Eric Paulsen can’t change. I was wondering if he could. Well I don’t think he can one iota.

Some Malays who still had a bit of goodwill tried to tell him, nicely, that Jakim does not draft sermons promoting extremism. They were telling him from their own personal experience of listening to khutbah Jumaat every week.

It appears that their outreach to Paulsen was like mencurah air ke atas daun keladi Continue reading “Eric Paulsen: “Kolumpo kita punya #Bersih4””

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(UPDATED) Hannah Yeoh: “Bersih 4.0 is the biggest multiracial cause of M’sians”

Anger monger @hannahyeoh has been busy since this morning tweeting and retweeting Bersih 4.0 to her 116,000 rabid Twitter followers.

Along with her fellow evangelical Christians/Firsters such as May Chee and Kee Thuan Chye, Hannah and her DAP evangelistas have been aggressively goading the authorities and actively herding the sheeple into the streets.

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Maria Chin challenging the very basis of Umno’s existence

Bersih chairman Maria Chin Abdullah wrote an op-ed that was published yesterday in the Asia Sentinel under the title ‘A Call for Democratic Reform in Malaysia‘.

Hannah Maria cropThe most striking paragraph of her opinion piece is as follows (below):

“For Bersih, we don’t want to just change a corrupt prime minister. We want to change a political system that produces corrupt, authoritarian politicians in the name of ethno-religious nationalism.”

Maria Chin and her Yellow Shirts movement want to change Malaysia’s political system. Continue reading “Maria Chin challenging the very basis of Umno’s existence”

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Bersih 4.0 – Chinese who preach LOVE and “fear not”

There’s the Creepy Christian named May Chee and her message of ‘love’. Her appeal is titled ‘There is no fear in love’, where she expended 836 words in prepping up readers to join Bersih 4.0.

May Chee writes, “Those of us who love Malaysia are not a minority.”


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UPDATED: Perkasa members free to attend Bersih / also Marina Mahathir too

Marina will not be in KL for Bersih 4.0.

Helen Ang: Hahahahahahahahahaha to all the Bangsar twits … Salam 1hati, 1jiwa uolz

Updated: 7.47pm, 28 Aug 2015

Original posting:

Speaking on Umno politics and the national leadership earlier last week, Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali said leaders must be seen to be living modestly, be clean (“bersih”) and not corrupt, possess a noble character and remember that nobody is above the law. Continue reading “UPDATED: Perkasa members free to attend Bersih / also Marina Mahathir too”

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MCA backstabbed BN again! … Attn: Rahman Dahlan & Salleh Keruak

Sack MCA already, please!

Bernama reports pengerusi BN Pulau Pinang Teng Chang Yeow sebagai berkata “Lim [Guan Eng] telah memperdayakan orang ramai untuk mempercayai bahawa tema sambutan ialah ‘Bersih, Cekap, Amanah’ sedangkan apa sebenarnya yang diumumkannya sebelum ini ialah ‘Bersih’.”

The dictionary translates the word ‘perdaya’ to mean ‘deceive’. Thus the statement by BN Penang chairman Teng Chang Yeow (who is from Gerakan) is tantamount to saying that Lim Guan Eng had been deceitful in his spin over the ‘Bersih’ slogan for his state Merdeka celebration.

But the MCA-owned newspaper sneakily covered up for Guan Eng. Continue reading “MCA backstabbed BN again! … Attn: Rahman Dahlan & Salleh Keruak”


Cina cari penyakit

Tak pasal-pasal Grandpapa Dapster menggelar pertubuhan yang mempunyai tiga juta orang ahli Melayu sebagai “United MORONS National Organization”.

Berulang-ulang Kit Siang mengumpat Umno dengan nama rekaannya yang menghina – lihat kenyataan Mursyidul Am DAP itu dua hari lepas di mana dia telah menyebut “morons” sebanyak lima kali.

Anaknya Papa Dapster pula tak semena-mena mahu langgar Menteri Pertahanan beserta Menteri Pendidikan. Continue reading “Cina cari penyakit”

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Guan Eng slams Education Minister as “immature”

Lim Guan Eng slammed the Education and Defence Ministers as lacking maturity and accused Mahdzir Khalid and Hishammuddin Hussein of politicizing Penang’s National Day “Bersih” theme.

He also claimed that both cabinet ministers had misused their authority to “deny the right of Penang to celebrate our country’s Independence together (with the rest of the country)” following the decision of the army and the schools to withdraw from participating in the state’s official celebration on Aug 31. Continue reading “Guan Eng slams Education Minister as “immature””


Bersih 4.0 – The real objective is to attract Malay GE14 votes

Bersih 1.0

The first edition of Bersih in November 2007 provided the momentum for the Makkal Sakti wave of March 2008 that led to the opposition winning five states – Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor & Kelantan – and sweeping the Federal Territory.

If only FT had a state legislative assembly, then the oppo in GE12 would have won six states or exactly half of the peninsula and mind you, getting the richest and most developed ones with the biggest populations. Continue reading “Bersih 4.0 – The real objective is to attract Malay GE14 votes”

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DAP evangelista MP to @NajibRazak: “Malays ‘bastardised’ Umno in Kelantan, S’gor & Pg”

Only the evangelistas talk like this. The DAP MP for Segambut said “the truth is Malays ‘bastardised’ Umno in Kelantan, Selangor and Penang in last two election”.

Najib Razak’s message was that Malays and Muslims would lose everything should Umno ever lose federal power.

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More ‘Bak Kut Teh is not pork’ from Dapster family

The Dapster family swings into action with their ‘Bak Kut Teh is not pork’ sneakiness yet again.

They’re pretending that the ‘Bersih’ word in Penang’s Merdeka anniversary slogan is chosen by the state exco without any ulterior motive, and furthermore as a tribute to Tun. Continue reading “More ‘Bak Kut Teh is not pork’ from Dapster family”

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Salleh Keruak and learning how to squash mosquitoes

The evangelistas in Bersih are too much.

Ayelet ShakedThey can, without batting an eyelid, outrageously accuse Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed and Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar of regarding “citizens as mosquitoes to be squashed”.

Worse still, these Bersih evangelista leaders are given multiple media platforms to spew their hyperbolic, hateful views.

Communications Minister Salleh Said Keruak is correct to want to try and rein in the dangerous online and social media. The formidable Ayelet Shaked (pix), who is Israel’s newly minted Justice Minister, shows how it can be done. Continue reading “Salleh Keruak and learning how to squash mosquitoes”

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Bersih leader: IGP regards “citizens as mosquitoes to be squashed”

Former Bersih chairman S. Ambiga says the Bersih 4.0 T-shirts are flying off the shelves – thousands a day are sold.

She’s actually saying that since so many Malaysians have bought the T-shirt, we can expect commensurately big numbers at the rally next week (another nine days to go). Continue reading “Bersih leader: IGP regards “citizens as mosquitoes to be squashed””

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Party hopping: Hypocrisy and double standards of Bersih 4.0

Do you remember the ‘1BlackMalaysia’ campaign by Bersih? See T-shirt below. Its tagline was “Democracy First! Elections Now!”

Bersih had declared in early 2009 that the takeover of the Pakatan Perak government by BN was undemocratic. Following the ouster of the Nizar administration, Bersih demanded fresh elections to be held immediately in the state. Continue reading “Party hopping: Hypocrisy and double standards of Bersih 4.0”

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Perkasa, are you for or against Bersih 4.0? ~ Come on, speak up

In my previous post, I asked the following question – Is Bersih 4.0 safe?

The Circle – a group 30 retired chiefs of armed forces – yesterday expressed their disquiet and grave concern about the security situation in our country.

Perkasa has also got retired high-ranking military men in the leadership of the organization. Thus, will these Perkasa leaders and members who had served in the army before please publicly state their stand on Bersih 4.0?

Some two-and-a-half weeks before Bersih 2.0 (9 July 2011), Hannah Yeoh in her June 20th tweet took a dig at Perkasa. Continue reading “Perkasa, are you for or against Bersih 4.0? ~ Come on, speak up”

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Is Bersih 4.0 safe, now that Hadi has signaled PAS to give it a miss?

Aug 26 – THREE days to go

Aug 25 – FOUR days to go

Aug 24 – FIVE days to go

Aug 23 – SIX days to go

Aug 22 – SEVEN days to go

Aug 21 – EIGHT days to go

Updated Aug 20 – NINE days to Bersih 4.0

Note: It’s ten days to Bersih 4.0 that’s planned to start on Aug 29. I shall do the countdown in my blog.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh swears that she will clean up Malaysia

HannahYeoh Bersih

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A national agency that’s magic!

Abracadabra! National news agency Bernama pulled out the ‘sorry’ word from its magician’s hat and plonked it into the Isma-Marina story.

Filing the wire story on Marina Mahathir’s lawsuit settlement today, Bernama said:

“Isma deputy president Aminuddin Yahaya when reading out the terms of regret said that Isma was sorry if the distributed article and pamphlets had caused any problems or given negative impact and wrong perception of Marina as a liberal and anti-Islam.”

Isma on the other hand says, ‘Kes saman fitnah Marina selesai, tiada permohonan maaf direkod’ – i.e. how the relevant article headline was framed in Ismaweb. Continue reading “A national agency that’s magic!”

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No apology recorded in Marina lawsuit settlement, says Isma

Marina Mahathir’s lawyers sent Isma her first letter of demand on 19 Nov 2013. The high-powered team (pix below) sent her second letter of demand on 27 Nov 2013 and the third one on 12 Dec 2013.

As well as demanding an apology, she had sought an injunction to prevent Isma from republishing what they had said about her.

Isma ignored all the three lawyer letters and refused to retract their statement about Marina made in their flyer.

See you in court, Isma told her. Lots of people had then stood up to clap and cheer for Isma-Who? I was one of them.

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Apa pandangan Melayu totok Perkasa terhadap Bersih 4.0?

The pix of the two short, jaundiced/yellow and round-faced women (below) in my previous posting is quite unappealing and rather a punishment on my poor readers. It shows Bersih chairman Maria Chin Abdullah standing behind Hannah Yeoh.

So I’m updating this page with a more attractive option of tall and tanned An Officer and A Gentleman instead. Continue reading “Apa pandangan Melayu totok Perkasa terhadap Bersih 4.0?”

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Keep 1Malaysia and lose Putrajaya

To get its Selangor Menteri Besar post, the DAP will put the party’s Malay candidates in safe Chinese areas to contest GE14. It is guaranteed that the Chinese electorate will vote for these chosen DAP Malays so that they can vie for the MB crown.

BN will also be putting some MCA leaders in areas where the ruling party has traditionally contested. But this time the Malay voters, even those whose heart are still with Umno, will definitely reject the MCA Chinese candidates. Continue reading “Keep 1Malaysia and lose Putrajaya”