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Madame Speaker’s female aide arrested during demo

‘Lady Miss’ Azira, who is Hannah Yeoh’s aide, claims she “was roughened up during arrest”.

Pandai ye si Cina evangelista. While their Malay cannon fodder go and guling-guling di atas jalan raya, the Chinese boss safely at home satisfying the incessant food cravings. Continue reading “Madame Speaker’s female aide arrested during demo”

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1Bugis, 1Jawa, 1Liberal, 1Mandarin song

The RTM tagline is no longer Salam 1Malaysia. It has changed to Salam sehati sejiwa, orangkampung informs us @ 2015/07/29 at 1:26 pm.


Forget Malaysian First. Our PM is Bugis. The DPM is orang Jawa. Continue reading “1Bugis, 1Jawa, 1Liberal, 1Mandarin song”


Cina cari nahas … dah lah bodoh sombong lagi

DAP darlings – the New Hope people – plan to take over existing party Kita, the Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air mosquito party that Zaid Ibrahim bought.

Prior to Zaid’s buyout, Kita was known as Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia (Akim).

Akim→Kita→New Hope is a political vehicle that’s akin to a none too spiffy used car. It changes hands when expedient and gets itself registered under new owners. Continue reading “Cina cari nahas … dah lah bodoh sombong lagi”